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Summer Edition This is the 11th Edition of our Newsletter. If you want to contribute to the next edition,

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Sandy Jacobs 2:00-4:00

Kathy Rimmer June. 18

Good bye’s always seem so final — it’s as if one will never be seen or heard from again. As I reflect on my years at Preferred, it is with pride that I am able to say that I worked here for 14 years. Many changes and many people over the years have made this company what it is today — a leader in personal support and education, a respected service provider, one with honesty, integrity caring and heart. I am fortunate to have known all of you, front line and office staff. You are Preferred Health Care. Without your dedication and commitment to client care we would not be who we are.




Rene Rodgers’s Retirement Thoughts


There are a few things I will not miss; the hour commute to and from work, late dinners with my family and getting up early. What I will miss, is all of you. It has been said that we spend more time with our work colleagues than with our families-too true. I am looking to spending more time with my family, travelling, and not getting up at 6am, even on weekends, as I can’t seem to be able to sleep in! Rene Rodgers Director of Client Services

My last day is June 6th and I am leaving you in good hands. Carol Fitzpatrick has a background in homecare and has a great understanding of community care, along with a sense of humour— so important in health care. Preferred has a great team to take you forward to the next set of opportunities. I look forward to hearing about them!

Sophia Miller TBA


Nora Conrad June. 27


Martha Wysocki June. 7


Linda Flowers Linda McKellar June 27


It is mandatory to attend 3 of the 6 Team meetings a year.

This Edition’s Important Inserts

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Health & Wellness Committee Update Education Opportunities July-October Food Safety Saying Good Bye to Rene


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PDAs for PSWs?...YES!! Preferred Health Care Services is preparing for a revolutionary change that will change and benefit all the front line staff. PHCS has been working very hard to develop a Blackberry solution to replace the current scheduling system, telephony and paper documentation. What does this exciting change mean to all front line staff at PHCS?

A personal digital assistant (PDA), is a mobile device that functions as a personal information manager.

Schedule in your hand 

No more calling your coordinator to verify your schedule since Goldcare Mobility Plus will show you your up-to-date schedule

Replaces the telephony system 

No more calling from the clients home to confirm your visits. Goldcare Mobility Plus will allow you to start and end your appointments.

Client Information 

Your client’s information will be at your fingertips. Diagnosis, care plan, contacts, and any other important information that you may need to complete care.

Documentation 

No more paper documentation to fill out and send in. You will now be able to electronically document and send to the office almost immediately.

Maps 

No more getting lost while trying to find your client’s address. Your new device will show you the easiest and fastest route to your client.

Front line staff at Preferred Health Care Services will be one of the first leaders of the home care industry to adopt and use the mobile solution that provides the PSW with state of the art technology to service their clients. You will be fully trained to use your new Blackberry and the Goldcare Mobility Plus program with confidence. If you have any questions about this new and exciting change at PHCS please call Ben Kim who is the PDA Project Leader at extension 3272

All Those Darn Forms Effective May 18th, Althea Younger is out new Payroll Administrator. Please contact her if you have any questions or concerns regarding your pay, pay stubs, T4s T2200s etc. When to fill out the following required forms: REQUEST FOR TIME OFF FORM vacation, sick, jury duty and leave of absence—extended illness, maternity/paternity, personal, emergency, educational EMPLOYEE REQUEST FORM Letter of employment Any changes to your personal information—address, phone #, emergency contact, bank account, name change etc. EMPLOYEE REFERRAL BONUS FORM: When you are referring someone you know to work at PHCS, the form must be completed by you, attached to the resume and sent to the office. All of these forms can be found at the office or at your team meetings

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When to Call the Office? Regular office hours are from 8 am – 9pm, 7 days a week, including holidays. These are the hours when a CCS is present in the office to assist with your calls Please remember to call the office for non-urgent issues prior to 9pm each evening. Our CCS’s leave at 9pm and only urgent calls are forwarded to the Nurse Managers or Director of Client Services. Calling for your schedule for the next day should not be left until after 9pm and should not be an urgent issue. PRESS 0 AND TALK TO SOMEONE LIVE IF... 

Client is not home for the scheduled visit

Client cancelled that day’s visit

Client is in immediate danger-call will be directed to the office Nurse Manager

You are unable to see your scheduled client for that day and cannot move the visit.


Scheduling changes for upcoming days or time adjustments that the client’s are aware and ok with the changes.

Your schedule printed or gloves

Telephony issues—signing in or out late

Looking for more hours, or response to broadcasts (you will be contacted if you are assigned the visit)


Vacation Request confirmation

Asking for schedule upcoming days/week

Clarification of client/schedule details in the future.

News From Human Resources Employee and Family Assistance Program (EAP) Life Happens They can help 24hrs a day— 7 days a week— 365 days a year Call anytime 1-800-387-4765 EAP can help you with: 

Achieve well being—stress, depression, anger, life transitions

Manage relationships and family—separation and divorce, parenting, elder care

Find child and elder care resources—adoption, schooling, maternity and parental leave

Get financial guidance—credit and debt management, budgeting, bankruptcy

Deal with workplace challenges—conflict, career planning, bullying and harassment

Tackle addiction—alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling

Improve nutrition— weight management, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease

Focus on your health—manage symptoms, prevent illness

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What Would You Do? You notice that your client who is receiving oxygen therapy has tubing that appears to be burnt and yellowed. The client’s wife has asked you to report to her if you notice any signs of her husband smoking, because she is extremely worried about him sneaking cigarettes and the possibility of a fire when she is not at home. The client realized you see the burn mark from his dropped cigarette and asks you to help him change the tubing before his wife comes home. He says it’s the only enjoyment he has left in life now and he only sneaks one when his wife goes shopping. He insists that you do not tell his wife. What would you do? Do you need to discuss an ethical issue? Ethics Hotline-extension 8000

Completely Confidential

Welcome New Office Staff

Ben Kim—PDA Lead

Ali Nazim—CCS

Carol Fitzpatrick—Director Client Services

Sophie Miller—Nurse Manager

Sandy Jacobs—Nurse Manager

HELPFUL PHONE NUMBERS Benefits, Orientation, Concerns~Complaints~Compliments: Dir. Of Quality Improvement HR policies: Barb Van Maris ext, 3256 Christina ext. 3250


Employee Issues Pay-Telephony-WOWs-education sessions

Kiran: ext. 3243

Dir. of Client Services Carol Fitzpatrick ext. 3229 Use your Smartphone to access

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11th Edition of PHCS Newsletter  

11th Edition of PHCS Newsletter The Summer Edition Rene's Retiring News from HR PDAs for frontline

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