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July 19, 2011


Extreme Heat Alert


Michelle Nurse Senior Manager Contracts and Relationships

Health Officials throughout the province of Ontario have issued an Extreme Heat Alert. A Heat Alert is issued

when an oppressive air mass is forecasted and the likelihood of excess weather-related mortality exceeds 65% and an Extreme Heat Alert is when the likelihood of excess weather related mortality exceeds 90%. The elderly and especially those who are socially isolated are considered to be the main high risk group for heatrelated illness. Although, other groups that are at risk include: people with chronic illnesses (such as diabetes, heart and respiratory conditions) or people unable to move or change position by themselves, infants and preschool children, people who exercise vigorously or are involved in strenuous outdoor work for prolonged periods, people taking certain medications (ex. for mental health conditions) and homeless or marginally housed persons. We are requesting the assistance of our Service Provider Partners to ensure when visiting clients that they are cognisant of heat related symptoms and provide education regarding how to ward off heat related illness. The most common symptoms include, but are not limited to rapid breathing, weakness, fainting, increased lethargy, headache and confusion. Clients should be reminded to remain in cool environments, drink plenty of water and fluids, remove excess clothing, limit strenuous exercise and if clients feel faint, have difficulty breathing or feel confused and disoriented; they should call their doctor or go to your nearest hospital right away. For more information about heat exhaustion and heat alerts please see the additional resources below. Please ensure that any identified client specific concerns related to the extreme heat alert, are immediately reported to the Case Manager. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Michelle Nurse Senior Manager, Contracts & Relationships MN:cw

July 19th Heat Advisory  
July 19th Heat Advisory  

alert for heat wave july 19