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Let’s talk about trust.

They say trust has to be earned over time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t

Regrettably, the financial services industry was caught

take much time at all to squander it. In the last few

flat-footed — chasing the money and momentum

years, the U.S. suffered the worst financial crisis

when times were good, but staying silent when people’s

since the Great Depression. The housing bubble burst,

401(k)s plummeted.

financial institutions buckled, and Americans — in the span of a single year — lost an average of 40 percent of their net worth.

In short, the industry failed you. Investment firms as a whole promised to manage your money smartly, but neglected those promises when the money was rolling in.

We need to do more. We’ve looked at our

That means listening to your concerns, understanding

responsibilities — to our clients, to ourselves, to our

your goals, and giving honest, unfiltered investment

profession, and to our values as a whole. We realized

advice. It also means openly discussing our core

that we must hold our industry to a higher standard to

values, and explaining how we live by these values

win back your confidence.

regardless of market conditions. Our conduct remains

Phillips & Company is continuing to chart a new direction away from the industry. Our approach

as consistent, thoughtful, and principled as ever. We want our clients to be just as engaged as we are.

remains as transparent as it’s always been, but with

If you have a question about our strategies, challenge

a deeper sense of accountability in everything we

us. If we say, “This is a smart investment,” ask us to

do, from our client relationships to our investment

defend our position. Vested in your goals, we understand

choices. Our advisors are engaging with clients on

that your success depends on our integrity.

a deeper level, so we can work with you as partners and confidants in addition to consultants.

Our relationship with you should be an ongoing, candid conversation. Our interpretation of value

retirement account not as a set of numbers but as a

is changing, too. As an industry, we’ve always believed

promise to the larger community? Wealth strategy is

that value = wealth. But if all we’re doing is creating

a moral commitment, a pledge to look out for people’s

wealth in good times, what are we creating in bad

best interests at all times because it’s the right thing

times? Negative value?

to do. Not a careless act of speculation, but a daily

If value = wealth, then yes. But what if value = assurance? What if our advisors look at your

effort in balance, objectivity, vision, and openness. Our relationship with you is our number one concern.

We’ve renewed our focus on core values. We continue to build on qualities that

America, and we’re proud of the label. And our overall

have led to our long-term success. We’re still one of

investment strategy remains active, because we believe

Oregon’s largest locally owned investment firms, with

it’s the best way to meet your long-term financial goals.

more than 8,000 clients nationwide. Worth magazine named us one of the top 250 wealth advisors in

We’ve simply refined our values to ensure our relationship with each investor remains our top priority.

Let’s talk about what lies ahead. Our plan is to hold direct, straight

will be calling you back with information about our

and thoughtful conversations with you — asking

philosophy. Our advisor will describe our approach

hard questions, confronting reality, keeping our

in detail, ask you questions, and explain how our

commitments, clarifying expectations, and inviting

services are unique in meeting your investment goals.

your candid engagement along the way. We’d love to tell you about our direction. Sometime in the next few weeks, a Phillips & Company advisor

We look forward to introducing ourselves.

Right Values. Right Thinking. Right Tools. If trust is our most valuable asset, expertise is surely a close second. We’ve been a leader in the financial services community since 1994, with a client list that includes many successful business owners, CEOs, and individuals as well as foundations and endowments. In fact, our first client is still a client. The reason we’ve been so successful is our independent investment philosophy, which treats each client uniquely. The changes we’re making internally strengthen these client relationships so we can better meet your individual investment needs. We’re committed to building your investment portfolio the right way.

Our approach involves several interconnected steps: ·· We work closely with you to determine your investment goals and requirements. ·· We invest your money with independent money managers, helping us provide conflict-free advice. ·· We perform ongoing reviews of your managers to make sure you’re getting the best possible results.

·· We monitor the markets closely, and continuously review your asset allocation so we can budget your risk appropriately. ·· We address your plan’s long-term prospects by optimizing it for an entire market cycle. ·· We keep you up to date at all times with consolidated physical and online statements.

We’d love to elaborate on our investment approach when we talk over the phone or meet face-to-face, as well as answer any questions you may have. We’re looking forward to it.

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Phillips & Company - Let's Talk About Trust  

At Phillips & Company, we're all about doing the right thing the right way for our clients and that all comes down to trust

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