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The Official Publication for PHCC Ohio & ACCO Contractors and Suppliers


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Ohio PHC Contractor is the official publication of the Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio and the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Ohio

The Official Publication for PHCC Ohio & ACCO Contractors and Suppliers

ACCO MISSION Our Mission is to identify, develop, promote and provide business resources and tools that will give our members a competitive advantage in the HVACR industry.

PHCC MISSION PHCC Ohio is committed to the continuous improvement of our industry and society’s quality of life through ongoing education, training and political action.

Volume 2017 Issue 3


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Legally Speaking: OSHA ‘Hot” Over Heat Stress

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Keeping Score: Fall 2017 – Buying vs. Leasing

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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3



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ACCO President, Josh Hauser


t’s funny how relationships come and go. Then they come back again when they need help wiring a thermostat! But seriously, relationships are probably my most valued gain as I’ve been in this industry. There’s friendships with customers, some came easy and some were forged. Friends in the industry; associates, sales people and other dealers. Community; business owners, community leaders and even politicians. And of course co-workers, which become more like family. I’m sure you’ve thought about it, but I’d say we spend more time with these than we do our actual family most weeks.

Last weekend those lines blurred a little for us. Our business supported and sponsored a community event. We encouraged our co-workers to bring out their families to enjoy the day and spend some fun time together. Of course it was a hit and we all had a great time. Yet more importantly, I believe it strengthened family relationships. Which family you ask? Co-workers? Bloodlines? Community? Yes. We spend a lot of energy on improving our businesses, and rightfully so. Because your business is not just another employment house. You are a community leader, an industry example, a relationship investor and family builder. Josh Hauser

PHCC Ohio President, Dave Wolfe


t’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. It seems like it was just last week that I was writing the last article. I had the opportunity to visit the Central Ohio chapter last month and I am looking forward to visiting the rest of the chapters

in the next several months. I’ll be heading to Cleveland in September for the Annual Heat & Plumb the Country – Cuyahoga County. I am excited about participating in this event. This is the 13th year for ACCA Cleveland to provide safe heat and the 10th year for PHCC Northeast Ohio to provide water audits and plumbing repairs for elderly/ disabled, low-income homeowners and veterans in the Northeastern Ohio area. If you don’t know already, PHCC National is rolling out the biggest membership drive in its history with a goal of growing our association to 6,000 members by 2020. PHCC Ohio will be participating in the drive and we’re looking forward to working with all our members to grow our association. The national convention, CONNECT 2017, is October 3-6 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I hope you can join the Ohio delegation and attend this year. I’m looking forward to attending to “connect” with other contractors from around the country, participating in the education seminars and especially looking forward to the closing reception at the Harley-Davidson Museum. Speaking of conventions, we held our first convention committee meeting for the 2018 Ohio Convention in July. We’re heading back to Columbus and our theme is “We’ve Got You Covered.” Look for more details in the months to come. As a final note I wanted to congratulate Lance Begoon on being named State of Ohio Plumbing Inspector Supervisor. Prior to his new position, Lance was a plumbing inspector 6

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

with the Department of Commerce. He has been with the Division for over two years, and often teaches inspector and contractor classes on behalf of the state. PHCC Ohio is looking forward to working with Lance in his new position.


“Always desire to learn something useful.” - Dave

Check any you’d risk a life for.

Please make it home safe today.

Cause of Death Speeding Distracted Driving Driving Tired Road Rage

Federated Mutual Insurance Company Federated Service Insurance Company* Federated Life Insurance Company Owatonna, Minnesota 55060 | Phone 507.455.5200 17.06 Ed. 9/16 *Not licensed in the states of NH, NJ, and VT. © 2017 Federated Mutual Insurance Company

Volume 2017, Issue 3 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


Legally Speaking>>>

Bob Dunlevey Taft Law



ith summer here, heat stress issues can rear their ugly head. Don’t be caught ill-prepared for an incident and a subsequent visit by OSHA – establish your heat stress program today. Simply telling your employees that it is a hot day and they should take breaks when they need to and drink as much water as necessary will not meet OSHA’s expectations and could very easily result in a citation.

The risk of heat stress depends upon many factors related to the individual employee and this makes the challenge of making a safe workplace for all even more challenging. Those risk factors include the employee’s physical condition, the temperature and humidity, clothing worn, the pace of work and how strenuous it may be, exposure to sun and environmental conditions such as air movement.

ADMINISTRATIVE/ENGINEERING CONTROLS • Assess the demands of all jobs and have monitoring and control strategies in place for hot days and hot workplaces • Schedule hot jobs for cooler parts of the day • Reduce physical demands • Permit employees to take intermittent rest breaks with water breaks and use relief workers • Have air conditioning and shaded areas available for breaks/rest periods with ice available • Increase air movement • Exhaust hot air and steam

OSHA expects more from employers than merely offering water, rest and shade – additional steps to address heat in the workplace need to be taken. OSHA also insists upon: (1) implementing an “acclimatization program” for new employees and those returning from extended time away, such as vacations or leaves of absence; (2) implementing a work/rest schedule; and (3) providing a climate controlled area for cool down. For those employers utilizing temporary employees, there is a greater risk of heat-related illnesses and OSHA would urge greater care in adopting an acclimatization program for them.

HEALTH SCREENING/ACCLIMATIZATION • Let employees get used to hot working conditions by using a staggered approach over several days, such as beginning work with 50 percent of the normal workload and time spent in the hot environment and then generally increase it over five days.

Your heat stress program can have many components, including:

OSHA is also inclined to cite an employer if prompt remedial action is not taken when an employee falls victim to heat stress. Establish specific procedures for heat-related emergencies and provisions for first aid when symptoms appear. Remember, employees may resist first aid because of the confusion caused by their heat stress. So, training on the signs and symptoms is also encouraged.


• Loosely worn reflective clothing to deflect heat • Cooling vest and wetted clothing for special circumstances

TRAINING • Hazards of stress • Responsibility to avoid heat stress • Recognition of danger signs/symptoms because employees may not recognize their own • First aid procedure • Effects of certain medications in hot environment

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING/EQUIPMENT • Light summer clothing allowing free movement and sweat evaporation

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

Make employees aware that certain medications, such as diuretics, anti-hypertensives (blood pressure), anti-cholinergics (pulmonary disease – COPD), and alcohol abuse, can exacerbate problems.

For more information regarding heat stress programs and the law, contact Bob Dunlevey, now at Taft Law, (937) 641-1743.





Rheem® tankless solutions deliver features that prioritize: INSTALLATION •

Built-in condensate neutralizer 2 saves a step and valuable time

PVC venting on condensing models reduces install time and cost

½" gas line compatibility makes replacing a tank easy


Innovative design allows you to get to any part with just a Phillips screwdriver

Maintenance notification setting lets homeowners know after 500 hours of use to call you for service

Start growing your business. Visit or see your distributor today.

According to a 2015 survey of tankless contractors by Hanover Research on behalf of Rheem. 2Condensing models only.


Volume 2017, Issue 3 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


Keeping Score>>>

FALL 2017 – BUYING VS. LEASING Michael Bohinc, CPA


uring a recent conversation with a few contractors, a question was posed regarding company vehicles. “Is it better to buy (finance) or lease a vehicle purchase?” I was asked my thoughts on the subject so I gave the definitive answer “It depends.” It wasn’t the answer that they were looking for but I explained that it depends on the contractor’s situation. So, I decided to make that the topic of this issue’s column.

Let’s get the easy method out of the way first. Purchase the vehicle paying cash. While I know a number of contractors who only do it this way, for many contractors this isn’t an option.









So they turn to financing or leasing the purchase of the new vehicle. Before we look at the differences between buying (financing) and leasing, let’s define each method. Financing – Obtaining a loan from a bank or financing company to purchase a vehicle. Leasing – An agreement by an owner (lessor) of a vehicle and a second party (lessee) granting the right to its exclusive possession and use for a specific period and under specified conditions in return for specified periodic lease payments.



You own the vehicle either when you pay You do not own the vehicle. You are the full price up-front or you pay the loan granted use of the vehicle for the lease’s off term but must turn it in at the end of the lease unless you decide to buy it. This is either the full cash price or the down payment and other fees due upon receipt of the vehicle

They can include first-month’s payment, a security deposit and other fees due upon receipt of the vehicle

Loan payment based on the length of the Lease payment based on length of lease loan, total amount financed and interest term, reduction in vehicle’s value during rate. the lease and interest rate You can drive as many miles as you want but remember higher mileage lowers the vehicle’s residual value.

You will pay significant fees for miles driven over miles included in the lease.

At the end of the loan’s term, you own the vehicle free and clear.

At lease end, you will turn the vehicle in or you may have the option to purchase the vehicle from the lessor.

While vehicle’s trade-in or resale value may be lower, it doesn’t impact you any other way.

Most leases hold you responsible for it and you’ll have to pay extra for what they consider excessive.

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

Some things to point out in this comparison chart *… 1) Both methods are impacted by the interest rate charged… either on the loan or the lease. 2) The monthly payment is also impacted by the down payment made on the loan. 3) The monthly lease payment is impacted by the residual (buy out) value and the annual mileage allowance. 4) If you terminate a lease early, fees charged for terminating it early may be as much, or more than, the payment amounts left on the lease. 5) Depending on the type of vehicle lease you have, you may have the ability to purchase the vehicle for its’ residual value at the end of the lease. A few other things to consider in deciding which way to go include your financial situation (including cash flow), how the vehicle will be used and length of time you typically hang on to a vehicle. There are two types of vehicle leases: open-ended and closed-ended. In an open-end lease, the lessee is responsible for any difference between the fair market value (FMV) of the vehicle and the residual value (RV) of the vehicle at lease end. If the FMV is greater than RV, then the lessee receives the difference between the two amounts. If the RV is greater than the FMV, then the lessee is obligated to pay the lessor the difference.

In a closed-end lease, the lessee has no obligation at the end of the lease. It doesn’t matter what the FMV or RV is. You turn the lease in at the end of the lease and you’re not responsible for any difference between the FMV and RV of the vehicle. It’s essentially a “walk away” lease. (NOTE: You would still be responsible for excessive wear and tear if applicable.) There are changes coming in the way leases are accounted for on a company’s books. We’ll talk about those another time. They are a few years away. So, as you can see, there are a lot of factors involved in deciding which option (purchase/loan or lease) is right for you. Which option is best for you? It depends. * (Information from Michael A. Bohinc is a certified public accountant in Cleveland, OH. He is an instructor for the National PHCC Educational Foundation. He is also an Advisor for the Service Nation Alliance – Plumbing Group. Michael is a recipient of the Servant Leader Award. The award, rarely presented, recognizes outstanding individuals who lead through service to their industry and the people in their industry. He is the youngest to ever receive this honor. He has 27 years’ experience working on business management issues in the plumbing-heatingcooling industry. He can be reached at: 440/ 708-2583, e-mail

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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

And we have the extensive product line to prove it. Whether bidding on future projects or providing solutions for an urgent plumbing issue today, it’s critical to know you have the right resources in place. That’s why T&S offers a vast selection of high-quality products that are easy to install and built to perform for years to come. And with a full assortment of in-stock items ready for same-day shipping, it’s no wonder contractors everywhere rely on T&S when it matters most.



Visit and learn more about how we’re partnering with contractors just like you. T&S plumbing products represented in Ohio by: Midwest Spec - 513-353-9191 TSB_0592 2015 PHCC Pubs.indd 10

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Alum Creek Heating and Cooling, LLC Darin Beam P.O. Box 352 Marengo, OH 43334 419-253-9445 American Air Furnace Steve Sliemers 3945 Brookham Dr. Grove City, OH 43123 614-851-0099 American Htg & A/C Co. David Dempsey 2284 Quebec Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45214 513-471-2115 Anderson Automatic Htg & Clg Mike Burg 5741 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45248-1622 513-574-0005 Anderson Mechanical Assoc. LLC Forrest Anderson 9074 Clyo Rd. Dayton, OH 45458 937-608-0520 Apollo Htg & A/C Co., Inc. James N. Gerdsen 1730 Tennessee Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45229-1202 513-242-5522 Arc Electric Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. Thomas A. Manning 8 Beacon Dr. Wilder, KY 41076-9797 859-441-7161

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Durbin Heating & Cooling, Inc. Brent Durbin 2463 Countrytrace Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45233 513-598-8449 Ed’s HVAC Plumbing Electric Julie Broerman Daniels 4025 Gibson Dr. Tipp City, OH 45371 937-667-6713 Efficient Htg & Clg., Inc. James Ellia 16133 Broadway Ave. Maple Heights, OH 44137 216-663-6462 Elsass Heating & Cooling, Inc. D.Brandon Elsass 2011 Cleveland Ave. S.W. Canton, OH 44707 330-454-3713 Energy Management Specialists, Inc. Kris Guzik 15800 Industrial Pkwy. Cleveland, OH 44135-3320 216-676-9045 Enviro Control Systems, dba Lifestyle Comfort Solution Lisa Crosley P. B. Box 247 Dayton, OH 45409 937-275-4718 Esther Price Candies Douglas R. Dressman 1709 Wayne Ave. Dayton, OH 45410 937-253-2121 Fairfield Htg. & Clg., Inc. Roger L. Ratcliff 512 S. Broad St Lancaster, OH 43130-4326 740-653-6421 Favret Co. (The) Philip Favret 1296 Dublin Rd. Columbus, OH 43215 614-488-5211 Fire & Ice Heating, A/C & Electrical Cynthia Hutson 872 Freeway Dr, N Columbus, OH 43229 614-842-2100

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

H J Ziegler Heating Co. Inc. Tim Volpone 5223 N. Ridge West Ashtabula, OH 44004 440-969-1141 Hagan Heating & Plumbing John P. Hagan 11301 Marboro Ave. Alliance, OH 44601 330-935-2624 Hauck Bros., Inc. Robert A. Warren 1974 Commerce Cir. Springfield, OH 45504 937-325-0636 Hauser Htg & A/C, Inc. Josh Hauser 9114 Columbus Cincinnati Road West Chester, OH 45069 513-777-7979 Hearn Plumbing & Heating Thomas Hearn 319 North Lake Street Madison, OH 44057 440-428-3905 Henry Heating & Cooling David Henry 2370 St. Rt. 516 N.W. Dover, OH 44622 330-364-5571 Hetter Htg & Clg., Inc. John F. Hetterscheidt 4780 Kenny Rd Columbus, OH 43220 614-784-9200 Hill-Air Heating & Air Conditioning D. Scott Hill 3160 Cunagin Dr. Fairfield, OH 45014 513-346-7500

J & S Heating Jack/Shirley Ulman 2275 Morningstar Drive Rock Creek, OH 44084 440-563-3985 Jackson Comfort Systems, Inc. Gary Jackson 499 E Twinsburg Rd. Northfield, OH 44067-2851 330-468-3111 Jacob Bros. Htg & A/C Gary Jacob 3754 Beechmont Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45226-2346 513-533-3600 Jennings Heating Co., Inc. Mike Foraker 1671 E Market St Akron, OH 44305 330-784-1286 x 303 Jerry Ables Electric, Inc. Russ Ables 433 Wheeling Ave. Cambridge, OH 43725 740-439-2186 Jonle Heating Cooling Co. Gregory W. Leisgang 4117 Bridgetown Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45211-4503 513-662-2282 K Company, Inc. (The) Chris Martin 2234 S. Arlington Rd. Akron, OH 44319 330-773-5125 Kamm Star Contractors, Inc. Frank Staron 4760 Kingsbury Rd. Medina, OH 44256 330-225-5989

Howard Adams Htg & A/C Co. Kent Adams 7225 Longview St. Cincinnati, OH 45216 513-821-2700

Kellermeier Plbg & Htg, Inc. Gary L Kellermeier 110 Findlay St., P.O. Box 126 Haskins, OH 43525 419-823-1394

I S Mechanical Systems, Inc. David Watkins, Mgr. 3421 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45207 513-861-1100

Kirkwood Heating & Cooling Brad Kirkwood 7051 E Singer Rd Dayton, OH 45424 937-845-0500

Newair Technologies, Inc. Randall Chopak 7570 Clover Ave. Mentor, OH 44060 440-942-5161

Reading Heating & A/C, Inc. Rick Zimmer/ Greg Zimmer 16 W. Benson St. Cincinnati, OH 45215 513-821-1633

Slife Heating & Cooling Inc. David Slife 13729 Madison Avenue Lakewood, OH 44107-5920 216-221-0310

Korrect Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Nathan Patterson 7970 W. Third St. Dayton, OH 45417 937-837-2333

Northwest Services (of Swanton) Michael Bartnikowski 101 E. Airport Hwy. Swanton, OH 43558 419-825-1337

Robinson Heating & A/C Les Robinson 1208 2nd Ave Middletown, OH 45044 800-397-8975

Stack Heating & Cooling Brian Stack 1431 Lear Industrial Pkwy Avon, OH 44011 440-937-9134

Ohio Heating & Refrigeration Ben Pesich 1624 Clara St. Columbus, OH 43211 614-863-6666

Rumer Loudin, Inc. Kellie Loudin 823 E Main Street Barnesville, OH 43713 740-425-3134

Tanner Heating & A/C, Inc. Thomas Tanner 2238 E. River Rd. Dayton, OH 45439-1526 937-299-2500

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Josh Bulloch 1750 Moore Road Avon, OH 44011 440-934-9265

Rusk Htg. & Cooling, Inc. Steven J. Morrison 666 W. Third St. Covington, KY 41011 859-431-4040

Tom Rechtin Htg. & A/C Co., Inc. Thomas B. Rechtin 640 Colfax Ave., P.O. Box 26 Bellevue, KY 41073 859-261-8269

Lapp Htg & Clg Michael Cooperider 6300 Granville Rd. Mt. Vernon, OH 43050-2722 740-397-2563 Lew’s Reliable Htg & A/C Lisa Joles 616 High St. Fairport Harbor, OH 440775695 440-352-0974 Logan Services, Inc. James V. Meyer 9181 N. Dixie Drive Dayton, OH 45414-1859 937-428-4580 Luxury Htg Co. Paul Samek 5327 Ford Rd Elyria, OH 44035-1336 440-366-0971 Mcafee Heating & A/C Co. Greg Mcafee 4770 Hempstead Station Dr. #C Kettering, OH 45429-0834 937-438-1976 Moore Air Co. John Moore 175 Tri County Parkway Ste 50 Cincinnati, OH 45246 513-772-3444 Morrison Inc. Kenneth Morrison 410 Colegate Dr. Marietta, OH 45750-9553 740-373-5869 My Guys Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc. Jerry Johnson 458 Broadway Ave. Bedford, OH 44146-2713 440-232-8086 National Htg. Co. Scott Braun 7861 Palace Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45249 513-621-4620 Nelson & Ball Htg & Clg Inc. Gene Ball 132 E. Center St. London, OH 43140 740-852-9696

Osterwisch Co. Brad Brinkerhoff, Vp 6755 Highland Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45236 513-791-3282 Ozinga Systems, Inc. Thomas Ozinga 28 Elevator Ave. Painesville, OH 44077 440-354-3045 P. K. Wadsworth Htg & Clg, Inc. Paul K. Wadsworth 34280 Solon Rd. Solon, OH 44139 440-248-2110 Pickerington Heating & Cooling Charles B. Wolfe 12928 Stonecreek Dr. Suite B Pickerington, OH 43147 614-837-4026 Precision Mechanical, Inc. Glenn H. & Denise Bridges 5441 State Road Parma, OH 44134 216-741-1160 Ratcliff’s Heat & Air, Inc. Deborah K. Ratcliff P.O. Box 429 Hebron, OH 43025 614-207-4212 Ray Gidich Htg & A/C, Inc. Ray Gidich 206 West 11th St. Lorain, OH 44052-1943 440-245-1772 Raymond Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Keith Raymond 1351 Broadway St Lorain, OH 44052 440-244-5584

Ryan Heating and Cooling, Inc. Ryan Johnson 6855 N. Ridge Rd Madison, OH 44057-2636 440-563-5206 Sacko Air Mechanical LLC Levon Sackett 7700 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45247 513-451-2244 Schibi Heating & Cooling Norb Kinross 5025 Hubble Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45247-3699 513-385-3344 Schmidt Htg. & Clg. Co. Steve Hutzel 7323 Vine St. Cincinnati, OH 45216 513-531-6900 Schneller Plumbing, Heating & Air Clay Hager 1079 Ohio Pike Cincinnati, OH 45245 513-753-3100 Scott Wagner Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Scott T. Wagner 5538 Road 13 Ottawa, OH 45875 419-876-3199 Sears Heating & Cooling Paul Schwerling 3981 Cleveland Ave. Columbus, OH 43224 614-475-1800 Seiter Services LLC Christopher Seiter 590 US 42 East Xenia, OH 45385 937-372-6262

ACCO Directory

Kish Heating & Cooling, Inc. Robert Thompson 2098 N. Ridge Rd Painesville, OH 44077-4871 440-392-0900

Tribble Refrigeration Jim Tribble 679 Buchwheat Rd Milford, OH 45150 513-575-5513 Tucker Heating & A/C, Inc. Kenneth Tucker P.O. Box 756 Middletown, OH 45042 513-422-7171 USA Heating & Cooling Timothy Hensel, V.P. 153 N. Greenwood St. Marion, OH 43302 740-751-4400 Viccarone Heating & A/C Gino Viccarone 33549 Royalton Rd #12 Columbia Station, OH 44028 440-748-6100 W. F. Hann & Sons Jerry Shafer 26401 Miles Rd Warrensville Hts., OH 44128 216-831-4200 Wellington Indoor Comfort, Inc. Michael Young/ Sandra Jordan 615 S. Main St. Wellington, OH 44090 440-647-3421 Wenger Temperature Control, Inc. Joe Wenger 2005 Progress Ave. Columbus, OH 43207 614-443-2212 Western Hills Heating & A/C David P. Brennan 304 Harrison Brookville Rd West Harrison, IN 47060 812-637-5552

Volume 2017, Issue 3 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


ACCO Directory

Willis One Hour Heating & Air 756 Old State Route 74 Cincinnati, OH 45245 513-752-2512

Wm Brockman & Sons, Inc. George R. Brockman, Jr. 114 Valley St. Dayton, OH 45404 937-222-8638

Zimmer Heating & Cooling Chris Zimmer 7458 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45239 513-521-9893

ACCO Past Presidents Seven contractors got together because of threats to the mechanics lien law. Mike Callahan from Columbus agreed to chair the organization. With seed money from Cincinnati, Columbus and the now defunct Ohio Valley Sheet Metal Association, the group was able to get all the trades involved in the “battle” and ultimately the group won. A convention was held in Columbus in 1977 where officers were elected and the vision was to get contractors involved from every section of the state. 1976-1977 1976-1977 1977-1981 1981-1983 1983-1984 1984-1985 1985-1988 1988-1989 1989-1990 1990-1991 1991-1992 1992-1993 1993-1994 1994-1995 1995-1996 1996-1997 1997-1998 1998-1999

W. Michael Callahan, Columbus W. Michael Callahan, Columbus Dan Kautz, Youngstown (deceased) Robert Butler, Dayton (deceased) Fred Dietz, Sr., Cincinnati Richard Blind, Toledo (deceased) Norm Simon, Springfield (deceased) Robert Buckley, Columbus (deceased) Mark Swepston, Columbus Ken Schmidt, Cincinnati George Pugh, Toledo Tim Conway, Cleveland Mike Foraker, Akron Bob Warren, Springfield Deborah Ratcliff, Columbus John Walter, Akron Robert R. Dieter, Warren Kenneth Tucker, Middletown


1999-2000 2000-2002 2002-2003 2003-2004 2004-2005 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017

Terry Mitchell, Cleveland Russ Puckett, Columbus Robert A. Clark, Dayton Dave Erbele, Cincinnati Scott Robinson, Ashtabula (deceased) George Brockman, Jr., Dayton Greg Harnist, Cincinnati Gary Jackson, Akron Tim Volpone, Ashtabula Gary Kellermeier, Haskins Gary Jacob, Cincinnati Jim Ellia, Maple Heights Roger Gundlach, Sandusky Ed Reid, Hamilton Jeff Reed, Gahanna Brian Stack, Avon Kris Guzik, Cleveland

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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3


Phone: (800) 499-8450 Fax: (800) 596-3057 Email:









By joining the Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio, you will gain access to the most powerful, successful and influential business people in the industry to help you overcome problems and become more successful. Make sure you are involved with ACCO to best utilize your membership:

ADVOCACY ACCO monitors legislation, code changes and works with agencies that affect your livelihood. ACCO alerts lawmakers about how new laws and regulations will affect your business.



ACCO/PHCC Ohio Convention March 7-9, 2018 Hilton Polaris, Columbus


Avg. Per-Year Savings

Speedway Fuel Program $650 Workers Comp Group Rating $4,000 WorldPay Credit Card Processing $600 License Bond Program $1,000 Sutton Vehicle leasing $5,500 Monthly Safety lessons $150



ACCO is honored that you have continued to invest in our mission and your industry. Your investment also supports professional development for emerging contractors, consumer outreach, industry promotion, and much more. Volume 2017, Issue 3 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


PHCC Associate Members



APHC BACKFLOW SCHOOL Frank Czako 684 Colony Drive Westerville, OH 43081 614-891-9546 BROCK RESTORATION Heather Prijatel 5906 State Route 128 Cleves, OH 45002 513-481-5844 BWA SOUTH CO., INC. Jen Morton 4501 Sutphen Court Hilliard, OH 43026 614-876-2477 INDUSTRY PARTNER CHAMPION PUMP INC. Jeff Hawks P.O. Box 528 Ashland, OH 44805 419-281-4500 CONTRACTORS CHOICE INC. Mike Huhn 2070 Schappelle Lane Cincinnati, OH 45240 513-851-9070 CURNAYN SALES INC. Bob Curnayn 21706 Lunn Rd. Strongsville, OH 44149 440-846-1280 DAVE GILL CHEVROLET Mark Barrow 4700 East Broad Street Columbus, OH 43213 502-417-0318

INDUSTRY PARTNER DRY PATROL Dana Oakley 711 Business Pkwy Carlisle, OH 45005 513-705-9730 We understand how devastating water damage and mold can be to your home or business. It’s always been our policy to treat the people first, then the problem. We do this by being the industry leading expert in water damage mitigation and mold removal. Our Dry Patrol teams bring state-of-the-art equipment, knowledge, integrity and compassion to every job we do. 20

INDUSTRY PARTNER FAMOUS SUPPLY COMPANY Tim Kiley 2620 Ridgewood Road Akron, OH 44313 330-762-9621

INDUSTRY PARTNER KEEPING SCORE, INC. Michael A. Bohinc, CPA 19111 Brookfield Drive Auburn Twp., OH 44023 440-708-2583

LOWDER SALES INC. Jeff Lowder 621 Bear Run Lane Lewis Center, OH 43035 800-221-5650 INDUSTRY PARTNER FEDERATED INSURANCE Austin Bond PO Box 328 / 121 East Park Sq Owatonna, MN 55060 913-980-8790 For more than a century, Federated Insurance has provided peace of mind to business owners through valued insurance protection. Federated’s headquarters is located in Owatonna, Minn., with a regional office in Phoenix, Ariz. Today more than 400 trade associations and industry organizations recommend one or more of Federated’s programs GLENTRONICS, INC. / PHCC PRO SERIES PUMPS Jim Curren 645 Heathrow Drive Lincolnshire, IL 60069 800-991-0466 GREAT LAKES SALES COMPANY David Murman 20525 Center Ridge Road, Suite 350 Cleveland, OH 44116 440-356-9200 J. DAVIS SALES & ASSOC. LLC Jeff Davis 5293 Eberly Road Atwater, OH 44201 330-947-2038

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

INDUSTRY PARTNER MILWAUKEE TOOL Eddie Seibolt 19875 Center Ridge Rd, Apt 333 Rocky River, OH 44116 262-599-2495 INDUSTRY PARTNER NIBCO INC. Paul Figuly 1516 Middlebury Ave Elkhart, IN 46516 216-402-7056 PICKREL BROS., INC. Jeff Pickrel 901 South Perry Street Dayton, OH 45402 937-461-5960 R. L. DEPPMANN COMPANY David Dyer 6910 Treeline Drive, Suite A Brecksville, OH 44141 440-409-9561 RHEEM WATER HEATING Jerry Wolens 69 Valley Brook Blvd. Hinckley, OH 44233 330-273-9882

INDUSTRY PARTNER WELKER MCKEE Art Mighton 6606 Granger Rd Independence, OH 44131 216-447-0050

INDUSTRY PARTNER WINSUPPLY OF CLEVELAND John F Siefert 4547 Hinckley Industrial Pkwy. Cleveland, OH 44109 216-741-1929 Chosen by PHCC Ohio as 2014 Supplier of the Year, Winsupply of Cleveland offers a variety of services to help you meet your business goals. As a provider for commercial projects, big and small, Winsupply takes care of the daily needs of commercial and residential plumbers and HVAC installers. WOLFF BROS. SUPPLY INC. Brian Pekala 6078 Wolff Rd. Medina, OH 44256 330-225-2240 WOLVERINE BRASS, INC. Chris Pellegrino 165 Oak Drive NW North Canton, OH 44720 330-323-1973

PHCC Executives Central Ohio Master Plumbers Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Lauber 614-607-6360 /

PHCC Ohio Executive Director: Rocco Fana, Jr. 800-686-7422 /

Cincinnati Master Plumbers Executive Director: Joyce Frank 513-742-2672 /

Akron/Canton Executive Secretary: Mary Williams 330-958-6302 / akroncantonphcc@

Dayton Executive Manager: Theresa Engler 937-298-2980 /

Eastern Ohio Secretary: Greg Eisenhart, Sanford Plumbing 330-386-5191 / Northeast Ohio Master Plumbers Chapter Executive: Rocco Fana, Jr. 216-586-5421 /

PHCC Contractor Members 4 Aces Sanitation Service, Inc. Timothy J. Johnson 2500 Oxford State Road Middletown, OH 45044 513-422-2772

Anderson Hills Plumbing, Inc. Ernie, Jack & Ralph Vilardo 6229 Beechmont Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45230-1902 513-232-3821

A Plumbing, Inc. Dave Wolfe 1000 Dublin Rd. Columbus, OH 43215-1116 614-486-4848

Apollo Heating, Cooling, Plumbing Jamie Gerdsen 1730 Tennessee Ave Cincinnati, OH 45229-1202 513-271-3600

A. All Valley Plumbing Jim Kroeger P.O. Box 15380 Cincinnati, OH 45215 513-733-3311

Barleys Heating & Air Conditioning Eldon Barley 7415 Middlebranch Rd., N.E. Canton, OH 44721 330-497-0380 Baum Plumbing & Heating Co. Mark T. Armstrong 1012 Tuscarawas St. W Canton, OH 44702-2030 330-456-3466

Applied Mechanical Services Drew Mitakides 12082 Champion Way Cincinnati, OH 45241-0060 513-825-1800

Baumann Plumbing Rodger Sweitzer 22 Westerville Square Westerville, OH 43081 614-888-2411

Approved Plumbing Co. Dennis M. Schlekie 770 Ken Mar Ind. Pkwy. Broadview Hts., OH 44147 440-526-2905

Beery Plumbing Aaron Beery 9878 Steiner Road Rittman, OH 44270-9517 330-927-6926

A. J. Stockmeister, Inc. Seth Stockmeister P.O. Box 667 Jackson, OH 45640-0667 740-286-2106

Arcade Plumbing, Inc. Jason Forte 5108 Grossepointe Lane Cincinnati, OH 45238-5718 513-451-4227

Bemer Plumbing Company Daniel P. Bemer Sr. 6791 Stroud Rd. Middleburg Hts., OH 44130 216-676-8504

AAA Flexible Pipe Cleaning Corp. Ernest B. Fisco 7277 Bessemer Ave Cleveland, OH 44127-1815 216-341-2900

Archer Plumbing Co., Inc. Alan Cohen 1003 Kieley Place Cincinnati, OH 45217 513-641-0020

Adleta Plumbing Service, Inc. Rick Adleta 5629 Indian Hill Court Hamilton, OH 45011-3824 513-646-4595

ARS Rescue Rooter Jason Norris 3050 Switzer Ave. Columbus, OH 43219 614-475-7071

Ben Franklin Plumbing & DeBord’s One Hour Dennis Kratochvil 12043 Mayfield Rd. Chardon, OH 44024 440-286-6002

Advanced Plumbing Services LTD Mike Musci 648 N. Main St. Akron, OH 44310 330-535-2828

B & B Mechanical Services Inc. Bill Williams / Bryan Kenny 2861 Sidney Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45225 513-353-3370

A. C. Plumbing Heating & Mechanical Inc Tony Caruso 5186 Richmond Rd. Bedford Hts, OH 44128 216-831-1719

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Joseph Tinker 756 Old State Route 74 Cincinnati, OH 45245 513-685-1603 Bob Wolfer Plumbing Co., Inc. Norman R. Wolfer 6740 Clough Pike Cincinnati, OH 45244-4038 513-231-4438

PHCC Ohio Directory

PHCC National Executive Vice President: Michael Copp 800-533-7694 /


Brecks Plumbing Services Gary Klenotic /Jack Morgan 7635 Key West Dr. Parma, OH 44134 440-345-5225 C & D Mechanical Inc. Kenneth C. Meyer 7600 Production Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45237-1402 513-574-4699 C. J. Hughes & Sons Plumbing, Inc. Howard Hughes 250 Security Dr. Fairfield, OH 45014 513-874-3456 Calla Plumbing Co. Patrick M. Calla 223 Solarama Court Cincinnati, OH 45238 513-451-9361 Carl DiFranco & Sons Bill Gehlfuss 4176 Greenvale South Euclid, OH 44121 216-382-0250 Carr Electric, Heating & Cooling Kenneth Carr 3943 Demarc Court Cincinnati, OH 45248 513-574-3753 Case Western Reserve University Sam Arlia 10620 Cedar Ave. Cleveland, OH 44106 216-513-0318 CBUS Heating Cooling Plumbing Mike Matheny 13799 Nantucket Ave Pickerington, OH 43147 614-383-7953

Volume 2017, Issue 3 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


PHCC Ohio Directory


Ciro’s Sewer Cleaning, Inc. Ciro Grandini Jr. 37100 Research Drive Eastlake, OH 44095 440-942-6867 Coblentz Plumbing, Inc. Wendell Coblentz 13014 Lake Ave. NE, Suite 100 Hartville, OH 44632-8927 330-877-8989 Complete Mechanical Services LLC John Aaron Fry 11415 Grooms Road Cincinnati, OH 45242 513-489-3080

Dupps Plumbing, Inc. Jim Dupps 29 Standen Drive #106 Hamilton, OH 45105 513-874-8899 Eckel Plumbing Company William. E. Eckel P.O. Box 204 Harrison, OH 45030-0204 812-637-5800 Ed’s HVAC Plumbing Electric Mike Bratton 4025 Gibson Drive Tipp City, OH 45371 937-667-6713

Frecka, Inc. Richard J Frecka 1770 Newberry St. Cuyahoga Falls, OH 442214018 330-928-9230

H & S Plumbing Inc. Randall L. Shoup 5590 W Kessler Cowlesville Rd. West Milton, OH 45383 937-836-8725

Fred A. Nemann Co. Fred Nemann, Jr. 6480 Bender Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45233-1552 513-467-9400

Haas Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Jay Haas Jr. 377 Beaumont Dr. Fairlawn, OH 44333 330-666-8630

Fred Clements HVAC Sandra Clements 2156 Young Drive Lexington, KY 40505 859-252-0780

Haberek Plumbing & Heating James Haberek 8810 Akins Road North Royalton, OH 44133 440-237-7776

Fred Espenscheid Plumbing, Inc. Fred Espenscheid 125 Electric Avenue Southgate, KY 41071 859-441-0950

Halpin Plumbing, Inc. Joe Halpin 5177 Fishwick Drive Cincinnati, OH 45216 513-631-2001

G & K Plumbing Company, Inc. James H. Wilson 2255 Florence Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45206-2428 513-751-1107

Harner Plumbing, Inc. Raymond J. Harner 2480 Bartlett Road Mantua, OH 44255-9417 330-626-5551

Complete Plumbing Sales & Service, Inc. Benjamin Layne Skidmore 3060 Springboro Pike Moraine, OH 45439 937-299-7044

Edwards Plumbing-HeatingCooling Inc. Galen T. Edwards 1577 Chardon Rd. Euclid, OH 44117-1512 216-531-1721

Corsillo Plumbing & Sewer Cleaning Co. Drew Corsillo 23850 St. Clair Ave. Euclid, OH 44117-3126 440-461-2200

Elliott and Bradley Plumbing, Inc. Donald Elliott 10030 Windisch Rd. West Chester, OH 45069-2113 513-772-0050

G & R Plumbing, Inc Randy Partin 562 Clough Pike Cincinnati, OH 45245-1404 513-528-5151

Heeter Plumbing, LLC Rob Heeter 8633 N Dixie Dr. Dayton, OH 45414 937-890-5526

Feichtner Plumbing LLC Richard Feichtner 4407 Kemper Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45217-1714 513-242-2400

G. W. Gill Plumbing & Heating Gerry Gill 80 W. Grace Bedford, OH 44146 440-439-4417

Feldkamp Enterprises, Inc. Jack Rahn 3642 Muddy Creek Road Cincinnati, OH 45238 513-347-4500

Geiler Company, The Reid Geiler 6561 Glenway Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45211-0324 513-574-1200

HELP Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Rick Robinson / Wesley Holm 6 N. Commerce Drive Cincinnati, OH 45215 513-587-2847

Ferretti Plumbing & Heating Bob Ferretti 6638 Commonwealth Blvd. Parma Hts., OH 44130 440-842-3000

Gem City Mechanical Inc Damon R Whorton 6620 Wengerlawn Rd, P.O. Box 134 Brookville, OH 45309 937-884-5209

Curry and Sons Construction JD Curry Jr. 7007 Liberty-Fairfield Rd. Hamilton, OH 45011 513-265-8009 D & A Plumbing & Heating Eric D. Seifert P.O. Box 1017 Uniontown, OH 44685-1017 330-499-8733 D. McIntosh Plumbing & Drain Services LLC Dennis W McIntosh 10581 Pottinger Road Cincinnati, OH 45251 513-742-3410 Dick Esser Plumbing & Heating Jim Esser 1138 Lexington Ave. Lorain, OH 44052 440-246-5594 DiFranco Plumbing Co. dba Adelmo’s Elec. Sewer Cleaning Joseph DiFranco 4917 Van Epps Road Cleveland, OH 44131 216-641-2300


DMG Contractors Scott Lane 2050 Stapleton Court Cincinnati, OH 45240 513-825-1141

Fetz Plumbing-Heating & A/C Robert D. Fetz Jr. P.O. Box 516 Urbana, OH 43078 937-652-1136 Finley Plumbing Inc. Timothy W Finley P.O. Box 1317 Norton, OH 44203 330-825-7049 Frank Niesen Co., The Frank G. Niesen IV 500 W. Sharon Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45240 513-541-4444

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

Herrmann Plumbing Co., Inc. Kim J. Herrmann 8256 Clara Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45239-4215 513-931-2830 Hofmann Corporation Peter Renuart 958 Bassett Road Westlake, OH 44145-4012 440-871-3000

Gil Ruehl Mechanical Inc. Gil Ruehl 5736 Springdale Road Cincinnati, OH 45247-2728 513-385-3850

Holt Mechanical Michael Smith 137 Patti Drive Westerville, OH 43081 614-901-8020

Grabill Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Luke Grabill 10235 Manchester Ave., S.W. Beach City, OH 44608-9774 330-756-2075

Holtmeier Plumbing Co., Inc. Andrew T. Holtmeier 6310 Madison Road Cincinnati, OH 45227-2022 513-271-2273

Gus Lewin Plumbing Co. Gus Lewin, Jr. 4312 Watterson Street Cincinnati, OH 45227-2931 513-271-0866

Houston Plumbing & Htg., Inc. Rick Houston 724 Montgomery Rd., NE Newark, OH 43055 740-763-3961

Ivey Mechanical Company Scott Gravett 3000 Earhart Ct. #135 Hebron, KY 41048-8298 859-371-3803 J & H Mechanical Inc. John Hudek 669 Bauer Road Somerville, OH 45064-9469 513-726-4745 J. L. Kolp Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Michael Kolp 975 Penny St SE North Canton, OH 44720 330-499-8353

Joe Schmitt & Sons Plbg. & Htg., LLC Joseph A. Schmitt 500 Alta Ave., P.O. Box 237 Englewood, OH 45322 937-836-3086 Johnson’s Plumbing & Heating Co. Heath J. Johnson, Pres. 1840 Otsego Ave. Coshocton, OH 43812-9370 740-622-4438 Keister Plumbing & Htg., Inc. David A. Keister 1215 Aurora Rd. N.E. Minerva, OH 44657 330-895-4256 Ken Herbert Plumbing LLC Ken Herbert 7811 Cheviot Rd Cincinnati, OH 45247 513-383-2974

J. R. Sbrocco Plumbing Inc. John R. Sbrocco P.O Box 43354 Richmond Heights, OH 44143 440-278-4151

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. Ken Neyer 4895 St. Rt. 128 Cleves, OH 45002-9752 513-353-3311

Jarvis Mechanical Constructors, Inc. Jeffery L Jarvis 803 U.S. Hwy 50 Milford, OH 45150 513-831-0055

Kerlin Company John F. Kerlin 11976 Tramway Drive Cincinnati, OH 45241 513-563-4552

Jeff Bernhardt Plumbing Jeff Bernhardt 6000 Gaines Road Cincinnati, OH 45247 513-923-2335

Korrect Plumbing, Heating & A/C Martha Logan 7970 W Third Street Dayton, OH 45417-1498 937-837-2333

JEM Plumbing, Inc. Jeremy E. Mantel 13487 Cleveland Ave NW Uniontown, OH 44685 330-575-7284

Kralik Plumbing Inc. Tod Kralik 660 Lyonswood Dr. Hinckley, OH 44233 216-314-0152

Jerome Plumbing Inc. Steve Jerome, Jr. PO Box 43355 Cleveland, OH 44143 440-473-1152

Kramer Plumbing Co., Inc. Brian W. Kramer P.O. Box 549 Addyston, OH 45001 513-353-1936

Jim Neltner Plumbing Jim Neltner 635 W. Johns Hill Road Wilder, KY 41076-1304 606-441-6495

Larkin Plumbing Inc. Jeff Larkin P.O. Box 255 Miamitown, OH 45041 513-922-3988

Jim the Plumber LLC Jim Evans PO Box 36222 Cincinnati, OH 45236-0222 513-731-0602

LH Plumbing Services LLC Linda Hudek 3041 Symmes Rd, Unit A Hamilton, OH 45015 513-623-3858

Joe Klosterman Plumbing, Inc. Joseph H Klosterman 7534 Fairwayglen Dr. Cincinnati, OH 45248-2800 513-353-2956

Litt’s Hardware and Plumbing Inc. Jerald Payner 6510 Pearl Road Parma Hts, OH 44130 440-884-4600

Lott’s Plumbing & Heating Markus Lott 2740 Dorman Drive Portsmouth, OH 45662 740-353-5087

Nixco Plumbing Inc. Jeff Heger 4281 U.S. Route 42 Mason, OH 45040 513-398-5907

McAtee LLC Plumbing & Excavating Chris Hanes 2165 S James Rd. Columbus, OH 43232 614-252-9400

Norhio Plumbing, Inc. Herman Bohinc 11342 Chamberlain Rd. Aurora, OH 44202 330-562-9671

Mechanical Systems of Dayton, Inc. Steve Storck 4401 Springfield St. Dayton, OH 45431 937-254-3235 Midwestern Plumbing Service, Inc. Gene Hehemann 3984 Bach Buxton Rd. Amelia, OH 45102-1014 513-753-0050 Miracle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Co. Kyle Brown 2121 Whipple Avenue N.W. Canton, OH 44708-2361 330-477-2402 MJ Baumann Co., Inc. Lawrence F. Irwin 6400 Broughton Ave. Columbus, OH 43213-3659 614-759-7100 Monroe Plumbing Inc. Keith Monroe 16675 West Park Circle Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 440-708-0006 NCD Corsillo Plumbing LLC Michael J Corsillo 250 Alpha Park Highland Hts, OH 44143 440-442-0100 Neal Kahny Plumbing Neal Kahny 6070 Gaines Rd Cincinnati, OH 45247 513-319-2133 Neff Company, Inc., The Liana M. Driscoll 55 Lisbon St. Canfield, OH 44406 330-533-5559 Niehaus Plumbing, Inc. Ted Swisshelm P.O. Box 490 Felicity, OH 45120 513-321-2867 Nieman Plumbing, Inc. Drew Nieman 2030 Stapleton Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45240-2778 513-851-5588


Osterwisch Company Charles Randolph 6755 Highland Ave Cincinnati, OH 45236 513-791-3282 Paley Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc. David Paley 23524 Miles Rd. Cleveland, OH 44128-5433 216-663-5090

PHCC Ohio Directory

Howerton Plumbing, Inc. Dean Howerton 2367 S. Dixie Dr. Kettering, OH 45409 937-293-5534

Perry Kelly Plumbing, Inc. Perry Kelly 4498 Mt. Carmel-Tabasco Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45244 513-528-6554 Petit Plumbing, Inc. Robert Petit 2091 Greenpine Drive Cincinnati, OH 45231-2113 513-931-5191 Pierce Pumbing LLC John Pierce 1640 Starlite Lane New Richmond, OH 45157 513-312-1322 Plum Perfect Plumbing LLC Robert P. Schneider 5990 Winton Rd Fairfield, OH 45014 513-8517586 Plumbing Source Inc., The Greg Faustina 5042 Corbin Drive Bedford Hts., OH 44128 216-365-0600 Portage Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Robert G. Palmer 9657 St. Rt. 43 Streetsboro, OH 44241-5331 330-626-3404 R & R Holding Co. LLC dba R & R Plumbing R. Lyn Nisly P.O. Box 1087, 12801 Cleveland Ave. Uniontown, OH 44685-1087 330-305-1956 R. T. Hampton Plumbing & Heating Inc. Darren Elliott 1225 Industrial Ave S.W. Massillon, OH 44647-7602 330-809-6200

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Rader & Son Plumbing Paul Rader 171 Gregory Lane Hamilton, OH 45013 513-894-7162 Rambo-Westendorf Plumbing Inc. Kenneth E. Westendorf 987 Pruden Ave. Dayton, OH 45403 937-253-7878 Ray Jacobs Plumbing Company LLC Raymond Jacobs 5181 Shelby Lane Liberty Twp., OH 45044-9432 513-777-8604 Reilly Plumbing Co., Inc. Mike P. Reilly 5617 Muddy Creek Road Cincinnati, OH 45238-1869 513-922-6327 Reliable Plumbing & Heating Inc. Tony Burgei 205 W. Second St. Delphos, OH 45833-1604 419-695-2921 Rich Holthaus Plumbing Co. Chris M. Holthaus 503 W. Benson St. Cincinnati, OH 45215-3105 513-761-1238 Ritter Plumbing Co, Inc. John L. Ritter 354 Carr Drive Brookville, OH 45309-2605 937-833-6514 RK Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning LLC Richard Konop 210 S Main Street Springboro, OH 45066 937-886-9041 Robert Jones Plumbing, Inc. Robert Jones 6071 State Route 128 Cleves, OH 45002 513-353-2230 Roman Plumbing Company Scott Kocher Doug Kocher 2411 Shepler Church S.W. Canton, OH 44706-4111 330-455-5155 Rooter Drain Tech Alan Pierce 1215 Granite Peak Way Miamisburg, OH 45342 937-530-2325


Roto-Rooter Services Co. Michael L Taylor 255 E. 5th Street Cincinnati, OH 45202 513-762-6652 Russell Plumbing Inc. Steve Russell 8181 Camargo Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45243 513-561-2888 Sam’l Beresford Plumbing Co., Inc. Thomas J. Beresford 6225 Montgomery Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45213-1403 513-631-3395 Sanford Plumbing LLC Greg Eisenhart 1725 Pennsylvania Ave. East Liverpool, OH 43920 330-386-5191 Sarver Plumbing Inc. Phillip D. Jones 7113 Alt State Rte 49 Arcanum, OH 45304-0397 937-947-2200 Schneller Plumbing, Heating & Clg Kris Knochelmann / Clay Hager 1079 Ohio Pike Cincinnati, OH 45245 513-753-3100

SLT Plumbing LLC dba Schlueter Plumbing Nathan Hudelson 4129 US Highway 52 New Trenton, OH 47035 513-917-1965 Stebbins Plumbing & Heating Bruce A. Stebbins 621 E. Dixie Dr. West Carrollton, OH 454491830 937-859-4534

W. F. Hann & Sons Kevin C. Zilke 26401 Miles Road Warrensville Heights, OH 44128 216-831-4200

Swan Plbg/Htg & Elec. Co., Inc. Paul K. Swan 3874 Broadview Rd. Richfield, OH 44286-9524 330-659-6233

Waker Plumbing, Inc. Mike Waker 1760 E. David Road Kettering, OH 45440-1670 937-434-2678

Tarvin Plumbing Co. Inc. Michael G. Tarvin 3749 Eastern Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45226-2102 513-321-5726

Wat-Kem Mechanical, Inc. David H Steck 2755 S. County Rd. 25A Troy, OH 45373 937-573-3072

Terra Plumbing LLC Michael Lauber P.O. Box 28051 Columbus, OH 43228 614-607-6360

Whitt, Inc. dba Whitt Plumbing Richard Whitt 1152 Ferris Road Amelia, OH 45102-1020 513-753-7707

Thacker Plumbing & Heating, LLC Richard Thacker Jr. 3210 Main St. Mineral Ridge, OH 44440 330-544-0322

Servizzi & Knabe Plumbing Tom Knabe 5406 Douglas Fir Ct. Cincinnati, OH 45247 513-541-2400

The Waterworks David Specht 550 Schrock Rd. Columbus, OH 43229-1028 614-876-0999

Shearer Plumbing & Heating Co. Glenn Shearer 910 Center Street Bryan, OH 43506 419-636-1751

Thomas & Galbraith Larry Metzler / Paul Law 407 Northland Blvd Cincinnati, OH 45240 513-327-2575

Shuman, Inc. Jack Shuman P.O. Box 373 - 28 Castle Drive Munroe Falls, OH 44262-1604 330-688-2322

Todd R. Pippenger & Son Todd Pippenger P.O. Box 1289 Warren, OH 44482-1289 330-393-4726

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 3

VIP Plumbing, Inc. Paul J. Episcopo 20600 Miles Parkway Warrensville Heights, OH 44128-3265 216-581-5730

Steve Hattersley Plumbing Steven Hattersley 9510 Yellowwood Drive Cincinnati, OH 45251-1956 513-385-3789

Schott Plumbing, Inc. Mark Mitchell 2551 Lance Dr. Dayton, OH 45409 937-299-7751

Silver Creek Plumbing Company Russell Hammel P.O. Box 245 Garrettsville, OH 44231-9220 330-527-4819

Viox Services, Inc. Ed Houston 15 W. Voorhees Street Cincinnati, OH 45215 513-679-3256

Tony & Son Plumbing Co. Tony Ferretti Jr. 5308 Cortland Reserve Drive N. Royalton, OH 44133 440-582-1111 V. A. Conkey Company, Inc. Ed Conkey 1701 Joseph Lloyd Pkwy. Willoughby, OH 44094 440-269-5555

Wiemels-Hiros Plumbing Co. Joseph Hiros 16419 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH 44111-5502 216-251-3283 Wize Plumbing Bobby Wize 208 Williams Street Cincinati, OH 45215-1461 513-772-7507 Wm. R. Becker Plumbing, Inc. David C. Becker 1019 Paxton Lake Drive Loveland, OH 45140 513-831-4696 Zernechel Plumbing & Heating Co. Albert/Scott Zernechel 6080 Wiclif Street N.E. Canton, OH 44721-3645 330-492-7744 Zins Plumbing, Inc. Ronald A. Zins 3827 Spring Grove Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45223 513-681-2501



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AND HERE’S YOUR PROBLEM WITH THE LABOR FORCE... By Wes Perry Major Account Sales | ADP | Strategic HCM Solutions for Partners and Clients


he picture says it all. While some may chuckle at this, it’s the reality of how people think. And why we can create all the jobs we want to, but it won’t matter. Why? Because somewhere along the way the message was delivered to an entire generation of kids that turning a wrench or doing a modicum of physical labor was beneath them. That going to college and pursuing a “higher standard” of achievement was the be-all goal of life - and apparently to come out with a crushing load of student debt. This is a leading factor in the labor shortage and the “War on Talent” People don’t want to work. Here are some quick facts: • 3.1% unemployment is great - unless you want to hire someone. • Across the country, the labor force shrank in size to 10.4 million workers in 2015 from 10.6 million at the bottom of the market in 2010, according to a new analysis of Census data. Less products produced, more strain on the infrastructure. • In nearly every survey out there, CFO’s state that a lack of talent is their #1 concern or challenge to their growth. • Just here in NE Ohio there are 868 Welding jobs open. 868... need a job?

• 10,000 baby boomers leaving the workforce - daily. The loss of intellectual capital is amazing. The “war on talent” as we call it is a real thing and one that needs to be addressed. One concern that people need to address, is the stigma that our country has put on being a tradesman that can actually do a job. Not everyone is cut out to go to college. Creation of a culture within a company that promotes these careers as beneficial is also key: • Showing grads that the benefits plans they get from manufacturing are just as good as a “white collar” job • Career paths, advancement and training. • Recognition for work (no, just going to work for the 40 hours isn’t enough any longer) • Using tech to enable people to engage in their work. Promotion of the fields that make our country run the way we need it to - construction, welding, plumbing and the like has got to become a priority or the system will break down.

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