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I have no need for continuing education

I already know everything I need to know about my business and customers

I know all the new regulations and code changes

I have all the customers I need

I don’t see the value

Membership is too expensive

I can’t afford the time away from my business

My network is too big



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The Official Publication for PHCC Ohio & ACCO Contractors and Suppliers


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Ohio PHC Contractor is the official publication of the Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio and the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Ohio

The Official Publication for PHCC Ohio & ACCO Contractors and Suppliers

ACCO MISSION Our Mission is to identify, develop, promote and provide business resources and tools that will give our members a competitive advantage in the HVACR industry.

PHCC MISSION PHCC Ohio is committed to the continuous improvement of our industry and society’s quality of life through ongoing education, training and political action.

Volume 2017 Issue 1


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A Message From ACCO President, Josh Hauser


A Message From PHCC Ohio President, Dave Wolfe


Legally Speaking: Employment Law Developments 2017 and Beyond


Keeping Score: Budgeting, Part 2


How to Build Trust Beyond Your Service Agreement Using Content Marketing

Rheem 7


Attracting Young People to Skilled Trades

R.L. Deppmann


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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1



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ACCO President, Josh Hauser


must start by saying how humbled, yet excited, I am to accept presidency of the United States of America, oh, I mean the ACCO. Let’s Make HVAC Great Again! A new year is already rolling strong and it’s funny how the older you get, the faster it goes. It seems the past few years on the executive committee have flown by and in particular, this year, with the expectation of great new responsibility as president of ACCO. We never really know what the year holds, but I look forward to some great opportunities. I have a good friend who says, “have a great day, or make it one!” Thank you to our previous ACCO president, Kris Guzik, and the team that put together another successful convention. We are all in!

This year, we are still educating on the benefits of ACCO Membership and the change last year to open membership. Open membership has proven to be beneficial for state and local chapters as well as for ACCA national, but it is up to us in the state to continue to promote the benefits of ACCO membership. I’ll be spending some time this year with each local chapter of Ohio to support and help in the promotion and education on the benefits of ACCO membership. We also continue talks on coming to an agreement on residential licensing. It’s an in-depth process that requires great communication among associations, agencies, contractor representatives, and lawmakers, but I believe we have a great team of minds involved trying to understand the perplexity and responsibilities from all angles. Thank you to Debbie, Mary, and Rocco. With them, we are set for success in 2017. Let’s make it a great year!

PHCC Ohio President, Dave Wolfe


i! I hope you are having a great start to 2017! My name is Dave Wolfe and I work for Wat-Kem Mechanical in Troy, Ohio. I have been working in the trade for 30 years. I am married and have 10-year-old twin daughters. I would first like to thank you for allowing me to lead PHCC Ohio this year. I look forward to working with the board to see what exciting changes we can make happen. Second, I would like to thank Brian Nieman and all other board members for all their hard work. PHCC is a family and we are all here for one another. We hope to hold our Ohio Legislative Day soon where we can deliver our legislative agenda right to the door of our state representatives and senators. We also have the PHCC National Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., where we can be advocates for our industry and lobby our respective


OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

congressmen and senators. If we all get involved, we can influence and help to change laws being introduced that can affect our businesses. If you cannot attend, please support the Contractors Coalition PAC. By contributing to the PAC we can work together to support our elected officials, whose decisions reflect an understanding of your business and interests and concerns. Make sure to attend the 2017 ACCO/PHCC Ohio Convention March 29-31 at the Embassy Suites (Independence, Ohio). It looks to be another great convention. We have almost sold out our Expo as I type this letter. We have a great keynote speaker, educational classes, roundtables, and opening reception with the Collin Dussault’s Blues Project Band. Finally, membership is the key to our success. If you are currently not a member of PHCC, I encourage you to take a closer look at the organization. As always, feel free to contact your local chapter or me at dwolfe@watkem.com anytime. “Always desire to learn something useful.” PLUMBING-HEATING-COOLING CONTRACTORS



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1 According to the Department of Energy’s “Advantages of Tankless or Demand-Type Water Heaters,” tankless water heaters can provide energy savings of up to 50% on water heating costs when installed at each hot water outlet. When used as a single tankless model to supply hot water to a residence with up to 2 bathrooms in some climates, it a can provide up to 34% energy savings. 2 See the Warranty Guide on Rheem.com for addition information.

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Legally Speaking>>>

Employment Law Developments 2017 And Beyond Bob Dunlevey Dunlevey, Mahan & Furry It’s shaping up to be a landmark year for changes affecting both employers and employees. Many new laws and regulations sponsored by the Obama administration recently were enacted or TOOK effect in January 2017. Will they be rolled back? We will find out as Donald Trump benefits from Republican control of both Houses of Congress in its 115th Session. It is anticipated that the new administration will enact significant measures to rebalance the rights and protections of employees with the rights and obligations of employers. In addition, President Trump will quickly seek to fill Judge Scalia’s Supreme Court position, along with 103 Federal District Court and Appellate Court judicial vacancies. Also lurking is the proposed Midnight Rules Relief Act which permits Congress to nullify last minute regulations and actions by President Obama in a wholesale fashion. It is estimated that between November 8 and December 31, 2016, 145 regulations were issued at a cost to the American public of $21 billion – the most since 1933 – 4.5 regulations per day. During President Obama’s administration, he attempted to carry out his legislative agenda by first imposing new regulations on federal contractors over which he had more power than the private sector. Such things as the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order requiring government contractors to report labor law violations when bidding, the Paid Sick Leave regulations, which give employees 56 hours of leave each year, Pay Transparency provisions, LGBT nondiscrimination mandates, and the enhanced federal minimum wage of $10.20 all came our way. In addition, the National Labor Relations Board, the Wage-Hour Division of the Department of Labor, and OSHA became far more aggressive. For example, the infamous FLSA overtime rules were issued making overtime available to five million more workers, but these regulations are on hold and the EEOC expanded the EEO-1 reporting obligation making employers annually report W-2 pay data by gender, race and ethnicity. OSHA created new injury reporting requirements which also limit post-accident drug testing and safety incentive programs, and raised penalties by 78%. 8

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

President Trump has nominated for Labor Secretary Andy Puzder, current CEO of a national fast food chain. He appears sympathetic to business leader concerns and opposes the new overtime rules and any substantial increase in the minimum wage. Puzder’s position is a powerful one. President Trump will have the opportunity to appoint a majority of the members to the National Labor Relations Board changing the complement to three Republicans and two Democrats. He will also appoint the new NLRB General Counsel who sets the litigation and enforcement priorities for the Board. A new EEOC Chairman and its General Counsel will also be selected by him. These key posts will set the tone and agenda for those agencies, which is anticipated to be more employer friendly. But where the federal government may become less aggressive toward employers and revise the regulatory scheme to decrease the burden on employers, surely states and municipalities will continue their aggressive initiatives on such things as minimum wage, paid sick leave, parental leave, LGBT rights, pay equity, and predictable advanced work scheduling for employees. These state and municipal initiatives will present significant problems for employers because the agenda of interest groups driving local legislation is oftentimes radical. Multi-state employers will find it even harder to keep track of their legal obligations as state and local legislators adopt a wide variety of inconsistent labor laws. Here are a few of the predictions for labor/employment activities in the Trump administration – • The new FLSA overtime rules which are on hold will be revised and installed with modification – expect the $455 per week salary requirement to be increased by $100 $200 but not to the current $913 per week in the most recent regulations now on hold – automatic escalator provisions to raise the salary requirement periodically will go away. • The federal minimum wage will be increased from $7.25 per hour to approximately $9.50 per hour over multiple years and numerous states will enact their own minimum wage requirements moving toward $13 per hour. Continued on Page 10 >>

Continued from Page 8 >> • E-Verify, which requires certain employers to check on the legal status of workers before hire, will be broadened to require all employers to ensure that their applicants and employees are properly documented to work – stronger enforcement will be seen in an effort to weed out the estimated 5% of the U.S. workforce which is undocumented. • Employer paid sick leave for maternity purposes of six weeks will be enacted in hopes of staving off the initiative to modify the FMLA to make its 12 weeks fully compensable. • The NLRB will modify its overzealous rulings restricting the rights of employers to promulgate rules and regulations pertaining to employees’ use and abuse of social media and restrictions on policies and work rules within employee handbooks. The expansion of the joint employer doctrine which causes separate entities to be co-liable will eventually revert to the prior less stringent standard. • OSHA’s prolific promulgation of new Standards will slow dramatically and its new interpretation of restrictions on safety incentive programs and post accident drug testing will be modified to make both more workable for employers. But, the enhanced penalty structure which caused a 78% increase in fines last year will not be rolled back. • The Affordable Care Act will be repealed but will be replaced with a somewhat similar structure with limited federal insurance subsidies, no employer mandate, no “Cadillac tax” and competition across state lines for health insurance companies – the transition will be slower than anticipated. • Unionization in the private sector will continue to be quite limited at about 6.7% but public sector unionization will remain at the high level of approximately 35%. • Multi-employer pension plans will continue to face long term unfunded vested benefit shortfalls causing some employees to receive less retirement benefits than promised but Congress will not enact further legislation to correct the problem. So, get ready for a “wild ride” in 2017 – changes are coming. If you haven’t consulted with your labor and employment law counsel for some time, chances are you will be chatting in 2017. For additional information or assistance contact attorney Bob Dunlevey, OSBA Board Certified Labor and Employment Law Attorney at (937) 223-6003.

Bob Dunlevey will present an education session, “Current Legal Trends & Issues” on Friday, March 31, at 12:45 p.m. at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www. ohioconvention-phccacco.org.

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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

WE’RE Growing

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DENVER COLORADO (844) 622-0186


Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


Keeping Score>>>

Budgeting, Part 2 Part 1 ran in 2016, Issue 3 Michael Bohinc, CPA

Let’s finish the discussion on budgeting that we started a couple of issues ago before it was interrupted last issue by a column on fraud (which will be the topic of a presentation I’ll be doing at this year’s Ohio convention). So, you’re interested in putting together a budget for your company but you don’t know where to start. Let’s review the steps involved in the budgeting process. If you’ve never done a budget for your company before, there are a few things you need to gather in order to get started. At a minimum, I recommend you have the financial statements (balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows) for the last three years for the company. Any additional information that you have on company sales, expenses and planned expenditures (for vehicles, equipment, etc.) will be helpful as well. (NOTE: As I mentioned previously, there are plenty of budgeting software programs, Excel spreadsheets and free templates available for you to get to help you through this process [especially with the number crunching].) 1) Gather together company financial statements and other reports available that cover the last 3 years of the company. The reason I recommend 3 years is that it helps to notice trends that may be developing on the income and/or expense side. 2) List any assumptions that you’re making as you put together your budget (i.e. your business environment) 3) Document any known items for the coming year: – changes, often increases, in expenses like labor, fuel and health insurance – anticipated changes in revenues (price increases, changes in your marketing budget which directly impact your revenues) – anticipated capital expenditures (purchases of new vehicles, equipment or tools) and/or changes in capital available (bank line of credit, etc.) – anticipated staffing changes (whether increasing or decreasing your staff) – industry trends or economic changes in your service area 14

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

– and any other changes you may be aware of 4) Solicit input from your leadership team (officers, managers, etc.) on expectations for the coming year. 5) Enter the financial data into a budgeting spreadsheet. (Many of them allow you to import financial statements or other data directly into them, which can save you some time.) 6) Print out your projected budget for the coming year. 7) Review and make any adjustments as necessary. 8) Share the budget with the appropriate people in your company. (NOTE: Some contractors share their budget as well as solicit input on it from all of their employees. This is a personal decision each contractor needs to make on their own.) These are basic steps in the budgeting process. Some of you may recall me making the analogy that a budget for a business is like a Trip Tik from AAA for your vacation. Without one, how do you know where you’re heading or how you’ll get there? While financial statements tell you where you’ve been as a company (i.e. looking in the rear view mirror), budgets show you where you’re planning to go (looking out the windshield) based on all the data and information you provide. A budget is part of a plan for your company’s future. If you have a vision of where you want to go or what you want your company to be, without a budget or business plan (Trip Tik) to get there, then you just have a dream. As Napoleon Hill famously said, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Like many things, the hardest part of budgeting is simply getting started. Once you create your first budget and get in that planning mind set, the budgeting process the next year is easier and continues to get easier the longer you do it. One final note on a company budget. It is not set in stone. It is a fluid document. It can and should be modified as the year progresses. When you are following that Trip Tik on the family vacation and come upon a detour or you make a wrong turn, you take corrective action to get back on course. As we know, things don’t always go as planned and so it’s important to be

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Entry level backup protection that uses a 12 volt DC pump that will run when there is a power outage. This system comes with a DC backup pump with standard switch, an 8 amp charger unit with audible alarms and battery box.

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

vative pumping ver been simpler




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We’re here for you. 815-886-9200 or ionproducts.net Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


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OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

flexible and adaptable to opportunities or challenges that come our way! Oh, and even though we’re a couple months into 2017, it’s NOT too late to put that budget together for the year. Happy Planning! The accompanying graph shows a portion of the budget worksheet that is included in the PHCC’s Overhead & Profit Calculator. It’s a good example of what a budget worksheet should look like. Michael A. Bohinc is a certified public accountant in Cleveland, Ohio. He is an instructor for the National PHCC Educational Foundation. He is also an Advisor for the Service Nation Alliance – Plumbing Group. Michael is a recipient of the Servant Leader Award. The award, rarely presented, recognizes outstanding individuals who lead through service to their industry and the people in their industry. He is the youngest to ever receive this honor. He has 27 years’ experience working on business management issues in the plumbing-heating-cooling industry. He can be reached at: 440/ 7082583, e-mail mbohinc@keepingscorecpa.com.

Michael A. Bohnic, CPA, will present an education session “Fraud in the Workplace – Who’s Watching Your Money” on Friday, March 31, at 10:15 a.m. at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org.

And we have the extensive product line to prove it. Whether bidding on future projects or providing solutions for an urgent plumbing issue today, it’s critical to know you have the right resources in place. That’s why T&S offers a vast selection of high-quality products that are easy to install and built to perform for years to come. And with a full assortment of in-stock items ready for same-day shipping, it’s no wonder contractors everywhere rely on T&S when it matters most.



Visit tsbrass.com and learn more about how we’re partnering with contractors just like you. T&S plumbing products represented in Ohio by: Midwest Spec - 513-353-9191 TSB_0592 2015 PHCC Pubs.indd 10

Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR 12/18/14 10:46 AM 19

How to Build Trust Beyond Your Service Agreement Using Content Marketing By Colleen Weston Why do you offer services agreements to your HVAC customers? Extra revenue, but more importantly, to build longterm, loyal relationships with your homeowners. The service agreement guarantees at least two planned opportunities to check in, engage in conversation, get to know your customer and proactively anticipate any of their needs. These client engagement opportunities can increase your average sale per home, giving you a revenue stream that is free from seasonal influences. However, one of the most overlooked or under-valued benefits of the service agreement is the trust you are able to build with that homeowner. Face-to-face meetings make you a more known and trusted resource, builds your brand in the community, and increases the likelihood of referrals from that customer.

Building Trust and Relationship with Prospects with Content Marketing What if there was a way to build trust with your customer or potential customers without ever stepping foot 20

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

in their homes? By incorporating a content strategy into your company’s marketing program, you create the opportunity to establish your business as an expert in the industry without being self-promotional. So what exactly is content marketing? The Content Marketing Institute defines this type of marketing as: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. The key piece of creating valuable content is to leave out any blatant self-promotion of your company, services or products. Nothing kills credibility more quickly than a blog post that disguises itself as information only to serve as a platform for the latest and greatest sale you are offering. It may sound counterproductive to your bottom line, however, when you “give” your knowledge away, you are actually nurturing a longterm relationship with your audience.

How to Start Your Content Marketing Program In today’s digital age, there are many platforms you can use to create and promote content. Identify your goals before initiating the campaign, making sure your content strategy supports your overall business objectives. Match those goals with the platform(s) that will be the best for the type of content you plan to publish: a blog as part of your website, images on Instagram, quick tips on Facebook or Twitter or helpful video tips on YouTube. Focus on what you already have produced before you start creating from scratch. Look at your customer brochures, questions, and testimonials — as well as all your collateral materials — for content you can use in a different way. Repurposing existing content, such as a blog post into a quick e-book or guide, is a huge time and sanity saver while still accomplishing your goal of producing valuable information. Consider all the questions and conversations you have on your service agreement visits. Easy posts to write are tips on seasonal maintenance, the benefits of a service agreement, how to select the right contractor for your needs and any other questions you have answered talking with customers. Use your staff to help you produce content. Empowering your staff by giving them the outlet to write about topics they are passionate about helps reduce the stress of the quantity of writing to be done and improves the overall quality of content being produced. Start enlisting those employees who are dedicated and happy about what they do. Chances

are, they will be more than willing to contribute. Setting a small incentive each month for the most read blog post can encourage employee participation and ensures people are focusing on producing great topics. If you are short on topic ideas, conduct your own Google search on industry-related topics, look at your competitors’ sites, browse through social media feeds to see what people are asking about, or call one of your more outspoken customers to get their input. An effective content program is an extension of what the company does, helps customers answer their service questions and HVAC needs. Just like with a service agreement, when you consistently provide valuable information, you are rewarded with their closely guarded dollars and long-term loyalty.

Colleen Weston will present an education session “Content Marketing 101” on Thursday, March 30, at 12:45 p.m. at the Annual Ohio Convention in Cleveland. For more info, visit www.ohioconvention-phccacco.org.

If this is what you see…

To learn more about our new Drive S.A.F.E. risk management resources, please contact your local marketing representative.

FOCUS. Poor driving decisions could keep you and your employees from making it home S.A.F.E. today.




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Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


Attracting Young People to Skilled Trades Designed to entice young people to the profession, the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association (PHCC) and PHCC Educational Foundation have released a new two-minute career video that communicates the advantages of choosing a p-h-c career. Viewers are steered to a special new career website (www.phccareers.com) that showcases a modern, exciting and technologically connected profession. Using a friendly tone and youthful illustrations, the twominute video communicates the staggering statistics about the need for skilled workers in the p-h-c industry, the attractive, low-cost options for education and training to prepare for such a career, and the satisfaction and benefits associated with work in the trades. “It creatively shows there’s a lot to like about this industry, including the ability to ‘earn while you learn’ and choose from many career paths that offer attractive salaries,” says PHCC President Patrick Wallner. PHCC Educational Foundation Chairperson Craig Lewis agrees, saying: “Those interested in learning and applying skills in areas like mechanical troubleshooting, project management,

design, customer service and much more can have a lucrative career in a high-tech field where you play a vital role in solving problems and offering solutions that ultimately protect public health and safety.” The video is part of a brand-new website – www. phccareers.com – that showcases a modern, exciting and technologically connected skilled trade. Geared for 16- to 24-year-olds, the responsive design site offers a host of training resources, including apprenticeship programs; direct links to PHCC chapters where visitors can learn more about training programs and careers in their local areas; and scholarship information, as well as videos and other materials showcasing the options and opportunities within the industry. Said PHCC President Patrick Wallner: “Not only is this site a valuable springboard to countless resources for anyone interested in a career in the trades, but it also will substantially support our members and chapters as they continue to work hard to attract and train the next generation of skilled workers to our profession.”


MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE Power, efficiency and performance included The Rheem Classic Plus Series Induced Draft Water Heater delivers built-in, not added-on, enhancements. Its small footprint, lightweight design and high- performance features make it your best choice for new construction and for fast replacement of existing 30-, 40- and 50-gallon models. Hands-down, it’s got everything to provide homeowners with more hot water, faster, and at a lower cost. Reliable solutions—all included to meet your customers’ needs—and yours. ®


• SMALL, YET POWERFUL—29-gallon unit with 61 GPH recovery rate outperforms standard 50-gallon models* by 34% • EFFICIENT, LOW-EMISSION DESIGN—Features up to 0.70 EF and eco-friendly, low-NOx burner • LASTING PERFORMANCE & PEACE-OF-MIND— Guardian System® & Sensor, the industry’s best FVIR system, featuring exclusive air/fuel shutoff and maintenance free design

RHEEM ® Classic Plus™ Series Induced Draft

• PERFECT FOR REPLACEMENT—17-3/4" diameter for a small footprint

*Atmospherically vented 50-gallon, 40k Btu/h gas water heater with 0.60 EF and 38.4 GPH recovery rate

Same Day Jobsite Delivery

City Counter Service Hours: 7:00 am – 4:30 pm, Mon. – Fri. 8:00 am – 12:00 noon, Sat.

6606 Granger Road • Independence, Ohio 44131 • (800) 522-2284 • (216) 447-0050 • www.welkermckee.com


Welker McKee Draft ad_012617.indd 1 OHIO PHC Induced CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

2/10/17 2:01 PM

Today’s Plumbing and HVAC Careers The demand for workers will surprise you.

Across the U.S., there is a steadily increasing need for plumbers and HVAC technicians. 21% increase



The projected shortage of workers in the plumbing-heating-cooling industry is staggering. By 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the industry will need approximately 138,200 new workers. From a broader perspective, over the next 10 years, 95 million Baby Boomers will retire from their jobs across all industry sectors, but only 40 million young workers will be available to replace them.

increase 400,000 300,000

Current Industry Workforce (2012)


Projected Workforce Needed by 2022 100,000 0

Plumbing Includes plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters

HVAC Includes heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers

Plumbing and HVAC Careers: The Facts Will Surprise You! High Salaries – Average technician salaries are more than $49,000 plus benefits. High Demand – More than 138,000 mechanics and installers will be needed by 2022. Opportunities for Women – Growth of women in the industry is on the rise.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Cutting-Edge Skill Sets – Today’s jobs are highly technical and require a variety of skills such as analyzing and problem solving. Multiple Career Advancement Paths – Career opportunities range from technicians to tech-savvy CAD and BIM operators to management.

Developed in partnership with PHCC Educational Foundation.

© Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors—National Association


| www.phccfoundation.org Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR


MEMBERSHIP MILESTONES PHCC Ohio and The Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio would like to recognize the following companies celebrating Membership Milestones in 2017.

Thank you for your membership and continued support over the years.



60 years

J. L. Kolp Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Miracle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

50 years

Lewin Plumbing, LLC

45 years

Ken Neyer Plumbing, Inc. William R. Becker Plumbing, Inc. Zernechel Plumbing & Heating Co.

35 years

Grabill Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Sam’l Beresford Plumbing Co.

30 years

C & D Mechanical, Inc. Roman Plumbing Co. Swan Plumbing, Heating & Electrical

25 years

Dupps Plumbing, Inc. G & R Plumbing, Inc. Kramer Plumbing Co. Ray Jacobs Plumbing Co. Reilly Plumbing Co. Whitt, Inc. dba Whitt Plumbing

ACCO 20 years

Hagan Heating & Plumbing Colonial Heating & Cooling Dieter Heating & A/C Slife Heating & Cooling, Inc.


20 years

Approved Plumbing Co. Beery Plumbing, Inc. H & S Plumbing, Inc

15 years

Calla Plumbing Co. Carr Electric, Heating & Cooling Ciro’s Sewer Cleaing, Inc. DiFranco Plumbing dba Adelmo Electric Niehaus Plumbing Kerlin Co.

1 year

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Curry & Sons Construction Co., LLC Schneller Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Ivey Mechanical Co. Ken Herbert Plumbing RK Plumbing & Air Conditioning, LLC The Waterworks Wize Plumbing Thomas & Galbraith Gem City Mechanical A. C. Plumbing

10 years

B & B Mechanical Services, Inc. Bemer Plumbing Co. G.W. Gill Plumbing & Heating Jim the Plumber, LLC J.R. Sbrocco Plumbing, Inc. Plum Perfect Plumbing Rambo-Westendorf Plumbing, Inc. Lott’s Plumbing & Heating Jerome Plumbing Inc.

5 years

McAtee LLC Plumbing & Excavating Neal Kahny Plumbing Rooter Drain Tech

15 years

American Heating & A/C Co. Reading Heating & A/C, Inc. Western Hills Heating & A/C Willis One Hour Heating & Air Air Authority Heating & A/C, Inc. Durbin Heating & Cooling

10 years

BTU Comfort Solutions, Inc. Alum Creek Heating & Cooling, LLC Accurate Mechanical, Inc. Kish Heating & Cooling Inc.

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

5 years

Scott Wagner Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Luxury Htg Co.

1 year

Beckley Plumbing-Heating-Air Conditioning Anderson Mechanical Ohio Heating & Refrigeration Enviro Control Systems, dba Lifestyle Comfort Solution



There are six local chapters affiliated with PHCC Ohio: Akron/Canton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Eastern Ohio, and Northeast Ohio. PHCC Ohio and our local chapters are affiliated with the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors National Association.

There are five local Air Conditioning Contractors Associations in Ohio: Akron/Canton, Cincinnati, Central Ohio, Cleveland, and Northeast Ohio.



Executive Secretary: Mary Williams 330-958-6302 akroncantonphcc@gmail.com Meetings are third Monday of each month/except December

Executive Director: Lynne Black 330-762-9951 director@accaohio.com

Central Ohio Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Lauber 614-679-6252 mikelauber@aol.com Meetings are first Wednesday of each month (Berwick Party House)

Cincinnati Master Plumbers Executive Director: Joyce Frank 513-742-2672 cmpa@cinci.rr.com Meetings are fourth Thursday each month / third Thursday in December

Dayton Executive Manager: Theresa Engler 937-298-2980 daytonphcc@aol.com Meetings are first Tuesday of each month (Milton Athletic Club)

Eastern Ohio Secretary: Greg Eisenhart, Sanford Plumbing 330-339-1539 plumber@spii.net Meeting Locations Vary

Central Ohio Executive Assistant: Chris Rausch 614-923-1057 chris@acca-centralohio.com Meetings are fourth Thursday of the month September through May / No meeting in Jan

Cincinnati Executive Director: Joyce Frank 513-651-1161 frank@accagc.org Meetings are second Wednesday of the month

Cleveland Chapter Manager: Mike Mennett 330-671-2191 accacleveland@gmail.com Meetings are second Thursday of the month

Northeast Ohio Chapter Manager: Tim Volpone 440-969-1141 neoims@neoims.com Meetings are the fourth Thursday of each month / third Thursday in November

Northeast Ohio Master Plumbers Chapter Executive: Rocco Fana, Jr. 216-586-5421 neomphcc@aol.com Meetings are second Tuesday of each month / except September

Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR




By joining the Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio, you will gain access to the most powerful, successful and influential business people in the industry to help you overcome problems and become more successful. Make sure you are involved with ACCO to best utilize your membership:

ADVOCACY ACCO monitors legislation, code changes and works with agencies that affect your livelihood. ACCO alerts lawmakers about how new laws and regulations will affect your business.


Avg. Per-Year Savings

Speedway Fuel Program Workers Comp Group Rating WorldPay Credit Card Processing License Bond Program Sutton Vehicle leasing Monthly Safety lessons

$650 $4,000 $600 $1,000 $5,500 $150


VISIT WWW.ACCOHIO.ORG ACCO/PHCC Ohio Convention March 29-31, 2017 ACCO is honored that you have continued to invest in our mission and your industry. Your investment also supports professional development for emerging contractors, consumer outreach, industry promotion, and much more. 26

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR



I hereby make application to become a member of Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio.

2017 State Membership only $230.00/year Please print the following information COMPANY NAME REPRESENTATIVE ADDRESS CITY COUNTY STATE/ZIP PHONE ( ) FAX ( ) CELL ( ) EMAIL WEBSITE Length of time in Business years Number of Technicians STATE ID# Types of Business: (mark all that apply) ___ Boilers ___ Evaporative Cooling ___ Plumbing/Piping Markets Served ___ Controls ___ Geothermal Systems ___ Radiant Htg. & Clg. ___ Residential ___ Duct Cleaning ___ Home Performance. ___ Refrigeration ___ Commercial ___ Electrical ___ HVAC ___ Sheet Metal ___ Service ___ Energy Mgmt. ___ Indoor Air Quality ___ Other (list below) ___ New Construction Other Signature of Owner**

Referred by (**By my signature, I agree to abide to the Bylaws of the Air Conditioning Contractors of Ohio.)

MEMBERSHIP INVESTMENT State Membership through December 31, 2017 Make check payable to: ACCO And remit to: 8226 Stoney Brook Dr. Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 Dues may be deductible as business expense Except for 5% used for legislative efforts on your behalf.

Credit Card Payment: (Circle One) Visa MC Discover AMEX Card # Exp. Date Zip Code Print name on card Address on card Signature

Amount $ CVV Code

Fax to 216-393-0095

For additional information call 1-800-353-ACCO (2226) 27

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR




By joining the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors of Ohio, you will gain access to the most powerful, successful and influential business people in the industry to help you overcome problems and become more successful. Make sure you are involved with PHCC to best utilize your membership:

ADVOCACY PHCC monitors legislation, code changes and works with agencies that affect your livelihood. PHCC alerts lawmakers about how new laws and regulations will affect your business.


Avg. Per-Year Savings

Speedway Fuel Program Workers Comp Group Rating WorldPay Credit Card Processing License Bond Program Sutton Vehicle leasing Monthly Safety lessons Legal Services

$650 $4,000 $600 $1,000 $5,500 $150 $4,200


ACCO/PHCC Ohio Convention March 29-31, 2017


PHCC is honored that you have continued to invest in our mission and your industry. Your investment also supports professional development for emerging contractors, consumer outreach, industry promotion, and much more. 28

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

Join Now! your benefits begin immediately and continue until December 31, 2017 (may be prorated monthly)


I hereby make application to become a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association. Through this membership, my company will benefit from local (where available), Ohio and National services and opportunities. Please print the following information COMPANY NAME REPRESENTATIVE ADDRESS CITY COUNTY STATE/ZIP PHONE ( ) FAX ( ) EMAIL WEBSITE Length of time in Business years Number of Technicians STATE ID# Types of Business: (mark all that apply) ___ Residential ___ Commercial ___ Service ___ New Construction ___ Plumbing ___ Hydronics ___ HVAC ___ Sprinkler ___ Backflow ___ Refrigeration ___ Other Referred by

Signature of Owner**

(**By my signature, I agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and the Bylaws of the Associations to which I am applying for membership.)

Membership through December 31, 2017 – based on your business location

  Akron Canton - $1186.00  Central Ohio - $972.00  Cincinnati (CMPA) - $1530.00  Dayton - $1267.00  Eastern Ohio - $1513.00 + $100 initiation fee  NorthEast Ohio - $1232.00  At-Large (only if not located in an area identified previously) - $872.00 Make check payable to: PHCC of Ohio

Credit Card Payment: (Circle One) AMEX Visa MC Discover

And remit to: 8226 Stoney Brook Dr. Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 Dues may be deductible as business expense Except for 5% used for legislative efforts on your behalf.

Card # Amount $ Print name on card Signature

Exp. Date Zip Code

Fax to 216-393-0095

For additional information, call 1-800-686-PHCC

Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR



Thank you for your support in 2016! Frank Alexander Steve Alexander Bruce Beckwith Paul Broerman George Brockman Barb Burg PHCC Akron/Canton PHCC Dayton PHCC Central Ohio Greg Eisenhart Paul Episcopo Al DiLauro Rob Fetz

Doug Fisher Joe Gertz Roger Gundlach Kris Guzik Jim Haberek Josh Hauser Jeff Heger Doug McIntire Gary Jackson Steve Jerome, Jr. Brian Nieman Northeast Ohio Master PHCC Dana Oakley

Ed Reid John Sbrocco Ron Schmitt Rick Seifert Brian Stack Bruce Stebbins Mark Swepston Rodger Sweitzer Tom Tanner Bobby Thompson Don Van Horn Dave Wolfe

YES, I will support the Contractors Coalition Ohio PAC… Name: _________________________ Amount: _______________ Company: _____________________ Phone: _________________ Address: ______________________________________________ City/State/Zip: __________________________________________ Occupation: ___________________________________________ Payment Method:  PERSONAL check enclosed  Charge my PERSONAL credit card CC Type:  Visa /  MasterCard /  Discover Card #: ________________________ Exp. Date: ______________ Name on Card: _________________ Security Code: __________ Signature: _____________________________________________ Please make checks payable to Contractors Coalition Ohio PAC 892 and mail to 8226 Stoney Brook Dr, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023

Ohio PAC 892 is your Political Action Committee. ACCO and PHCC Ohio members unite to support the best qualified, pro-business candidates at the state level. Changes in state law or regulations could be detrimental to your business and bottom line. Your contribution to the PAC is an investment in the future of our industry and one of the most affordable options for political involvement. 30

OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1


8226 Stoney Brook Drive Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 800-686-PHCC/ 800-353-ACCO Fax: 216-393-0095 www.phccohio.org / www.accohio.org




PRESIDENT Kris Guzik Energy Management Specialists 216-676-9045 / kris@energyman.com

PRESIDENT Brian Nieman Nieman Plumbing 513-851-5588 / brian@niemanplumbing.com

PRESIDENT-ELECT Josh Hauser Hauser Heating & Air Conditioning 513-777-7979 / joshhauser@hauserair.com VICE PRESIDENT Bobby Thompson Kish Heating & Cooling 440-392-0900 / bobbyt@kishheating.com

PRESIDENT- ELECT Dave Wolfe Wat-Kem Mechanical 937-573-3072 / dwolfe@watkem.com

TREASURER Brian Stack Stack Heating & Cooling 440-937-9134 / brian@stackheating.com

TREASURER Ron Schmitt Joe Schmitt & Sons Plumbing 937-836-3086 / schmitt.ronald@gmail.com

DIRECTORS Frank Alexander Aire-Flo Corp 614-267-5401 / weescot@aire-flo.com

DIRECTORS Zone 3, CMPA Jeff Heger NIXCO Plumbing, Inc. 513-398-5907 / jeff@nixcoplumbing.com

Mark Swepston Atlas Butler 614-294-8600 / MSwepston@AtlasButler.com Steve Alexander Aire-Flo Corp 614-267-5401 / steve@aire-flo.com Doug Fisher Integrity Comfort Systems 937-568-9464 / fisher@integritycomfortsystems.com

VICE PRESIDENT Rodger Sweitzer Baumann Plumbing 614-888-2411 / baumannplumbing@ameritech.net

Zone 6, PHCC Northeast Ohio Paul Episcopo VIP Plumbing 216-581-5730 / paul@vipplumbing.com Zone 7, PHCC Akron/Canton Rick Seifert D & A Plumbing & Heating 330-499-8733 / ricks@crowngrouphio.com

Barb Burg Anderson Automatic Heating & Cooling 513- 574-0005 / bab@andersonautomatic.com

Past Presidents Advisory Committee Greg Eisenhart Sanford Plumbing & Supply 330-386-5191 / plumber@spii.net

Don Van Horn BTU Comfort Solutions 440-398-9415 / dvanhorn1@btucomfortsolutions.com

Rob Fetz Fetz Plumbing-Heating & A/C 937-652-1136 / rfetz@ctcn.net

Paul Broerman Choice Comfort Services 937-974-1030 / paul@choicecomfort.com

Jim Haberek Haberek Plumbing & Heating 216-433-7774 / office@haberek.com

Tom Tanner Tanner Heating & A/C 937-299-2500 / ttanner@tannerhvac.com Bruce Beckwith Beckwith Heating & Cooling 330-923-1333 / bruce@beckwithheatcool.com

ACCO/PHCC OHIO MANAGEMENT TEAM Rocco Fana, Jr., Executive Director Debbie Tittl, Executive Assistant Mary Williams, Executive Assistant

Volume 2017, Issue 1 • OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR



OHIO PHC CONTRACTOR • Volume 2017, Issue 1

Profile for PHCC-WI

Ohio PHCC 2017  

Ohio PHCC 2017  

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