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The third largest city in Serbia, the biggest one in Central Serbia Economic, administrative, health, educational and cultural center of South-eastern Serbia Nis surroundings – from peace to adrenalin Numerous festivals, cultural and sport events Abundant cultural and historic heritage


Population: City of Niš – 260.237 (2011 census) Nišava District - 393. 357 (2011 census) It covers an area of 597 km2.

Rich in water resources such as thermal waters, mineral waters, and especially spas. Niška Banja (Spa of Niš)

Pleasant and popular destination for summer holidays, sightseeing, medical therapies and rehabilitation even in the Roman times. It has healing water springs, pleasant climate and excellent medical treatments.


• FLAVIUS VALERIUS CONSTANTINUS, later great Roman Emperor, the protector of Christianity, a great warrior and statesman, was born in Niš • Constantine the Great signed the Edict of Milan in 313 and made Christianity equal to other religions in the Roman Empire • The intention of the City authorities is to celebrate 1700 years since the proclamation of Christianity as a religion in 2013, together with City of Milano (ITA), City of Trier (GER) and City of York (GBR) and revive the first Christian Emperor, Constantine the Great 5

Economist Intelligence Unit: "Serbia is forecast to make the largest improvement in the business environment in the region of Eastern Europe between 2009 and 2013. Out of 16 countries included in the research, Serbia will be leading the region in terms of business reforms by a wide margin".

PricewaterhouseCoopers ranked Serbia as the 3rd most attractive manufacturing and 7th most attractive services FDI destination among emerging economies.

Ernst & Young recorded nearly 150 inward investment projects in Serbia in 2007, 2008 and 2009 - the 2nd best performance in the South-East Europe.

City of Nis became „Business Friendly Municipality“ and the best ranked local – selfgovernment according to National Alliance for Local Economic Development in 2011

City of Nis implemented the local regulations reform „GUILLOTINE OF REGULATIONS“) with International Corporation in 2010

(named Finance


Attractive free trade agreements, subsidies and taxes

Serbia is a member of CEFTA – a free trade area in SouthEast Europe with 25 million people

This region is among the fastest growing in Europe 7.5 million people The second largest market in the region Free Trade Agreement with 320 million consumers in total

Duty-free export to:


Attractive free trade agreements, subsidies and taxes

Competitive taxes:

VAT Standard rate – 20 % , Lower rate – 8 % Corporate Profit Tax – Uniform rate - 15 % Withholding Tax - 20 % (for dividends, shares in profit, royalties, interest income, capital gains, lease payments for real estate and other assets) Personal Income Tax – Salaries -12 %, other income – 20 % Annual Income Tax - 10/15 % (for annual income below or above 8 average annual salaries) Social Insurance Contribution – pension and disability insurance - 11 % Health insurance- 6.15%, Unemployment insurance - 0,75 % Property Tax – Progressive rates ranging between 0,4% to8 3 %, plus a fixed amount

Incentives from local self-government: ( • Reduced land price due to emloyment generation • Reduced land development fee due to emloyment generation Incentives in manufacturing activities per new job created : ( • from €4,000 up to €10,000 • minimum investment € 1.000.000 • minimum number of new jobs created 50 The National Employment Service Grants (


Logistics, excellent market accessibility, Corridors X and VII and International Airport Constantine the Great

As a logistics base Serbia and Nis are the perfect place to: Efficiently serve its EU, SEE or Middle Eastern customers. It borders the EU, offering a possibility of production outside the European Union. Provide services and transport goods in projected and flexible time frames. The main transport axis, highway and railroad, comes from the direction of Belgrade to Niš where it branches towards the south leading to Thessaloniki and Athens (E - 75) and towards the east to Sofa, Istanbul and further towards the Middle East (E-80). Air traffic is carried out through the airport Constantine the Great, the second passenger and 10 cargo airport in Serbia.

University, secondary school network, industrial tradition and competitive labor costs

Based on educational system generating well-educated, fast learning, multilingual and IT literate people Technical education is particularly strong University of Nis – in fugures:

• Thirteen faculties at the University of Niš, • founded in 1965 • 55869 students have graduated from our faculties • 2504 postgraduates acquired their master degrees and 1437 candidates defended their PhD theses • In the academic 2010/2011 year, the University of Niš numbers 27088 students at all levels Industrial tradition – former Yugoslav Industrial center (electronics and mechanical engineering industry, textile, 11 construction, tobacco)

Industrial Development Policy of the Republic of Serbia defines City of Niš as Serbian Center of Electronics, ICT and Mechanical engineering. University of Niš with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electronics provide excellent tecnical experts and the developed network of secondary schoolls produces qualified labor. Secondary school network: • • • • • • • • • • •

4 grammar schools, 2 art schools, school of law and administration, school of tourism and catering, medical school, chemical school, food production school, construction and architecture school, 5 technical schools (electronics, ICT and mechanical engineering), school of economics, school of commerce. 12






• Phillip Moris International, Tobacco Industry, USA • YURA Corporation, Automotive Industry, South Korea • SHINWON – YURA Eltech, Automotive Industry, South Korea • DYTECH Dynamic Fluid Technologies, Automotive Industry, Italy • BENETTON Group, Textile industry, Italy • METRO CASH & CARRY, Trade, Germany • LMB Soft, Electronics / Medical, • Germany • HARDER DIGITAL, Electronics/Optical, Germany

• Batiquoque, Mechanical Engineering, Construction, France

• KOPEX MIN, Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Poland • VOSSLOH COGIFER, Mechanical Engineering, France • HAJ ARARAT / Kozmetik plus, Food processing, Bulgaria • ERGO MADE, Furniture, Denmark • PCB Factory, Electronics, France • ENGEL, Electronics, Spain • MESSER TECHNOGAS, Industrial Gas, Germany • SEAVUS, IT, Sweden/Macedonia • ARCADIA, IT, USA • TROXO, IT, Sweden • IDEA, Trade, Croatia • JYSK, Trade, Denmark • INTEREX, Trade, France/Bosnia • MERCATOR, Trade, Slovenia • OMV, Trade/Petrol station, Austria • LUKOIL, Trade/Petrol station, Russia • MOL, Trade/Petrol station, Hungary • NIS Petrol, Trade/Petrol station, Russia

City of Nis Infrastructure Projects with potential for International funding: • City of Nis WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant) (Prepared Feasibility Study, and Location determined)

• City of Nis Regional Solid Waste Management Project (Prepared Feasibility Study, and Location determined)

• Former Electronic Industry - Brownfield Industrial Park (520.000 m2 of land and 200.000 m2 of buildings with 50% public ownership) (Prepared Feasibility Study, and Location determined)

• City of Nis Railway By-Pass Development (Prepared Feasibility Study, and Location determined - Implementation started)

• City of Nis Airport Development Project (Passenger Terminal and Traffic) (Prepared Feasibility Study, and Location determined)

• City of Nis – Intermodal Logistic Centre Free Zone South (Ffeasibility Study in progress) 20

FREE TRADE ZONE SOUTH – IZ DONJE MEDJUROVO NIŠ Location The property is located at the southern exit of the City of Niš which provides accessibility to all kinds of vehicles. The city airport is near; the railway is passing through the zone and Coridor X is 2 km away. The size is approx. 274 ha and it is divided into smaller lots. It is intended for light industry, logistics and respective services. Development Free zone has been established in May 2012 Current tenants - greenfield investments: YURA Corporation, South Korea, over 1500 jobs DYTECH, Italy, 403 jobs, SHINWON - YURA ELTECH, South Korea, over 300 jobs, LMB SOFT, Germany, 100 jobs Infrastructure The location is connected to the waste water network, water supply network, gas, optical network and internal roads.


INDUSTRIAL ZONE EAST– NIŠIndustrial Zone East consists of the Greenfield which amounts up to 20 ha and the Brownfield within the former Electronic Industry which covers 53.7ha

IZ East, P=73,7 ha According to the General Urban Plan it is intended for industry, storages and services.


INDUSTRIAL ZONE EAST –Brownfield, TECHNOLOGY PARK AND INCUBATOR NIŠ General Information Technology Park and Incubator Nis is an attempt of recovering a brownfield industrial area of former Electronic Industry Nis. According to these potentials, the strategic development envisages Technology Park and Incubator TEHNIS Niš being developed in a form of a park and an incubator within the industrial zones and technology parks of a national importance. Size of the Industrial zone: 77,4 ha Area for new Greenfield investments: 20 ha Area for new Brownfield investments: 101.000 m2 Infrastructure The location is connected to the waste water network, water supply network, gas, optical network and internal roads.


INDUSTRIAL ZONE EAST –Greenfield, Centar za vinogradarstvo

Ownership: City of Niš Total area: ≈30 ha (≈ 20 ha – construction land (yellow); ≈ 10ha agricultural land) Purpose according to the new general plan: business and trade complex, industry and agricultural land (red) 24 Infrastructure: electricity, gas, water, sewerage

INDUSTRIAL ZONE NORTH NIŠ, P=650 ha Location North Niš Industrial Zone is located in the northeastern part of the City. Within the very Industrial Zone there is a traffic crossroad, a freeway intersecting the railway Belgrade-NišSofa-Istanbul and Belgrade-Niš-ThessalonikiAthens. Its southern side borders with the City of Niš International Airport Constantine the Great.

Development The development of the Industrial Zone, covering more than 200 ha out of which the majority is private property, started in the ‘90s, but it was not until lately that the investors started coming.

Infrastructure The infrastructure is available in the bordering parcels and in some parts there is also a secondary network including access roads, water supply and sewerage system, electricity, gas and telecommunication networks.



IZ West, P = 248,4 Owned by the City: 15 ha According to the General Urban Plan it is intended for industry, storages and services.


INDUSTRIAL ZONE WEST , Ivana Milutinovića, NIŠ IZ Ivana Milutinovića, P = 13,93 ha ili 15 ha According to the General Urban Plan it is intended for industry, storages and services.


Incentives Attractive subsidies, taxes and free trade agreements

European Crossroads

Logistics, excellent market accessibility, Corridors X and VII and International Airport Constantine the Great

Human Resources

University, secondary school network, industrial tradition available and competitive labor costs

Quality of Life The third largest city in Serbia, the biggest one in Central Serbia.

Streamlined Investment Procedures and Supportive Local Government Investment Opportunities 28

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