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Note from the Publisher We made it. After what seemed like an eternity of the summer heat of the Florida sun and we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Welcome back fall! Fall brings us a new energy and all new colors in fashion, along with the mystique thrill of dressing up and going out during the harvest moon….looking over our shoulder for those creatures we grew up hearing about and still longing to see! This issue we are incorporating elements of the bewitching season, not quite like what we have done in past issues. We want to thank everyone involved from the makeup artists and photographers, for adding their own aspect of what they view as beautiful. I am so excited to share with you our unique take on beauty and hope you will appreciate it as much as I do. And speaking of beauty, check out our new “Wear This, Not That” for many styling fashion features! I want to thank all of our readers for their support and feedback - I love hearing your comments, questions and suggestions, feel free to drop me a line at or follow us on our Facebook page,

Patti Wooten Thompson Patti Wooten-Thompson Publisher/Editor-in-Chief

“The novelties of one generation are only the resuscitated fashions of the generation before last.” George Bernard Shaw

About the Cover Pamela Roehm I was born on the West Coast and raised in the Midwest. I had such a spirit for traveling I did so upon first opportunity, even living in Hawaii for a couple of years. Although there are still a couple of places I have not yet had the opportunity to see, one being Venice and hope to make it there soon. I have always been fascinated with art and architecture of past centuries. It is amazing what they were able to accomplish that is still unsurpassed in today's world. I am first and foremost a mom of two extremely smart and gifted twin sons. Everyday I am more impressed at how amazing they truly are as they have already surpassed my abilities in so many ways. By nature, I am a creative person and artist. My goals have been and remain to be the best example I can be to my sons through respect, love, and understanding. To be passionate about my work, believe in my dreams, to treat others as I would like to be treated, and to survive through 'the curve balls' life throws us. Waste not, love unselfishly, to be giving to others, and let them know it's not what you have, but what you do with what you have that is important. They are becoming strong, confident, and individual thinkers and I could not be prouder. Everything else is 'frosting on the cake' in life and a trip to Italy would be nice! Also being the dreamer that I am, I would love to be included in the record books for my God-given artistic talents. Not sure if I have a favorite food, more like a group of favorites being the 'power foods'. All of the healthy natural foods are 'winners' at our house. I believe so much is possible through perseverance and the willingness to put time into it. If you forget about what should be constraints in life and dare to live your dreams, anything is possible! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have endured so much, survived so well, and been blessed so dearly. FAVORITE QUOTES: "Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential." Winston Churchill "Become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid" Lady Bird Johnston. "The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything - they just make the most of everything that comes their way." Anonymous

Photography by Ron Guerin

FASHION WEEK 2011 St. Petersburg/Tampa - Florida

DESIGNERS Francisco Azucar, Cey Yarbrough, APM Images Troy Anthony, Dolly Donshey Elizabeth Carson Racker, Only Jackies, INZ Wea, Two Coconuts Swimwear,Sonia FabianiAudrey “Pat” McGhee, Dali Hernandez, Essence Flowers, Kimberly Hendrix, Rhonda Shear, Terri Funaro, and Triniece Cagua Photography by Ron Guerin

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The Mystical Powers of

Bali By MJ Castro

The Balinese culture is one of the most beautiful and deepest involvements I have yet to experience while traveling the world. The people who live in Indonesia were able to shed a great ray of light on my perceptions like the sun’s rays that filter through the tree-lined beaches. These incredible people with their rich and developed culture enabled me to use my eyes to see past the cloud of my previous perception and see with my heart. The beauty that I am surrounded by takes my breath away. This feeling of happiness is truly one of the most epic experiences I have ever known, and I am left spellbound. To be in awe of a country and civilization that is so to their core based upon good intent makes even the faintest of heart want to be better. The Balinese people are very warm, welcoming and polite towards foreigners and each other. They treat each other with a kindness that you can’t help but notice. On the beach with sand in my toes and salt on my skin, the sun is setting behind a wall of purple-grey clouds with salmon pink distinction. From where I was sitting, there was a tree that had lights wrapped around the base all the way up to the extended branches which has set the frame of this enchanted experience. The waves are barreling and breaking left crashing on the shore. Next to me sits a man with an infectious smile and eyes that sparkle even in the pale moonlight. This man who sat next to me unbeknownst to me was a member of the Balinese royal family and his name is Anak Agung Gede Oka Panji. He is beautiful, and he goes by Agung. We sat and talked for hours only knowing each other for less than 24 hours. He tells me of his beautiful wife, their beautiful children and how his country and his people have become under seize with the recent influx of Western travelers and how this phenomenon has impacted his way of life and his culture as he knows it. Known as the center of the universe, the island of Bali has been a much sought after tourist destination with more flights, and lower fares are enabling the less sophisticated traveler access to one of the most incredible destinations in the world. Flying into Denespar Indonesia to the rest of the world who look upon Bali as an inexpensive destination relatively close to the boundaries of their homeland are painting a very crass picture of what Bali is really all about to the rest of the world and to the sophisticated traveler. Currently, the best performing tourism destinations in the world are those with an unspoiled environment and an indigenous culture. The people of Indonesian with their warm smiles, warm like the sun soaked sand that burns your feet as you make your way back to your blanket from the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, are just pleasant. When you have an opportunity to sit back and mentally reflect what surrounds you and where you come from, this is heaven on earth. The way of life is simple, the food is incredible and the dollar per Indonesian Rupiah is enough to make anyone want to get on a plane and experience Bali the way that Bali should be experienced. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you are looking for an Ybor City or West Hollywood in California, then skip Bali altogether. Go to Mexico and

drink the water. But if you are more like me and crave the cultural surroundings of a new environment and a new exposure of mannerisms unknown, then Ubud is a place which houses timeless beauty, endless art and an over-abundance of the Balinese Culture. Seminak has all the friendly markets, the places where you can get a deal on what you are looking to find, especially silver and handmade anything, and everywhere you go and every step you take you see the offerings to the Gods from the people who serve your tea to the people who sell you your jewelry and make your breakfast. It is here that people are so socially graceful and conscientious that you cannot help but bow your humble head to the beauty that is the Bali way of life. After the days that were spent roaming the streets on the back of a million motorbikes and in the backseats of the Light Blue cabs and Light Blue cabs only, I found myself back on the Indian Ocean sitting with Agung as the sun was soaking back into the sea. “We have to respect them too,” said Agung with a hint of a smile in his eyes and frustration in his voice. He puffed on his clove cigarette, the glimpse of the Royal tattoos that line his legs peaking out from his sarong. The sun was exploding behind the clouds, and I am convinced that it is nothing short of magic. The Crystal Palace, which is Agung’s beachside restaurant compiled of white-washed wood and a second floor open-air atrium nestled into the sand of the Indian Ocean, and it is the epitome of serenity. The palm trees sway with the gentle winds and the local children kick a soccer ball on the hard surface of the sand. With a sweeping motion of his arm and his eyes cast out to the horizon, he explains to me his frustrations that he has watched and how the evolution of tourism has affected his culture. “They come here, they drink, they smoke, and they treat my land with no respect....and my people…” his voice trails off – then almost as if on cue, we were interrupted by the sounds of a motorbike on the beach. “I…umm…I didn’t know that bikes were allowed on the beach,” I said to him, my eyes questioning what my words did not say. “They are not,” he says with a look in his eye that this was not the first time, not just this beach incident but the disrespect. “You have to remember,” he says with another drag of his clove and a shake of his thick black hair, “the Balinese people are too kind to correct these visitors. They have an open mind with each other and the people who visit their sacred beaches, and we have to respect them too,” he says again. To protect and preserve this land, their culture and the common wealth of man, a few simple rules can be applied: If you see a shrine, step over them; save your thong bikini for when you are in Rio; wear a sarong when you go into a temple – you wouldn't show up to a Jewish Shiva with a boom box; and just treat people the way you want to be treated. Plain and simple, to get respect you have to give respect, and if we the world travellers of the world continue on this path of white light and peaceful progression, then we can press our palms together, bow our heads and continue leading by example.

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The New Generation Gap We’ve all had “defining moments” in our lives according to the age group referred to as “our generation.” I’m a Baby Boomer so I’m in that allencompassing, confused group of people who have survived (in spite of ourselves) the 60’s and 70’s, just retired and started on Social Security this year—so it’s a huge “defining moment” for me because I’m not ready to be that old! I think that the generations behind us Baby Boomers are already getting their defining moments. Look at the laundry list of catastrophic disasters in the last ten years and what’s going on all over the world lately.

We all remember that awful day on 09/11 when terrorists brought down the twin towers, Hurricane Katrina, mega-earthquakes and tsunami’s, the devastation of the country of Japan, huge fires that can’t be extinguished, drought, flooding, the collapse of any sense of order or control over the budget in Washington, national debt and the possible collapse of Social Security and Medicare that may not be there when this bunch turns 65. I consider myself an observer of humanity as I go about my business, and I see new technology that I have no idea (or inclination) how to use. My 13-year-old granddaughter has never seen a typewriter or a phone that you dial. The first time we got a gas lawnmower instead of the manual pusher was technology to me, and when she got an electric hand mixer, my Grandmother thought she’d died and gone to heaven! We made our own clothes, made our own ice cream, and I spent countless hours picking vegetables in the garden and then standing on a stool while the women in my family canned, pickled and put anything edible into jars. My grandparents grew up without TV, cell phones, microwaves and farmed their land. We raised, killed and ate rabbits and chickens. My grandpa also made some moonshine, but that was a family secret. Grandpa’s generation was left scarred by WWII and the Great Depression and knew how to get by on very little. The family made sure we all attended church about 4-5 times a week to ask for help.

My contemporaries had the Viet Nam War, Kent State, and a sense of righteousness about our loud and angry protests. We made a jug of psilocybin mushroom tea and went to Woodstock—6 of us packed in a Volkswagen van covered with rubber “shower flowers” all over it. We embraced Jimi, Janice, Jim and the Rolling Stones and rocked on oblivious to financial security or retirement or anything beyond the moment we were in. While great things have been accomplished by my generation, I’d say we’re probably the last to see a way of life that was more stable compared to now. These new kids coming up are scary—they have no manners, they are mean to each other and everybody around them. They kill their parents. There are those that think the Columbine killings were cool and try to copy-cat and top the death toll numbers. Not a lofty goal— we never had security guards with guns at school. Kids can now change what they don’t like about themselves and live in an imaginary world on Face Book. They’ve got Droids, iPads, apps, phones that do everything but make a call. You can get a gadget now that you can read books on, and don’t get me started on texting. I worry about their video games—has anyone looked at them? The violence, death and destruction they watch for hours gives them a hollowed-out look, and when they put down the game, they can see the same things going on in the world right now. I don’t envy them, their place in line, because it’s only going to get uglier and harder for them. Our government is crumbling under its own weight and changes need to happen soon, like: Who is picking up the national debt? The kids coming up the ranks are going to have to deal with all this and world hunger, the instability of North Korea and continuous war in the Middle East, a dependence on fossil fuels and global warming that’s melting the polar icecap as we speak. Time to take your heads out of your techie toys and look around kids—you’ll have to learn how to live without electricity and cars, grocery stores and all those other comforts because if one follows the dire predictions of the Bible, which I was raised to do, I think that those times of tribulation are breathing down our necks, and I wouldn’t want to be a member of the upcoming generations for anything. By Sammie Taylor Bond

Halloween…Don’t be Afraid of Fashion by Venessa M. Baez

It’s time to fill our bowls with candy, fill our porches with cobwebs, and light our candelabras. You know Halloween is creeping up on us when you see the ominous décor and costumes lining the racks. But this is also a sad time of year. It is when unassuming shoppers fall victim to the generics of Halloween. Almost as if by the hypnotic stare of a vampire, you may be tempted to make a purchase. But all is not lost. If your Phassionable mind frame is clouded over by artificial fog, here’s a short do and don’t list to keep in mind when you venture out into the strange world of All Hallow’s Eve.

The Faux Pas

The Phassion Fix

The “Classic”

Wear under a black bolero-length jacket, paired with a thick belt at the waist to cinch it in. In addition to covering up the shapelessness, layering will add style to this plain shirt. Goes great paired with skinny jeans and ankle-boots for a fall look.

Oversized Jack-o-Lantern Shirt

Black Cat Earrings Flying Witch Earrings Any Novelty Earrings in General Black from head to Toe (Eyes and nails included)

Men’s Pumpkin Ties

Those chunky pieces of bright colored plastic not only draw attention away from the rest of your outfit, they probably don’t add much to it either. An alternative is to wear asymmetrical earrings (star on one side, moon on the other?). Some try to spooky it up during Halloween time by dressing from head to toe in black. Even if it’s just for one day, the gothic look can be cool if you have the right accessories to pull it off. Red and white accessories will pop the most while keeping to the dark style. Keep black eye-shadow on the rims of your lashes instead of your whole lid to lessen the harshness of the look. There isn’t much I can say about fixing these. Wear only to Halloween parties and only if given to you by your children.

Don’t wear Costumes to wear to Work If your workplace allows costumes on Halloween, make sure to get something comfortable, won’t get in the way or make it hard to move Something Skimpy around in, and is not offensive. There’s also the option of going through your own closet and throwing together a themed outfit out of Something Bulky things you already own.

It’s time to take a stand against the clichés of Halloween, the over-used and the overly-seen. Always use your senses when it comes to costuming yourself in your gear for the week of Halloween. Following a Phassion tip a day keeps the fashion police away! www.wix.cdom/enchantlee/homepage

WEAR THIS, NOT THAT By Kelly L. Machbitz

Research has shown that color attracts the eye first. It is the first thing others notice about you and probably what they’ll remember. For example, you may not remember the name of the person sitting next to you at the party you attended last weekend, but you will remember the scarlet red dress she was wearing, or the lime green jacket he was wearing. Not only is the color you’re wearing noticed, your appearance, for better or worse, is affected by the colors you wear. Color affects mood, apparent body shape, apparent age, your outlook on life, and the overall impression you make on others. Whether color is naturally occurring in nature, or is synthetically reproduced, it has a powerful influence that can be your best ally or your worst enemy. Color does two things for every human everywhere. First, it elicits a psychological response from others. Second, it either physically enhances or diminishes your physical characteristics. Learning to consistently select the best colors for wardrobe and makeup will be one of the greatest investments. Once you understand and use the magic of color, you will be able to harness its power to look better, feel healthier and energize yourself and the people you meet. Colors exist in both warm and cool shades that is the physical reality of color. Cherry red for example is cool; tomato red is warm. Nevertheless, sitting in a room in ANY shade of red, warm or cool, will psychologically induce a feeling of physical warmth and excitement; and conversely, any blue room would induce a feeling of coolness and calmness. That is the psychological reality of color!


HAUTE…an Exquisite Evening of Style and Fashion  September is fashion month in the bay area with a long list of shows included in the Tampa Bay Fashion Week and Saint Petersburg Fashion Week lineup. Held at the classy Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in downtown Tampa, Haute kicked off the start of the month with a twist on the traditional. It highlighted accessory designers and their work, as they are often not given enough attention to in shows that primarily display clothing. Featured designers of the fashion show included were Accessoreez by Leslie Belcher, Art to Wear by Lea Veronica, Boldly Unique by Christine Colbourne, Diva’s Joy Hats by Neva Durham, Dana Judge, ES Protégé by Erica Stegall, Linda Evans, and Milazzo Style by Nicole Milazzo. With style requests from the accessory designers, the model’s dresses were created on the spot with drapings by Milazzo Style and Troy Anthony. The simple yet stylishly sleek draped-and- pinned dresses were elegantly used as a backdrop for the accessories that were to be shown on both the walking and posing models. The looks were finished with hair and makeup done by Paul Mitchell of Tampa. The doors opened at 7 to the guests, and cake samples were provided by Sweet Dream Desserts, as well as beverages by Presidente, Zyr Vodka and PRP Wines International. In addition, art on display for sale was by Image Creations of Florida. Music from Marlon Boone and Personal Touch Productions lit up the night from the start. The show began soon after an introduction and a few raffles announced by the emcees Rod Carter of News Channel 8 and Mayra Gomez of The catwalk wound itself around the geometrically shaped interior of the museum, giving a detailed view for everyone in attendance. Besides each designer having a turn with their set being shown, tables were set up around the perimeter of the venue for purchases of their work. Money raised from the tickets and sales went to the Gideon House, a program that helps at risk youth, young adults, and families. Their programs include everything from mentoring to empowering communities. This exquisite evening was created by Lacey Smith of The Fashion Movement and its affiliates. by Venessa M. Baez (Writer and Model) Photographs by Love That Jazz Photography

After Summer Hair Repair Can you believe summer is over already? The kids are back in school, and the monthly routines begin again. Has the summer left you with about 4 inches of dry, damaged hair ends? Has your color oxidized to the point where it blends in with your skin tone? Don't feel bad, summer does a number on all of us. The hair is as dry as straw, no movement, no shine, and no life. Four months of sun, surf, salt, humidity and chlorine – not to mention skipping hair care and monthly cuts for 3 or four months. What can you do if your hair is dry and brittle? There are lots of things to do to get your hair back into shape. The first step is to schedule a professional deep conditioning treatment. Go with either an economical at-sink conditioning service which begins around $15 and up or the top of the line professional deep conditioning treatment that begins at the sink, but a second stage is to sit under a steaming machine and allow moist heat to deliver the conditioning agents deep into the hair shaft. After 15 minutes under moist heat, the hair shows a remarkable improvement. If your hair has lost color from the salt, chlorine and the rays of the sun, a quick fix is to have a semipermanent all-over coloring done which will add back the "faded" color that you lost without damaging the ends of your hair further. If you choose to take this on yourself, just make sure the product you choose says "semi-permanent" or "semi-permanent" on the box. If you are covering blonde hair, you should go to a professional because blonde hair can easily turn green if the wrong shade of color is used. How many of us will pay $400 for a designer pocketbook and not blink an eye? If you drink designer coffees, your weekly expense is probably $21 or more. If you schedule your hair care appointments every six weeks, the cost of a professional style done by an experienced hair stylist in a great salon costs about $15 to $25 a week, including tips. Why should you walk around looking like a washed out shaggy dog between hair salon visits? Make your next appointment before you leave the salon and you will avoid the shaggy dog stage in your personal look. If you have neglected your hair all summer and you don't even know where to start, look for a Salon Package that includes a conditioning treatment, color, cut and blow dry. You always get the best value in packages because there is always a discount or added service that you can take advantage of.


TURKEY 1 (12 pound) whole turkey, neck and giblets removed 1/2 cup butter, cubed 2 apples, cored and halved 1 tablespoon garlic powder Salt and pepper to taste 2/3 (750 milliliter) bottle champagne Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Rinse turkey, and pat dry. Gently loosen turkey breast skin, and insert pieces of butter between the skin and breast. Place apples inside the turkey's cavity. Sprinkle with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Place turkey in a roasting bag, and pour champagne over the inside and outside of the bird. Close bag, and place turkey in a roasting pan. Bake turkey 3 to 3 1/2 hours in the preheated oven, or until the internal temperature is 180 degrees F (85 degrees C) when measured in the meatiest part of the thigh. Remove turkey from bag, and let stand for at least 20 minutes before carving.

DRESSING 1 (7.5 ounce) package dry cornbread mix 1 cup butter 2 onions, chopped 1 green bell pepper, chopped 6 stalks celery, chopped 1 pound pork sausage 16 slices white bread 2 teaspoons dried sage 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon poultry seasoning 1 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley 2 eggs 4 cups chicken stock Prepare corn bread as directed on package. Cool, and crumble. Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook onions, bell pepper, and celery in butter until tender, but not brown. In another pan, cook sausage over medium-high heat until evenly browned. Place corn bread and bread slices in a food processor. Pulse until they turn into a crumbly mixture. Transfer mixture to a large bowl. Season with sage, thyme, poultry seasoning, salt, and pepper. Mix in chopped parsley, cooked vegetables, and sausage with drippings. Stir in eggs and chicken stock. This mixture should be a bit mushy. Transfer to a greased 9x13 inch pan. Bake at 325 degrees F (165 degrees C) for 1 hour.

For those who just want to get away for Thanksgiving, these are our top picks! Aruba - Granted, there’s not much of a connection between Thanksgiving and this Dutch-owned Caribbean isle, but it’s certain that giving thanks for all of life’s little pleasures is made infinitely more effortless when kicking back on the turquoise shores of tropical paradise. Boasting glorious weather nearly year round (Aruba is, for the most part, safely situated south of the tropical-storm belt), basking on the powdery white sand beaches needn’t be interrupted, unless, of course the activities of this tiny 20-mile-long island should lure you away. Water sports abound, as do opportunities to explore surreal desert island landscapes where cacti and iguanas compose an exotic landscape – head out on foot, jeep, or by ATV. All-inclusive luxury resorts line the shores, diverse culinary fare is served up in numerous restaurants, and superb shopping opportunities abound. Casinos, bars, clubs, and assorted evening extravaganzas animate the night, while glorious sunrises give an incentive to party until dawn in one of the top Thanksgiving vacation destinations. Los Cabos, Mexico - Whether it be fishing, golfing, a spa retreat, or lazy beach-bumming days, a Thanksgiving getaway to Los Cabos sure beats the usual family banter around the dining table. Located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Los Cabos is composed of two very different towns: Cabo San Lucas, described by some as a glorified Los Angeles-style resort, and San José del Cabo, a traditional Mexican village. Whichever you fancy, both come complete with haute-style resorts and spas, world-class dining, and plenty of golden beaches. Fishing and golf are also major draws here, and an array of championship courses will easily tempt you away from watching afternoon football. Plus, you’ll be able to forego the usual game-watching diet of beer and chips and treat yourself to margaritas and tacos instead – an indulgence for sure at one of our top picks for Thanksgiving vacation destinations. Vail, Colorado - The Vail ski season officially kicks off in midNovember, and ski bums the world over are hoping for another year of spectacular snow conditions. This means snow bunnies can head West for the holiday and hit the slopes to work off those extra Turkey Day carbs. With 5,289 acres of terrain available, including superb back bowls, you’ll have plenty of wide stretches and untouched trails to schuss on. Besides the exciting mountain possibilities at one of the top Thanksgiving vacation destinations, the picturesque snow-covered town also offers notable restaurants, lodgings, and fashionable boutiques to charm you as well. One of America’s favorite winter retreats doesn’t come cheap mind you, but you can capitalize on season-starter lift packages that will save you a few bucks to use towards your holiday shopping.

New York City - For the biggest Thanksgiving event in the country, head to New York City for its annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. At 9am each Turkey Day, over 10,000 Macy employees and volunteers meet at 77th and Central Park West to begin their march, which will head down a route on 6th and 7th Avenues this year. It’s a fantastical procession filled with colorful floats, marching bands, and at least a dozen giant helium balloons (for a sneak peak, the public can view them being inflated on the Upper West Side the evening before the parade) – to the delight of the some 3 million spectators that come out to watch from the sidelines. If you’re at home basting the turkey instead, stay tuned to the spectacle on television; This is one American pageant – and one of the most quintessential Thanksgiving vacation destinations – that’s bound to please.

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