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ABOUT US When you think of fun, fierce and fabulous, PHASSION MAGAZINE is changing the world by revamping the platform of traditional publication as we know it. With concepts so inventive and stylish this virtual door will alter the enterprise and shake even the most elite to their core. This endeavor will be fast on the heels of the fashion world bringing the bright and deliberate colors from Milan to the laptops across the world. With excitement and enthusiasm PHASSION MAGAZINE is revitalizing the conception of beauty and its styles so sweet housing within its pages the most posh retailers, the most creative designers and the latest health trends, literally a true handbook for the world’s fusionists. PHASSION MAGAZINE is designed to show fashion as a lifestyle in not only clothing, but in the way you think and the way you live. Fashion is a lifestyle! PHASSION MAGAZINE will deliver the latest information on fashion, beauty, health, dining, travel, arts and entertainment around the globe. BEAUTY section will offer ideas, tips and advice on the latest in beauty, hairstyles, hair care, skin care, makeup and more. FASHION pages celebrate and support fashion in all aspects bringing to your home the world’s current fashion and designs, do’s and don’ts – what’s hot and what’s not in clothing and accessories! ARTS covers news on theatre, arts and museums, markets, theatres, restaurants, night life in the Tampa Bay area and around the world! HEALTH focuses on your well-being. This section will bring you important articles and news on nutrition and exercise as a guide to a healthy lifestyle! TRAVEL will show you the most beautiful vacation spots in the world and bring you great specials from various travel agents. DINING experiences around the world or in the privacy of your own kitchen! ENTERTAINMENT around Tampa Bay and surrounding areas and throughout the world will be brought to you first.

Patti Thompson, CEO/Publisher Editor in Chief Lisa McAllister Copy Editor

THE MEANING OF VALENTINE’S DAY  Saint Valentine's Day (commonly shortened to Valentine's Day) is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between intimate companions. The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD. It was deleted from the Roman calendar of saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI, but its religious observance is still permitted. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines"). The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. Modern Valentine's Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have largely given way to mass-produced greeting cards.


OUR COVER Oksana Boss Oksana is originally from Ukraine. She moved to the United States to pursue a modeling career. I think that life is too short that is why I don’t waste my life at the front of the television. We are here to love and give - that is why I am vegan and use every single opportunity to help animals. I love to learn different cultures. Her favorite sport is rowing. Favorite Foods: Any and all vegetables, salads and fruit. Guilty Pleasures: Soda. Role Model: Her mother. Favorite Quotes: If you want to be somebody really special, simply be yourself! Favorite Movies: She would rather spend time with friends and loved ones or take a walk on the beach.

Stan Bryant Stan is originally from Russia. He moved to United States 8 years ago. He is a semi-professional basketball player. Stan has many passions – working out, modeling, going to the beach, watching movies, listening to music and spending time with friends. Favorite foods: Mashed potatoes or anything unhealthy :) Stan loves American food, especially Hamburgers and French fries – he will just run an extra 6 miles afterwards. Guilty Pleasures: Dr. Pepper and Pringles. Role Model: Best fighter on the planet Fedor Emelianenko. Favorite Quotes: ~ Winners never quit, quitters never win. ~ The reverse side also has a reverse side. ~ You only live once but if you live right, once is enough. ~The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination. ~ You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try. Favorite movies: Fight Club, Scarface, Remember the Titans, Avatar, American History X, Gladiator, and Casino.

Accessoreez seek the unique Leslie Huston is the lead designer of accessoreez, a handcrafted line of contemporary art glass borosilicate jewelry. Her creative energies coalesce in the production of distinctive designs as elegant tropical hues synergistically merge with a high desert color palette of hot fired glass, fresh water pearls, turquoise, coral, hammered copper & silver, and other select materials. "We're passionate about our work and are constantly heartened by the ardent feedback we receive from our clients" states Leslie. "We adore the thoughtful note or the kind phone call because it truly validates the emergence of glass art as a significant design element in today’s fashion scene" adds Shelley. Within each creation, our commitment to distinction rings true by drawing inspiration from Nature’s majesty and transforming it’s bounty into each of our accessoreez “Art to Wear” originals!

Leslie Huston

Eric Brown Up-and-comers making a splash on social, philanthropic scenes of Tampa Bay Spend five minutes with Eric R. Brown and see where this social executive will land that evening in Tampa. Rave or rant, he is one of the first to spread the word of Tampa's latest triumph or challenge. He can't wait to tell you what and where he ate at a new restaurant, enjoyed at the theater, or overheard at the gym. He has a positive agenda to help promote the Tampa Bay Area to others on how artsy, philanthropic, entertaining, environmental green, and to be known for its charitable ways and being a safe / relaxed area to live. Eric R. Brown, 49 – Environmentalist and Marketing Specialist Sphere of influence: The man-about-town handles public relations for his clients with his startup company Ecore Management Group, established in January 2009. The Tampa Bay Business Journal named him an Up and Comer in its 40 under 50 category. You'll hear Brown promoting for Voices for Children, the fundraising arm of the Guardian Ad Litem program and many other charities throughout the Tampa Bay area. Eric focuses a lot on cancer research charities and education activities that give. In his words, “Children are our greatest asset, and we need to give our future leaders the opportunity to learn and grow as young men and ladies where they may not have had the financial resources to do so." Brown is a Cancer Survivor himself and speaks at forums openly about his past, present challenges with cancer to help promote health awareness, and cancer research that he says has saved his life. He is a big promoter for the Moffitt Center located on the campus of the University of South Florida in North Tampa. Brown states, “If it was not for the dedicated professionals of the Moffitt Cancer Center, I would not be here today.” Brown is a business executive for the Baltimore, MD, based Environmental Services Company, which is an environmental remediation / disaster management / recovery services contractor during the week. He has been very active in the environmental regulatory and clean up services sector over 29 years and has dedicated his entire career to better our environment. Make no mistake if you talk to his co-workers and clients, he gives it all during the week at his full time job; but on the weekends, he is out in full force working hard promoting charity events and making appearances at public social events where he is constantly promoting and helping others that are less fortunate.

On Sept. 12, we found Brown working his charm behind the scenes promoting the 8th annual charity event for MS, which was on his own birthday. Brown started the charity auction off by reaching in his own pocket and donating $650.00 for his favorite player of the Tampa Bay BUCs Ronde Barber’s autographed football. All the monies go to the MS Charity Foundation. The Environmental Regional Manager is part of many boards associated with helping our environment and donating his time and efforts to help support local education programs that benefit environmental science, such as the Florida Association for Water Quality Control ( or the Florida Brownfields Association ( You can usually catch Brown at some big charity events on the weekends in around Tampa or St. Petersburg or The West Shore / SoHo area, as well as established restaurants such as Flemings, Donatello, Seasons 52 and Ocean Prime. Social activities: He hates to miss a party and enjoys Tampa's social scene or fundraising efforts for local charities. So far, "people are getting creative in the way they do events this year and how they contribute," said Brown. "The big thing is staying persistent and keeping others focused on that we can make a difference." Brown is like the energizer bunny... his energy is very contagious, and when you’re around him, your energy and confidence builds along with his. He is larger than life at a party and is always working hard to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves by taking the time and speaking with each and everyone. Eric is fun and has a charismatic personality that loves life and loves Tampa. He is probably one of the biggest promoters of Tampa for both business and quality of life and feels there is no other place to live in Florida but on the gulf coast. Brown likes to boast about Tampa that “The weather is always incredible, and you can always do so many outdoor activities." Perspective: “One thing is for sure... the people in Tampa Bay are willing to give of themselves with big Hearts and from their pockets when asked to do so willingly," says Brown. To learn more about Eric Brown’s company pleased visit his web site at

Val St. Clair by Tiger Valentine ( 305)-776-9254

Val St. Clair by Tiger Valentine ( 305)-776-9254

Val St. Clair by Tiger Valentine ( 305)-776-9254

February is American Heart Month American heart month in February is the time when the health industry tries to raise and promote awareness of staying fit through exercise and good nutrition. The American Heart Association is the largest voluntary health organization working to prevent, treat and defeat heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. These diseases, the Nation's No.1 and No. 3 killers, claim more than 865,000 American lives a year. Signs of a heart attack: Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or that goes away and comes back. It can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain. Signs of a stroke: -











Sudden loss of responsiveness


No normal breathing



DONATE TODAY – HELP SAVE LIVES!;?campaignId=101&site=Heart&i temId=prod20008


Dalí Museum The





opened to the public on January 11, 2011. The museum is located at 1000 3rd Street South in St. Petersburg, Florida. It has more than doubled it’s size and is designed




Salvador Dali’s collection of art. The new museum is a work of art with glass panels and breathtaking dome with a spiral staircase ascending to the third floor. Among the many galleries, it also includes a café, theater and student gallery. The view alone through the





beautiful waterfront is art in itself. By Patti Thompson

Photo by Ron Guerin

Jennifer Lilya

Jennifer Lilya

Jennifer Lilya

Brandi Kamenar The night before Brandi Kamenar was to appear on a nationallysyndicated talk show, she stood in her closet and considered her options. Should she go with the elegant Ann Taylor dress with boots? Or the black St. John skirt with a stylish blouse from Black House White Market? Like anyone filled with anticipation about an upcoming event, the founder of Icon B. Marketing & Publicity Group wanted to find just the right combination to make her feel and look her best. The difference for Brandi? Her deep awareness of the importance of the non-verbal message her choice of attire would send the viewers. Brandi and her Giant Schnauzer, Bentley.2010 Photo by Michael Blitch

That message – your personal brand is every bit as important as your company’s brand – is the foundation upon which she has built the fastest-growing public relations firm in the Tampa Bay area over the course of three short years. The Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Book of Lists just named Icon B. as the 10th largest firm in the area, based on the number of employees. Her outfit, then, was no superficial exercise in vanity. This was a business decision. Her eyes fell on the BCBG power suit. Basic black, with a frilled tuxedo-cami, a bold necklace and a pair of diamond studs. Simple, stylish, feminine, and powerful. Perfect. “When I’m dressed my best, I have my best game face on, in any setting I’m in,” Brandi explained. “Your confidence level, your success and your opportunities come because of the way you present yourself.” When she sat down on the set with the hosts of “Daytime” to tape her interview about the top marketing and public relations strategies for 2011, Brandi knew she had arrived. The show airs in more than 100 cities across the country. She is a featured columnist in Bay Area Business Magazine, her company is expanding, and she mingles daily with the Tampa area’s top business leaders, philanthropists and fashionistas. Part of the secret of Brandi’s meteoric rise in the business world is her belief in personal branding, not just corporate branding. It’s hard to believe this confident, 33-year-old woman who has established herself as the Icon Architect for her clients, came to town just a little more than a decade ago with just $814 in her pocket. When she was just 18 years old, Brandi went to her bank in Pittsburgh, withdrew her life’s savings and bought a one-way ticket to Florida.

“My family was devastated because I was leaving them, but I told them I was leaving to make a better life. (Pittsburgh) was a steel town, a blue-collar town, and there weren’t opportunities for the kind of life I wanted,” she explained. Ever since she was little, Brandi has created her own opportunities. “When I was about six, I pitched for a boys’ baseball team and was named the MVP after leading them to the All-Stars. Then I led the charge for a girls’ softball team,” she said, laughing. At the same time, she was like many young girls, dreaming of owning beautiful clothes and modeling. “I grew up in a single-parent home with an extremely limited budget. I always wanted to go get my hair done and buy fashionable clothes even though I was a tomboy, but we never had money for those kinds of things,” Brandi said. Brandi’s aunt, Trish Simmons, who has been on several hit television shows including “Nip Tuck” and “Desperate Housewives,” showed Brandi that it was possible to follow your dreams. At a young age, her aunt introduced her to the modeling and acting industries. Brandi trained in acting, dance and modeling from ages 6 to 12 and even taped a segment on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Brandi’s interest in fashion and developing her personal brand were present even in childhood. She was always showing off her new hair-dos, complete with complimentary outfits and a modeling performance. This love of fashion and style and the dream of becoming a professional model inspired Brandi to be her personal best in any moment. When it was time for college, she went to the University of Pittsburgh for a year, then transferred to the International Academy of Design in Tampa to study fashion design and merchandising. To make ends meet, she began modeling and bartending. “I was a curvy woman, not a stick figure, and it was a battle to get jobs, but I finally decided when I was 19 or 20 that I was confident enough to try again,” Brandi said. “And Tampa was really, really great to me. So many people are so passionate about the fashion industry here, and they’re all willing to help you. And most of the modeling I’ve done in the past 10 years is because people believed in my look.” Brandi even landed the cover of “Select Model” magazine, based in part by fan voting. The experience taught her that it was fun to be an advocate and a visionary for the fashion and entertainment industries and inspired her to find a way to marry her twin loves of fashion and business. Brandi’s close-knit family decided to relocate to Tampa, and her mother and brother opened an Image Depot store near the University of South Florida. After college, Brandi joined the family business as the director of marketing and helped propel the store from a $300,000 business to a $2.3 million company. It was her first foray into the business world, and she quickly learned to love it. “Her hard work and her ideas helped us grow quickly, and we were in the top 10 percent of the industry for five of those years,” John Kamenar said. “She definitely

Headshot – 2009 Photo by Brian David

enjoyed what she was doing. She was very detailed, very professional, and she made it a great experience for our customers, which led to other referrals, which increased the business.” It’s not just Brandi’s work ethic, but her personal style that John remembers fondly. “She would dress up the mannequins and rearrange the showroom, adding little touches of class and flair,” John said. “Brandi’s always had a lot of style.” When she was 30, Brandi decided it was time to launch her own company. “I knew it was time for her to go. When she started out on her own, I pretty much cried,” John said. “It definitely takes a unique family to be able to work together, especially for as many hours as we did, and not want to strangle one another.” “Trust me, the first time you jump off the cliff is the most frightening moment of your life,” Brandi said. “That first jump is never easy, but if you find the courage to make that leap of faith, it does get easier each time you leap and you will be happy you did it.” In the middle of the worst recession in decades, unable to secure a bank loan, she founded her boutique-style marketing and public relations company that focuses on the world of fashion, lifestyle and entertainment. Her dream as CEO and Creative Director is to not only shape campaigns, but also establish the personal brand and style of the business owners. “The thing that I think Brandi does exceptionally well is she gets to the core of who we are and then casts the campaign,” said Scott Moore, Owner of Urban Body, an elite men’s clothing store in South Tampa, who has dressed many of the area’s most famous athletes and celebrities including Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon and Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Raheem Morris. Brandi Kamenar poses with model Robert Kirkland for a Benz Talent Agency Comp Card shoot, 2010. Photo by Susan Jeffers

“She is a ball of energy and a creative dynamo,” Scott explains. “She knew about my involvement with the Tampa Museum of Art and developed this campaign called Art and the Urban Body. We brought in different artists and art exhibitions in the store and had great elements, including live, body-painted models and an outdoor cigar bar and cognac lounge.” Brandi’s experience as a model helped Moore find a new spokesman for his store after Joel Rush left to appear on the Brandi Kamenar talks with "Daytime" hosts Dave Nemeth and Cyndi Edwards about the keys to creating a successful marketing and public relations plan. Photo by Beth Gaddis

“True Beauty” reality TV show. Brandi created a contest to find the new spokesman that drove people to the Urban Body Facebook page and customers into the store to vote for the winner. It was Brandi’s ability to light up a room that first caught Alicia Roberts’ attention. Alicia’s full-time reporting position at WFLA, News Channel 8 was being scaled back to part-time, and she had made the decision to leave when she was introduced to Brandi by longtime WFLA anchor Gayle Guyardo. “I was actually talking to another publicist, one who represents a lot of big names, but when I met Brandi, it just felt right,” Alicia said. “She really takes the time to get to know you as the person from start to finish, and that’s how she crafts your presentation to the rest of the world. There’s no way I would’ve landed the cover of Tampa Bay Woman Magazine, received two awards, or had the opportunity to become so involved with so many charity events without her help. She’s an advocate and a friend, and you feel like once you get under her umbrella, she will do whatever she can do to help you.” What sets Brandi apart is her unique ability to see people more clearly than they see themselves. She brings energy, focus and optimism to emerging and established entrepreneurs who are seeking to set themselves apart from the crowd. Her natural style, combined with her sophistication and savvy business sense, has made her a part of the “A-List” crowd in Tampa, and that has opened doors for her clients. She has become the “Icon Architect” for her vision and her execution of all the details to catapult her clients into the top tier of success. Icon B. Marketing & Publicity Group CEO and Creative Director Brandi Kamenar stands with COO and CFO Michael Eitler III on the stage at Chillounge Night in St. Petersburg on Nov. 20, 2010. Icon B. organized the fashion show that wowed the crowed at the fashion-forward event. Photo by Michael Blitch

“She’s defining the marketplace,” vocal coach and personal friend Jennifer Samuel-Chance said. “People want to be famous, they want to be celebrities, but becoming iconic is a whole other level. They see Brandi everywhere. They see her meteoric success and they want that. I think she brings them hope, inspiration and confidence that they can do it too.” “We do more than anyone else, whether it’s creating innovative and exciting campaigns, tapping into the potential of social media, energizing your personal brand, connecting you with the right people, or enhancing your business skills,” Brandi said. “Whether you’re an established businessman or an emerging entrepreneur, we can help you take your business and your profile to the next level. “It’s about so much more than just finding the right outfit in your closet,” Brandi explained. “It’s about finding the right message for you and your company so that the community remembers you for all the right reasons.” By Beth Gaddis

5 THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT HIGH HEELS High heels make you taller High heels do not make you look fat High heels make the outfit High heels make you feel and look sexy High heels don’t have to be expensive

Phassion’s Picks Best Valentine’s Gifts

Made by Niki


The color of a pink, reddish, and purple diamond colors are due to a variation in the diamond's crystalline structure. There is no trace ingredient in pink, but rather an irregular growth pattern at a sub-molecular level. The Argyle mine in Australia is the world's most important source of intensely colored natural pink diamonds. It produces 30 million carats of diamonds per year. Of that, less than 10,000 carats of rough are pink. Less than 1,000 carats are of a size over 1/5 of a carat. Buyers can expect to pay up to $1 million per carat for a mined stone of exceptional quality. Breakthroughs in technology have made these very same rare, pink colored Created Diamonds available today at an affordable price. These are available in sizes from 0.10 to about 1.00 carat (rare). True red diamonds are the most rare and most expensive of all colors. So far, only about 20 stones have been certified as red diamonds. These gems have been priced at over $1 million per carat. As with pink diamonds, red diamonds derive their color from a variation in the crystalline structure or there may be a trace amount of titanium. has a select offering of red Created Diamonds that, if you placed them side by side of their mined counterpart, it would be virtually impossible to tell the difference without sophisticated test equipment. A number of large or extraordinary diamonds have gained fame, both as exquisite examples of the beautiful nature of diamonds and because of the famous people who wore, bought, and sold them. Graff Pink – 24.78 carat Fancy Intense Pink diamond and the most expensive jewel ever sold at auction. Previously owned by Harry Winston and unnamed private collector and bought by Laurence Graff. Darya-ye Noor Diamond – 182 carat – the largest pink diamond in the world!

Kazanijian Red Diamond – 5.05 emerald-cut RED diamond, formerly known simply as “Red Diamond.” It was cut from a 35 carat piece of boart discovered near Lichtenberg, South Africa. It was purchased by Kazanijian Brothers Inc. – price unknown.

PHASSION’S PICKS TOP HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORIES Top 1 - Gone with the Wind Gone with the Wind is a 1939 American film adapted from Margaret Mitchell's 1936 novel of the same name. It was produced by David O. Selznick and directed by Victor Fleming from a screenplay by Sidney Howard. The epic movie set in the American South in and around the time of the American Civil War, stars Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard, Olivia de Havilland, and Hattie McDaniel. It tells a classic story of the Civil War and its aftermath from a white Southern viewpoint. Top 2 - Ghost Ghost is a 1990 drama film and fantasy movie starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Tony Goldwyn and Whoopi Goldberg, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and directed by Jerry Zucker. It was nominated for multiple Academy Awards, including Best Picture, winning for Best Original Screenplay, as well as Best Supporting Actress for Whoopi Goldberg. It inspired a musical stage version which opened in the West End in 2010.

Top 3 - Casablanca Casablanca is a 1942 American romantic drama film directed by Michael Curtiz, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman and Paul Henreid and featuring Claude Rains, Conrad Veidt, Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre. Set during World War II, it focuses on a man torn between, in the words of one character, love and virtue. He must choose between his loves for a woman and helping her and her Czech Resistance leader husband escape from the Vichy-controlled Moroccan city of Casablanca to continue his fight against the Nazis. Top 4 - Roman Holiday Roman Holiday is a 1953 romantic comedy. It was the first movie Audrey Hepburn starred in. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress. The movie was directed and produced by William Wyler. It was written by John Dighton and author Dalton Trumbo. As Trumbo was on the Hollywood blacklist, he was not credited; instead, Ian McLellan Hunter fronted for him. Trumbo's name was finally credited when the film was released on DVD in 2003. Top 5 - Sleepless in Seattle Sleepless in Seattle is a 1993 American romantic comedy film written and directed by Nora Ephron. Based on a story by Jeff Arch, it stars Tom Hanks as Sam Baldwin and Meg Ryan as Annie Reed. The film was inspired by An Affair to Remember and used both its theme song and clips from the film in critical scenes.

Top 6 - The Bridges of Madison County The Bridges of Madison County is a 1995 American romantic drama film based on the best-selling novel by Robert James Waller. It was produced by Amblin Entertainment and Malpaso Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. The classic film was produced and directed by Clint Eastwood with Kathleen Kennedy as co-producer, and the screenplay was adapted by Richard LaGravenese. The movie stars Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep, who was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1996 for her performance in the film. Top 7 - Titanic Titanic is a 1997 American disaster/romantic/drama film directed, written, coproduced, and co-edited by James Cameron about the sinking of the RMS Titanic. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater, two members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ill-fated maiden voyage of the ship. The main characters and the central love story are fictional, but some characters (such as members of the ship's passengers and crew) are based on historical figures. Top 8 - The Notebook The movie focuses on an old man reading a story to an old woman in a nursing home. But they are separated by Allie's parents who disapprove of Noah's unwealthy family, and move Allie away. After waiting for Noah to write her for several years, Allie meets and gets engaged to a handsome young soldier named Lon. Allie then, with her love for Noah still alive, stops by Noah's 200-year-old home that he restored for her. It is evident that they still have feelings for each other, and Allie has to choose etween her fiancé and her first love. Top 9 - Legends of the Fall Set in the Rocky Mountains of Montana in the early 1900s, this is a tale of love, betrayal, and brotherhood. After being discharged, Colonel Ludlow decides to raise his three sons in the wilds of Montana where they can grow up away from the government and society he has learned to despise. The three brothers mature and seem to have an unbreakable bond, until Susanna enters their lives. When Samuel, the youngest of the three, returns from college, he brings with him his beautiful fiancé, Susanna. The eldest son, Alfred, soon finds himself in love with his brother's fiancé, and things get worse when he discovers a growing passion between Susanna and Tristan. Top 10 – The Way We Were The movie begins with Katie (Barbra Streisand) running into Hubbell Gardner, an AllAmerican popular jock she went to college with some time after World War II. Though some other summaries claim it's been about 20 years, that is not really the case. It's probably been more like 10 years since college, and Hubbell has written his first novel and later joined the navy while Katie continues to work hard and remains very much involved in the grassroots level of politics.

Laurie Sarah Custom Designs

This Rose and White Gold ring is set with a beautiful square cushion cut diamond and surrounded by smaller diamonds and milgrain detailing.

Laurie Sarah Custom Designs

It’s Pink Heart cut Sapphire, surrounded by diamonds and set in 14kt White Gold. It's a perfect Engagement ring for Valentines Day

Laurie Sarah Custom Designs

Let us make your jeweled dreams a creative reality!

Makeup At Any Age…. Your Perfect Base Makeup, just like fashion, should evolve throughout our lifetime. It is not only important to update our look to remain current with what is modern (not trendy), but also because as time passes, our skin changes. If you haven’t started experiencing these changes, you are probably in your early 20’s with a beautiful, plump, glowing complexion… and likely not appreciating what you have because you assume it will last forever (I promise you it doesn’t). For the rest of us, it is time to embrace our changing skin and tweak our routines. At any age, the number one thing you can do to make your makeup look amazing is take care of your skin. Protect your skin with SPF daily, wash your face and take off your makeup every night (in my college years I would have a package of makeup remover cloths next to my bed so I could roll over and wipe off my makeup before crashing). These simple steps absolutely need to be part of your beauty routine. When it comes to foundation application, it is best to use a foundation brush for a flawless application (I find most foundation applied with fingers leaves streaks and sponges soak up a majority of your product which will waste it away). There are several variations of foundation brushes; find the one that works best for you and remember to clean your brushes! Base in your 20’s. In your 20’s, your skin is at its absolute best. Now is the time to enjoy your natural youthful glow and avoid the temptation to go wild with your new found love of makeup. Most 20 something’s should use a tinted moisturizer and spot conceal as opposed to a full face of full coverage foundation. Acne tends to be the biggest problem in your 20’s so use a green concealer on your troubled spots (green is complimentary to red on the color wheel and balances out too much redness in the skin). Skip the powder altogether for a youthful “dewy” face. If you have oily skin, use a dusting of powder to set your makeup (blot your face before applying powder or your face can appear cakey). Base in your 30’s. Like women in their 20’s, the majority of women in their 30’s should use a tinted moisturizer or a light coverage foundation. Signs of sun damage and aging begin to show their face in your 30’s. More spot concealing may be needed at this stage (moisturize before applying concealer on dry skin as it tends to settle into fine lines causing them to be more pronounced). It is important to start applying your concealer by patting it into your skin and not rubbing (rubbing will cause a smeared streaky look but more importantly it can cause damage to your skin). If you are beginning to show the signs of fine lines you should be using a very light dusting of powder (powder can settle into fine lines often times accentuating your imperfections instead of hiding them). Base in your 40’s. A strange phenomenon often occurs in the 40’s… women tend to pile on the foundation in an attempt to capture their youthful appearance. This does NOT work. Foundation should be used to even out your

skin tone, not hide it. Now is the time to find a foundation that works best not only with your skin tone, but also your skin’s condition. If you only have discoloration in your T-zone, then apply your foundation to your T and blend it out. A light reflecting concealer is a great product you can introduce into your beauty routine. This product will brighten your face and take the focus off your under eye circles, creases, and lines. Another great product you should become familiar with in your 40’s (especially if your pores are beginning to look large), is a foundation primer. A primer does exactly what it says… it primes your skin for your makeup (fills in enlarged pores and fine lines). I recommend playing around with the different primers out on the market, then find the one that works best for you. Base in your 50’s. Foundation in your 50’s is a must for most people. You have probably started to notice that the foundations you were using in your 30’s and 40’s are not working as well as they once did (powdery and shimmer foundations often settle into fine lines aging you). However, there is great news!! There are now more foundations on the market specifically made for your skin than ever before. Many of these foundations moisturize, even out complexion, and have anti-aging ingredients to help fight signs of aging. You should apply your foundation with a light hand and only where needed to even out your skin tone. I suggest spot concealing after applying your foundation and blending the two together. Avoid powders at all costs! It will only highlight your fine lines and wrinkles. One final note, of all the makeup you purchase for your beauty routine, I suggest investing the most in your foundation. I also recommend exploring new foundations at a minimum of once every five years (not only is your skin changing but so is makeup technology). Use a product you can pick up at a makeup counter, or Sephora, so you can try it on, get expert advice and wear it around for the day. I personally do not purchase a foundation until I wear it around for the day (beauty consultants cringe when I tell this little secret, but in the long run, it makes for a more satisfied customer who will come back time after time). You should really wear the foundation like you would on a normal day, and not just around the store. See what it looks like in natural light, see how it wears throughout your day, and take a mental note of what you love, and what bothered you about it. Go back to your beauty consultant the next day and tell her your observations. Now you have a starting point and something to refer to when choosing a foundation that will work best for you. Peace, Love, and Beauty in 2011!

Chanel Spring Collection 2011

A rose by any other name... According to Greek Mythology, it was Aphrodite who gave the rose its name…There is a special rose language invented as a secret means of communication between lovers who were not allowed to express their love for one another openly in the harems of the Middle East. In the mid 18th century, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, the wife of the British ambassador in Constantinople, described this in her letters, which were published after her death. These letters inspired many books on the language of flowers, each describing the secret message hidden in each flower. A red rose bud stands for budding desire, while an open white rose asks "Will you love me?" An open red rose means "I'm full of love and desire," while an open yellow rose asks "Don't you love me any more?" ROSE, Coral – Desire ROSE, Dark Crimson – Mourning ROSE, Dark Pink – Thankfulness ROSE, Lavender – Enchantment ROSE LEAF – You May Hope ROSE, Orange – Fascination ROSE, Pale Peach – Modesty ROSE, Pale Pink – Grace, Joy ROSE, Red – Love. Respect ROSE, Single Full Bloom – I Love you; I Still Love ~ ROSE, White – Innocence and Secrecy ROSE, White and Red Together – Unity - Flower Emblem of England ROSE, Yellow – Joy, Friendship ROSES, Bouquet of Full Bloom – Gratitude


Eva Mendes Date of Birth – March 5, 1974

Eva Mendes was born in Miami, Florida but raised in Los Angeles of Cuban-American heritage. She has been featured in a wider range of roles, from comedic to dramatic. Eva has co-starred in Training Day, The Wendel Baker Story, and Hitch. Eva is employed by Revlon Cosmetics as an international spokeswoman. She is also a passionate supporter and active participant in Revlon's fight against breast cancer. Her hobbies are music, sports (hiking, biking, skiing, and mountain climbing) and interior design.

Gilles Marini Date of Birth – January 26, 1976

Gilles Marini exploded onto the scene as Dante, the Casanova living in the beach house next door to Kim Cattrall's Samantha in the "Sex and the City" movie, a role which has earned him international recognition. Though people went to the theatres to see Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, they left with one thing on their mind....Gilles's shower scene. Gilles has appeared in many television commercials and print ads for companies like Budweiser, Clairol, Coca Cola, Ross, Chrysler, Fila, GNC, Infiniti, Mervins, Avon, Lord and Taylor, Robinsons May, etc. Gilles was born in Grasse, France. In his spare time, Gilles enjoys playing soccer as part of a neighborhood team. He also teaches martial arts.

SHARON CUMMINGS FINE ART Thank you for your interest in my artwork. I have been selling online for nearly 7 years and I absolutely love it! It has allowed me to sell my original paintings and giclee



thousands of collectors worldwide. I have a Masters degree in Fine Art



University of Tampa, but



self-taught. True talent is revealed not through schooling but through painting. ~Sharon Cummings Tampa, Florida

Sharon Cummings Fine Art Tampa, Florida

Sharon Cummings Fine Art Tampa, Florida

Sharon Cummings Fine Art Tampa, Florida

Sharon Cummings Fine Art Tampa, Florida

Do you know your Champagne? Champagne Houses and Brands Champagne houses create the different brands of champagne. Each house must adhere to specific criteria in order to be able to sell its product in the worldwide marketplace. The general criteria state that all houses must guarantee that their brand will partake in a "global strategy that includes making, selling and marketing" their champagne. Next, they must assure that their consumers will be informed of the champagne-making process. And finally, they must actively partake in wine production and research to insure improvement of their product while preserving the environment in connection with other champagne houses.

Popular Brands A short list of some of the most popular brands among the thousands available includes Charles Heidsieck, Moet & Chandon, Deligny Gerard, Piper Heidsieck, Gremillet, Joseph Perrier, Leroux-Mineau and Fournier Thierry.

Champagne Defined Champagne is specifically a sparkling white wine, and the word champagne refers to the region in France where the wine is produced. Champagne is created by blending specific wines together to give the wine its superior flavor. Dom Perignon was a 17th-century Benedictine monk who is credited with creating champagne.

Preserving and Storing Champagne The best way to store champagne while maintaining its effervescence is to place the bottle in a cool, dark place with an ideal temperature of 50 to 55 degrees. Depending upon the champagne, most types can be stored for up to two years. Champagnes have been aged prior to your purchasing them, so any additional storage time may contribute to the deterioration of the wine. To preserve the carbonation in an opened bottle of champagne, place a metal spoon in the neck of the bottle, or simply use a special pressurized bottle corker.

Photo by Jesse James Allen

Photo by Jesse James Allen

Photo by Jesse James Allen

Photo by Jesse James Allen

Partners with the Florida Power Boat Club for 2011 Return to St. Petersburg ST. PETERSBURG, FL (January 2011) – Festivals of Speed is expanding the annual highend automotive event weekend in St. Petersburg. The 8th Annual Festivals of Speed St. Pete will return April 1-3 with the best in luxury lifestyle as well as an increased display of rare vintage and contemporary aircraft, exotic cars, custom-created motorcycles, and high performance boats and yachts.    

“Thanks to the tremendous success and local support we had in 2010, we will be expanding the main event area to include a yacht hop and powerboat showing, as well as an additional display area for exotic vintage and contemporary vehicles,” stated Joe Sabatini, the founder and CEO of the Festivals of Speed. “We are also pleased to announce a partnership with The Florida Powerboat Club to amplify the display for event goers and participants.”     The Festivals of Speed weekend will once again begin with the Luxury Lifestyle Jet Port Reception set for April 1. The evening, staged in an actual aircraft hangar, will showcase the world’s finest in aircraft, art displays, watercraft and automobiles for a lavish reception. The main event on Sunday, April 3 will be held in beautiful North Straub Park, and expand into Spa Beach and The Renaissance Vinoy Marina in Downtown St. Petersburg. Featured will be an extremely rare, multi-million dollar display of vehicles, a salute to the 50 t h Anniversary of the Jaguar E-Type, motorcycles and watercraft. Also, to heighten the day, there will be a Yacht Hop and Display as well

as a Poker Run and Powerboat showing hosted by The Florida Power Boat Club. Collectors and guests will also enjoy luxury lifestyle displays from our sponsors while reveling in live entertainment, fine wines, champagnes and culinary delights. Guests who appreciate the VIP lifestyle can purchase tickets to a beautiful pavilion section to indulge in an array of fine foods and premium alcohol. Tickets for the Festivals of Speed St. Petersburg receptions and Sunday main event VIP pavilion can be purchased in advance at Sunday main event general admission tickets are available either online or onsite at North Straub Park April 3.

About Festivals of Speed Headquartered in Eustis, Florida, Festivals of Speed was founded as the ultimate luxury lifestyle showcase for discerning enthusiasts with a passion for all forms of transportation. With a series of extremely special events scheduled throughout the year, Festivals of Speed joins the very best in automotive, aircraft, marine and motorcycle transportation with the finest culinary, wine, spirits, and fashion for the ultimate luxury experience. For more information, please visit or telephone 352-385-9450.

ROMANTIC DINNER Savory Broiled Oysters: Oysters are the perfect way to begin any intimate Valentine's dinner. A simple sauce made from sweetened wine and soy perfectly compliments their fresh, briny flavor. Sautéed Watercress and Radicchio with Balsamic Vinegar: This side dish might be easy to make, but the flavors will have your date raving. The slight bitterness of radicchio is balanced by balsamic vinegar's subtle sweetness while watercress adds an unexpected spice to the mix. Filet Mignon with Caraway Cilantro Compound Butter: Compound butter is a classic sauce for steak, but this version boasts the unusual combination of caraway and cilantro. This method of cooking filet mignon is very straightforward and yields a beautifully juicy result every time. Celery Root and Parsnip Purée: These two root vegetables are a natural pair, and the addition of heavy cream and butter gives this purée a lush, velvety texture. Bittersweet Chocolate Pots de Crèmes: A few bites of rich bittersweet chocolate are just what you'll need to wrap up a perfect evening – or get it started. The best thing about this dessert is how easy it is to make. It can even be made a day in advance and brought back to room temperature before served.

Date Night On Valentine's Day, have your date night at home: No crowded restaurants or blustery February nights, just the two of you and a romantic dinner. But, if you cook every night anyway, it can be a little more difficult to make a meal into a special event. One year I tried to experiment with fancy and weird recipes, and my wife got so mad at me for screwing up dinner that she threw a bunch of thyme at me (we made up, but still, point taken). From then on, I've stuck to the proven classics. This menu is an easy way to impress, and bring a little romance to the table.

Jane Rullier Miss United States 2011 Jane Rullier from the Tampa Bay area was recently crowned Miss United States 2011. She was a former Miss Florida titleholder and also held the title of Miss Tampa Petite 2010. “I am so privileged and honored to have been crowned Miss United States. It is a dream come true! I plan on taking my title to great lengths by being involved in the community and getting awareness on my platform which is giving hope to children and parents with autism by finding research and fundraising opportunities in my community.” Jane won the Miss Florida title in 2010 and the Miss United States title in 2011. The Miss United States pageant has been the official United States pageant for over 24 years and offers their titleholders once-in-alifetime opportunities through this exciting pageant. They pride themselves with having respected judges from the entertainment industry and offering all contestants the opportunity of being discovered. In 2010, Jane became a spokesperson for a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funding for brain tumors known as Miles for Hope. Jane is a confident, accomplished young woman that holds a bachelors degree in communication sciences and disorders and works giving speech therapy treatment to children with speech and language impairments. Her specialization and interest is the Autism spectrum population. Through her pageant, she has been able to be an active member in the community and volunteers in many volunteer organizations across Tampa Bay and the country, such as Metropolitan Ministries, The Pediatric Foundation – Koncert for Kidz, Miles for Hope, Mother Theresa Missionaries for the Homeless in South America (where she helped provide materials such as food, school supplies and clothing to poor villages) – The American Cancer Society and Habitat for Humanity. In her spare time, Jane enjoys traveling, dancing, singing, reading and modeling. Next year she plans to pursue her Masters degree in communication sciences and disorders and create her own nonprofit organization to help children and parents with Autism. Jane will be involved in parades, charity events, interviews and much more. You can join and follow her fan page on Facebook at Miss United States 2011 – Jane Rullier. The OFFICIAL Miss United States pageant is a registered mark pageant and was the OFFICIAL pageant represented in the famous “Miss Congeniality” feature film with Sandra Bullock.

MĂŠlange Fashions Tampa partners, Sharon Drenner, Myriam Castellano, and Cheryl Perotti

Authentic Style A special invitation arrives in the mail and your search begins, either through your closet or at the nearest mall for ‘The Outfit’! It must be appropriate to the occasion, comfortable in the Florida heat and humidity, hide imperfections, flatter your figure, enhance your skin tone, eyes and hair color and look stylish and up to date! Add to that the need for matching shoes and accessories and appropriate undergarments to work some magic and complete the look! It can be exhausting just to think about the effort! There is a better way to shop, and three women have made it their business in the bay area. Mélange Fashions Tampa will introduce you to Jana Kos, an exclusive line of designer clothing created with custom fabrics, flattering lines, understated elegance, and unique styling. Company founder, Cheryl Perotti and partner Sharon Drenner, along with their new associate, Myriam Castellano, owner of La Joya Boutique, introduce a new line of fashion each season, hosting trunk shows at the boutique. The trunk show approach to shopping allows customers to browse through and try on the latest fashions while receiving personal assistance in coordinating their selections with an eye towards fit, style and line. Not only should a woman look as good leaving a room as she did upon entering, but her wardrobe should deconstruct to mix and match for all occasions. This is one of the hallmarks of Jana Kos designs. The Jana Kos line ranges from luxury sportswear to cocktail attire in sizes 0 to 16 and includes unique details such as jackets with inner pockets, self-cuffing sleeves, French seaming, and coordinating linings. Custom fasteners, buttons, trims and semi precious stones create a look of timeless value. Tall or full sized clients love finding a line of clothing that does not skimp on fabric. Women who have problems finding pants that fit their unique body type will find the solution with up to 15 various style cuts of women’s slacks in multiple fabrics in the collection. A favorite among clients is the Como, a style the Mélange partners refer to as, ‘the good tush pant’! La Joya (The Jewel) Boutique, where Mélange now hosts their trunk shows, offers a fabulous range of fashions and unique accessories, handbags, and fine costume jewelry to coordinate with your Jana Kos purchases and add variety to your look, further enhancing your shopping experience. Mélange customers can visit the boutique between trunk shows for fill-in orders, and the gracious hospitality of boutique owner Myriam and her daughter Katherine make it well worth the visit. This intimate and elegant boutique also includes a full service beauty salon. Jana Kos Styles Partners Inc., a New York City boutique design house, is growing quickly under the direction of owner and head designer, Jana Kos. Her attention to detail, workmanship, and handfinished design is evident even at first glance. Unique in her approach, Jana resources, and often collaborates in the creation of fine fabrics from the mills in Italy and France, and then designs a fashion to fit the movement, texture, and pattern of the goods. Each quarter, the partners of Mélange travel to a Preview Show hosted by Jana Kos and her team to introduce the fashions of the upcoming season. Every aspect of each item in the line is discussed in detail, right down to the fabric content, seaming, and button fabrication. As Jana shares her decision making process for each design, it is so easy to appreciate the finer notes such as custom horn buttons in lieu of plastic, intricate stitching, cuts, and folds, French seams, and hand finishing.

Jana Kos is one of the few lines that offers a ‘gentlemen’s pocket’ on the inside left of her lined jackets. This provides a perfect place for business cards, cell phone, or a small lipstick and compact for your convenience! Another feature that is so appreciated is the split cuff which can eliminate the need for alterations on jackets. The sleeve can be adjusted two to three inches with a turn! Mélange Fashions welcomes the opportunity to participate in charitable events and local fashion shows. Mélange is the tri-county exclusive agency for Jana Kos Style Partners, and is actively seeking both a Pinellas and Pasco County associate to provide a venue for their trunk shows across the Bay Area. In today’s economy, everyone must become better stewards of their financial resources. Even women accustomed to buying those expensive couture designs are thinking twice about the cost. Mélange Fashions Tampa is the perfect answer for them, as well as the newly educated investment dresser. Where else will you find apparel with the utmost in quality construction, endless attention to detail, exclusive fabrics and designs, low cost per wear, and your own personal image consultant to help you to find your best, most authentic style? One of the most exciting aspects of being involved in fashion is a given; the opportunity to be surrounded by the most beautiful fabrics, designs, and creative people! What is equally important to the Mélange team is the caliber of character shown in the Jana Kos Style Partners, Inc. organization; their commitment to, and support of women, the environment, and quality of life for their families. Jana Kos Style Partners, Inc. is a woman owned and operated company that has excelled in tough economic times because of Jana and her well chosen staff’s uncompromising quality standards, work ethics, loyalty and integrity in all relationships. Jana’s natural talent, warmth, and humility has earned her respect in the fashion industry and a devoted following.

Contact Sharon Drenner of Mélange Fashions Tampa at 727-244-1927

Wear clothing that reflects who you truly are or aspire to be. Remember that you never get a second chance to make a great first impression! Group II, Marvelous Moments from the new Spring 2011 Collection brings us this exclusive and unusual silk blend Starburst Sweater and Stretch Tech, Modal blend skirt in almond (matching jacket available) to make that fabulous first impression!

Timeless Style: Jana Kos Amethyst Shattered Chevron Jacket, Ivory Stretch Sateen Blouse, Dublin Charcoal Pant, and Regal Buckle with Black Boa Belt (From the Winter 2009 Collection)




PERMANENT BEAUTY Have you ever wished you were naturally beautiful? Like those women who look great at the beach, at the gym, or straight out of bed in the morning? At Advanced Cosmetic Techniques, Laura Sherwood has just the answer. Today, more and more women are choosing the convenience of a wash-and-wear face, with brows and eyeliner that never smudge and lip color that won’t wear off. Permanent makeup is the perfect solution for the modern woman who is busy, athletic, has little to no natural eyebrows, is allergic to conventional makeup, or has trouble seeing well enough to apply makeup. Laura Sherwood brings with her years of experience in the beauty field. A licensed cosmetologist, Laura began doing permanent makeup in 1993 and founded Advanced Cosmetic Techniques in 1998. Since then, she has earned a reputation as Tampa Bay‘s premiere permanent makeup artist. She has hundreds of satisfied clients from all over Florida and some who come from other states for her services. A former model, Laura understands the aesthetics of makeup; her knowledge and creative ability are apparent by her skill in applying it. “Choosing a permanent makeup artist is just as important as choosing a plastic surgeon,” says Laura. “After all, it’s your face. You want to make sure you choose someone with the right qualifications, experience and artistic ability.” With Laura’s technique of applying permanent makeup, there’s no guesswork involved. She helps you pick the color and then draws the shape with an eyebrow or lip pencil beforehand so you know exactly how it’s going to look. Laura uses only the hand (manual) method of creating permanent makeup. With this technique, a special mineral-based pigment is placed just below the surface of the skin by using a gentle, etching motion. The hand method allows total control over where the pigment is placed, producing a soft, natural look. It’s also gentle on delicate facial skin. Laura is an expert on color and shape and applies permanent makeup as an enhancement to your own natural features. Eyeliner is placed in your eyelashes, making them appear thicker and accentuating your eyes. It can look extremely natural or like real eyeliner. Time is taken to design perfect brows to suit each individual facial shape, and soft colors on the brows frame your face. Lip liner emphasizes your natural lip line and is blended in to give your lips definite shape and all-over color, even when your lipstick has worn off. You can still wear lipstick if you want to; you just don’t have to. It is also the perfect way to correct uneven lips or make the lips appear fuller. Each application is applied as an art, carefully and meticulously. As Laura always says, “It’s not whether you win or lose--it’s how you look when you’re playing the game!” For more information and before and after pictures, visit Laura’s website at or you can contact Laura at 813-870-3860.


Savannah is the perfect romantic getaway spot for the weekend, if you enjoy a quaint town with unmatched Southern hospitality. The town has retained much of its colonial flavor and boasts some gorgeous architecture as the city was built around 29 or so squares. Savannah is the perfect place to escape, if you want to lounge in Victorian style inns and carriage houses, enjoy delicious food and stroll along picturesque streets. Stay at the Ballastone Inn or the Marshall House for a taste of true Southern elegance in historic surroundings. Take a riverboat cruise to see Savannah from the water. Enjoy award winning cuisine in elegant decor at 700 Drayton and the many fine dining establishments Savannah has to offer. You'll find the problem isn't finding a restaurant, but deciding which one to spend one of your precious nights at. Stop by the Chart House for a drink and relaxing views of the river or check out the jazz often in the upstairs of 700 Drayton. Stroll through the cobblestone streets at night and wonder what love would have been like in the 1800s. After this weekend, you'll be itching for the next time you can enjoy some Southern hospitality.

Tampa Bays #1 Country Music Sensation! Cristi is a national touring country music artist with radio-ready songs and a wide repertoire of music to play any event or venue. She has toured the US and opened for an impressive array of artists including Dwight Yoakam, Charlie Daniels Band, and Sara Evans! Plus she has played notable venues like Jannus Landing, Largo Cultural Center, St. Pete Times Forum outdoor event stage, and the massive Charliepalooza Festival in Tampa. Cristi spent quite a bit of time in Nashville recording, acting in a national CMT commercial, and playing shows. So if you are looking for a Pro level country show with a hot band that plays great country songs and original tunes that will make you dance all night? Cristi Vale and her band are perfect for your next event or opening slot for a National Country Artist. Go to her website to book this amazing artist and/or to download her music! Website: Booking:


Good or Bad?

As a food item, chocolate has been a source of controversy over the years. And many have renewed debates over what chocolate really does to your body. Is it junk food or soul food? But you have to admit, chocolate is good – real good. That’s probably why you find it in all forms, sizes and food items. Here are some points on the good and bad of chocolate.

Positive side of eating chocolate: It’s the classic soul food. Chocolate contains tryptophan which is a chemical that is used by the brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin, in boosted levels, creates the feeling of elation. It’s as good as sex. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine – the same drug that reaches peak levels during orgasm. Probably why having melted chocolate makes things twice the fun. It has anti-oxidants (the same ones that can be found in green tea, orange juice, onions, bananas, apples, corn, spinach and red wine). This means it’s healthy as antioxidants help reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. They also protect cells from damage caused by toxins. It’s a source of good cholesterol. Negative side of eating chocolate: Not too much if you don’t gobble everything in one sitting. As experts say, it is not a health food and since there are many other sources of antioxidants, why stick to a candy bar? So to balance the urge to purge the sweet thing and to stay fit and healthy: Eat a small amount at a time. You are not as hungry for chocolate as you think you are. A small fix can do you as good as much as a big one, so why not opt for the less fattening one as well? Like most food, there are especially made chocolate products that are lower in fat and calories. Try to steer towards these other options. Many do not like the more bitter taste of dark chocolate, but it is richer in those antioxidants and nutrition than the regular milk chocolate.

Say no to chocolate products that have “hydrogenated oils” in them. These oils create trans fat that can be very bad to your heart. So before you reach out for the yummy-looking chocolate bar, check the label first.

Valentine’s Style for Men

Couple’s Massage

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to plan something for your significant other, and what better way than to enjoy couple’s massage together? There are a lot of things to consider when giving something like this as a gift, especially as a surprise, since some people are uncomfortable with others in the room or perhaps they never had a massage. You have to do your research and select what package works best for you. What you spend can run the gamut, and there are some important questions you should ask when booking. Also, you really should spend some time on the internet researching what you would both be happy with. There is a website called and you enter “spas.” Then click on “Planning a Romantic Spa Getaway.” You will be able to educate yourself and make a plan. Also on this site is a listing of the Top 10 Romantic Spas--you are only limited by how much you want to spend! We are fortunate to have exceptional spas in the Tampa Bay area. My favorite is the Safety Harbor Spa--it’s a world-class destination spa and offers many amenities too numerous to list here. Keep in mind that normally there will be the two of you and two massage therapists so you can plan on double the price of a massage plus tip(s). You have to decide if you are a “zone out” client for massage or do you like to chat? If your partner wants to talk and you want to relax, that’s not going to make for a fun experience if you’re getting irritated. If you don’t want to go to a spa and prefer the comfort of your own home, you can book therapists to come to you, but remember, outcalls might be more expensive. You may be asked if you want “sensual” massage, which is different than a regular massage and usually involves more nudity and you need to be sure your partner is okay with that. Be careful with this and use common sense. Once you have narrowed it down to a location and package, go to, which is the regulatory licensing agency for spas and massage therapists. Look them up to ensure there have never been any problems. If you want to do it yourself, put on some great music, open some wine and light some candles and massage each other at the same time in the privacy of your own home. Be extremely careful if you warm your oil, this is supposed to be fun! Baby oil is good or, if you prefer a lotion, make sure it’s something both of you will enjoy--you can be as creative as you dare. Whatever your budget, the greatest thing about couples massage is that the two of you get closer, and what you do with the rest of the evening depends on you! Sammie Taylor Bond, MA#60683 Licensed Massage Therapist


GMO stands for genetically modified organism, which basically means various genes have been spliced together to form one single organism. This can refer to any organism, plant or animal. An example of this would be using a gene of a plant that grows very quickly to help speed the growth of a different plant with naturally slower growth potential. One gene is taken out of the quick growing plant and added to the original in effort to speed growth potential. A gene from a plant that has a natural tendency to ward off invading insects could also be added and so on. The result is the original organism with additional properties that are beneficial to the farming for one reason or another. Most any plant or animal can be genetically modified in this manner. This has its obvious benefits but also comes with some negatives. The main negative of eating such a genetically modified product is the increased potential of food intolerance. You have likely heard of lactose intolerance (mild allergy to dairy) or gluten intolerance/celiac disease (mild allergy to most grains). These are, in fact, only two of many potential examples. Any one person can have food intolerance to any or many foods. This is relevant to GMO's because when foods are genetically modified, the potential for food intolerance multiplies with every new species that has been integrated into the original. For example, if someone who has an intolerance to broccoli and no intolerance to cauliflower and eats a GMO cauliflower that has a gene from the broccoli spliced into it, the subject will now have a reaction to the GMO cauliflower. The more an organism is modified, the more potential for food intolerance. Food intolerances are one of the main causes of symptoms like bloating, tiredness after eating, phlegm in the throat, runny nose after eating, digestion problems and a whole host of other issues. The 10 most genetically modified foods in the U.S. are Corn, Soy, Potato, Tomato, Canola Oil, Cottonseed Oil, Papaya, Radicchio, Squash and Salmon. If GMO’s are something you would like to stay away from, you could do so by avoiding the above list entirely (which would be fine for most of these foods), choosing organic if you will be eating any of the above foods, or in the case of the last food on the list, eating only wild (not farmed) salmon. Luke Scheffert Personal Trainer

Brighten up your face for Spring!!!!

Bernhard Willhelm for Mykita Eyewear

PHASSION PRODUCTIONS Phassion Productions offers simple, yet elegant events or a full-scale fashion extravaganza! We offer on-site event coordination and provide complete production services for fashion shows and special events. A small and intimate private cocktail showing, a fashion showcase, or designer premier… these are just a few of the possibilities with Phassion Productions. Our Clients Include: • • • • • •

Local fashion designers Special event production companies Charity and fund raising groups International designer salons Phassion magazine Art galleries

Our services include: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Consultation and coordination Model bookings Media Relations Lighting Photography and videography Backstage management Logo reproduction and flyers Tenting Food and beverage DJ’s and musicians Makeup artist Hairs stylist Food and beverage Dancers

Our skin care therapies will improve and enhance your skin's appearance. We feature Botox, Juvaderm, Radiesse, laser skin resurfacing and hair removal, microdermabrasion, glycolic peels, SmartLipo, and more. We are proud to offer skin care products from these premier vendors:

CCllaarriittyy M MeeddSSppaa is your destination for healthy skin!  19401 Shumard Oak Drive Land O'Lakes, FL 34638 (813) 388-6818

Dr. Danny Abbruzzese

Clarity MedSpa will offer 20% OFF all products and services booked during the month of February to Phassion Magazine readers. To get your discount, simply mention the magazine offer when scheduling appointments for services or at checkout.

Monique McLaughlin Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Monique McLaughlin has been a professional makeup artist since 1999, starting in Colorado, where she mostly did bridal and special event makeup. Her continued work within the bridal industry resulted in requests to work with photographers in beauty and fashion shoots. Monique eventually went to Los Angeles to study with well known celebrity make-up artist James Ryder. She quickly became one of the most sought after makeup artists in the Tampa Bay Area, eventually getting published in a local magazine with her makeup and hair work for internationally known fashion




Monique has been published in several local magazines and her work has also been featured in regional and national advertising campaigns and videos. Monique also was the Head Makeup Artist on a short film that received an honorable mention at the 48 Hour Film Festival. Creating beauty from within is what Monique strives for in each and every subject. "Everyone can look beautiful with a little tweaking. I can see what someone is meant to look like with a little makeup and hair help." Makeup – Monique McLaughlin Model – Desiree Gladeaux Photo by – Patti Thompson

Monique McLaughlin (727) 323-1234

JOSE ORTIZ Jose Ortiz is a wedding and live event award winning cinematographer based in Florida. Step by step his work and his name have both been recognized amongst the industry’s elite. He is one of those guys living a dream made reality. “I love to film weddings and events… allows me to connect with real people while still being able to fulfill my goal of producing to our clients a unique story of their event. I am always looking for new things to bring something additional and different to the clients.” Almost five years ago Jose Ortiz decided to experiment with a home camcorder after seeing a member of his family film a siblings wedding. Back at the time, Jose Ortiz used to work as a Civil Engineer with a private firm, and he never realized the new passion that he was just about to discover. Knowing that many of the well-known wedding cinematographers in the industry did not have prior experience in films when they started, Jose never felt that his primary profession would ever interfere in this new idea. “It was not easy. I started from zero like a lot of other partners out there. Took me a lot of practice and learning. Even with my limited knowledge in the wedding video industry, I was determined not make excuses when delivering the product to my clients.” As a family man with a steady 8 to 5, making it to conventions and video workshops was not always easy at the beginning. For that reason, Jose says the internet was an amazing tool for him. From day one, he was very focused to do his best when shooting the wedding. “I like to treat my clients to the best of my abilities, and they know that. The joy and thrills I get at every wedding or live event show always feels like the first time. Educating my clients about what we do is very important for me. Taking the necessary time to understand what they are looking for in their video helps me to understand what they are expecting from us.” Over a year ago, Jose Ortiz began to do cinematography as his full time job. He made it to his first wedding video and 5 five months after, he was already selected to be a speaker in the most important wedding video convention in the world. “It was a huge responsibility for me to know that I would become part of an International platform and that I would share the stage with some of the best of the best in the industry. I believe a lot in the power of learning but even more on the power of sharing. These values help me grow even more as a person and as a Filmmaker.” Jose Ortiz also won an International Creative Excellence Award for the 2010 expo. Currently he participates in wedding video tutorial projects with some of the top wedding filmmakers of the nation and continues his work sharing his experience in seminars for videographers in different locations. His goal is to never forget the passion that he feels in connecting with people and producing a unique story for each individual. You can check his website to see part of his stunning work.

The Story of Cupid and Psyche Psyche (psych•ee), whose name means “soul,” was the mortal bride of Cupid, the Roman God of love. She was granted divinity after attempting Goddess-like feats of devotion to reclaim her beloved after a nasty misunderstanding. She was a beautiful maiden who, without trying, got a lot of male attention. Angered that attention was being taken away from her, Goddess Venus, in a demonstration of the darker side of her nature, sent her son Cupid, the love archer, to inflame Psyche with passion for an ugly, horrible man. When Cupid arrived he was “accidentally” hit by his own arrow. Inflamed by her beauty, he took her as his bride. They were deeply in love, but Psyche only saw her mate in the darkness, when he would come to her bed and ravish her. Cupid made her promise never to look or question whom he was (he knew if she set her mortal eyes upon him their relationship would have to end). She was content to have his love in the darkness but her sisters, hearing that she’d never seen her husband’s true face, meddled. Suggesting he could be an ugly monster for all she knew, they talked her into peeking. One night, Psyche held a candle near his sleeping figure, and found a beautiful boy beneath her gaze – but she was a little shocked to see his wings. When a bit of wax fell from her candle, it caused him to wake. Mortified by her betrayal, he fled, also making their castle and gardens vanish. Psyche found herself alone in an open field, with no signs of other beings or her beloved. She tearfully wandered in search of him until she came upon a temple of Venus. The Goddess gave her daughter-in-law a series of impossible tasks – each harder and more dangerous than the next – and informed her they were the only way to get Cupid back.

Psyche took on each one with courage, hoping to soon see her lover, but in the end it was he who rescued her. Psyche literally went to hell and back to be reunited with her beloved Cupid. The final task was to take a little box to the underworld and collect some of the beauty of Persephone, wife of Hades, in the box. She was warned not to open the box once she had filled it. Temptation got the best of her, and she opened it, only to be besieged by deadly slumber. She was out cold when Cupid came upon her. He gathered from her the essence of deadly sleep and put it back safely in the box. He forgave her indiscretions, touched by her willingness to go into the darkness to save their relationship. She forgave him for leaving her and came alive again in his loving embrace. Even her mother-in-law, Venus, got over her jealousies. The gods were so moved by her devotion, they made her an immortal. Cupid and Psyche went to live with the other Gods and had a daughter, Voluptas (Pleasure). Another moral to this story is the idea that love will find you. Even if it has not found you yet, even if you feel you are in the darkness, it may be on the way. Don’t give up.

Aquarius 1/20 – 2/18 Monthly Horoscope: Provided by New friends, new connections -- the 1st and 2nd are days of exploration and discovery for you. You meet lots of interesting people and see an array of new possibilities opening up on the horizon. You feel pretty good about it all, too. As you should: It's special to encounter so many like-minded folks all at once, and will positively impact your life all year. Some real excitement is in store for you on the wonderful 5th, 6th and 7th. Love, career success, lucky coincidences -- all this and more is in the cards. Be sure to get to the gym, too. A healthy, relaxed, well-functioning body will help you take advantage of all the greatness life has to offer right now. Call up an elderly relative and get them to tell you stories of how things were, way back when, on the 13th or 14th. Don't get too sidetracked at work on the 19th and 20th. After all, concentration is half the battle. A personal issue could rear its not-entirelybeautiful head at work on the 25th. Don't let it interfere. Force yourself to get it all done and go to the gym on the 30th. Just do it! Love & Relationships: You start out the New Year with a whole slew of new things. New ideas, new people, a new take on romance. Yep, the 1st and 2nd could prove to be fascinating days, when you push the boundaries of what you had always accepted as your natural limitations and venture into unexplored emotional depths. Your partner in discovery is a super-cutie, and you really appreciate their tacit support. Some exciting developments rock your world on the can't-be-beat 5th, 6th and 7th. Don't forget to keep working out through all these amazing new developments. After all, the more relaxed you are physically, the more open you'll be to changes, which can sometimes seem scary, even if they are absolutely for the best. Turn to a trusted confidante on the 13th or 14th. Yes, you do have to focus on work, at work, on the 19th and 20th. Romance will wait! Approach an emotional problem with an open, humble, fearless directness on the 25th. You could be shocked by how well this approach works. Work out on the 30th. You need a healthy heart! Career & Finance: “New” – That's your key word this month. New year, new ideas, new goals. New job? Don't rule it out: The 1st and 2nd are days to think hard about what it is you want, might want or could be happier with, when it comes to your career. Give yourself plenty of time to reflect, and see if that doesn't lead you to some very interesting new thoughts. Write these down, mull them over, and when you're ready, take action. Something pretty exciting is afoot, when it comes to how you work and where you work and why you work on the 5th, 6th and 7th. Your great aunt Agnes might have some helpful career tips for you, even though when she was last in the workforce things looked a little bit different than they do now. As great aunt Agnes always says, some things don't change. And she might have good insights about precisely those eternal things (annoying bosses, coworkers, etc.) on the 13th or 14th. Concentrate on the 19th and 20th. Navigate a tricky interpersonal dynamic as best you can on the 25th. Work, then go work out, on the 30th.

Pisces 2/19 – 3/20 Monthly Horoscope: Provided by You. An authority figure. Two opinions, two points of view. This might sound like a problem, but it doesn't have to be, particularly not on the 1st and 2nd, when work isn't the primary thing on your mind. Nope, enjoy this time with friends and family, and be sure to particularly enjoy the extremely good luck that's coming your way this year. You can wait to duke it out with that authority figure until the workweek kicks into gear. Maybe you'll have a flash of brilliance in the meantime that will settle this difference of opinion, in your favor, once and for all! A stroke of luck brightens your life on the 8th and 9th. Add a splash of romance and you've got a recipe for a great couple of days! Even more romance keeps you occupied on the 13th and 14th. Who's complaining? Not you, certainly! By the 19th and 20th it's that time again: You need to check in with your health routine and see if you are really doing everything you can to stay in tip-top shape. Find a path and stick to it on the 24th and 25th. Working with a group on the 30th? Figure out if it's really the right place for you before you start trying to fix the situation's problems. Love & Relationships: You and your honey bunny aren't always going to agree on everything. And that's ok. Try not to see it as a negative when you want one thing and they want another. After all, variety is the spice of life! And by this measure, the 1st and 2nd are looking to be plenty spicy. You are really, really lucky to have somebody who brightens your life the way this special person in your life does on the 8th and 9th. Send them flowers! And don't be surprised if you get chocolates on the 13th and 14th. And there could be pasta on the way, too. Under the moonlight. On the roof. With violins playing in the background. Stay super healthy and you're a lot more likely to stay super-happy, too. That's definitely something to think about on the 19th and 20th, when you might be tempted to skip the gym and hole up with a blanket in front of the TV. (That's fine, just make sure you get to the gym, first). When it comes to navigating a relationship, make sure you know what you want. Then stick with it on the 24th and 25th. Scout out the situation before you take a stand on the 30th. Spicy is good but you don't want this to get burning hot! Career & Finance: You could start the year out feeling like you're chafing, a little, under the new boss's regime. Instead of worrying it to death, go ahead and relax and enjoy the time you do take off from work on the 1st and 2nd. After all, bringing work strain home is a sure-fire way to exhaust yourself unnecessarily. And that is certainly not going to help with that chafing feeling! Some really good news peps you up completely and you get back into being into your job on the 8th and 9th. Feels good, doesn't it? Your personal life (and all those flowers and chocolates) might take precedence over your professional life on the 13th and 14th. And that is totally one hundred percent ok. Feeling draggy? Then get to the gym on the 19th and 20th. Getting your blood flowing will help your brain function a lot better. Don't waffle on the 24th and 25th. If you know where this project should go, then don't act like you might consider compromising. A group situation offers potentials and pitfalls on the 30th. Do your best to understand what's involved before you commit.

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Makeup & Hair by Monique Model - Angee Huntley Photographer - Bernard Brzezinski

Valentine Wedding

PHASSION MODELS We are dedicated to focus on the quality, not quantity of our models. This never before concept is to help guide them to the highest caliber in the areas of modeling and personal development. We are entirely unique in that our focus is on preparing new models to become successful in the world of modeling with self confidence, poise and style. Phassion Models is a family! If you would like to use our models in any upcoming events or fashion shows, please contact us with full details. If you would like to be considered as a Phassion Model, please send forward your resume, along with a head shot and body shot, inc. – include head shot and body shot.

FINE DINING TAMPA BAY Charley's Steak House 4444 West Cypress Street Tampa Bay, FL 33607 (813) 353-9706 Donatello Restaurant 232 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33609 (813) 875-6660 Ruth's Chris Steak House (Tampa) 1700 N. West Shore Boulevard Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 282-1118 Oyster Catchers 2900 Bayport Drive Tampa, FL 33607 (813) 207-6815 Seasons 52 204 N. West Shore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33609 (813) 286-1152 Grille One Sixteen 15405 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33618 (813) 265-0116

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Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel & Marina 700 South Florida Avenue Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 221-4900 Don Vicente Historic Inn 1915 Avenida Republica de Cuba Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 241-4545 Tahitian Inn Hotel, Spa & Cafe' 601 South Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33609 (813) 769-5700 Don Cesar Beach Resort 3400 Gulf Boulevard St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 (727) 360-1881 Grand Plaza Beachfront Hotel & St Pete Beach Resort 5250 Gulf Blvd St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 (727) 360-1811

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Before I Knew You‌ I Had Always Loved You! Before I knew you, I had always loved you, Even as I dreamed of whom I'd love. My inner picture was a portrait of you Years before your heart my heart would move. Vistas of enchantment are but rarely As we find them in reality. Love with you is what I dreamed, but really, Eden as no dream could ever be. Nor is this the magic of the moment, The proper costume for the holiday. In words like these one finds the winnowed ferment, Not of the desire, but of the way, Else lost amid the longings of the day. ~ Nicholas Gordon~


Our Valentine's issue is full of romance - learn all the tricks for a successful Valentine's Day - we are introducing amazing designers of c...