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Corporate Office Century III Mall 3075 Clairton Road, Suite 930 Pittsburgh, PA 15123 Ph: 412.650.9004 Fax: 412.650.0304

Middle States Association Fully Accredited

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PHASE 4 Learning Center, Inc., is a community-based, 501(c3) non-profit corporation approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education to operate as a private provider for alternative education. PHASE 4 Learning Center’s mission is to provide an exceptional education for at-risk youth that focuses on their academic, social, behavioral and future needs, enabling them to graduate from high school prepared to become caring and contributing members of the community. Belief Statements We believe that alternative students... ...need acceptance and caring to be successful ...are intuitive problem solvers with unique learning styles We believe that PHASE 4 staff... ...must utilize unique instructional and personal strategies to motivate unique learners We believe that PHASE 4... ...must provide a dignified family and community centered environment ...must simultaneously address the academic, social, behavioral, and future needs of students ...must provide the resources for students to receive a diploma and transition into the future. Programs PHASE 4 Alternative Education Program (AEDY) - Serves at-risk students from grades 7-12 Diploma Retrieval Program - Targets individuals who have withdrawn from school and choose to return in order to earn their high school diplomas Summer School - Serves students from local school districts in need of summer school make-up courses 3 Rivers Computer Clubhouse – Affiliated with the international Intel Computer Clubhouse, provides an after-school technology program for underserved youth March2Success - Prepares students for state standardized testing as well as the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

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Program Outcomes  Increase attendance  Increase academic performance  Increase literacy and numeracy skills  Address social and behavioral challenges  Reduce dropout rate  Increase graduation rate  Improve work readiness and job placement  Increase parental involvement with students Program Components  Certified educators  Certified behavioral staff  A structured counseling and mentoring program  Teacher-lead, project-based learning that leads to differentiated instruction  Technology-based curriculum aligned to Pennsylvania State Standards with direct instruction  One-on-one instructional support  Career exploration for future preparation (including post-secondary education, military service and employment)  Outreach services for students and their families through strong community partnerships Program Recognition  President & Mrs. Bush commended PHASE 4 as a leader in alternative education  Federal, state and local officials continue to visit and endorse PHASE 4 Learning Center  Governor Ed Rendell declared "PHASE 4 as a model from which all can learn"  First Lady Judge Marjorie Rendell recognized PHASE 4 as the first alternative school to participate in her statewide civics initiative, PennCORD  Pennsylvania Department of Education lists PHASE 4 as one of ten best model alternative education programs for best practices and for the innovative "mall model and campus model designs"  National Dropout Prevention Center/Network cites PHASE 4 as an “Model Dropout Prevention Program”  Middle States Association granted full accreditation and cited PHASE 4 as "Changing the regional landscape in education."  Simon Youth Foundation named Terrie Suica-Reed, President and CEO, “National Administrator of the Year” in 2007  Forbes Funds selected PHASE 4 as finalist for the Wishart Award for Nonprofit Leadership  Pittsburgh Business Times lists PHASE 4 as the largest private school in Western Pennsylvania

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We believe that PHASE 4... ...must provide a dignified family and community centered environment ...must simultaneously address the academic...

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