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//The Daily Dosage// Spring quarter 2014//

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Univ. of Califormia Irvine for walk-in Hours

PharmSci Students, It’s been awhile, hopefully you can take some time to visit our new office in Steinhaus Hall! Also vacation is only days away! Enjoy the quarter while it lasts!!!


PharmSci Departn Note:

In this issue: What’s next for our graduates and advice, announcements, SSS, and so much more!


*G R A D U A T I O N*

All-Graduate Commencement Ceremony Parking is COMPLEMENTARY! All graduating students must be in the line-up area by no later than 7:00 a.m. - You must bring your TICKET & PHOTO ID for admission. - Review the Security page on the website for a complete list of prohibited items. - Flowers, flower leis, decorated graduation caps, and balloons will not be allowed in the stadium. (When in doubt, don’t bring it.) Please check your emails regularly and checkthe site as much as possible.

Individual School Celebrations June 15 Bren Events Center @ 6:00pm

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For more information, visit:

Student Support Services SSS? What is it? Student Support Services (SSS) is an on-campus academic support program whose goal is to aid students in their transition into the university while still encouraging an optimal college experience. Student population: First Generation Students Low-Income Students Former Foster the Youth In order to meet this goal SSS holds various workshops throughout the quarter while still offering a comprehensive list of services including: One-on-one advising Peer mentoring Visit Today! A book loan program 2nd floor! Information about campus resources Summer bridge freshmen and transfer program

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Celebrating our seniors Congratulations to all our graduating 2014 seniors! The end is almost near! We wish you the best of luck on all your future endeavors.

Some seniors have volunteered to inform us of what they’re up to next after graduating as well as some words of wisdom. Here’s what they have to say!

“Enjoy your undergraduate years because it goes by quickly. Also, work hard, but don’t forget to reward yourself with some fun! Lastly, balance is key.” - Andrew Pham (attending UCSF)

“Uncover and create meaning in your passion and trust yourself to handle the stress that follows.”

“The next four years will test your perseverance through challenging situations. The ability to maintain your motivation and drive during these situations is what will differentiate you from the average student.” -Mahyar Malekan (attending USC)

- Chau Ho (attending Univeristy of Utah)

“Enjoy the next four years at UCI and take in the experience. You’ll grow a lot and figure things out about yourself you never knew before, so while it is important to do well in class, don’t make it your only thing. You have to find time for yourself and be well rounded- take advantage of the opportunities that are available. Go out, explore, and find them. Make your college experience worth looking back on.” - Tracey Nguyen (attending USC)

“My advice to freshman friends is study hard but play hard. Try to identify what is your purpose of going to college and what you really want to do with your life. Try to get involve in leadership opportunities at school and perhaps go study abroad to see life outside of America.” - Phuong Lai (attending UCSF) “Don’t commit to any clubs until you have learned how to effectively study. Learn to balance time, studying, and hanging out with friends. Also, take advantage of all the opportunities that UCI provides.”

- Joseph Cambe (volunteering at CHOC outpatient pharmacy, Pharm Tech at Target, applying 2015 cycle)

“I mainly applied to out-of-state schools because I felt that I would benefit both professionally and personally if I explored outside of CA. So I would advise any pre-pharmacy students to be open-minded and never doubt oneself. Always expect the unexpected and never forget where you come from.” - Jenny Nguyen (attending University of Maryland)

“ Don’t take school so seriously! Do what you love to do and really put yourselves out there! Enjoy your undergrad while you can, because there is absolutely no rush! - Miah Pollack (attending UCSF)

“Reading the textbook can be daunting and boring but if you go to lecture, office hours, and ask questions you can easily weed out the unnecessary material and focus on the important concepts that will make any class a piece of cake.

Additionally, get involved in research or clinical volunteering (depending on your career goals) as early as your 2nd year.” - Nathan Lim (summer internship at Schrodinger then return to UCI for Pharm. Sci. Ph.D.)

“Prioritize things that truly matter in this life.” - John Wang (attending Touro University) “Do not lose hope. If you’ve never failed, you have yet to succeed. Keep pushing and strive for the best. When I believe I lacked in something, I always remember my mom’s words: “Be like a postage stamp; Stick to it until you get there.” - Nicole Quang (attending California Northstate)

<< < H o C b R a A E g S E in R k > in > h > Being involved in research is a great opportunity to not only T ut


build critical thinking and analysis skills, but also is a great way to build personal connections in a professional field.

1. Identify what kind of research interests you. •

Narrowing down which fields interest you makes doing the research much easier, because no one wants to be stuck for an entire year working for hours on something they don’t find interesting. Once you have narrowed down the fields, decide what setting you’d like to be researching in. Do you prefer a laboratory setting, a field or outdoors setting, or maybe you like doing clinicals.

2. Find the Pricipal Investigator •

Most principal investigators can be found via Webreg, and most researchorientated classes are a 199 class (i.e. Pharmsci 199 or Bio 199). From there the names of the principal investigators are listed. Once you have a name the best thing to do is look at their faculty profile and read about each professor’s research interests and professional background to see if that matches with your own possible interests. Also, once you narrow down your principal investigator, familiarize yourself with their specific research and write things thing that interest you or you have questions about.

3. Contact the Principal Investigator. •

Once you’ve decided on a principal investigator and familiarize your self with the professor’s specific research it time to contact them. If emailing the professor, include your major/minors, academic year, and any academic achievements that you may have received. Also, try to include why you are interested in that professor’s research and how is research involved in your future goals. Lastly, you may mention your personal involvements such as clubs, organizations, community service , etc.

MEET YOUR PEER ACADEMIC ADVISORS Henry Quach Valerie Chiou Tell us a little about yourselves!

I am a 3rd year Pharm Sci Major. I was born and raised in San Jose, CA up until moving to Irvine for school. I have been dancing for about 7 years and am a member of Team Millennia. Another passion of mine is volleyball which I began playing in middle school.

I'm a 2nd year Pharmaceutical Science major and I'm really excited to be a PAA next year. I'm from the Bay Area but I love UCI and enjoy living in Southern California.

Why did you apply to the PAA program? I think the PAA program is a great tool for students. During my first 2 years at UCI, I used this program a lot and it really helped guide me through obstacles. I am glad that there is an opportunity for me to give back and hopefully help many other peers.

I applied to the PAA program because I wanted to be more involved at UCI and I feel like this position was the best way to start. I think it's a great way to gain more leadership and communication skills.

What do you hope to accomplish as a PAA? I hope to finish the PAA experience as a much more mature leader. My goal is to give back all that i've gotten from this program, if not more.

I would like to have a positive influence on my peers and help them with their academic path. I want to be a beneficial source to rely on and leave an impact on peers.

What do you want to do in the future? I hope to see myself working in International Pharmaceutical Marketing. It would allow me to be in the health field but also a social setting.

I would like to work at a pharmaceutical or biotech company.

Do you have any tips/advice for your fellow classmates?

Make the most of your time here! As important as academics are, the best motivation is to have a group of people supporting you. Get involved, meet new people, and enjoy your time as a student. These are the prime years!

What I've learned so far in college is that you should focus on what you want and disregard what others want for you. In the end, you're going to have to live with your own decisions.

recommended by Phrm Sci Faculty

SUMMER READING LIST Nothing to do this summer break? Keep that brain sharp and learn more about life by exploring these three books! 1. Freakonomics - by Levitt and Dubner ~ things are not always what they seem 2. Strengths Finder 2.0 - by Tom Rath ~ figure out what your strengths are and how to apply them to life and careers 3. The Curmudgeonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Guide to Getting Ahead - by Charles Murray ~ tips on how to survive the work environment after graduating

Phrm sci newsletter spring 2014  
Phrm sci newsletter spring 2014