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SAT Words Students in the EHS Freshmen Experience were assigned a word from the SAT vocabulary list. After they researched the origin and meaning of their word students used green screen technology to composed themselves into a photo to illustrate the word.

I got up in front of the whole school to engender their school spirit for the school football team.

!"#$%&'()$)*)#+%),%-.,$%#%!"#$%&%'" /"'%&012,%.&'+%&1'&(13,%41#0,%#+5 &01-.5)*1,6

The firefighters were not daunted by the huge fire.

President Lincoln had composed his Gettysburg address speech from political research and news about war.

I have become more ameliorate since I came to the high school.

The woman behind me in the theater are vary loquacious.

There is no reparation possible for a broken heart.

A measurement can either be quantitative or qualitative, or a mixture of both

This is like a labyrinth because its so confusing.

We are going to expropriate the houses from their owners.

I saw a Dog with a cacophony bark.

Football is a fickle beast.

You can polarize light waves.

Mixing bleach and ammonia can cause noxious fumes that can seriously harm you .

To much junk food is Deleterious to your health.

The King’s knights were said to have been the model of chivalrous behavior.

Human existence as viewed in the theories of existentialism.

The freshman class has a propensity to be immature.

For years, student apathy !has been blamed for the low turnout.

Slot machines are arbitrary and not in your favor!

The propitious omens where easy to see.

The deer was to elusive to hunt down.

“When the math teacher wrote ‘456x*912/0.45’ on the board, Sally looked at me and said ‘this problem is very abstruse’” .

There is a lot of diverse clothing in my closet.

They reached an equitable settlement of their dispute.(:

His misanthropic behavior made me sad.

Aborigines are the indigenous people of Australia

She has very lucid dreams.

The difference between the Heat and the Lakers is qualitative.

I got stuck in a labyrinth and was in there for a long time.

The music is appropriate for the party

The girl was in a state of felicity when she got a A+ on her test.

Lampoon these characters who were saying these great, wonderful things.

!"#$%&'(%)*+$'"(,-$-(-+.%$,(/#$-&0'&*#1 2#'&)1#$%"#$3%"#*$'"(,-*#+$%&,/#-$13$4)'" &+-$13$,3)-5

We were concurrent marching band was practicing in the band room as the pit was practicing in the band garage.

When Gaston asked Belle to dance she gave him a conciliatory reply.

The ideal candidate will possess strong leadership skills and an ability to engender trust, respect, and credibility from others.

I’ve played soccer my whole life, so my game is far from rudimentary.

The kids were docile just before the teacher started to teach.

The cross in a church is a sacrosanct symbol.

I have an dearth supply of food and cloths and now im ready to go camping.

To Assimilate means to liken or to make like; to turn into. The Native Americans were asked to assimilate into the new American culture.

When I was taking my grandma’s dog for a walk it started to bark and his bark was reverberating.

I made a promise to never forsake all the ones who died on 9/11.

He was a local despot because he controlled the whole town..

I am not ambulatory because of these darn crutches!

The heart is a symbol for being ardent.

There Is a cut on my arm what is the pathology of the cut.

We are ardent about our cheerleaders! (:

We are in an elliptical orbit around the sun.

There isn’t a dearth of evidence.

Figurative painters do us this favor.

A judge sentenced a rouge FBI agent to 40 years in prison.

I didn’t expect the wall to be much of a hindrance but it was

Her supercilious smile showed that she wasn’t going to take anything we say seriously.

The wall was marred by graffiti.

My mom is very frugal most of the time.

He was a local despot because he controlled the whole town..

Obamas speech about the 53 states was farcical.

The artist’s work is prolific because he has a lot of paintings.

“The pirate was very autonomous in what he did.�

I felt a palpable sense of relief when the alien left.

Sometimes watching Saturday night live is farcical.

Vocab with Green Screen