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A Business Mission to the French Caribbean Outermost Region (FCOR) – Guadeloupe and Martinique

March 30th to April 5th, 2014 1

Table of Contents OECS-EDU Mission and Objectives


European Union


Abacus Inc


Audiovisual Association of Dominica


Baron Foods Limited




Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation


CJC Jenkins Designs




Dennery Mabouya Valley Development Foundation


Grenada Distillers


Heart of Dominica


Island Network Inc


Kaz Kweyol Productions Ltd


Lee Productions Inc.


Machine Dominik Records Incorporated


Masterroom Studio Ltd


Melon Design Architecture


Michele Henderson Inc


Natmed Ltd.


Noelville Ltd.


P.W. Bellot


Sankofa Health and Wellness Garden




Susies Hot Sauce


Themba Biofuels


Toucan Sounds


VincyFresh Limited




Visual Echo



The Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Export Development Unit (EDU) The OECS/EDU is an institution of the OECS Secretariat. Established in 2000, the Unit is mandated to increase exports from the region through the enhancement of the competitiveness of OECS products and services in domestic, regional and international markets. This is accomplished with a core of professional staff located at its Headquarters in Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica and close working relationships with strategic partners in other OECS states. Mission The Export Development Unit (EDU) will act as the primary sub-regional institution of the member states for the development, promotion and expansion of exports through the mobilization of technical and financial support for agri-business, services and manufacturing private sector. EDU will also play an advocacy role to member Governments and Public Sector agencies. Objectives To improve enterprise level competitiveness by providing direct support to individual enterprises in areas of Product Development, Marketing and Management Enhancement.  To increase awareness of OECS firms to the regional and international trading environment.  To provide assistance and support to current and potential OECS exporters in the formulation and implementation of marketing plans that will result in an enhanced export performance. FUNDING PARTNERS EU - European Union The European Union (EU) is a family of democratic European countries, committed to working together for peace and prosperity. It is not a State intended to replace existing States, nor is it just an organisation for international cooperation. The EU is, in fact, unique. Its member states have set up common institutions to which they delegate some of their sovereignty so that decisions on specific matters of joint interest can be made democratically at European level. The EU through the 10th EDF Economic Integration and Trade of the OECS Region is providing support to the collateral Mission being conducted. 3

ABACUS is a registered Commonwealth of Dominica Professional Corporation providing a broad range of engineering and related support services throughout the state to its clients in the planning, design and construction management of public and private sector facilities. ABACUS is a privately owned firm with a corporate office located on 15 Kennedy Avenue, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica. ABACUS’s staff and associated firms consist of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have functioned throughout the Caribbean and the United States Corporate Goal ABACUS’s staff continually strives for excellence with integrity in the performance of every project, from the smallest task to the most complex facility. Our staff is fully capable of demonstrating our capabilities of providing every client with the highest quality of service and technical competence. An important goal at ABACUS is to provide clear lines of communication between clients and project team members during all development phases of the project. This approach has worked well in providing ABACUS’s clients with projects that are completed well within budget and schedule. ABACUS’s clients can always rest assured that the firm’s decision makers can be contacted directly to discuss issues which may impact the rapid development, cost effectiveness and expeditious completion of their project. Email: Tel: 767-440-9704, 767-277-9704 4

Audiovisual Association of Dominica provides:  Training in various aspects of Audio Visual Production including: Production 2014; Screenwriting 2014; Training in Financing Opportunities - March 2014;  Assistance with Marketing of clients work: A marketing DVD

has been produced showcasing members work; Liaising with DDA to use AAD members to work alongside visiting videographers and filmmakers; Liaising with Broadcasting Companies to increase local content on television; Liaising with Broadcasting Companies to get better rates for clients work;

 Information Sharing: Providing information on screening

opportunities regionally and internationally; Providing information on funding opportunities available regionally and internationally; Providing information on opportunities available in production;

 Establishing relations with various audiovisual association in

the region with a view to developing co-productions between companies in those islands and AAD Members. Associations on board to date include: St. Lucia Film and Audiovisual Association; Guadeloupe Film Commission; Barbados Film and Video Association Inc. ;

 Lobbying government on for concessions for the audiovisual


Email: Tel: 767-276-7584


Baron Foods Limited is located on the island of St. Lucia, situated at the Vieux Fort Industrial Estate and was established in November 1991. The company employs approximately seventy– five (75) fulltime employees. The products produced are a wide range of sauces, condiments, seasonings, spices, essences and fruit concentrates that have received worldwide acclaim. In total we produce over 150 products. Large quantities are sold locally and also shipped to international customers. The company is certified by FSSC 22000 (Food Safety System Certification), a highly regarded certification by the GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative). We ensure our customers receive nothing less than the highest quality in products and services. Baron Foods is situated on seventy – eight thousand (78,000) square feet of land with a secure and adequately ventilated factory occupying ten thousand (10,000) square feet. The batches and production areas occupies two thousand (2,000) square feet, the storage area for raw materials occupies seven thousand (7,000) square feet and storage area for finished products three thousand two hundred (3200) square feet. The company is managed by a Chief Executive Officer, who develops a framework within which the company’s growth is nurtured. Supporting the Chief Executive Officer is a Management Team, which implements the policies of the company and manages the daily affairs of the respective departments. These include responsibilities to ensure maximum production, yield, proper handling and personnel hygiene methods being maintained and overseeing of the effective record keeping system. Email: Tel: 758-454-9230


Belzeb Inc. is pleased to offer you products made from the finest ingredients. Fresh cosmetic-grade natural botanicals, pure essential oils, and cosmetic-grade fragrance oils to provide you with beautifully handcrafted and luxurious products used in some of the Caribbean’s Finest Spas. Belzeb is a cottage company that creates natural soaps, and bath & beauty products. Located on the lush Caribbean island of Grenada, Belzeb prides itself in handcrafting all of its products, one small batch at a time in a beautiful, historical, century-old house. Belzeb’s herb gardens are located on the premises, allowing us to give the highest level of attention to ensuring the quality and purity of our products. Using herbs and natural ingredients for personal care and medicine has been part of Caribbean culture for hundreds of years. Belzeb’s products make use of well researched traditional beauty recipes that have been tried and tested in the Caribbean over generations. Belzeb has been operating in Haiti and Grenada for almost 10 years. Read some of our early press coverage to learn more! Email: Tel: 473-538-7967


Caribbean Agro Producers Corporation is a small agro processing company, one of only four such companies in Dominica. They have been manufacturing and selling 100% Caribbean products since 2002. Ninety percent of their inputs are farmed or produced in-house with the other ten percent provided by contract farmers. Selecting only the best ingredients and creating a unique and authentic Caribbean line of products such as twelve indigenous herbal teas with well-known medicinal value. Other products include three herbal ice teas, coconut oil, coconut water, gourmet ginger syrup, noni tonic and fifteen herbal capsules. Email: Tel: 767-445-7001


CJC Jenkins Designs provides a breath of fresh air, innovation and a new approach to Architecture, Interior Design, Green Energy and Environmental Design, Construction and Project Management. Mission: We dare to be different, we strive to be better. Description: Our company offers a unique perspective and professional service for clients wishing to invest in either residential or commercial construction or simply requiring consultation and guidance. Our combined experience comprise of over thirty years of an impressive business, design, procurement and construction involvement in various roles and responsibilities. We see to all your building needs and our client’s interests are our interests. Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management, Construction Management, Property Evaluation & Construction Leadership in Energy, and Environment Design (LEED) Consultants Project administration, coordination and management: Members of CJC have over the years partnered with some of Antigua's most reputable construction and architectural companies to bring great ideas to life. Email: Tel: 268-724-0873


DAPEX was originally founded in 2002 as the Dominica Banana Producers Ltd. (DBPL), and re-registered in 2010. The Company is owned by farmers, employees, and other stakeholders. DAPEX was previously engaged as the TESCO Nature’s Choice banana exporter through WIBDECO (now Winfresh). In 2009 the shareholders changed the name of the company from DBPL to Dominica Agricultural Producers and Exporters Limited (DAPEX) in an effort to move from the exports of only bananas and to broaden the range of crops for exports. It currently exports to Barbados, St Kitts and the United States, with occasional shipments to Trinidad. The company has gained the expertise and experience in exports of a range of 28 crops including bananas, plantain, avocado, sweet potato, ginger, coconut, dasheen, tannia, yams, mango, passion fruit, christophene, pineapple. Limes, pink grapefruits, oranges and more.

Agricultural Inputs Distributor Ltd. In March 2003, DAPEX registered its first subsidiary company: Agricultural Inputs Distributor Ltd. (AIDL). This was established to provide the full range of agricultural supplies in support of its production and exports business. Email: Tel: 767-448-2671


The Dennery Mabouya Valley Development Foundation (DMVDF) is a community based organization born from the implementation of the SFA 2007 Community Based Eco Agro Tourism (CBEAT) project by the Ministry of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries and funded by the European Union. The main objective of the project is to provide a sustainable economic base for local communities through the development of linkages between Agriculture and Tourism. It aims to create lasting alternative economic activities to generate livelihoods thus increasing incomes and prosperity in the Dennery and the Mabouya Valley, in order to reduce poverty. We are offering a unique Eco Agro Tourism Product, which highlights the authentic Saint Lucian Culture, Heritage, Cuisine, people and natural environment which promises to be an experience of a lifetime. The DMVDF sites includes Sankofa Rainbow Roots Farm, Fond D’or Heritage Park, La Pointe Lay By, Dennery Sea Food Fiesta and the Mandele Lay By. The DMVDF product also includes a rainforest hike or a nature trail walk to Fond Petit Waterfall - the Mabouya Valley best kept secret. The DMVDF supports locas crafts persons within the community who produce items such as wirecraft, calabash decorating, wood carving, and jewelry making. Apart from these items available for sale we support the Sankofa Rainbow Roots Farm which is an organic farm run by Rastafarians. They are currently involved in producing items such as mung beans sprouts, tofu, and are looking into other markets such honey. The Foundation seeks to encourage community spirit, promote, encourage and assist the economic, educational, environmental and recreational endeavors of the Dennery community. Email: Tel: 758-453-4351 11

Grenada Distillers Limited was registered in February 2001, formerly Grenada Sugar Factory, the makers of Clarke’s Court Rum, which operated since 1937. The factory is situated in the southern part of the island, Woodlands Valley. Clarke’s Court Rum derived its name from Clarke’s Court Bay in Woodlands, which is some minutes away from the factory. The distillery currently produces sixteen (16) rum or rum based products, most of which have won awards at international competitions. The history, heritage and uniqueness of the operations of the old Sugar Factory is maintained in an attractive state for viewing by the tourists and nationals who visit the plant.

Our attainment of HACCP Certification, has positioned Grenada Distillers Ltd among the few companies in Grenada to boast about such certification. HACCP supports the vision of ensuring that the products that we produce satisfy internationally accepted standards. Within the Portfolio of products, our #37 Blend which is limited edition 8 year old rum, premium double matured, with exceptional smoothness, full body and rich fruity flavour, to satisfy every palate and every drinker’s repertoire leads the way. The Product carries a pleasing burnt oak aroma which adds to the richness of this rum which is 40% alcohol by volume. GDL also prides itself on having a blended five year aged copper-gold spirit product which is quite palatable. A silky entry leads to a medium body with tropical fruit and spicy flavour added to oaky elements which linger on smoothly. A pleasant aroma which tells the tale of its ageing process on charred bourbon barrels. Old Grog gets its name from the early days when HM George III of England demanded the best casks from the West Indies. These were marked G.R.O.G. abbreviation for Georgius Rex Old Grenada and is also 40% alcohol by volume. Email: Tel: 473-444-5363 12

The Heart of Dominica Tourism Development Area (TDA) is centred on the mountain village of Pont Cassé, in the parishes of St. Paul and St. Joseph, at the heart of the island where the island’s major cross-country roads connect, including the Melville Hall to Canefield highway. Other villages/ hamlets within the community include Antrim, Springfield, Sylvania, Corona, Riviere La Crois, Despor, William Settlement Penrice, Belles, Wet Area, G’leau Gommier and Soultan. Providing access to a diversity of authentic experiences – the ‘heart’ or essence of Dominica – including Culture & Heritage, Organic Farming and Hiking, the Heart of Dominica TDA is the location of headquarters of the Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit from which trail segments 4 and 5 radiate, in some places following the old Kalinago (Carib) ‘traces’ (or trails). The communities within the network also sit on the foothills of Morne Trois Pitons, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The central mountain location of the HEART (over 2000 ft above sea level) encompasses many other attractions including over 13 waterfalls at the Emerald Pool, Jaco (Hibiscus) Falls, Spanny Twin Falls, Salton/Soultan 9-Diamond Falls, and Middleham Falls, all within or on the foothills of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park and World Heritage Site. Important historic maroon sites include Bala Caves and Jacko Steps (site of maroon camp under African-born chief Jacko. Organic farm experiences, farm stays, and agro-processing tours are also a feature in this agriculture belt, as well as the opportunity to visit art studios, purchase locally produced art and crafts, sample organic fruits and vegetables, and other local produce. The cross-roads at Pont Casse also provide access to the four coasts and many of the island’s major attractions, including the Kalinago Territory, within 20-45 minutes. Email: Tel: 767-612-4166 / 767-246-4166 13

Island Network Inc. is one of St Vincent & the Grenadines’ leading artiste and events management companies. As an entrepreneur and boss, Mr. Herric Horne’s dedication to his vision of nurturing promising talents led him to successfully establish the first and largest artiste management company in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). He was one of the presenters at the Second Annual OECS Development Conference 2008 (Growing the Creative Industries in the OECS). He also was one of the person’s chosen by Caribbean Export to represent the Caribbean at WOMEX 2011. Island Networks Inc. is recognized as a market leader for its creative approach within the entertainment industry, and for its proven track record in grooming successful artistes like Seven times Soca Monarch of SVG Fireman Hooper. Island Network Inc. has garnered wide-ranging support from the local media, production companies and corporate clients. As a testament to Mr. Horne’s management success artistes from around the Caribbean are seeking his representation. To-date, he has successfully managed many high-profile projects for LIME with the latest being “Lime Free up party 2012”. Soca on the Beach 2011 - 2013 and Sunrise 2013 are both island Network productions. For the past 8 year he has been producing the Lime Monday Band for Vincy Mas. The company offers Artiste Management (bookings & referrals), Event management (Production, Promotions, Logistics). Island Network has been successful in event management services, producing shows in the Caribbean as well as New York, Canada and London. Email: Tel: 784-593-9099



Kaz Kweyol Productions Ltd provides the following services: Screening of films of Caribbean filmmakers ; Hosting in collaboration with the Dominica Film Office the C a r ib b e a n Tr a v e l i n g F i l m Showcase; Providing training in "Telling Stories Using Video" for members of the Secondary School Drama

Film Production including:  Two Documentaries - Superschool and Last Lap  Documentary on the Giraudel Flower Show  A 30 minute motivational film for males entitled Me Too for Decade Media out of the US. This film was launched in 1979 and was shown in several Caribbean Countries.  Full length feature HIM based on the musical Jesus Christ Superstar which premiered at St. Gerards Hall in Roseau in April 1979. Him starred Alwin Bully as Jesus, Levi Loblack as Judas and featured other known personalities like Dr. Lennox Honnychurch, Raymond Lawrence, Severin McKenzie, Winceslas Bannis, Earlsworth Leblance, Vivian Renee and Royette Valmond.  Toto and the Town Visitors (a Christmas film shot in Video and starring Lennox Rock, Algernon Rabess, Winceslas Bannis, Gloria Septra Augustus, Duncan Stowe and young Lazare)  It only takes One a film on the play of the same name by Gloria Septra Augustus and adapted for screen by herself, Curtis Clarendon and Alwin Bully, directed by Alwin Bully and produced by La Cour des Arts de la Dominique  Documentary - Unknown Musical Power House of the Caribbean produced for DEXIA In Production: Mama Gleau; The Ruler; The Nitebox; and Oh my finger. Email: Tel: 767-276-7584 15

Lee Productions Inc. created in 2000, is a video/film production company based in Saint Lucia, which specializes in films, music videos, documentaries, television shows and commercials. Lee Productions Inc. produces with a Caribbean aesthetic, which is the texture and vibrancy of the environment, music and stories this is appealing to the Caribbean Diaspora as well as the African Diaspora who share certain similarities. Lee Productions’ aim is to produce high quality films with a Caribbean Aesthetic by capturing the essence of traditional storytelling and vibrancy of the islands. The company has produced three television shows directed by Davina Lee as well as a series of experimental films based on the work of Caribbean poets including Aimé Césaire, Derek Walcott, John Robert Lee, Adrian Augier and Kendell Hippolyte. Lee Productions Inc. has produced a variety of Music videos all of which have been featured on International and regional TV stations such as BET, Tempo and RETV for artistes including Boo Hinkson, Shayne Ross, Teddyson John, Denise Belfont, Qpid and Nicole David to name a few. The company has also produced documentaries for organizations such as the United States Peace Corps, Save the Children Fund (Saint Lucia), the Saint Lucia Blind Welfare Association and Rotary Club of Saint Lucia. The coming of Org, a short film produced by the company, won a United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) award; CEMA (Cinematic & Entrepreneurship Motivation Awards). The film has been screened in France (Cannes- Short Film Corner), United Kingdom (Bang Short Film Festival and Images of Black Women Film Festival), Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival), Martinique (Centre Culturel de Fonds Saint Jacques), Barbados (Caribbean Tales Film Festival), New York (People’s Film Festival, Caribbean Film Academy) and in Saint Lucia hosted by the Alliance Française. Email: Tel:758-716-0296 16

Machine Dominik Records Incorporated is a Record label company recently formulated by Krishna Lawrence. This company serves as an umbrella to professionally manage, develop and market Dominican culture and talent. Dominica has a wealth of talent musically and in other areas of entertainment but specifically in the music and culture business they have a very rich history of music. Dominica has influenced countries such as the French territories Guadeloupe and Martinique with its Cadence-Lypso by the great Gordon Henderson, the Exile One and the late and great Jeff Joseph of Grammaks and Volte Fas. Machine Dominik Records Incorporated serves as an umbrella for Professional Dominican Music. Artist and musicians will be signed to the label and be properly managed and developed to operate within a specific market where they can compete properly and professionally. Their services include Professional Management, Booking Agent, Recording Facility & Producer, and Marketing Management. Email: Tel: 767-614-2506


MASTERROOM STUDIOS Mark Cyrus is the owner of The Master Room Studios and Master Room Productions. Presently The Master Room is working on developing soca, dancehall, rap and RnB artistes in the Caribbean. Mark’s first introduction to the professional music world was in 1990 when he was employed as an engineer at Basement Studios London .Here he had a great start by working for world famous producer Simon Law of “Soul To Soul” fame –( Back To Life, Keep On Movin) He recorded songs for established artists such as Jt Taylor -Kool n The Gang, Grammy award winner Juniour Giscombe -Album project, Kym Mazelle and a host of other dance artists. Marks first production was in 1990. His first 12”single (Number 24 in the UK Dance charts) by Firecracker. He then co-wrote a national top 40 single for “Xpansions” which also became the no.1 dance club single in the UK. It was then that he signed his first management deal to ASM Management Ltd. Email: Tel: 784-433-4543


Melon Design is the second largest architectural firm in St. Lucia. Over the past 10 years the partners at Melon Design have designed competition and award winning public buildings both in St. Lucia & the UK, establishing a reputation for providing imaginative and working solutions to meet the needs of both clients and users. Melon Design believes in environmentally sensitive architecture – this is both in terms of enhancing the surrounding context as well as reducing consumption of energy & resources. We believe that architecture, as the salient interactive component of the built environment has a responsibility for the enhancement of daily life, requiring careful thought and integration into its contextual environment – be it greenfield or urban. Our interaction with buildings is so much more than visual. As the major consumer of raw material and energy, Architecture has a responsibility to the natural environment - embracing energy saving techniques in design and technology and utilising sustainably sourced materials where applicable, benefits not only the environment, but in saving on lifetime running costs of the building benefits the client. Melon Design maintains an associate studio in the UK, and is currently involved in projects in St. Lucia, the Grenadines, and Cyprus. Email: Tel: 758-458-4605


Whether it’s in English, French or Creole; Zouk, R&B, Jazz, Reggae or Retro Soul, the accolades are consistent. Michele Henderson is fast becoming one of the Caribbean’s premier female vocal talents. No stranger to the entertainment scene in her native land of Dominica, Michele’s status as an all rounder - writer, flautist and vocalist, is growing by leaps and bounds throughout the Caribbean and further a field with every performance. She has been featured in Caribbean magazines such as “She”, “Home Companion”, “Maco”, “Caribbean Beat” & “The Beat”, on regional television programs such as Caribscope & E-zone and in the international media including BET Jazz. In October 2000, Michele released her self-entitled debut album “Michele Henderson”. In October of 2001, this young and ambitious talent took an unprecedented step to perform a Creole Special in the Arawak House of Culture in Dominica, and the CD “Michele Henderson, Creole Special Live at the Arawak House of Culture”, is the result. Michele was included on the 2002 & 2003 line-up for the 6th and 7th annual World Creole Music Festivals. 2003 brought a great sense of achievement to Michele and her band when her third album, “Sound check”, was awarded “Album of the Year - 2002” by the Foundation for Artists Musicians and Entertainers (FAME), a foundation established in Dominica. Michele was further honored when “Sing for Africa”, a magnificently crafted track from the Sound check album, was awarded “Song of the year-2002”. She was again, honored, by being invited for a second consecutive appearance at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival in 2003 after an unforgettable performance there the preceding year. Email: Tel: 767-616-0077


Natmed Ltd. is a St. Lucian manufacturer of all natural, health-related products. The products are formulated by Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine, and are marketed under two brand names:  C ar i b b e a n Blue® Naturals includes all natural sunscreen, suncare, skincare, spa, soap and natural insect repellent products and herbal products; and Natmed Herbals™ includes all natural herbal extracts, remedies and products for common health complaints.

Caribbean Blue® Naturals is a registered trademark of Natmed Ltd. It is registered in several other countries including the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the US and the EU. Current exports in the region include Barbados, St. Kitts, Antigua, Necker Island, Dominican Republic and Curacao. In addition, there is some distribution in the UK, and Singapore. Natmed Ltd. has attended many regional and international tradeshows, and has won the following awards:  Nominee - “Minister's Award for Innovation”: St. Lucia Manufacturers Association Quality Awards 2012  Gold Award “Product and Customer Service Quality” St. Lucia Manufacturers Association Quality Awards 2012  Gold Award “Implementation of Standards & Best Practices”  St. Lucia Manufacturers Association Quality Awards 2012  Runner up “Outstanding Creative Packaging” ***Caribbean Gift & Craft Show 2007 (CGCS2007) Curacao  Winner “Best Small Business” - National Exhibition 2004 (25th Anniversary of Independence) St. Lucia  Runner up “Best Booth Display” Caribbean Gift & Craft Show 2002 (CGCS2002) Grenada  Winner “Best Product Line” Caribbean Gift & Craft Show 2001 (CGCS2001) Barbados Email: Tel: 758-452-8176 21

Over the years, traditional herbalists have quietly used nutmeg as a medicatio n for various health ailm ents. More recently, however, studies have revealed that both nutmeg and mace possess distinct medicinal properties. Noelville Ltd, in consultation with specialists involved in the pharmaceutical and medical professions, has done intensive research which has resulted in the product NUTMED™. This product is a blend of plant extracts with the refreshing scent of nutmeg. Nut-Med™ works by having a topical analgesic effect that depresses cutaneous sensory receptors. When those natural ingredients are combined together in their precise amounts and dispersed in an alcohol solvent (methyl alcohol) it is claimed to have a synergistic effect that relieves tight sore joints, arthritic pains, muscle soreness, inflammation and gives instant relief to back pains. The Nutmeg healing effect is found in ancient Arabian writings and supported by the more recent Grenadian experience. It provide relief to the pain of arthritis and aching body parts. The net effect is a doubling of the strength of the product over and above other competitive products. All ingredients are considered safe to use and unlike other similar products sold on the market today, Nut-Med™ is not formulated with waxes, artificial colors and other chemicals. The ingredients are carefully selected botanical extracts for the safest results of this product. "Nutmeg oil is prominently used in the pharmaceutical industry. Historically nutmeg has been used as a form of medicine to treat many illnesses ranging from those affecting the nervous system to the digestive system. Presently, the nutmeg oil is used by many pharmaceutical companies in their formulations of products to treat different illnesses. Email: Tel: 473-442-7514 22

PARRY W. BELLOT & COMPANY LTD. (BELLO) Our product mix encompasses tropical fruit juices, drink concentrates and related preserves as well as various spices, coffee, chocolate and food condiment sauces.

Although Dominica is still small in size we are blessed with a wonderfully fertile volcanic soil and sunny tropical climate where everything grows in profusion. In fact, Dominica is so beautifully pristine and mountainous we are known as the ‘Nature Island of the Caribbean!” From this organic ‘Garden of Eden’ environment we choose only the choicest selections from nature’s bounty to ensure all BELLO products are among the finest of their kind in the world! Email: Tel: 767-448-2826


The Sankofa Health and Wellness Garden is an ecotourism initiative which serves as a vehicle to preserve and promote our ancestral knowledge, natural and cultural heritage, while improving the economic and social development of the Montserrat community. The Garden features various species of plants with economic, aesthetic, ecological, and medicinal value. Residents and visitors alike benefit from the therapeutic healing energies of the relaxation, herbal tea, culinary herbs, vegetables, and traditional medicine gardens. The Children’s Garden is a place of fun, laughter and learning. The edutainment center serves as an outdoor classroom and ecological center for biodiversity conservation and creative expression. The Garden Kitchen serves up healthy vegetarian cuisine and natural juices, along with instructional classes in preparing vegetarian dishes. The Kulcha Shop displays and sells nature inspired art and crafts. A Garden Harvest Festival is conducted each month, featuring seasonal fruits, vegetables, flora‌eg., Breadfruit Fest, Banana Fest, and Festival of Flowers. Other garden programs include: Passion for Plants Club, Young Farmers Club, and Junior Rangers. The Sankofa Health and Wellness Garden aims to be a model for sustainable development & conservation. Email: Tel: 664-495-1918


Film production, Music Publishing, Island Secrets SKARP Distribution and Culture is in the audio-visual and content creation business. Our main focus is to distribute and export Caribbean Films and video content to international multimedia platforms.

Our key mission is to create industry standard audio-visual content for television and cinema networks, and distribute them via licensing and syndication. We also aim to have strong ties with our French speaking islands namely Martinique and Guadeloupe, and we continue to infuse our content with French and Creole. Presently one of our flagship products is ‘Island Secrets’ an exciting television drama series with Season 1 and 2 consisting of over 26 episodes. Our content has aired across the region or television networks, like Carib Vision, Tempo, Grenada Broadcasting Network, SVGTV, and loads more. We have over twenty-four (24) hours of video content, which equates to a full day of broadcasted content. Our goal is to have a significant share in the Caribbean content market, and become a consistent distributor of Caribbean media content. Our business philosophy is to be true to the video and music consumer, and we can do so by working with as many producers and content creators as possible, from every island, so that together we can create, capture and export the ‘True Caribbean Experience’. Email: Tel: 758-724-0771 25

Susie’s Hot Sauce was established in 1960 by Antiguan born and bred, Susannah Tonge, affectionately known as Aunt Susie. Today, the sauces are known around the world, and are still produced in the family kitchen by her daughter with a passion! Aunt Susie was a culinary explorer who was constantly experimenting with new recipes – little did she know at the time that one of her ‘experiments’ would develop into Antigua’s award winning and best selling hot sauce! Only pure, natural ingredients have ever been used in these delicious hot sauces and vinegar is still the only preservative used. The range of sauces have expanded over the years and now include Susie’s Original; Calypso; Tear Drops; Creole; Burning Desire; Pineapple Pleasure; Papaya Delight; Tamarind Tango; Mango Mandingo and the latest addition Raspberry Rhapsody. We also have Pepper Jellies – Mango, Pineapple, Papaya, Guava & more. Susie’s Hot Sauces grace the tables at the majority of Antigua’s finest restaurants, providing a wonderful opportunity to combine two of life’s pleasures – wonderful food and exciting sauce! Susie’s Hot Sauces are the ideal gift to take home with you and are available at the major supermarkets; hotel and airport gift shops and the Vendors’ Mall in St. John’s, you must enjoy a taste of Antigua. Susie's Original is the proud winner of the 2004 Golden Chile Award... "BEST INTERNATIONAL HOT SAUCE", and our Mango Mandingo, the 2005 Golden Chile Award... "BEST FRUIT SAUCE"! Susie’s also offer a personalized range of wedding sauces, which make wonderful mementos of a very special day. We present our Romeo and Juliet bottles, miniatures or mini heart bottles, labelled with your picture, names, colours and wedding date, with your choice of our sauces. Susie's makes your special event, a gala and spicy affair! Email: Tel: 268-461-0365 26

Themba Biofuels’ recognizes the key role that biofuels could play in helping to provide energy security to the small island states of the Eastern Caribbean (OECS) and is committed to unlocking the potential of biofuels as a sustainable source of bioenergy for the future. The company aims to become the market leader in the biofuels sector both locally and regionally by striving for excellence in it’s operations and building strong mutually beneficial relationships with its customers. Themba focuses relentlessly on • Making a positive environmental impact through waste diversion and emissions reduction;  Developing local talent and expertise through technical employment opportunities;  Generating excellent profits and investing in product and service development; and  Establishing biodiesel as a key component of the Eastern Caribbean energy landscape. Key Achievements: •Completed construction of first commercial biodiesel refinery in the Eastern Caribbean in November 2011 •Established biodiesel as a viable alternative to petro-diesel in Antigua & Barbuda •Successfully negotiated waste oil supply agreements with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines & Carnival Cruises Ltd •Successfully negotiated agreement with ‘Antigua & Barbuda Airport Authority’ for supply of biodiesel to power land transportation •Diverted more than 400 tonnes waste oil from landfills •Biodiesel substitution has resulted in 480 tonnes CO2 emissions reduction Email: Tel: 268-720-0682


Toucan Sounds is a full service sound company from the federation of St. Kitts & Nevis. The company was formed in 1996 and is owned and managed by Adrian Lam who is a well known and respected music industry professional. The company provides production services for the St. Kitts Music Festival, Carnival in St. Kitts and the Culturama Festival in Nevis. Additionally, the company is involved in the production of live entertainment, CD production and music distribution for musicians on St. Kitts & Nevis. Mr. Lam currently serves as President of the St. Kitts & Nevis Association of Artists & Professionals in the music industry. Email: Tel: 869-465-3175


VincyFresh Ltd was formed in October 2007 (a joint venture Company formed by the WinFresh formerly WIBDECO and the National Properties Ltd) to perform an anchoring and a game changing role in the agricultural diversification thrust pursued by the Ministry of Agriculture and by extension the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines by the marketing of fresh produce and by value addition. We are located in Lauders, the heart of the agricultural community on the windward interior of the Island which gives us close proximity to our suppliers (farmers). This ensures that only the freshest ingredients are used in ALL of our products that are branded under the WinFresh family. Our team has decades of collective experience as Chief Executive Officers at leading institutions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. Email: Tel: 784-458-5005


VINCYKLUS INC was founded on September 16, 2010 and officially launched on November 10, 2010. The Cluster comprises a group of individuals, enterprises, institutions and agencies that constitute the value chain for agribusiness development in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The main purpose of the cluster is to give effect to initiatives geared towards enhancing competitiveness of agro-processors in St Vincent and the Grenadines by delivering a quality product/ service that is competitively priced. The cluster also seeks to provide investment support in improving members’ capacity for successful agro-processing and value addition by enabling access to resources/services that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of the firms within the cluster in a manner that is non -profit, non-sectarian and non-political. The mission of the cluster is therefore to improve agricultural livelihoods by strengthening linkages within the agribusiness value chain, increasing return to the agro-processors and by extension to the farmers of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The target industries are the agro-processing establishments that manufacture products such as hot pepper sauces and powders, seasonings, chips (sweet potato, eddoes, plantains and breadfruit), salted peanuts, wines, honey, essences, jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit juices, yogurt, canned fruits, punches, chutneys, coconut oils and other homemade confectionaries such as fudges and coconut cakes. Others include smoked ham, smoked fish and other prepared meats. Email: Tel: 784-451-2235/6


Visual Echo is an Antiguan company affordably reshaping the face of creative advertising and marketing solutions in Antigua & Barbuda, the region and beyond. Our focus is service to the client; we work with you to produce vivid and imaginative clarity to their vision, with expedient delivery. We assist in a 360º panorama of visual and media communication services including graphic design, creative conceptualization, implementation of advertising/marketing campaigns, print, radio and television production, printed materials, signage, interactive media, and websites. We offer quality service, competitive prices, and comprehensive solutions. Please take a brief moment to review our online portfolios in print, audio and video at and, to see the quality of service that we can provide to in the following areas: SERVICES          

Video production, television spots, informational and events Audio production, radio spots and jingles Print design Social Media and Web Corporate Identity & Branding Publication design Magazine and newsprint Brochures and booklets Posters, billboards, decals & banners Promotional items Email: Tel: 268-720-3246


Prepared by Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States Export Development Unit (OECS-EDU) 767-448-2240/5503/5504 March 2014


A Business Mission to the French Caribbean Outermost Region (FCOR)  

Mission Booklet – Guadeloupe and Martinique

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