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How to become private pilot: a shot Guide According to a latest online survey more than fifty five percent of youths want to become pilot in which forty five percent could apply for that. Out of this figure only twenty eight percent applicants could qualify the exams successfully. Well, some autonomous institutions conduct flying training in the country while military also organizes the same on regular basis. Every forthcoming pilot must complete high school certification and this is the least requirement for becoming pilot. Many companies which recruit commercial pilots need at least 2 years training at college level. As far as career of a pilot is concerned, it is better if candidates have deep knowledge over the subjects/course like Engineering, Meteorology, Mathematics and Physics, English etc. In this regard, civilian flying institutes and military schools make you learn how to fly commercial planes. You can easily find more than six hundred civilian flying schools across the country in which all of them are approved through FFA. There are some universities which offer such flying courses for pilot training to the civilians like you. You should know the fact that pilots who have left military services are also in big demands these days. Getting a commercial pilot license, moreover, is not a hard nut to crack out; it can be somewhat difficult while you are in training. During your course you should be very punctual in every area of study and especially for time. For getting that license one must qualify flight instruction examination at any costs. On the other hand you must have positive medical certificate before go for ever first solo flight in sky. Now you have a bright future in Flight training and Camarillo. Instructor endorsed student pilot certification is next and very important requirement for the same. In such exams you can be asked to solve the queries regarding the rules and regulations of FFA. In addition you must have clear cut idea about make and models of every aircrafts which you are going to fly after clearing the test successfully. Once you get succeed in tests & your instructor fells that you are ready and can make solo flight, he/ she will give the required approval. Now your pilot certificate is ready and your dream is coming true. In order to have

your Private Pilot license pilot, one must qualify entrance examinations conducted by Military preparatory flight training authority in country.

Get quality commercial flight training from Phantom Aviation Becoming a pilot is quite a challenging job for anyone. Most of the people desire to make their successful career in the aviation industry as a professional pilot. If you are the one who wish to make your bright career in flight industry, it is advisable to seek for a top rated flight academy that specializes in offering a comprehensive training and services. There are several flight schools available in different regions. If you are living in Camarillo and searching for the best academy, look no further than “Phantom Aviation�. We are the premier destination for all those students who are willing to become a successful pilot in the aviation industry. With our extensive training programs, you can acquire a lot of flying skill and expertise in an efficient manner. We teach our apprentices while using state of the art and modern techniques. This ensures that each trainee will achieve a perfect flight skill and become one of the safest pilots in the sky. All the instructors that we employ are highly qualified, skilled and certified professionals having a long-term experience in the aviation industry. Our academy specializes in offering a range of advanced pilot training techniques as well as materials so that students can fulfill their essential requirements in the best possible manner. Whether you want to become a private pilot or a commercial one, we are here to assist you in making your dream come true. We offer excellent trainings and services for improving and refining flying skills of our students. If you are looking for the best Commercial pilot training Camarillo, then you are at the right place. We offer different courses that include intro flight, private pilot, military preparatory, aerobatics and so on. We not only teach to FAA test standards, but also provide our trainees with the most real world experience which is important for flight training. No other service providers are there that offer first class trainings like us. We offer the best aircraft, superior training and professional trainers at very competitive rates. You can get the best pilot training at our Flight school and Camarillo based flight academy is one of the reputed institutes in the region. For more details, you can visit our online website at anytime from anywhere.

Explore Opportunity to Get Training at Camarillo Airport with “Phantom-Air” If you are seeking Flight School and Camarillo airport based training provides, you come to the right place. We “Phantom-Air” is one of the dependable and leading Private Flight Academy, facilitating a full range of skills and live training opportunities to our students essential to become a pilot. Someone looking to enhance or improve their flying skills can also contact us. In order to provide our students the most ideal flying conditions, we are providing our highest quality aircraft instruction at Camarillo Airport. Camarillo Airport is a Military Preparatory Flight Training destination, geared with all the possible technologies that support optimal flight training programs. The offered training is provided by the highly qualified and perfectionist trainers who have thousands of hours of flight experience. This is a perfect opportunity for the learner to experience the best training who not only offering skills but also boosting their confidence level. Keeping in mind the individual learning style, our trainers design the custom flight training and instructions that help individuals receive in a best possible way. We aim to provide our students with the highest quality aircraft instruction at very affordable price. As per your desire or requirement, you can choose one of the best Flight Training and Camarillo program. With us, you can be sure of receiving the most ideal flying conditions for the optimal flight training courses.

Phantom Aviation 575 Aviation Dr. Camarillo, Ca. 93010 (Phone) 805.469.3343 (E-mail)

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