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Annual General Meeting 2008

160 Traders Blvd., Unit 1 Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3K7 Tel: 905-361-0523 Fax: 905-361-1004 Web:

Our Mission The Peel HIV/AIDS Network (PHAN) is committed to serving people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and to limit the spread of the virus through support, education, advocacy and volunteerism.

Our Strategic Goals 1. Provide practical and emotional support to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

PHAN support programs and services will reflect the diversity of our clients in Peel. We will ensure we have the cultural competencies to support those clients and base decision-making on client needs.

2. Provide information and services to help the community understand HIV/AIDS and further prevent spread of the virus.

PHAN will tailor prevention and education strategies to reflect the diversity of the clients we serve. We will collaborate with local community health services providers in the delivery of our services.

3. Strengthen and diversify PHAN financial resources.

PHAN will further strengthen and develop sustainable financial resources. We will maintain positive working relationships with our funders and work towards stable, core funding, enhance sponsor and donor relationships and develop joint fundraising opportunities with appropriate community partners.

4. Promote and enhance public awareness of HIV/AIDS and PHAN services.

PHAN will increase awareness and reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS in Peel through education targeted to the health care community, media opportunities, programs and services tailored for marginalized and “at risk� groups and strategic relationships with community partners who represent our diverse client base.

5. Provide dynamic volunteer opportunities.

PHAN will develop and provide support for a dynamic, well-trained volunteer team which will reflect and serve the needs and expectations of our client base.

6. Engage in community planning and partnerships.

PHAN will actively engage in community planning and partnerships, be guided by the recommendations of the HIV/AIDS Community Planning Program and ensure accountability through evaluation of progress towards desired goals.

Report from Board Chair

As I reflect on my recent experiences at the International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, my hope in the fight against HIV/ AIDS remains strong but is tempered by some discouraging statistics. First the good news: the epidemic is stabilizing globally. However, 2 million people died in 2007 and infection rates remain at unacceptably high levels. It is estimated that 33 million people are living with HIV. 2 million of them are children under the age of 15 and women account for half the HIV infections worldwide. I have returned from the conference with a clearer understanding of the challenges we face here and abroad, in particular as they relate to youth, women, leadership and human rights. Important action plans will include a forum with our clients to ensure our programs and services meet current needs and initiatives to ensure women and youth have a clear voice here at the Peel HIV/ AIDS Network. Personally, I will strive to be representative of and accountable to all those living with HIV/ AIDS in Peel. I thank the AIDS Bureau of Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for the opportunity to represent Peel at this important global event. Here in Canada, 58,000 people live with HIV/ AIDS. The fight is far from over and it is clear that our work is not done. Peel HIV/ AIDS Network is well positioned to meet these challenges. I welcome our new Executive Director, Keith Wong, who brings sound leadership and community skills to his role. Our funding is secure, relationships with our community partners are strong and, under Keith’s guidance, we’re energized in our commitment to our clients and the fight against HIV/ AIDS in the Region of Peel. Respectfully, David Pavanel Chair, Board of Directors

Report from Executive Director

2008 marks a new chapter for the Peel HIV/AIDS network (PHAN). It is also the 15th anniversary of commencement of HIV/AIDS service in the Region of Peel. PHAN is positioned at a region of rapid changes, in its population, human services, commerce, and infrastructures. As the new Executive Director of PHAN, this year has been filled with challenges and excitement. At PHAN, we continue to provide HIV/AIDS prevention, outreach and health promotion to many diverse and at-risk populations, provide support and service coordination to individuals and their families impacted by HIV, and work with community and institutional partners in addressing stigma and building healthier and more supportive communities. Listening to our stakeholders and after months of searching and planning, we are excited that we have relocated our office to a more accessible area to better serve our clients and community members. With guidance from the Board of Directors, we have explored our strength and opportunities in order to forge ahead. After a quarter of century of the AIDS epidemis and in one of the fastest growth regions of the country, we set out to answer questions such as: Who will we serve? What are our strength and support? What are the limits? How will we organize? And what role do we want to play in the larger communities? Through prudent planning, earnest commitment and support from our partners, we expect many answers to unfold throughout the next year. Join us to celebrate our new office, and work together for a better response to HIV/AIDS in the Region. Respectfully, Keith Wong Executive Director

PEEL HIV/AIDS NETWORK INC. Statement of Revenues and Expenditures Year Ended March 31, 2008 2008 REVENUES Grants - Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Grants - Ontario Trillium Foundation Grants - United Way Grants - Region of Peel Grants - Public Health Agency of Canada Grants - Community Liaison Project Positive Action Plan Fundraising Memberships Donations Interest and others Gain on disposition of investments


EXPENDITURES Equipment and rentals Insurance expense Office and telephone Professional fees Office rent (Note 6) Salaries and wages Other direct program support Staff development and support Volunteer support

334,877 30,400 59,335 4,000 46,370 370 5,542 5,744 5,535





475 6,220 13,168 40,276 54,771 296,720 58,055 4,167 4,907

4,594 7,510 20,812 43,338 50,695 331,203 56,635 3,825 5,086



311,605 36,334 57,888 4,000 56,370 15,900 4,768 (12,810) 150 11,508 6,621 427


523,698 $


Statement of Financial Position March 31, 2008 2008



CURRENT Cash Marketable securities (Note 5) Accounts receivable Interest receivable Goods and services tax recoverable Prepaid expenses

LIABILITIES CURRENT Accounts payable Deferred income


179,412 64,892 9,474 359 4,835 9,522


108,169 80,643 50,045 793 7,322 15,391






20,523 -


4,707 30,400

NET ASSETS Unrestricted Fund Support Fund (Note 4) Stabilization Fund (Note 4)



155,077 17,894 75,000

166,663 10,593 50,000

247,971 $


227,256 $


Program and Services Health Promotion & Community Education Program Our Program provides targeted health promotion and HIV prevention education in the community to help understand HIV/AIDS and prevent further spread of the virus, and to break down barriers of stigma and discrimination. We also provide individual counseling, on phone, email and personal contacts on HIV prevention, testing and referrals. We are also focusing on creating partnership with local universities, colleges, high schools and community centres to provide informational workshops around issues of HIV and prevention for youths at-risk. We also provide health promotion activities targeted to People living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) and the affected, such as informational workshops on community resources, medication and life strategies. We also organize Speakers Bureau for community presentations by PHAs and those affected by HIV . We are also launching ‘Access Peel’, in collaborate with PHAs, community service providers and health care professionals, looking at creating more community support and accessible services to PHAs in the region.

Harm Reduction Program Our Injection drug use outreach program includes Needle Exchange, information and education about safer needle use and sex, street and prescribed drug information, counseling, peer education programming, referrals to housing and other services. Last year we exchanged more than three thousand needles and also distributed more than five thousand condoms and lubes along with other safer injection equipments like sterile water, filter, cooker, tourniquet, and vitamin C.We also distributed hygiene products and other donated items among the injection drug user community. We work

closely with Peel Works Needle exchange. For the first time we are getting south Asian clients. We are also observing significant increase of crack use that needs a more concerted response from the communities and health care providers. Working with community partners, we also delivered presentations and organized youth-initiated activities in various schools, agencies, food banks, youth centres in the Peel region, to encourage harm reduction and reduce substance use. Partnering with Peel Harm Reduction Network we published FAQ’s and wallet cards in seven different languages. Working with Peel Poverty Action group we are producing a video on poverty and its related issues in the Region.

Men’s Health Promotion & Community Education Program Our Program strives to reduce the HIV exposure and transmission amongst all men and specifically Gay Men and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) We engage in this work with an awareness of the complex nature of the social determinants of health within MSM populations and this undertaking operates within an anti racist / anti-oppression framework. We participate in a number of community building activities in the Peel Region including assisting in the production of the first annual Peel Pride march; development of Queer Xposure: a network of Peel queer & trans events, information and resources; the Positive Space Coalition which supports and promotes safe spaces within the region for LGBTT2QI youth. In our outreach and support projects we deliver workshops and trainings for community and health professionals about Queer & Trans Health issues including HIV/AIDS to better serve our community. We run support groups (including an over 18 LGBT group and Peel’s PFLAG) and conduct a

variety of outreach projects to provide venues for Gay Men and MSM opportunities to learn more about STI’s and HIV and access the tools we need to support our sexual safety.

African Diaspora Capacity Building & Health Promotion Program The African Diaspora Program reaches out to the African Caribbean communities through capacity building and health promotion. Our mandate is to enable dialogue in the African Caribbean communities so that stigma and fear are minimized when discussing HIV/AIDS. This year’s prevention programs are targeting the community leadership, women and youth. Community collaboration and partnership, instrumental in reaching the targeted populations, have included Peel Poverty Action Group, Health and Racism and Black Community Action Network of Peel and African Community Services. Our worker has also participated in conferences and staffed booths at the Muslim Conference, and at Carrassauga’s African Village, and made presentations at the Multicultural Interagency Group. The Program is also on the RU AWARE committee, a partnership with Peel District School Board and Peel Public Health, that organizes a yearly conference that brings together more than 300 youth around World AIDS Day.

Client Support and Care Program The Client care coordinator has had the opportunity to meet and serve many of our clients in need, in case coordination, individual counseling on access and referrals to community services, doctors and pharmacists. We worked with other community agencies in the dissemination of HIV/ AIDS information. We are also in the process to standardize the Support Fund that provides financial relief to

our clients. We are also focusing the relaunch of several activities in the Support Department, such as clients social and retreat. We have also been working with Ontario HIV Treatment Network in building a client management system. We have also become an integral member of the newly created Central Ontario Opening Doors planning committee which successfully launched its very first conference in May.

Volunteer Program The volunteer program has continued to recruit volunteers from diverse populations in Peel. Volunteers assist with many different activities within the organization including health promotion, client support, administration and special events. Through working with us, many have heightened their awareness of HIV/AIDS as well as the related stigma. We also see a shift in the dynamics of volunteering within the region, with more students from diverse ethnoracial backgrounds who want to be educated and to educate others. In the past year, we have conducted three series of volunteer orientation training for a total of 23 new volunteers. Many of them also receive program specific training subsequently. We also have registered a total of 3,178 volunteer hours from our committed volunteers. In the last year, many volunteers have been involved in our community outreach and educational events, such as the Opening Doors Conference. We also receive some corporate support in the volunteering involvement, such as with off-site condom stuffing by the employees of Nike Bauer. Four of their employees help stuffed 4000 condom packages inside their corporate boardroom. During our office relocation, we also received tremendous support from our volunteers who have helped in packing and unpacking.

Board of Directors David Pavanel - Board Chair Linda Gray - Board Vice-Chair Mark Keir - Board Secretary Syed Raza - Director at Large Jorge Velasquez - Director at Large

Staff Members Keith Wong Executive Director Al Amin Harm Reduction Coordinator Mike Hickey Men’s Health Promotion & Community Education Coordinator Kevin Rambally Health Promotion & Community Education Coordinator

Our Funding Partners

Irene Mlambo African Diaspora Capacity Building & Health Promotion Coordinator

AIDS Community Action Program, Public Health Agency of Canada

Dawn Scarlett Client Care Coordinator

AIDS Bureau, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Savi Sinanan Coordinator of Volunteer Services & Administration

Hep C Secretariat, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care Public Health, Region of Peel United Way of Peel Region Ontario Trillium Foundation

Phan annual report 2008  

Annual Report 2008 of Peel HIV/AIDS Network

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