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Dear valued guests, In recognition of The Gourmet Corner successful eight years in business, we have selected a number of the most popular and varied dishes to create four special set menus. Do you prefer traditional and authentic Vietnamese cuisine or a selection of more creative and modern dishes, not found on menus in other restaurants? We are excited to showcase the best of The Gourmet Corner creating a memorable dining experience for you. The Local: a great introduction to Vietnam’s iconic cuisine with a selection of traditional and modern options. Particularly recommended for your first meal in Hanoi or Vietnam Chef’s Signatures: Chef has handpicked some of his favorite dishes, which he feels the proudest of during his career. The result is a menu showcasing the essence and character of The Gourmet Corner Home Away from Home: this menu features a selection of some of the best known and much loved international dishes. A great option for locals who want to discover other cuisines, expats and business people who miss a taste of home and anyone who wants a change from Vietnamese food. Vegetarian Set: a great selection of inspired vegetarian dishes from Vietnam and international options. We wish you a great meal and an outstanding dining experience at Red Bean Lo Su restaurant Best wishes from The Gourmet Corner team

Profile for Phạm Nhật Thắng (Che Chơn)

The Gourmet Corner - Menu (with picture)  

The Gourmet Corner - Menu (with picture)