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Who am I?

5th grade students researched the meaning of their names and historical events on their birthdays. Each student created a self-portrait and wrote a riddle based on their research. Try and guess each portrait’s identity.


My birth stone is a sapphire a sapphire is a dark blue stone. My birth flower is the Aster, Aster is a light flower. In the U.S.A my name is ranked #170. I am 41404 old. On my birthday in 1944, The Holland airborne attack by allies happened, and in 1956 the UK speed record was broken.


My birthstone is an Aquamarine. An Aquamarine is a light blue mineral. The Aquamarine is also my favorite stone. My birth flower is the daffodil. The daffodil is a beautiful yellow flower. The daffodil contains sap with sharp crystals that prevents animals from eating the flower. My first name is ranked 18th in the United States off of popularity. My first name came from Hebrew origin. The Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship was on my birthday.


Guess my name… My beautiful birth flower is a Calendula. My birth stone is the Opal. I am not old, but I am 4078 days old. President George W Bush was president when I was born. My name is ranked 47th in the United States. My name means beacon light and is an old Englilsh name. I am 11 years old in 2012. my zodiac sign is Libra “it means Balance.” In 2000 my name was used 1,280 times.


My name is #1 most popular in Spain. My name means “god is my judge” it also means braveness, courage, and strength. My name has six letters not a lot of length. The calendula is my birth flower and the opal is my birth stone. Keith booth (Nba forward) and Joe Pepitone (Yankees 1st basemen) were born on the same day and Keith has a nice fade away. My name is in the bible, I’m one of God’s disciples. My name is hated in Greece. But god gave me peace. Now that you know stuff about my name try to guess and no it’s not Damien don’t be lame.


Who am I? My name is usually given in honor of the president John F. Kennedy. My name means the helmeted soldier. I am 4078 days old. The vice president the year I was born was Dick Cheney. The president the year I was born was George W. Bush. My name is ranked #90 in the United States.


My birthstone is red. I have 2 birth flowers. One starts with Lark and the other one starts with Delph. My name means basil. On December 12th, 2012 (12-12-12) I was 3814 days old. In 1567 Samuel de Champlain (Social Studies) was born. Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec in 1608.


Who am I?

My name is ranked 79 in the US for boys. My zodiac sign is Gemini. My name means keeper of park. George the 5th of England shares my birthday. My birth flower is the rose my birth gem is the pearl I’m 10 years old. ď Š


My birth stone is green. It is in one of Mr. Lutin’s rings. The Meaning & History of my name is Old Irish byname meaning "wavy haired", from Irish Gaelic. Ian Fleming, gave James Bond a job on my Birthday. My Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley The Lily-of-theValley, with its broad leaves and fragrant little, nodding, white, bell-shaped flowers, signifies the return of happiness. Legend tells of the affection of a lily of the valley for a nightingale that did not come back to the woods until the flower bloomed in May. Its specific name, Majalis, or Maialis, signifies "that which belongs to May."


My birth stone is a pearl. My birth flower is a rose. My ancestor was the governor of Massachusetts and led the pilgrims on the May Flower. My name means bridge. Henry the eighth was born on my birthday. I am 3819 days old.


My birth stone is a ruby, my birth flower is a Larkspur or a Delphinium, construction started on the Hoover dam on my birthday, and the first solar powered plane crossed the English Channel on my birthday too, the first jet took flight in 1948 on my birthday. “Who let the dogs out?� came out on my birthday.


Hello my fellow classmates, time for a quiz to figure out who I am. My name is ranked # 294 for girls and #831 for boys. My name is an English modern name. I am older than 4030 days old. My birth flower is the Poinsettia or the Holly. My birth stone is the Zircon or the Turquoise. Who am I? 12

My birth flower is the red rose. My birth stone is the beautiful and clear pearl. I have lived for 3,818 days old. Paul McCartney of the Beatles was born on the day of my birth. The British abodened Philadelphia, 1778. The Mysterious Crash of Heathrow was on 1972 on my birth day. George Mallory, English mountain climber was born on the day of birth. The year,1886, George Mallory said the famous quote, “because it’s there.” The meaning of my name means sun or religiously bright. William Lassell, discoverer of satellites of Uranus and Neptune, and on 1942 Paul McCartney rocker, Beatles, writes silly love songs.


1. My birthstone is a Garnet which is like an emerald. 2. My birth flower is a Carnation which is a big pink flower. 3. There are 1,500,000 with my first name. 4. On my birthday in 1663 the great earthquake in New England occurred . 5. In 1942 the first flight around the world occurred on my birthday.


My name was most popular in the year 2011. My name is currently ranked #110 in the United States.


PHA 5th Grade Who am I?  

Guess the identities of your classmates!

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