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K AESNDOLYN S! E GW N I BA MY MARRIAGE LASTED 24 MONTHS Dear Gwendolyn: I am 45 years old and I waited until I found the perfect wife for me. Most of my friends got married in their early 30s or late 20s, but ‘oh no’ not me. Three months before our wedding, I rented an apartment in the plush section of town. Before the wedding I bought her a brand new car, furniture throughout the apartment, and added to her wardrobe with leather and mink coats. This is the problem: Immediately my wife changed. She quickly became the woman I didn’t know. She refused to be intimate and did not make an effort to cook or do house chores. Well, you know the story. We soon separated and I was left with a wall of debt. Our separation turned into divorce. It has only been finalized six months and I just got news she has married again. I was husband no. 4 and now she is with husband no. 5. Gwendolyn, where did I go wrong? Jess

Dear Jess: It seems you did nothing wrong. This truly indicates that just because you wait does not mean you will find your Miss Right. Women also make that terrible decision to be out of their 20s and 30s before they repeat marriage vows. Some couples marry during their late teens, and live happily ever after. Let me tell you this: True love only comes once and does not go away. However, because life does move on, some men and women are blessed that love came their way - twice. (Read: The Good Divorce by Constance R. Ahrons - Publisher: Harper Paperbacks) Jess, do not become depressed over the wall of debt. You did that to yourself and cannot blame her. I want you to find happiness but don’t try to find it in another - just enjoy your life. Be glad you are one of the exhusbands. Think about it. Your ex-wife has a problem. I mean --- a mental problem. ***Do you have a son or grandson age 10-17? Help him to choose college not jail. Order DECISIONS In The Life Of A Growing Male Youth. For ordering information write to Gwendolyn Baines at: P. O. Box 10066, Raleigh, NC 27605-0066 (to receive a reply send a self-addressed stamped envelope) or email her at: or visit her website at:

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November 1-15, 2011

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SHUTTLESWORTH REMEMBERED Birmingham, AL - The Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, who was bombed, beaten and repeatedly arrested in the fight for civil rights and hailed by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. for his courage and energy, was recently put to rest. He was 89. He died at Princeton Baptist Medical Center. Shuttlesworth, a former truck driver who studied religion at night, became pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham, Ala., in 1953 and soon was an outspoken leader in the fight for racial equality. “My church was a beehive,” Shuttlesworth once said. “I made the movement. I made the challenge. Birmingham was the citadel of segregation, and the people wanted to march.” In his 1963 book “Why We Can’t Wait,” King called Shuttlesworth “one of the nation’s the most courageous

freedom fighters ... a wiry, energetic and indomitable man.” He survived a 1956 bombing, an assault during a 1957 demonstration, chest injuries when Birmingham authorities turned fire hoses on demonstrators in 1963, and countless arrests. “I went to jail 30 or 40 times, not for fighting or stealing or drugs,” Shuttlesworth told grade school students in 1997. “I went to jail for a good thing, trying to make a difference.” He visited frequently and remained active in the movement in Alabama even after moving in 1961 to Cincinnati, where he was a pastor for most of the next 47 years. He moved back to Birmingham in February 2008 for rehabilitation after a mild stroke. That summer, the once segre-


bershops remain centers for entertainment, socializing and networking just as Vassar College assistant professor of history, Quincy T. Mills points out in his lecture titled “Rethinking Black Barbershops as Public Spaces.” Harris in “Barbershop Tales” gives us the business history, race and segregation, and social and political movements that operate in our community cloud. Since it is all far too lengthy to explore in a news article feel encouraged to purchase a copy and enjoy fun reading. By reading it, the reader gets a good understanding for why we are where we are. Finally we have found that while the master barbers we interviewed where savvy and insightful, some feel that the craft has lost some of its focus on personal care. Small things like greeting customers, taking their hat or coat and remembering their name were basic traits master barbers wanted to see in student graduates. One thing is almost certain. New trends and exciting changes are taking place in the barbering industry. Not surprisingly, these new trends are due to the new ways we consume television, film, the Internet and other informational tools in pop culture.

For decades before they were turned into overpasses or torn down to make way for “progress,” bustling centers of minority-owned and operated retail and service shops existed in Nort Texas. These little “flat” areas served as a base for many minority entrepreneurs and regularly drew social gatherings. Around the early 60’s these business clusters or Black Main Streets melted away, replaced by concrete, busy thoroughfares, parks or waste land, victims of changing events, discrimination and economic hardships. Sitting around in a barbershop today offers us a tiny sliver of what was and what is soon to come as we advance into the 21st Century. Few friendly public places are as visible or has as much impact on African American social economic life as the corner barber shop. Edward “Big Tex” Harris’ new book Barbershop Tales led us to examine the industry in this week’s edition. Here’s what we found: Besides places to get a get hair cut, bar-

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OLYMPIC MEDALIST RETURNS TO COMMERCE John Carlos will be returning to Commerce on Tues., Nov. 8, holding a discussion and book signing for his new book The John Carlos Story: The Sports Moment That Changed the World. Carlos will speak in the Ferguson Social Sciences Building, beginning at 7 p.m.

John Carlos (far rt.) qualified for the 1968 Olympic games and placed third in the 200-meter dash, where his protest against African-American poverty in the United States with gold medalist teammate Tommie Smith and silver medalist Peter Norman from Australia has become one of the most iconic sports moments in history.

COMMERCE, Texas Olympic bronze medalist and former East Texas State track star John Carlos will be returning to Commerce on Tuesday, November 8, holding a discussion and book signing for his new book The John Carlos Story: The Sports Moment That Changed the World. Carlos will speak in the Ferguson Social Sciences Building, beginning at 7 p.m. “John Carlos was

a gifted athlete who made history on the track and in the broader arena of social justice,” said A&M University-Commerce President Dr. Dan Jones. “We welcome him back to the university and community where he spent a formative time of his life.” Published in 2011 by Haymarket Books, The John Carlos Story tells of Carlos’ history, including his most famous moment - the

gloved salute on the medals platform at the 1968 Summer Olympics. Cowritten by Dave Zirin, the duo have traveled across the country holding a discussion and discussing Carlos’ life fighting for human rights and the events leading up to the silent demonstration at the 1968 Olympics. Carlos competed for East Texas State as a freshman in 1966-67, winning both the 100 and 200-meter dashes and was a member of the 4x400-meter relay team as the Lions captured the 1967 Lone Star Conference Championship. Carlos then transferred to San Jose State University. Carlos qualified for the 1968 Olympic games and placed third in the 200-meter dash, where his protest against AfricanAmerican poverty in the United States with gold medalist teammate Tommie Smith and silver medalist Peter Norman from Australia has become one of the most iconic sports moments in history. Carlos would go on to tie the world record in the 100-yard dash in 1969 while helping San Jose State to the NCAA title. He would play briefly in the National Football League and Canadian Football Leagues before a knee injury cut his career short. A number of departments across the A&M-Commerce campus have joined forces to make this event possible. The President’s Office, Alumni Association, School of Humanities, Social Sci-

ences and Arts, Department of History, Department of Literature and Languages, the Department of Diversity, Cultural and Judicial Affairs, Project Respect and the Athletic Department, among others, have played a key role in making this appearance by Carlos possible. “We are so excited to have John Carlos back

on campus at the place where his track career truly began,” said Athletic Director Carlton Cooper. “This will be a great experience for the A&M-Commerce student body, our student-athletes, and the Commerce community to have a chance to meet someone who has championed his life fighting for human rights.”


The discussion with Carlos and Zirin is free to the public. Following the discussion, Carlos will be available to sign copies of his book, which sells for $25. For more information on the discussion and signing, contact the A&M-Commerce Athletic Department at (903) 886-5558.

VOTING DATES Early Voting Oct. 24-Nov. 4

Election Day

Garland Journal News November 1-15, 2011

November 8

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FAITH Spiritual Encouragement

y b Ru ANT GR


Blessed is used 2 ways: In giving praise to God; and in declaring blessedness (supreme happiness) to man. Blessed (Supremely happy) are the man that:

1. Walk not in counsel of ungodly, stand not in way of sinners, sit not in seat of scornful Psalms 1:1 2. Put their trust in God Psalm 2:12 3. Have sins forgiven, and to whom the Lord will not impute sin Psalms 32:1-2 4. Respect not the proud, and do not turn aside to lies Psalms 40:4 5. Fear the Lord Psalms 112:1 6. Consider the Poor Psalm 41:1 7. Are Chosen by God to approach Him and dwell in His Courts Psalms 65:4 8. Have their strength in God Psalms 84:5 9. Dwell in God’s house Psalms 84:4 10. Walk in his ways Psalms 128:1 11. Are meek Matthew 5:5 12. Will not be offended in me Matthew 11:6 Choose to be the happy man and woman everyday for the rest of your life by having study time with God. May these scriptures help you along the way in your daily life in today society: We are constantly reminded to be in this world; but our hearts should always belong to; Jesus. Be Blessed Ruby Grant

You can write to Ruby Grant at c/o Garland Journal News, PO Box 24, Greenville, TX 75403 or email her at (

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For as the body is one, and has many members. And all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: So also is Christ. 1Corin. 12:18

November 1-15, 2011


State Senator Royce West.

DALLAS - State Senator Royce West (D- Dallas) was recently presented with the Star of Texas award by fellow Democrats at the 2011 Jefferson Jackson Dinner held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin. Sen-

ator West received the award for his many legislative accomplishments and longtime support of the state Democratic Party. The award was presented by State Democratic Party Chairman, Boyd Ritchie. “This award represents a long-term commitment to the principles of the Party,” Ritchie said. “As a longtime Texas Democrat, Senator West has lent ongoing support and leadership. I am also grateful for his service on the Primary Caucus Committee and the Democratic National Committee.” Before Senator West spoke, a video clip tracing his legislative career was shown. This is the second year that a Star of Texas Award recipient has been

selected by state democrats. “You know, I’ve received numerous awards, but it’s the fellow democrats, the people that you know and work with, that make this award special,” said Senator West. “As I was driving down to Austin earlier, I was thinking about all the giants and shoulders that we stand on - Ann Richards, Molly Ivins, President Johnson, Barbara Jordan, the list goes on and on. “We stand on the shoulders of those giants because they paved the way for us to

be here,” he said. “I look forward to continuing to serve.” The Star of Texas Award presentation was the evening’s top honor. A legislative update was provided by Austin Senator Kirk Watson (D-Travis). The night’s other award recipient was Houston’s Sylvia Garcia, who received the Rosa Walker Leadership Award. Houston Mayor Annise Parker delivered the night’s keynote address.



A Garland Area Women’s Conference is scheduled for Nov. 4 from 6:00-9:00 pm and Nov. 5 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm at Mount Hebron Baptist Church located at 1233 Highway 66 in Garland. The Garland Area Women’s Conference is a collaboration of women from the area churches and is designed to encourage, inspire, and to empower women regardless of the season of their life. Whether a successful business woman, single lady or a stay at home mom, we are all faced with life circumstances that appear overwhelming at various stages of our life says organizers. "This conference will touch your heart."

Deborah Smith Pegues, an extraordinary Christian speaker will bring a message from the conference theme: Adorned’ “The Total Package” I Peter 3:3-4. In addition, breakout sessions will be held featuring women from area churches. "Come expecting an experience of a life time. Walk away with Tools to make a change in your life or validate the stage in your life," organizers said. Take the ncxt step and register for this inspiring conference. To register or get meed more information, contact conference coordinator, Mrs. Billie Rodgers at (972) 489-6514 or; or contact Ruby Armstrong at 214-533-1336.

Garland Journal News

George Acquaye, D.D.S.

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Harvest Revival (John 4:35)

November 6, 7, 8, 2011

Rev. Earnestine Scott New Hope Baptist Church (Royce City, TX) Sunday, November 6th 2011@ 3:00 pm Pastor Christopher Dexter New Nation Deliverance Temple (Richardson, TX) Monday, Nov. 7th 2011@ 7:00 pm

Rev. Dorsey Taylor Greater M t. Pilgrim BC (Dallas, TX) Tuesday, Nov. 8th 2011@ 7:00 pm

Pastor Donny Canady Host Pastor “Experience the Word of God while increasing your faith"

News, local houses of worship For as the body is one, and has many members. And all the members of that one body, being many, are one


body: So also is Christ. 1Corin. 12:18

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A Church With A Vision

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Isaiah 40:31 - But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on the wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint. (NIV) Pastor C.E. Looney Pastor Andre Looney

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"The Mount"

Worship Time

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7:50 am & 11 a.m.

9:45am & 10am

Prayer & Praise

Wednesday 7:30 p.m.

Genesis of Praise Children’s Worship ~ ages 4-11 10:00 a.m.

True Praise Youth Worship ~ Grades 6-12 10:00 a.m.

Sr. Pastor Leonard O. Leach

1233 State Hwy. 66 Garland, TX 75040 972.276.5218 visit on the web at:

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November 1-15, 2011

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Fresh out of Barber’s College, Deano starting cutting hair under the apprenticeship of Mr. Clearance Neal while he worked full-time as an employee in Corporate America. PHOTO / KHN

Pictured above with his team and shop clients, Eric Finley (2nd from left) has been cutting hair in Garland for a little over a decade at Finley's Styles & Cuts. PHOTO / GJN Will Hobdy GARLAND JOURNAL NEWS

There are now over 230,000 licensed barbers, 130,000 active shops and 800 barber schools in the United States. Estimates show that there are more than 400,000 barbering professionals and 300,000 shops outside of the U.S. worldwide according to Malcolm Patterson, publisher of “Against the Grain” magazine. The magazine produces cutting-edge editorial addressing the interests of today’s savvy and educated barbers while adding flavor to the barbershop scene. Since 2002, there has been an explosion of interest in the barbering industry through television, film and the Internet according to Patterson.

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In Garland, master barbers Wallace Starks, 66 and Ricky Smith, 57 operate Starks Barber Shop. Starks established his first location in Garland in 1974. Starks who use to get caught by his high school teachers cutting hair in rest rooms managed to earn a Black Barber College Scholarship to Fairfield Barber College in 1963. He would later go on and work for the legendary barber shop chain operator and barber college president Johnny Graham, Sr. “After 10 years of working for Mr. Johnny Graham, I saved up enough money to pay a lease, phone, electric and water bill,” says Starks. “I also had enough to buy a [barbers] chair and most of what I needed.” And, after being advised

November 1-15, 2011

by his father not to seek a business loan, Starks says he continued to pour his profits into his business. “He told me that if I used my own money to run the business, I would work harder.” Smith a longtime friend and business partner, like Starks, begin his foray into the tonsorial arts under the guidance of Graham. “Starks and Mr. Burnice Horrace are two barbers that mentored me,” says Smith. “Mr(s). Coleman, Arnick, Reede and Coffert were also barbers that I aspired to be like.” Several other master barbers in Garland apprenticed under Mr. Starks and today run successful businesses. Craig of C&G Barber Shop trained under Starks according to Smith. Starks counts

Master barbers Wallace Starks and Ricky Smith operate Starks Barber Shop. PHOTO / GJN

Jeremy Kelley’s grandfather started one of the first Black barber shops in Greenville. PHOTO / KHN

Garland Journal News

his daughter Arvette and nephew Jason among other master barbers who started their careers at his shop. Other barbers at Starks include Rick Smith, D. Hill, Mr T., Chad Smith, R. Lain and Brandon Rollerson. Famous personalities that have regularly visited Starks include Freddie King, Mookie Blaylock, Randy Love and Andrea Thomas. “We want our clients to always come back and see us and bring a friend with them,” says Smith. Starks Barber Shop is located at 108 Casalita Dr. in Garland and be reached at (214) 870-6321. Forty year-old Eric Finley, a former high school football, basketball and track star from Lawton, Oklahoma has been cutting hair in Garland for a little over a decade. His grandfather, Bernard Finley was a tonsorial artist. His father, who never took up the trade and his mother, always admonished him to go school. “Never thought I would do this,” says Finley. “But I’ve been cutting all my life.” Also trained in electronic engineering, Finley tired of his career as a computer technician decided to trust his passion for cutting hair. Like Patterson, Finley believes the barber industry offers great opportunities for today’s young people. New trends and exciting changes in the barbering industry are paralleling the ContinuedNext Page


BARBER TALES Edward “Big Tex” Harris and Johnny Crawford who has a 25 year history as an officer of the Tonsorial Artist organization in Dallas. PHOTO COURTESY OF EHA Will Hobdy KUUMBA HERITAGE NEWS

Dallas native and Garland resident Edward “Big Tex” Harris recently released his second book titled, Barbershop Tales. The new book, available on his website at, is a compilation of humor, pol-

itics and sports collected from various barbershops in North Texas. Harris, a graduate of University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master in Urban Affairs takes a no-holds barred approach in stressing the importance of the local

barbershop in the historical, cultural, social and political life of North Texans. Almost from the time African Americans were set free, there weren’t many arenas besides the Black Church, the Black Press and the black-owned barbershops where black people could gather and exercise their voice according to historians who have studied Black barber shops. As Big Tex points out, among men and women barbers formally known as tonsorial artist - few in North Texas stood taller than Johnny Graham, Sr. who in 1968 founded Dallas’ Graham’s Barber College. The school would go on to train thousands of barbers who fanned out across the country to establish their own community barber shops. The standards of customer care that Mr. Graham demanded were legendary. “’Customer service and business acumen

were trademarks that Mr. Graham laid down’” Harris relates in “Barber Tales.” Barber Tales also gives an insider’s account of how in African American general society, ideas and opinions are discussed indepth. Black barbershops are not merely businesses, but have long functioned as part of a social economy according to Quincy T. Mills, assistant professor of history at Vassar College. And, that falls into line with Harris’ conclusion, “Community leaders, preachers, players and liars, they all have something to say about government, money, women and the neighborhood.” Not many can paint the picture drawn by Harris of the interesting people and hilarious characters in North Texas’ African American community. He covers them all- from elected state and national African American representatives to the hard working guy up the street.

Tonsorial Artist advances in digital technology. Savvy operators are using the Black Press and Internet marketing in addition to opening new in-shop streams of revenue. Among famous personalities and sports professionals that visit Finley’s Styles & Cuts are: Adrian Peterson, LaDainian Tomlinson, Derrick Dockery and Markiest Goodman of the University of Texas.

Finley says new upcoming barbers must also show more respect to the industry. “They shouldn’t thug it out,” he says. “Pull up your pants, take off the do rag and be professional.” Finley’s Styles & Cuts has several more barbers including Ms. Angie, Big Ken and Lance Tatum, plus several more that are just starting out. Finley’s is located at 5520 S. Broad-

way Blvd. in Garland and can be reached at (972) 303-6500 or Other barber shops in Garland include Chris Wafer of The Shop and Mr. Arnick's and C&G Barbers. At Deano’s Barber Shop in Greenville, you will find master barbers Andrew “Deano” Dean Jr., 62 and Jeremy Kelley, 37 taking on clients. Dean, a native

from Page 6

of Wolfe City entered the barber business full-time after his job in Corporate America was downsized. “You could say that I’ve been barbering about 42 years,” said Deano. Former boxer Reecy Davis, Jr., the late Mike Mason and former NFL football players Jimmy and Mike Thomas got their cuts at Deano’s. Continued Page 8

Garland Journal News

November 1-15, 2011

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DALLAS-UNCF-the United Negro College Fund- the nation’s largest minority

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Audrey Jackson - Stylist Chris Wafer - Master Barber Corey Thompson - Barber/Stylist Ronnie Smith - Stylist Damon Batiste - Master Barber

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November 1-15, 2011

Garland Journal News

International Airport’s AACTION Group, recently announced that the 19th annual Jethro Pugh-Two Podners Scholarship Invitational raised $60,000 in scholarships for Dallas/Fort Worth area low-income college students. Event sponsors included Nestle Waters North America, Coca-Cola Refreshments, Coors, American Airlines and State Farm Insurance. Since its inception by The Paradies Shops and Jethro Pugh 19 years ago, this benefit has raised more than $650,000 to provide scholarships that help to reduce financial barriers and increase access to higher education for low-income college students. Scholarships valued up to $5,000 will be awarded to qualifying students attending one of UNCF’s Texas-based private colleges. "We are extremely proud to continue our partnership with UNCF, Jethro Pugh and Two Podners with this important event,” said Gregg Paradies, president and CEO. "We are honored to assist local students in continuing their education, and we look forward to another great tournament next year.” “The scholarship funds raised from this tournament are vitally important to lowincome students - especially those whose college education continues to be threatened by the recession,” said Diane Stephenson, UNCF Area Development Director. “We are extremely grateful for the sponsors and supporters of the tournament and to The Paradies Shops, Jethro Pugh, Two Podners and DFW Airport’s AACTION group for investing in our com-

munity by helping so many deserving students attend college.” Eligible students must have a financial need, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, be residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, have a financial need and be enrolled full-time at one of UNCF’s Texas -based institutions. The application and more information will be posted online later this year at

Barbers From Page 7

Fresh out of Barber’s College, Deano starting cutting hair under the apprenticeship of Mr. Clearance Neal while he worked full-time as an employee in Corporate America. He took it on fulltime some twenty years-ago. Like Deano, Kelley also apprenticed under Mr. Neal. Neal, who was Kelley’s grandfather, started one of the first Black barber shops in Greenville according to Kelley. Kelley says he understood the benefits and sacrifices of working for himself early. “I knew I wanted to be a barber since my 9th year of high school,” he says. “I wanted to work for myself.” Kelley counts Mr. Gip of Gipson’s Barber Shop in Greenville along with his grandfather among the top barbers that he admired while growing up. Deano’s Barber Shop is located at 3319 Wellington St. and they can be reached at (903) 453-5053.


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Shuttlesworth Remembered HARVEST REVIVAL From Page 2

gated city honored him with a four-day tribute and named its airport after him; his statue stands outside the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. And in November 2008, Shuttlesworth watched from a hospital bed as Sen. Barack Obama was elected the nation’s first African-American president. The year before, Obama had pushed Shuttlesworth’s wheelchair across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma during a commemoration of the Selma-to-Mont-

gomery voting rights march. In the early 1960s, Shuttlesworth had invited King back to Birmingham. Televised scenes of police dogs and fire hoses being turned on black marchers, including children, in spring 1963 helped the rest of the nation grasp the

depth of racial animosity in the Deep South. “He marched into the

jaws of death every day in Birmingham before we got

there,” Andrew Young, the former Atlanta mayor and U.N. ambassador who was an aide to King, said. Young said it was Shuttlesworth’s fearlessness that persuaded King to take the fight for equality to Birmingham. “We shouldn’t have been strong enough to take on Birmingham ... But God had a plan that was far better than our plan,” Young said. “Fred didn’t invite us to come to Birmingham. He told us we had to come.”

HISPANIC HERITAGE BANQUET GARLAND- Garland Association for Hispanic Affairs celebrates 20th anniversary The Garland Association for Hispanic Affairs (GAFHA) is proud to host the 4th Annual Hispanic Heritage Banquet on November 19th, 2011 at the Atrium, 300 N. Fifth St, Garland, TX. GAFHA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting higher education by providing educational scholarships for G.I.S.D. students. GAFHA has been providing scholarships for over eleven years. More than $40,000 has been awarded to deserving high school seniors. As a non-profit, the main goal is to ensure continued education for graduating seniors who aspire to earn a college degree and become future leaders in our community The banquet is the primary fundraiser for awarded

scholarships. The event will also recognize leaders who have contributed to the Hispanic community.

Awards will be given for Civic and Educational Excellence. For more information

and sponsorship please contact Javier Solis at or 972-487-3262.

Living Faith Christian Church host their Harvest Revival on November 6, 7, and 8. The Harvest Revival begins at 3:00 pm on Sunday, November 6th and at 7 pm on the 7th and 8th according to Pastor Donny Canady, the host pastor. All events are scheduled to be held at Living Faith Christian Church located at 1935 State St. Suite 104 in Garland. The Harvest Revival is borne of John 4:35. Rev. Earnestine Scott of New

Hope Baptist Church in Royce City is main speaker on Sunday, November 6. Pastor Christopher Dexter of New Nation Deliverance Temple in Richardson takes over as main speaker on Monday. Rev. Dorsey Taylor of Greater Mt. Pilgrim BC in Dallas closes the Harvest Revival service on Tuesday. Pastor Canady said Living Faith Christian Church’s motto is, “Experience the Word of God while increasing your faith.”

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November 1-15, 2011

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e n i g v i D ivin L



Cu Mc

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By Patricia R. McCurdy

Whenever I’m traveling down the highway and see an old dirt road it brings back fond memories. Most of my childhood years were spent growing up in the country. During those years, my family lived in various locations. Some of those locations had roads that were paved, some partially paved and some were dirt. I recall one such location where we lived and our road was completely dirt. During dry weather as you might imagine, the road was fine. However, rainy or bad weather made traveling on our road a problem. This was especially true for driving, but for my siblings and me, walking on a muddy road wasn’t exactly a piece of cake either. On rainy school days, we had to walk to the nearest paved road to catch the school bus. Since we didn’t want our good shoes to be a muddy mess when we arrived at school, we decided to wear an old pair of shoes for walking the muddy road to catch the bus. Before the bus arrived we would remove our muddy shoes and put on our good clean shoes. We then placed our muddy shoes under the culvert (drain) until we returned home from school in the afternoon. How funny this little rainy weather procedure sounds to me now. However, our little procedure kept us clean and presentable while saving us from the penalty of personal and emotional embarrassment. Ironically, we as sinners are just like muddy shoes, for scripture tells us that sin makes us unclean. Isaiah 64:6 states that “We are all infected and impure with sin.” “When we proudly display our righteous deeds, we find they are but filthy rags.” Thankfully, God’s Divine Plan provides a procedure for cleaning us. It is by the blood of his son Jesus that cleanses us from every sin (1 John 1:7). It is by faith in Jesus who can bring us into God’s presence. Therefore, “If we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us” (1 John 1:9). So, just like taking off the muddy shoes and putting on that clean pair of shoes, God promises that no matter how deep the stain of our sins, He can remove it. He can make us as clean as freshly fallen snow, even if we are stained as red as crimson, he can make us as white as wool (Isaiah 1:18).

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November 1-15, 2011

Up and coming Nashville artist Natalie Stovall.

Garland Journal News

MESQUITE - Eastfield College Office of Student Life is sponsoring a free concert featuring Nashville artist Natalie Stovall on Nov. 8 at 12:30 in the Performance Hall. Natalie was born and raised just outside of Nashville, TN. Since her first professional gig singing and playing the fiddle at the age of 10, Natalie has already seen things that most artists could only dream of. She’s performed everywhere from Oprah to the Grand Ole Opry. She was the first performer ever to be invited to sing “God Bless America” for the President at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner. And surprisingly, she has done all of this with no record deal of any kind. The release of her first record “Late Night Conversations” saw a top 50 radio hit with her song “If I Run To You Now” and the placement

of that song in the National Lampoon movie “Bag Boy.” In the past couple years Natalie has used that momentum to become one of the hottest booked independent acts in America. Performing and fiddling over 200 dates a year at college campuses, military bases, fairs, festivals, clubs and bars is all just par for the course with Natalie. As Natalie’s reputation spreads great opportunities keep rolling in. Natalie has already been selected to open for acts like Gretchen Wilson, Little Big Town, Gloriana, Justin Moore, Josh Gracin, Trent Tomlinson, Safetysuit and The Doobie Brothers. This Spring will bring the release of her second record, “Standing My Ground” an EP featuring five brand new songs written by Natalie along with her version of the Charlie Daniel’s classic, Devil Went Down To Georgia.”


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Garland Journal News November 1-15, 2011

Granville Arts Center Facilities The Theatres At The Granville Arts Center The Atrium At The Granville Arts Center

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November 4

Reuben Lael Griffin “My Journey II” 7:30 pm Plaza Theatre. Garland High School Alumni REUBEN LAEL GRIFFIN will be in live concert to release his NEW Soul & Inspiration album “My Journey II: Campus Legend”. A night of musical enjoyment and inspiration for the whole family to enjoy that is not to be missed! Reuben’s music delivers a power-packed message to the soul encouraging listeners to believe and never give up on their dreams. General admission is $10 including a FREE CD; student admission is $5 including a FREE CD; children FREE ages 6 and below. November 26 “Summer’s Christmas Wish” 2 pm & 7 pm Brownlee Auditorium – Granville Arts Center. Come see this Gospel stage play adapted from the memoir “When Water was Free” by Patrice Kissentaner Walker. The stage play boasts a star-studded cast which includes Amber Renae and national Gospel recording artist Tommye YoungWest. To purchase tickets or for more information please visit

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BASEBALL TEAM RECEIVES CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS ball at the next level as well. Coach Mike Martin was also named as the NJCAA Division III National Coach of the Year by the American Baseball Coaches Association/Diamond Sports Company. “The great joy about baseball is that it teaches discipline and there is a lot that goes into athletics that a lot of people do not know about,” Coach Martin said. “It takes a special person to develop the skills needed as an athlete. We are developing character, self-esteem, and the whole person so that they can go to the next level. “

Martin said receiving the rings is a special day for his team. “It was pretty exciting,” Coach Martin said. “It was a special day and special feeling.” Coach Martin led the Harvesters to the NJCAA Division III National Championship in late May and is now being recognized for his coaching accomplishments and his team’s success. At the ABCA National Convention in Anaheim, CA, January 5-8, 2012, Martin will be acknowledged at the Hall of Fame/Coach of the Year Banquet.

Members of the 2011 Harvesters team include the following:

Name Pictured -Front row - Coach Martin, Nathan Hancock, Michael Scruggs, Trevor Moon, Joshua Eatherly, Joseph Kelley, Hestand Foster, Taylor Thompson, Ryan Lynch, Jennie Banks (Eastfield former Director of Admissions) Back row - Connor Tobias, Dylan Rucker, Tanner Gandy, Matt Thompson, Jordan Hebert, Blake Oliver, Joe Mills, Justin Ray, Travis Breslin, Eric Grace, Assistant Coach Jeffrey Henkelman. PHOTO COURTESY OF EASTFIELD COLLEGE DIANE XAVIER EDITOR

The Eastfield College Harvesters, this year’s NJCAA 2011 National Baseball Champions received their championship rings last week at Eastfield College in front of friends, family, faculty, staff and classmates. Eastfield President Dr. Jean

Conway and other members of the Eastfield executive team, along with baseball coach Michael Martin, athletic director Anthony Fletcher and Eastfield faculty and staff members witnessed the special ceremony. The Eastfield Harvesters baseball team defeated Gloucester 8-4 to win their third National Champion-

ship. This was only the second time in the history of the tournament that a team has lost their first game and come back to win the championship. Conner Tobias, who plays right fielder for the team, said this was a dream come true to win the baseball championship. “I have been dreaming of this my

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whole life and seeing all the pros who have won championships and received their rings and finally seeing my having one is a dream come true,” Tobias said. Nathan Hancock, 3rd baseman for the team, said he loves the championship ring he received. “Receiving the rings reminds of winning that national championship for our team,” Hancock said. “It’s like that night has happened all over again. It’s great to see all the hard work our team has put in has paid off.” Hancock and Tobias said their goals are to play base-

November 1-15, 2011

Travis Breslin Slade Brown Joshua Eatherly Robbie Fraley Hestand Foster Tanner Gandy Daniel Gomez Eric Grace Nathan Hancock Jordan Hebert Joseph Kelley Ryan Lenamen Ryan Lynch Joe Mills Trevor Moon Ryan Morrow Cody Murray Blake Oliver Justin Ray Dylan Rucker Michael Scruggs Travis Stavinoha Brett Thomas Matt Thompson Taylor Thompson Connor Tobias Justin Tyra Michael Weatherly

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