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VOL. III Issue 44 June 1-30, 2011 Published Monthly Balch Springs, Texas

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T-Byrd Gordon’s repertoire spanned over several genres of music, including Big Band, Pop, Country, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, and Rap/ Hip-Hop. He performed nationally and abroad. Diane Xavier Editor


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The City of Balch Springs recently lost one of its greatest leaders. Dr. Larry T-Byrd Gordon passed away during a routine medical procedure

on Monday, April 18 at Regional Medical Center in Sunnyvale. He was 62 years old. Dr. T-Byrd Gordon is survived by his wife, Balch Springs Mayor Carrie Gordon and their son, Larry Gordon Jr. Dr. T-Byrd Gordon was known for his love of music. He was involved with the Balch Springs Visual & Performing Arts Alliance, where he often held workshops on music and the arts. The Grammy nominated musician had been in the music industry for 40 years. Gordon received his first Grammy nomination for a collaboration project he did with The Jordanaires (one of the most influential vocal and recording groups in history with membership in the Gospel and Country Music Halls of Fame),

Nokie Edwards (former lead guitarist for the top hit-making group, The Ventures) and The Light Crust Doughboys (longest-running band in the history of recorded music and credited with inventing Western Swing music). He performed nationally and abroad to names such as Prince Albert of Monaco, Regis Philbin, Mart Hart, Congressman Jack Kemp, Jerry Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Sharon Stone, Roger Moore, Margaux Hemingway, Robert Loggia, Bernie Kopell, Eric Braeden, Monica Seles, Neil Simon, Gary Collins, Mary Ann Mobley, Eva Gabor, Debbie Reynolds, Jim Nabors, and Ross Perot, just to name a few. His repertoire spanned over several genres of music, including Big

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Band, Pop, Country, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, and Rap/Hip-Hop. But what was close to his heart was educating youth and bringing out their talents, especially with his dedication and involvement with the Balch Springs community and the Balch Springs Visual & Performing Arts Alliance, said those close to the family. He was also an educator, serving as an adjunct Associate Professor at Brookhaven College. Memorials can still be sent to: Balch Springs Arts Alliance, PO Box 800695, Balch Springs, Texas 75180. Proceeds will benefit the Arts Alliance where Dr. Gordon was an Honorary Board Member.


News, Issues & Perspectives


Colette Vallot with TUX Energy hands out free saplings to Boy Scouts of Troop 360 at the donation ceremony.

MESQUITE - Eastfield College has received 25 additions to its familytree family, that is. The 25 trees were donated to Eastfield by TXU Energy on April 9 through the company’s Committed to Community Growth Program (CTCG). Eastfield College is the first beneficiary of trees in Mesquite from TXU Energy’s CTCG. “We are thrilled that Eastfield College was chosen to be a recipient of this program,” says

Dr. Jean Conway, Interim President of Eastfield College. “We want to make Eastfield not only a wonderful place to start or further one’s education, but also an environmentally sensitive campus of which the community is proud.” The Honorable State Representative Cindy Burkett (District 101), representatives from TXU Energy, Eastfield College Administration, staff, students and local Boy Scouts gathered Saturday, April 9 in front of the

W-Building for the presentation of the trees to make Eastfield a greener campus. The donated trees include Shumard Red Oak, Leyland Cypress, Desert Willow and Mexican Buckeyes. “These particular trees will bring more diversity to our landscape plan; some are considered decorative, some are shade trees,” says James Martin, Assistant Director of Facilities Services. “We are proud


to partner with Eastfield College on this project. Our Committed to Community Growth program is one of the ways we impact the lives of Texans today while making a sustainable difference for tomorrow. Since inception of the program in 2002, TXU Energy has planted more than 166,000 trees across Texas,” says Colette Vallot, Sr. Manager of Community Relations for TXU Energy.



TRAINING-AND MENTORING Dallas, TX - Businessmen Ray Williams and Theodis Johnson say they are seeking about 200 persons throughout Texas become financially independent by 2014. They say they will do it by providing, income opportunities,

financial education, and mentoring. “U’s Can Too Wealth Builders Association is a company dedicated to helping individuals succeed using a variety of wealth building tools and methods that works for anyone regardless of

BASEBALL CHAMPS Businessmen Theodis Johnson (l) and Ray Williams.

Eastfield would like to congratulate the Harvesters Baseball Team for clinching the NJCAA Division III National Championship last week in Tyler. The final score was Eastfield 8 and Gloucester 4. Incidentally, Gloucester County College was the

defending 2010 NJCAA Champions. So now the Harvesters add the 2011 Championship title to their list which also includes 2001 and 2006 titles! We’re Eastfield proud today said an official at Eastfield College.

PARA TODAS LAS PERSONAS Y PARTIDOS INTERESADOS: Al-Kel Alliance, Inc., ha solicitado a la Comisión de Texas sobre la Calidad del aire Ambiental (TCEQ) para la renovación de la Calidad del Aire Permiso Numero 47794, que autoriza la continuación de operación de camiones de tanque de mantenimiento y de las instalaciones de limpieza ubicadas en el 2012 North Goode Road, Wilmer, en el Condado de Dallas, Texas 75172. Para mas información adicional relativa a esta aplicación se encuentra en la sección de avisos públicos de este periódico. PAGE 4

June 2011 Edition


their age, education, race, or financial status “says Ray Williams the association’s president. Mr. Johnson said U’s Can Too Wealth Builders Association is a for profit membership based company this is currently searching nationwide for individuals that want to be a part of this cutting edge program. “We know that there are thousands of individuals across America that would like to become financially independent if give the opportunity and proper resources. That’s why the company provides its members free training and mentoring in all of these areas. Williams says, “The only thing that’s keeping most people from becoming financially free is fear and a lack of action. With today’s technology the playing field is leveled.” Place Your National Classified Ad Only $729 11 Million Households 140+ Publications Call (972)926-8503



The 2010 Firefighter of the year went to Firefighter Russell Chad Morgan. Diane Xavier EDITOR

The Balch Springs Fire Department held its annual award banquet recently.The Department has been serving the city of Balch Springs since its foundering. Battalion Chief Randy Smith said he and his staff love serving the citizens. “The biggest reward for us as firefighters is that our staff is here to help,” Chief Smith said. “By nature we are care-

givers. The older you get, you become an accommodator and you like helping family, friends, and neighbors. We try to take care of residents when we show up at someone’s house who just suffered a fire. It is often the worst days of their lives. They lost everything or their loved ones, and our job is stop them from being injured and make them feel better. This is just temporary. We give you information

to help you recover and we give you a booklet, ‘After the Fire,’ which is a hand out book on how to overcome a tragedy like this.” “The banquet is held to recognize firefighters who are celebrating either their 5th, 10th, or 15th year as a firefighter with our organization,” Chief Smith said. “We also hand out awards for perfect attendance, firefighters who sell items during special events, and who volunteer many hours. We hand out plaques and other items to celebrate our staff, including Firefighter of the year.” The 2010 Firefighter of the year went to Firefighter Russell Chad Morgan. “We had lost one of our firefighters in 2009 to cancer, firefighter Pete Rose and Chad stepped up and helped his family in making sure their family knew what was going on with the firefighter’s group during Pete’s illness and everything else,” Chief Smith said. “Chad visited the family often and helped them out a lot.” The group also is very active in community service. “We attend a lot of the block parties, church’s day out and we usually send help to other regions,” Chief Smith said. “We helped out with the West Texas fires by having some of our staff

help with the task force in San Angelo.” Chief Smith said the department will always be there for its community. “The citizens are our customers because that’s the people we take care of and that I deal with on a daily basis,” he said. “They don’t know where to go when the rest of the city is closed on the weekends. We are open 24/7. We give them information on where they need to go.” Chief Smith has served as a firefighter for 26 years. “We know a lot of citizens by first name and we see them at the store and restaurant,” he said. “Our goal is to help them recover from tragedies such as a fire.” Chief Smith said the department helps with national disasters as well. “When we had Hurricane Katrina, our staff raised $6,000 to $7,000 dollars to house people, put them in hotels, get them gas money and help them get to New Mexico,” Chief Smith said. We handed $200 to $300 dollars to people who needed assistance with entities coming our way.” Chief Smith said his staff really appreciates its Fire Chief, Gary Brown. “Chief Gary Brown is doing and outstanding job and our staff is really happy here and doing well because of his leadership,” Chief Smith said.

TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS AND PARTIES: AI-Kel Alliance, Inc., has applied to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality CTCEQ) for renewal of Air Quality Permit No. 47794, which would authorize continued operation of the Tank Truck Maintenance and Cleaning Facility located at 2012 North Goode Road, Wilmer, Dallas County, Texas 75172. Additional information concerning this application is contained in the public notice section of this newspaper.

BALCH SPRINGS CELEBRATES 3rd ANNUAL JUNETEENTH CELEBRATION The City of Balch Springs will host their 3rd Annual Juneteenth Celebration, June 18. Please join us for an action packed day of education, vendors, and lots of fun for the whole family. Activities Include: · Buffalo Soldiers History · Cook-off · Live Entertainment · 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament · Food · Door Prizes And Much More!!!!! For General Information call 972-557-6070



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MetroPCS Freedom Rings Tour Diane Xavier EDITOR

The Dallas-Fort Worth Freedom Rings Tour bus staff. PHOTO/ PHALCONSTAR NEWS-XAVIER


June 2011 Edition

The recent death of terrorist Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan has brought mixed reactions throughout the nation. It has bought closure to many families who lost their loved ones as a result of the 911 terrorist attacks in New York. Others are saddened by the reaction of some people who celebrated with joy on hearing of the death of Bin Laden, saying death of another human being, no matter what their sins were, should not be celebrated but instead should be a time to pray and reflect for that person to reach salvation and grace through God. Whatever people may feel, U.S. Troops have put their lives on the line in order to protect our country and provide us with freedom that we have in this country. They often sacrifice time spent with their families and loved ones in order to serve our county.


Even though people are generous and give back to our soldiers through care packages and other stuff, life can still be overwhelming for these troops. Often, they do not get to communicate with their loved ones back home and need help in doing so. That is why local businesses such as MetroPCS are giving back to our troops. The Dallas-Fort Worth Freedom Rings Tour bus visited Balch Springs and took donations for Cell Phones for Soldiers, a non-profit organization that recycles old cell phones into prepaid calling cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas. MetroPCS’ partnership with Cell Phone for Soldiers is part of an initiative to ensure more cell phones are recycled so every soldier has means to call home. The bus tour visited various MetroPCS store locations in Balch Springs such as the Visionfone store in Bruton Road, the Wireless Stop store on Elam

Road, and the Wireless Stop store on Spring Oaks in Balch Springs. “There are two reasons why we are doing this,” said Justin Miller, the Freedom Rings Tour Manager. “One is to promote the new Huawei phone and the other is to collect old cell phones and then we take those phones and after 45 days, convert them into calling cards for our soldiers.” “This started because there was a troop overseas who had nearly $8,000 in phone bills to pay because he was calling his family overseas from Iraq to the U.S.,” Miller said. “This program was based on that one experience on how ridiculously expensive it is to make overseas calls and that there are really not cell phone towers overseas there to let soldiers use cell phones in order to make calls to their families back home.” Miller said the partnership aims to provide more calling funds for soldiers Continued Page 8

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June 2011 Edition


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Justin David Tate as new associate publisher for Balch Springs Sentinel.

Diane Xavier moves to head up the company’s Garland Journal News operations.

Cell Phones for Soldiers From Page 6

overseas. “Our soldiers pay a lot of money to make phone calls back home,” Miller said. “It is important to help them because these men and women are fighting for our country and they should have the freedom to call home.” The Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPCS Freedom Rings Bus tour not only made stops in Balch Springs, but also, Plano, Fort Worth and Waco. They started their tour on March 24th and continued in April. “The response has been great,” Miller said. Cell Phones for Soldiers was founded by teenagers Robbie and Brittany Bergquist from PAGE 8

GARLAND- Phalconstar Communications last week announced the appointment of Justin David Tate as new associate publisher of Balch Springs Sentinel. Tate replaces Diane Xavier who had held the position since Oct. 2010. Prior to that appointment she served the Sentinel’s senior editor. Ms. Xavier moves to head up the company’s Garland Journal News operations. Tate will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Sentinel including editorial, marketing and distribution

activities. He will be supported by the company’s Greenville, Texas based marketing staff. “Mr. Tate is a great fit for the Sentinel,” said Phalconstar Newsgroup senior executive Will Hobdy. “He’s a resident of the city, and it’s a great opportunity for him to be able to fine tune it with his vision of what matters most to the growing numbers of Balch Sentinel readers. Founded in Oct. 2008, the Balch Springs Sentinel has about 4,600 readers. At one point it was delivered to about 7,000 homes in Balch Springs. Since then

the company has downgraded the publication’s frequency and reduced its staff to stop the bleeding. “On paper it was a good business model but with the economy turning upside down at the peak of the Great Recession advertisers melted away,” says Hobdy. “But the Sentinel is the little paper who can,” he continued. “Even with the impossible challenges our previous teams have faced in Balch Springs the publication keeps right on racking up impressive numbers in reader and advertiser satisfaction.”


The bus tour visited various MetroPCS store locations in Balch Springs. PHOTO/ PHALCONSTAR NEWS-XAVIER

Norwell, Massachusetts, with $21 of their own money. Since then, the organization has raised almost $2 million in donations and distributed more than 500,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers serving overseas.

June 2011 Edition

Dallas-based MetroPCS Communications, Inc. is a provider of unlimited wireless communications. If you would like to help with this cause, visit

One of Dallas /Ft Worth’s most talented stage actresses and playwriters Mary Humphrey last month brought to the Balch Springs Library Learning Center’s Theater Auditorium her latest production, “Candles in the Devil’s Wind.”


PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE OF RECEIPT OF APPLICATION AND INTENT TO OBTAIN AIR PERMIT RENEWAL PERMIT NUMBER 47794 APPLICATION AI-Kel Alliance, Inc., has applied to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for renewal of Air Quality Permit Number 47794, which would authorize continued operation of the Tank Truck Maintenance and Cleaning Facility located at 2012 North Goode Road, Wilmer, Dallas County, Texas 75172. The existing facility is authorized to emit the following air contaminants: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter including particulate matter with diameters of 10 microns or less and 2.5 microns or less and organic compounds. This application was submitted to the TCEQ on April 18, 2011. The application will be available for viewing and copying at the TCEQ central office, TCEQ Dallas/Fort Worth regional office, and the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, 1515 Young Street, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, beginning the first day of publication of this notice. The facility’s compliance file, if any exists, is available for public review in the Dallas/Fort Worth regional office ofthe TCEQ. The executive director has determined the application is administratively complete and will conduct a technical review of the application. Information in the application indicates that this permit renewal would not result in an increase in allowable emissions and would not result in the emission of an air contaminant not previously emitted. The TCEQ may act on this application without seeking further public comment or providing an opportunity for a contested case hearing if certain criteria are met. PUBLIC COMMENT You may submit public comments, or a request for a contested case hearing to the Office of the Chief Clerk at the address below. The TCEQ will consider all public comments in developing a final decision on the application. The deadline to submit public comments is 15 days after newspaper notice is published. After the deadline for public comments, the executive director will prepare a response to all relevant and material, or significant public comments. Issues such as property values, noise, traffic safety, and zoning are outside of the TCEQ’s jurisdiction to address in the permit process. After the technical review is complete the executive director will consider the comments and prepare a response to all relevant and material, or significant public comments. If only comments are received, the response to comments, along with the executive director’s decision on the application, will then be mailed to everyone who submitted public comments or who is on the mailing list for this application, unless the application is directly referred to a contested case hearing. OPPORTUNITY FOR A CONTESTED CASE HEARING You may request a contested case hearing. The applicant or the executive director may also request that the application be directly referred to a contested case hearing after technical review of the application. A contested case hearing is a legal proceeding similar to a civil trial in state district court. Unless a ‘written request for a contested case hearing is filed within 15 days from this notice, the executive director may act on the application. If no hearing request is received within this 15 day period, no further opportunity for hearing will be provided. According to the Texas Clean Air Act §382.056(0) a contested case hearing may only be granted if the applicant’s compliance history is in the lowest classification under applicable compliance history requirements and if the hearing request is based on disputed issues of fact that are relevant and material to the Commission’ s decision on the application. Further, the Commission may only grant a hearing on those issues raised during the public comment period and not withdrawn. A person who may be affected by emissions of air contaminants from the facility is entitled to request a hearing. If requesting a contested case hearing, you must submit the following: (1) your name \or for a group or association, an official representative), mailing address, daytime phone number, and fax number, if any; (2) applicant’s name and permit number; (3) the statement “I/we] request a contested case hearing;” (4) a specific description of how you would be adversely affected by the application and air emissions from the facility in a way not common to the general public; (5) the location and distance of your property relative to the facility; and (6) a description of how you use the property which may be impacted by the facility. If the request is made by a group or association, the one or more members who have standing to request a hearing and the interests the group or association seeks to protect must also be identified. You may also submit your proposed adjustments to the application/permit which would satisfy your concerns. Requests for a contested case hearing must be submitted in writing within 15 days following this notice to the Office of the Chief Clerk at the address below. If any requests for a contested case hearing are timely filed, the executive director will forward the application and any requests for a contested case hearing to the Commissioners for their consideration at a scheduled Commission meeting. Unless the application is directly referred to a contested case hearing, the executive director will mail the response to comments along with notification of Commission meeting to everyone who submitted comments or is on the mailing list for this application. If a hearing is granted, the subject of a hearing will be limited to disputed issues of fact relating to relevant and material air quality concerns raised during the comment period. Issues such as property values, noise, traffic safety, and zoning are outside ofthe Commission’s jurisdiction to address in this proceeding. MAILING LIST In addition to submitting public comments, you may ask to be placed on a mailing list for this application by sending a request to the Office of the Chief Clerk at the address below. Those on the mailing list will receive copies of future public notices (if any) mailed by the Office of the Chief Clerk for this application. AGENCY CONTACTS AND INFORMATION All public comments and requests must be submitted either electronically at, or in writing to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Office of the Chief Clerk, MC-105, P.O. Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087. If you choose to communicate with the TCEQ electronically, please be aware that your email address, like your physical mailing address, will become part of the agency’s public record. For more information about this permit application or the permitting process, please call the Office of Public Assistance, Toll Free, at 1-800-687-4040. Si desea informacion en Espanol, puede llamar all-800-687-4040. General information regarding the TCEQ can be found at Further information may also be obtained from Al-Kel Alliance, Inc., P.O. Box 550, Hutchins, Texas 751410550 or by calling Mr. Blain Vinson, Director of Operations at (972) 225-4002. Notice Issuance Date: May 2,2011



NOTICIAS PUBLICO AVISO DEL RECIBO DE LA APPLICACION Y LA INTENCIÓN DE OBTENER EL PERMISO DE RENOVACIÓN DEL AIRE NUMERO DE PERMISO 47794 APPLICACION Al Kel Alliance, Inc. ha solicitado a la Comisión de Texas para la renovación de Calidad Ambiental de la Calidad del Aire - Número de Permiso 47794, que autoriza la operación continúe del mantenimiento del depósito y de camiones de tanque y de las plantas de limpieza que están ubicadas en el 2012 North Road Goode, Wilmer, en el condado de Dallas, Texas 75172. La instalación actual está autorizada a emitir los siguientes contaminantes del aire: monóxido de carbono, óxidos de nitrógeno, dióxido de azufre, incluyendo partículas o material particulado con diámetro de 10 micrones o menos y 2.5 micrones o menos, y órganos compuestos. Esta solicitud se presentó a la TCEQ el 18 de Abril de 2011. La aplicación estará disponible para revisar y copiar en la oficina central, regional de TCEQ, TCEQ Dallas / Forth Worth, y el J. Erik Jonson de la Biblioteca Central, 1515 Young Street en Dallas, en el condado de Dallas, Texas, a partir del primer día de la publicación de este aviso. El archivo del cumplimiento de instalación, (si hay alguno), está disponible para revisión pública en Dallas / Fort Worth oficina regional de TCEQ. El director ejecutivo ha determinado que la solicitud está administrativamente completa y llevará a cabo una revisión técnica de la solicitud. La información de la solicitud indica que esta renovación del permiso no se traduciría en un aumento de las emisiones permitidas y no daría lugar a la emisión de un contaminante del aire que no haya sido previamente emitido. La TCEQ puede actuar en esta solicitud sin ocupar más comentarios públicos o proporcionar la oportunidad para una audiencia disputada del caso si se cumplen ciertos criterios.

COMENTARIO PÚBLICO Usted puede presentar comentarios públicos, o de una solicitud para una audiencia de caso impugnado a la Oficina del Secretario Principal a la dirección de abajo. La TCEQ tomará en consideración todos los comentarios del público en la elaboración de la decisión final sobre la solicitud. La fecha límite para el públicos presente sus comentarios son 15 días después del aviso publicado en el periódico. Ya transcurrido el plazo para los comentarios del público, el director ejecutivo preparará una respuesta a todo el material y relativo. Cuestiones tales como valor de la propiedad, el ruido, la seguridad del tráfico, y la zonificación que se encuentre fuera de la jurisdicción de la TCEQ lo mencione en el proceso de permisos. Después que la revisión técnica este terminada el director ejecutivo tomara en cuenta las observaciones y preparará una respuesta a todos los comentarios públicos esenciales, pertinentes, o significativos. Si sólo se reciben comentarios, la respuesta a los comentarios, junto con la decisión del director ejecutivo en la aplicación, entonces se enviará por correo a todos los que presentaron un comentario público o que están en la lista de correo a quien haya solicitado comentarios públicos, salvo que la solicitud haya sido referida directamente a una audiencia de caso impugnado. OPORTUNIDAD PARA UNA AUDENCIA DE CASO IMPUGNADO Usted puede solicitar una audiencia disputada del caso. El solicitante o el director ejecutivo también pueden solicitar que la aplicación se refiera directamente a una audiencia disputada del caso después de la revisión técnica de la solicitud. Una audiencia de lo contencioso es un procedimiento legal similar a un juicio civil en un tribunal estatal de distrito. A menos que una solicitud por escrito para una audiencia de lo contencioso sea presentada dentro de los 15 días siguientes de este aviso, el director ejecutivo podrá actuar en la aplicación. Si no hay solicitud de audiencia recibida dentro de este plazo de 15 días no abra otra oportunidad para una audiencia. De acuerdo con la limpieza del aire de Texas Act 382.056 (o) una audiencia disputada del caso, sólo podrá concederse si la historia del demandante es el cumplimiento en la clasificación más baja en virtud de los requisitos de cumplimiento de la historia y si la solicitud de audiencia se basa en cuestiones de hechos en disputa que son relevantes y materiales a la decisión de la Comisión sobre la aplicación. Además, la Comisión podrá conceder una audiencia sobre las cuestiones planteadas durante el período de comentarios públicos y no hayan sido retiradas. Una persona que sea afectada por las emisiones de contaminantes del aire de la planta tiene derecho a solicitar una audiencia. Si está solicitando una audiencia de caso impugnado, debe presentar lo siguiente:1) su nombre (o para un grupo o asociación, un representante oficial), dirección postal, número de teléfono y número de fax, si hay alguno; 2) nombre del solicitante y numero de permiso; 3) La declaración “[Yo / nosotros] solicito una audiencia de caso impugnado;” (4) una descripción específica de cómo se verían afectados negativamente por la emisión de aplicaciones y el aire de la planta/sitio de una manera no común al público en general; (5 ) la ubicación y distancia de su propiedad respecto a la instalación, y (6) una descripción de cómo usted utiliza la propiedad que pueda verse afectada por la instalación. Si la solicitud es formulada por un grupo o asociación, el uno o más miembros quien tenga capacidad de solicitar una audiencia y el interés del grupo o asociación busque protección deberá también ser reconocido. También puede enviar sus propuestas de ajustes en la solicitud / autorización que satisfaga sus preocupaciones. La solicitud de audiencia de lo contencioso deberá presentarse por escrito dentro de los 15 días siguientes de este aviso a la Oficina del Secretario Principal a la dirección de abajo. Si cualquier solicitud de audiencia de caso impugnado se presentó a tiempo, el director ejecutivo enviará la solicitud y los pedidos para una audiencia de caso impugnado a los Comisionados para su consideración en una reunión programada de la Comisión. A menos que la solicitud haya sido referida directamente a una audiencia de caso impugnado, el director ejecutivo enviará la respuesta a los comentarios, junto con la notificación de la reunión de la Comisión a todos los que presentaron observaciones o está en la lista de correo para esta aplicación. Si se concede una audiencia, el tema de una audiencia se limitará a cuestiones de hecho en disputas en relación con problemas de calidad pertinentes y material de aire planteadas durante el periodo de comentarios. Cuestiones tales como valor de la propiedad, el ruido, la seguridad del tráfico, y la zonificación que se encuentra fuera de la jurisdicción de la Comisión se incluya en este procedimiento. LISTA DE CORREO Además de presentar los comentarios del público, usted puede solicitar ser incluido en una lista de correo para esta aplicación mediante el envío de una solicitud a la Oficina del Secretario Principal a la dirección de abajo. Los de la lista de correo, recibirán copias de los avisos públicos (si hay alguno) enviados por la Oficina del Secretario Principal para esta aplicación. AGENCIA DE CONTACTOS Y INFORMACION Todos los comentarios del público y la solicitud debe presentarse por medios electrónicos en /about/ comments.html, o por escrito a la Comisión de Texas sobre Calidad Ambiental de la Oficina del Secretario Principal, MC-105 , PO Box 13087, Austin, Texas 78711-3087 - 3087. Si usted decide comunicarse con la TCEQ por vía electrónica. Por favor tenga en cuenta que su dirección de correo electrónico, como su dirección postal física, pasarán a formar parte del registro público de la agencia. Formulario de información tanto acerca de esta solicitud de permiso o el proceso de permisos, por favor llame a la Oficina de Asistencia Pública, sin cobro, al 1-800-687-4040. Si Desea información en Español, Puede llamar al 1-800-687-4040. Información general sobre la TCEQ puede encontrase en Para más información también puede obtenerse de Al-Kel Alliance, Inc.,. Caja postal 550, Hutchins, Texas 75141 -0550 o llamando al Sr. Blain Vinson, Director de Operaciones al (972) 225 - 4002. Fecha de Emisión de aviso: 02 de mayo 2011


June 2011 Edition




Salon owner looking for motivated stylists and barbers that have a clientele and need a change. (Recent graduates of Cosmetology or Barber College may also be considered on a case-by-case basis). Our Salon is located in the Garland area. BOOTH RENTERS ONLY, BOOTH RENT $75.00 A WEEK FOR A LIMITED TIME. For info call: Mrs Davis at 214.738. 8291.


Get paid weekly. Serious inquiry only. Call 951-565-4432 or 909-717-7623.

Looking for an Exciting Career? We’ve got high commission account executive positions in the Balch Springs area. No experience necesssary. Will train. Call (972) 926-8503 or email resume to:

Get the Balch Springs Sentinel Home Delivered to your Door Contact Info: email your news or event information to: 972-926-8503 Home Delivery Customer Service Desk 972-926-8503 Advertising Opportunities 972-926-8503

City Monthly News

Reader Advisory: the National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the following classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer “employment” but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it’s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. 800 numbers may or may not reach Canada.




MISC. FOR SALE Get DirectTV-FREE Installation NO

PREGNANT? CONSIDERING ADOPTION? You choose from families nationwide. LIVING EXPENSES PAID. Abby’s One True Gift Adoptions. 866-413-6292, 24/7 Void/Illinois

WANTED JAPANESE MOTORCYCLES KAWASAKI 1970-1980 Z1-900, KZ900, KZ 1000, H2-750, H1-500, S1-250, S2-250, S2-350, S3-400 CASH. 1-800-772-1142, 1-310-721-0726


DONATE YOUR CAR. FREE TOWING. “Cars for Kids”. Any condition. Tax deductible, 1-800-597-9411 TOP CASH FOR CARS, Any Car/Truck, Running or Not. Call for INSTANT offer: 1-800-454-6951


DIRECT TO HOME Satellite TV $24.99/mo. FREE installation, FREE HD/DVR upgrade. New customers - NO ACTIVATION FEE! Credit/Debit Card Req. Call 1-800795-3579


PROCESS Mail! Pay Weekly! FREE Supplies! Bonuses! Genuine! Helping Homeworkers since 1992! Call 1-888-302-1522

ACTORS/MOVIE EXTRAS - $150-$300/ Day depending on job. No experience. All looks needed. 1-800-281-5185-A103


DISH NETWORK PACKAGES start $24.99/mo FREE HD for life! FREE BLOCKBUSTER® movies (3 months.) Call1-800915-9514 AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (866)453-6204. Your Wish Is Your Command! Revolutionary discovery goes beyond “Law of Attraction.” Create wealth, love, happiness! Limited time offer, $300 value, 14-CD set, yours FREE! Call1-800-591-0346 NOW Your Wish Is Your Command! Revolutionary discovery goes beyond the “Law of Attraction.” Create wealth, love, happiness! Limited time offer, $300 value, yours FREE! Call 1-800-422-3061 NOW. Steel Buildings. Rock bottom prices!! Save 50%/60% off. Pre-fabricated kits!! 1-800679-8110 ext.102 CASH PAID for unexpired, sealed DIABETIC TEST STRIPS - up to $17/Box! Shipping paid. Sara 1-800-371-1136.



Low Testosterone? Free 30 Day Supply! Try PROGENE and Restore power, performance, and confidence…naturally. Progene Daily Complex CALL FOR FREE SUPPLY Pay only S&P 800-992-7939 SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS WIN Benefits or pay Nothing! FREE Consultation- FREE Book! Disability Group,Inc - Se Habla Espanol BBB Accredited CALL NOW 888-510-9008


EARN $1000’s WEEKLY Receive $12 every envelope Stuffed with sales materials. 24-hr. Information 1-800-682-5439 code 14 Frac Sand haulers with complete rigs only. Relocate to Texas for Tons of work. 1-800-397-2639 $$ Get Paid $1000 to Lose Weight! Lose ugly body fat and GET PAID! Call now for details - hurry limited time. 888-253-5931 2011 Postal Positions $13.00-$36.50+/hr., Federal hire/full benefits. Call Today! 1-866-477-4953 Ext. 150

For listing Information Call (972) 926-8503

Start up Costs!!! Showtime FREELocal Channels Included FREE HD DVR & HD Receiver Upgrade - Ask How!!! Call for Full Details-888860-2420

MYSTERY SHOPPERS! Earn up to $150 daily. Get paid to shop pt/ft. Call now 800-690-1272.

HELP! I’ve Fallen & I Can’t Get-UP! You or a loved one live alone? Get Immediate Help in an Emergency! Call LifeAlert Now-FREE Info! Call-800-630-6101


Available Now!!! 2-4 Bedroom homes Take Over Payments No Money Down/No Credit Check Call 1-888-269-9192 ***FREE Foreclosure Listings*** OVER 400,000 properties nationwide. Low down payment. Call now 800-250-2043. Land Liquidation 20 Acres $0 Down, $99/mo. Only $12,900 Near El Paso, TX, Owner Financing, No Credit Checks! Money Back Guarantee FREE Color Brochure. 800-755-8953 Stop Renting Lease option to buy Rent to own No money down No credit check 1-877-395-0321


SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Million Dollars offered in 2010! Call (800) 882-0296


WANTED DIABETES TEST STRIPS Any kind/brand. Unexpired up to $18.00. Shipping Paid 1-800-266-0702


ONLINE: June 2011 Edition



June 2011 Edition



BALCH SPRINGS SENTINEL Paid Mailed Subscription to: HOME - OFFICE Available by calling (972) 926-8503 PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID MESQUITE TX...

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