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VOL. III Issue 45 July 1-31, 2011 Published Monthly Balch Springs, Texas

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COMMON SENSE LEGISLATION WASHINGTON D.C. - U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan told Congress this week that the Administration supports passage of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act, for two basic reasons: it’s crucial for meeting our national goals and future workforce needs, and also sends the right message about the value of hard work and our Nation’s basic sense of fairness. In testimony at the first-ever Senate hearing on the DREAM Act before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Refugee, and Border Security, Duncan said, “The DREAM Act is a common-sense piece of legislation that is in keeping with core American values. It will open the doors of higher education to those individuals who were brought to American by their parents as undocumented children. And in the process we will sustain our economic competitiveness into the future.” The DREAM Act, which creates opportunities for young people to attend college or serve in the military even though they don’t have documentation, requires a rigorous process to qualify: they must prove they came to the United States before the age of 16, have lived here for at least five years, graduated from high school or received a GED, possess good moral character, and been admitted to an institution of higher education or to serve in the military. Only once they’re in college or serving in the armed forces will they have the chance to earn a legal status. “These are demanding standards that demonstrate academic achievement and personal integrity,”

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Duncan said. It is estimated that each year, 65,000 young people graduate from high school in the U.S. and find themselves unable to work, join the military or go to college because of their immigration status. Approximately 800,000 young people would be eligible for the DREAM Act upon passage. Duncan discussed the DREAM Act in relation to the President’s 2020 goal for America to once again be the country with the highest proportion of college graduates, pointing out that students served by the DREAM Act will help grow our workforce and fill shortages in STEM jobs and other highdemand fields. He called higher education “an economic growth engine and a ticket to a middle-class lifestyle,” and outlined the many benefits of attending college, including higher earnings and by extension, tax revenue; lower unemployment, and greater likelihood to vote and do volunteer work. In his testimony, Duncan also dispelled several misconceptions about the DREAM Act: it does not create an amnesty program with an easy path to citizenship; it will not affect the availability of federal student loans or Pell Grants for citizens, or create incentives for an increase in undocumented immigration. “Simply put,” Duncan concluded, “educating the individuals who would be eligible under the DREAM Act would benefit our country.”

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Balch Springs Health and rehab player readies for next game. PHOTO COURTESY OF JENNIFER BALLEW

Last month I pulled up into the driveway of fairly quaint health and rehabilitation center. I was here to witness an event of interest. BIGSHOT BINGO! I expected to see a group of the elderly huddled over game sheets taking as much time as needed with unsteady hands to delegate placemarkers to their bingo cards and slowly and loudly announced and re-announced destinations on their cards with eyes that don’t see as clearly

as they used to. What I found instead was over 30 lively and relatively energetic guests and participants. They weren’t the elderly I imagined on my way there. They were a fun-loving, smiling, excited bunch moving their place-markers across the game cards at a quick pace. A serious stare of investigation formed on their faces as they looked for any mistake or possible winning combination on the board. After the quick investigation, the serious face gave way to a gleeful smile and attentive ear

as the next number was called. Colorful prize baskets were being given away from Wal-Mart gift cards to lottery tickets to fruits and candies. And the bingo balls were rainbow colored and they spiraled in ball-tossing machine operated by none other than Balch Springs Mayor Carrie Gordon. Her pleasant smile and energetic revelation of the winning numbers added an even higher presence of fun and enjoyment to the festivities. Standing next to her with a look of pride


and accomplishment was Jeff May, the Balch Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center’s administrator. He along with admissions coordinator Jennifer Ballew were instrumental in the set up of the event, the special guests (mayor) and prizes. I was able to speak with Mr. May on his goal with the Bigshot Bingo event. He told me that he wanted to show “what we offer, how much fun we have here.” He wanted to “tie community in together.” May envisions Balch

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Arts & Entertainment


Pageants and musical performances were part of the celebration. Justin David Tate EDITOR

On a hot summer day on June 18th 2011, burgers, sausages, and other meats sizzled on the grill. The aroma enticed patrons of neighboring business to saunter over. A colorful

bounce-house with protective shade and a wet slip and slide decorates the scenery with hope for children to have fun while staying cool in the sun. Music could be heard blaring from the Balch Springs LibraryLearning Center


auditorium and the Balch Springs Civic Center be it rock, soul, blues, rap, country and R & B. The smooth sounds of the late great Dr. “T-Byrd” Gordon serenaded the Civic Center while country-soul and southern rock band by the name of Fast

Track blew got everyone jumping out of their seats at the library. Juneteenth celebrations started a year after General Granger came to Texas to enforce “General Order No. 3 on June 19th 1865. This order was to enforce the emancipation of the slaves after the Civil War. Sam Allen, a police officer and local Balch Springs event organizer, arranged for a Balch Springs Juneteenth celebration to come into fruition. Many diverse talents were on display. Mariachis played during the Continued Next Page


July 2011 Edition


Arts & Entertainment

Around Town From Page 4

celebration. School step teams performed. Every so often, a cannon that’s over a century old fires, causing librarians and event attendees to startle with heartbeats skipping a few seconds, bodies freezing movement, and eyes darting around to find the source of the loud booming noise. Eventually the sudden jerks of deafening bang become as normal as a pounding on the front door by an expected guest. The cannon fires in remembrance for all those who died fighting for the freedoms Americans live to appreciate today. Mr. Allen often laughs in wonder of the cannon’s ability to still work and startle generation after generation in its smoke-raising explosive display of lasting power. Allen was most proud of the musical talent arranged for the event. Next year, he plans to have the event held in a bigger venue with even more acts and local paid volunteer staff to help out. This is the second year in a row Balch Springs has celebrated Juneteenth. Two-thousand-eleven’s Juneteenth has overshadowed the impressive debut of the celebration in Balch

Balch Springs Mayor Carrie Gordon adjust mike. This is the second year in a row Balch Springs has celebrated Juneteenth. Two-thousand-eleven’s Juneteenth has overshadowed the impressive debut of the celebration in Balch Springs. PHOTO COURTESY OF WEEKEND READER CLUB

Burgers, sausages, and other meats sizzled on the grill. PHOTO COURTESY OF WEEKEND READER CLUB

Springs. Many businesses, churches, politicians and thousands of attendees made the Balch Springs Juneteenth the giant that it became.

With such an amazing growth in only two years, Juneteenth appears to be quickly becoming an annual staple of the proud city of Balch Springs.


July 2011 Edition


CHILDREN Children Can Explore Their Creative Side at Eastfield

MESQUITE - Eastfield College will offer a weeklong Children’s Ceramics and Photo Camp from July 11- 15. The camp is for children ages 8-12 and costs $150. Students will work with two different artists every day. Half of the camp will be spent with Ben Espey in the Photography Studio, learning about and making pinhole cameras and photographs. The

other half of the camp will be spent with Mickey Bruce exploring materials and methods in the Ceramic Studio. Supplies are provided. The last day of camp ends with a reception displaying the campers’ artwork to celebrate their creations with family and friends. Call 972-860-7113 to register. Eastfield College, one of the seven Dallas County Community Colleges, is located at 3737 Motley Drive in Mesquite, just north of I-30.

Bigshot Bingo From Page 3

Springs as a small city with a big economy of jobs and events. He himself employs about 50 Balch Springs residents, who in turn spend money in Balch Springs grocery stores and restaurants. He calls it “...a big circle.” As far as Bigshot Bingo, that event will continue through the first three Thursday’s of July. Each Thursday from the first Thursday to the third Thursday of July will PAGE 6

have different special guests to come through and deliver the numbers. The first Thursday in July, the Balch Springs firefighters will arrive. And the following week, the Balch Springs Police Chief Ed Morris. May expects the party that is Bigshot Bingo to possibly even continue longer, but he’s still planning. May appears to enjoy helping the persons who reside at the center achieve more than just survival.

July 2011 Edition



BALCH SPRINGS-Citizens are invited to the Balch Springs Music Extravaganza and Fireworks at sunset, Sat., July 2 at the Balch Springs Recreation Center, 4372 Shepherd Road. The event is free and open to the public. Fireworks will begin at dusk. The afternoon will include live music, food, vendors and celebrating freedom. This is a family event so bring the kids for an afternoon of fun and community togetherness. Celebrate freedom with the City of Balch Springs. For more information, visit the website at

He seems to genuinely want to fill their hearts with joy. He takes them on random trips fishing, coordinates musicians and all sorts of interesting special guests for the members of the facility to enjoy. “I have a compassion for what I do here,” May told me, “I’ve worked here ten months and lived [in Mesquite] seven years, but Balch Springs feels more like family than Mesquite.” For more information on the events at the Balch Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center, visit http://


Each month, I interview a new employee in the Balch Springs city about their unique line of work and how they enjoy their career. The purpose of such interviews is to highlight the unique and interesting jobs that are available with the right education and hard work. Today I interviewed Susan Kornegay, an employee of the Balch Springs Health and Rehabilitation Center. Justin: What is the name of your position and the duties it requires of you? Susan: Human Resources/Payroll. Process applicants and new hires while maintaining compliance with Federal and State guidelines. Process bi-wkly payroll, while maintaining Federal

and State guidelines. Justin: What credentials/experience/ opportunities led you to your current line of work? Susan: While working in a Long Term Care facility in the early 90’s, I fell into this position, I worked with an Administrator that knew I had the potential and drive to do more and succeed. 18 years later I am still in Long Term Care. I have taken classes for compliance, payroll and human resources. Justin: What do you think of Balch Springs and how long have you been here? Susan: I have been at Balch Springs for one month. Balch Springs [Health & Rehabilitation Center] is a small facility with a BIG heart. Justin: Where did you originally come from and how would you compare the locations?

Susan: Do you mean demographics...I’ll answer [this in two] ways. I was at the corporate level with a new company in Dallas that owned and managed many facilities…To compare that to this…Rat race of the corporate world to homelike atmosphere. I am from Chicago and have been in Texas 22 years… .In comparison…WINDY to HOT!!! Justin: What advice would you give to someone looking for a job in your line of work? Susan: Details and organizational skills will help, but knowledge is the key… Justin: Has the economy affected any part of your work? Susan: No. Justin: If not, do you consider your work recession-proof? Susan: No. Justin: Alright, well thank you for the interview.

High Marks for Eastfield Automotive Program

MESQUITE, TX - The Eastfield College Automotive Technology Department recently completed a validation process conducted by the Toyota Technician Education Network (T-TEN). T-TEN is a partnership between Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc., community colleges and vocational schools, and Toyota and Lexus dealerships. Its mission is to support Toyota and Lexus dealer-


Eastfield T-TEN Program team and Dan Lee, Gulf States Toyota Director of Training.

ship success by providing skilled entry-level service and parts personnel. To

learn more visit


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ANGELS OF CARE PEDIATRIC HOME HEALTH Come join one of the largest pediatric home health agencies. We pay more & offer more incentives than any other agency. New car give away every 6 months. Hiring - RN’s & LVN’s for private duty nursing & skilled visits. Speech, occupational, & physical therapists. Non licensed attendants ***Bilingual positions available*** Openings in Allen, Balch Springs, Bedford, Carrolton, Dallas, Farmersville, Flowermound, Frisco, Garland, Grand Praire, Irving, Lewsiville, McKinney, Mesquite, Plano, Richland Hills, Rockwall, Royse City, Paid vacation, 401K, competive pay, medical, dental, vision, life insurance, & incentives. Nurses & attendants call staffing, 903-532-1400 or 866-856-5923. Therapist call Cindy @ 903-532-1400 ext 3275.


Reader Advisory: the National Trade Association we belong to has purchased the following classifieds. Determining the value of their service or product is advised by this publication. In order to avoid misunderstandings, some advertisers do not offer “employment” but rather supply the readers with manuals, directories and other materials designed to help their clients establish mail order selling and other businesses at home. Under NO circumstance should you send any money in advance or give the client your checking, license ID, or credit card numbers. Also beware of ads that claim to guarantee loans regardless of credit and note that if a credit repair company does business only over the phone it’s illegal to request any money before delivering its service. All funds are based in US dollars. 800 numbers may or may not reach Canada.

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ONLINE: July 2011 Edition


Arts & Entertainment

“QUEEN TO PLAY” OPENS Kevin Kline and Sandrine Bonnaire in QUEEN TO PLAY, a film by Caroline Bottaro. A Zeitgeist Films release. PHOTO/ PATRICK GLAIZE

Queen To Play opens at the Angelika Dallas on Fri., July 1. Oscar winner Kevin Kline (A Fish Called Wanda)

and the luminous Sandrine Bonnaire (Vagabond) square off in this stylish and sophisticated dramedy of newfound

passions and mid-life triumphs, set on the postcard-perfect isle of Corsica. Lovely, repressed and quietly intelligent, French chambermaid Hélène (Bonnaire) discovers she has a knack for chess. Much to the chagrin of her husband and teenaged daughter, this obsession leads her to seek the clandestine tutelage of a reclusive American doctor (Kline, in his first French-speaking role)-a liaison that radically transforms both of their lackluster lives.


July 2011 Edition



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