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WHO WE ARE Selby Jennings, part of the Phaidon International group, are the foremost provider of recruitment solutions to global financial institutions across Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East. We work with a range of clients, including investment banks, hedge funds and fund of funds, asset management, M&A, corporate finance and private equity financial consultancies and trading houses. Covering both contingency and retained recruitment services, we offer clients an industry leading marketing driven operation, as well as a search and selection service to ensure we access the best and most relevant pool of candidates for every assignment

LIVE THE DREAM “If winning isn’t everything, why do they keep score” Adam Buck - CEO, Phaidon International

Selby Jennings is a great place to work. There is pressure and it is target based, but we enjoy ourselves at the same time. The environment is similar to a sports team or band; you all have your own roles to play as all commission is individual, but we succeed together and everyone is encouraged to help each other. We run many incentives such as lunch clubs to Michelin Starred restaurants once a month and European holidays.

Top billers get a Rolex at the end of the year and tailored suits. We have run other incentives such as: win the bosses car for a week, driving days, lie in days, vouchers and free breakfast and lunch.

We are a dress down company and keep our suits in the office for meetings which enables us to approach our jobs in a more relaxed manner. We have free gym membership after a year and people are actively encouraged to stay fit with showers at the office, free fruit and a bicycle purchase scheme to encourage people to ride to work.

WHY CHOOSE SELBY JENNINGS...? UNRIVALLED EARNING POTENTIAL The top biller of 2010/2011 earned £198,898 with the second top biller earning £129,794K. As a company we had our best billing month ever in January 2012, with over £1.5 million billed, and over £4 million made in profit during the 2011 financial year. Since 2008/2009 our turnover as a group has grown by 225%, and our profit has increased by 2000%. Our commission is the best in the industry, from consultant level right up to director. We believe you attract and keep the most motivated and successful people by paying them the best.

HIGH MARGIN RECRUITMENT We operate in the high margin, high end of recruitment with our average fee in excess of £20,000 compared to our competitors whose average fee is below £10,000. Hence even if we only place the same number of people we still make twice as much.

EFFICIENCY We are set up in the most efficient way with the most cutting edge database technology and very little bureaucracy to enable you to maximise your time in making money. Selby made 3.5 placements every working day in 2011, to 39 countries worldwide. During 2011 we invested heavily in technology in order to ensure our consultants maintained a good work life balance and increased their efficiency whilst at work.



our equity stake holder scheme which has already

We have already identified 15 other brands we

been established by Deloitte and enables everyone

want to develop and we need directors to run

to own a part of their business and benefit if and

these businesses. With the company built off

when we float or sell.

organic growth these people will come from within Selby Jennings, so it is people joining now, who can

From the moment trainees join Selby Jennings they

develop their career beyond the standard manager

are only ever 4 levels away from Directorship. Our

/ team leader status available at other recruitment

most recently promoted Associate Directors were


appointed in January 2012, less than four years after their employment began, at the ages of 25 and 26.

The first of these new brands was established at the beginning of 2009 in the form of HR, Procurement,

Most of our trainees can expect to be heading

Finance and Supply Chain recruitment across the

up an area and managing trainees within 12–16

UK, Europe and the Middle East. We have recently

months of joining.

established three new divisions focusing on senior appointments recruitment across the UK and

One of our current heads of area has been with

Europe and on non-banking sectors such as

the business for 14 months and is managing a team

renewable energy and oil and

of 3 trainees. He has seen his basic salary increased


to ÂŁ35,000 (not to mention receiving very lucrative


team commission). There are no glass ceilings or Those developing and building

office politics around our promotions. At Selby

brands will also benefit from

Jennings, if you deliver then so will we.

WE EXPECT THE BEST We expect 110%. We want people who want to be pushed, who want to reach as far up the career ladder as their ability allows. We want people who aspire to earn £100,000 a year, even if you do not instantly achieve this. We do not want people who are happy to earn £40,000 a year. People who think they have arrived on £40,000 a year and strut around like a mini Alan Sugar are not our bag!

We expect our consultants to be confident, and you must have a certain degree of self-assuredness. You will hear it how it is; we will tell you the truth and where your weaknesses are and how to change them. You must be able to listen and learn combined with an ability not to take yourself too seriously...

We appreciate choosing to work for us is as big a decision for you as it is us. We are looking for people who know what they want as an individual as we are not for everyone and everyone is not for us. However we can give you the platform to be immensely successful and personal development needed to be a leader in the future.

BESPOKE TRAINING We do not follow the belief as big companies’ do that the best training is achieved though rigid and structured generic programmes, everyone is different and develops differently so each person is trained within their own bespoke program. We have daily, weekly and monthly training sessions and appraisals

and you are assigned a mentor to ensure success is achieved. Different to other companies our training is mostly practiced within the office rather than a classroom as we believe this makes it more realistic and practical. Every trainee is taken through an extensive training manual to use as a point of reference which incorporates both internal and external training (e.g. Bloomberg and E-financial.) We believe training continues throughout your career, so even the most senior people are helped to develop their strengths where needed.

We have an induction programme which introduces new starters to the business so they can gauge a greater understanding whilst interacting with others prior to starting. Further to this since 2010 we have an external trainer who works both at a trainee level and also at a management level.

CANDIDATE REACH We have the largest advertising budget per head in the industry so are able to reach the largest pool of candidates. We also have our own dedicated headhunting team and business development function to support the consultants and ensure maximum earnings are achieved This is maintained by the extensive training each employee is given in the art of headhunting, which means you can reach 100% of the candidates actively seeking new opportunities in the market place.

OUR REPUTATION / COVERAGE Our reputation amongst clients is unrivalled by our competitors within the banking world with most other companies who operate in our space either being small boutiques with few clients or IT agencies professing to be experts in finance, but actually have little leverage or client respect. We have 20 of the top 30 global investment banks as our clients and over 8000 clients globally from hedge funds to financial consultancies. In 2011 we made 55% of our placements outside the UK.

GROWTH Not only has our client base rapidly expanded, the group has offices based worldwide, including Geneva, New York, and Singapore. Since the birth of the Singapore office in 2011, our team billed £500k in the first 6 months, and this figure is steadily increasing. In the next few years, the Groups projective plans are detailed below:

2012 •

Q2 – Double the size of Singapore offices

Q3 – Move to new London Headquarters in the City (12,000 Sq. Ft offices)

2013 •

Q1 -New office in Hong Kong opens

Q1/2 – New office in New York opens

Q3 – New office in Continental Europe opens

Q4 – New office in Houston opens

2014 •

Australia opens

AWARDS Selby Jennings has been accredited with 24 internationally recognised awards. most recently: Recruitment Company of theYear 2012 £5m £50m turnover – APSCo Awards For Excellence


COMPANY DIRECTOR PROFILE 05/05 07/05 08/05 10/05 11/05 03/06 09/06 10/06 11/06 12/06 07/07 08/07 12/07 12/07 01/08 12/08 01/09 12/09 09/10 05/11


Joined Selby Jennings as a consultant Made First Placement Attended first lunch club Promoted to Principal Consultant Managing team of 3 Consultants Earned first £100,000 Received largest monthly pay check in company history (At that time) £50K Managing team of 5 Consultants Promoted to Managing Consultant Consultant in my team becomes top biller Made Summer Holiday target- Barcelona Promoted to Director Consultant in my team top biller two years running Made Selby end of year holiday target- Skiing in Chamonix Managing a team of 12 consultants Top biller for past three years comes from my teams Promoted to Executive Director – responsible for 5 core division and 15 consultants Managed the business to a profit during the financial crisis, and also increased headcount Team has increased turnover 3 fold and achieved several team records across the entire year, Send a team of 4 consultants to Singapore office to continue international growth. 11/11 2/2012 1/2013

Achieve record revenues and profit for business for the year 2011 team now 35 people Set up and run two new teams looking to continue to diversify the Selby Jennings offering to clients Expanded into New York

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