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WHO ARE WE?   DSJ Global is an established Brand of Phaidon Internaitonal specialising in the European and Asian markets. Our company was established by the most successful team leader of the Award Winning Selby Jennings. Having trained almost every top billing consultant since Selby Jennings was established, our Director was chosen to build a successful team of high achieving consultants to take on more established organisations in new areas. Specifically we focus on new and unsaturated markets, working on an international basis and by a method that outperforms any existing competition.

WELCOME TO THE TEAM… DSJ Global operates a highly selective recruitment process not everyone has what it takes to succeed and DSJ have an exceptional record of hiring winners.

Personalities and backgrounds vary enormously across the business but all of us have a few things in common - a desire to make lots of money, a positive attitude in good or bad times, and a commitment to constantly bettering themselves. Let’s not pretend otherwise, recruitment is not a walk in the park, and we do not hire people who are happy to work 9-5, but the rewards are exceptional.

Ambition is critical, and the salaries are not achieved without hard work, but rest assured, if you have persistence, a never say never attitude and the need to succeed ,then DSJ is best the place for you achieve your personal goals…

WHY DSJ GLOBAL? DSJ Global is an environment for ambitious high achievers, we know this will not be everybody, but if you think you fit this mould then look no further. For those of you that are truly looking at recruitment as a career, and are looking to be rewarded on a meritocratic basis then this is the place for you. Most recruitment companies will mention an OTE level of income that can be achieved, in reality only a few earn ‘what you can earn’ - we are not happy hiring and training those who are happy with the outside possibility of £35-40,000 in their first year. DSJ offers an uncapped, unrivalled platform for financial rewards from day one.

As a consultant you are provided with the training and support necessary for you to harness your potential and develop you fully as a recruitment consultant in a very short space of time. We don’t operate systems where you earn your stripes as a resourcer, nor do you have to shadow a senior consultant for months. Our consultants have higher expectations than 99% of other organizations, therefore the markets areas and salary levels which we target offer the platform for earnings in excess of £100,000 per year from day one. Seriously, You will earn more in year 1 or 2 if you apply yourself here than CFO’s, Management consultants, bankers, lawyers... I could go on. How do we know this - we have done it ourselves.



DSJ Global works in a revolutionary way within

At DSJ Global there is a meritocratic environment!

our specialist niche markets. Research from clients

If you show the ability and hit the ground running

has shown that our proactive, targeted approach

then it is common for you to take responsibility for

outperforms household recruitment names who

a specific business area and begin to grow your own

have been established in markets for several years,

team within 12 months of starting with us. Typically

and within a short amount of time DSJ Global are

progression goes a little like this: consultant, principle

becoming the leaders in the field. Armed with a

consultant, team leader, partner.

reputation built on successful business relationships ensuring repeat business, we do not rely on mass

As you progress many opportunities will present

database recruitment, we work at the high end and

themselves such as people management, higher base

prestigious world of executive search but at the

salaries and commission structures, international

volume of a contingent approach. This means we

opportunities, and an equity stake in the business

work senior business critical positions, networking

which is based on your own performance levels.

with powerful decision makers, and command

One thing is for sure, whatever level you are at you

high commissions on a regular

will always be challenged, you will never wonder

basis, our overage deal size is in

what the next opportunity for you may be and

excess of ÂŁ20,000 with a target

you will never need to look elsewhere to further

of 2 successful placements per

develop your career!

month, although upwards of five is not uncommon!

REWARDS We employ bright graduates who not only work hard in the office, but that enjoy the rewards on offer outside of core work hours. As well as uncapped commission at one of the best rates in the industry, there are always other rewards and incentives alongside. Starting with leading Michelin starred lunch clubs, we also regularly have team meals at top London restaurants, weekly voucher incentives, bi-annual international company holidays, freedom to manage your working hours, plus other company events such as full hospitality at the Cartier Polo, champagne reception boxes at Wembley Stadium for football internationals and concerts. Another ‘reward’ is that we think relationships are key and we will happily send you to meet clients you work with if there is a good business relationship to be developed,-destinations have included Dubai, Singapore, Geneva, Zurich, Munich and other business hubs across Europe.

Competitive base salary

Uncapped commission


Michelin starred restaurants

5* Company holidays

Rolex watches

Incentives within group and company

Unparalleled opportunities for progression

Opportunities for international travel

Specialist training

Excellent work atmosphere

Equity stake available

AWARDS As part of a wider umbrella company, DSJ Global, has individually and as part of the group, been accredited with 24 internationally recognised awards:

Are you ready to start your career?

If you feel you have the potential to succeed in recruitment, and the desire to take advantage of the excellent opportunity, then please get in contact.

CONTACT US For more information or to apply please visit our website: or email





33 King William Street

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Landsbergerstrasse 155

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Singapore 048616

T +44 203 005 5575

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