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Ik King's New Clothes By Man Simons-Rudolph

The King's New Clothes By Aedan Simons-Rudolph

Many years ago there lived a king. He loved new clothes. He never went into town unless it was to show off his new clothes.


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One day two swindlers had new clothes that disappear if you are dumb or you are not fit for your job. The king declared he would have some of the clothes so they stared working. They put nothing \n the bag and they went to the king. He thought, "Am I dumb or am I not fit to be king?"


The king was horrified but he said, "Oh yes, it is very colorful and it looks so good." So the king had a parade wearing his new clothes. He walked proudly down the street. But then a child said, "But he has nothing on!" All the people agreed and he had the most unpleasant feeling that the people were right. The king walked down the street and finished the parade.



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The King's New Clothes  
The King's New Clothes  

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