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The 17 Wreste l rs and the Bg i

ByAbdaa l hShamsi

The Seventeen Wrestlers and the Big Mean Evil Teachers By Abdullah Shamsi


Once upon a time there lived seventeen wrestlers in a castle. The castle was as big as 50,000 elephants and there were two bad teachers living next to them. The wrestlers were only boys and were strong.

One day in the middle of the night, the two evil teachers went to the seventeen wrestlers' castle. The teachers went into the castle. The leader woke up. He heard the sound. He came to see what the noise was.


The leader saw the teachers and then the other wrestlers woke up. They saw the teachers. They were frightened. One of the teachers got a big bowl to fry the wrestlers. She got the ingredients. She caught the leader and tried to fry him but a dragon came and frightened the teachers. The teachers got out of the castle and have newer been seen again.

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The 17 Wrestlers and the Big Mean Bad Evil Teachers  

2W Fairytale

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