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Good Bye Big Bad Cat By Abigail Stiglitz

Once upon a time there lived three little mice. Their mom told them to go out in the world but watch out for the big bad cat. The mice told their mom, "Don't fear. We'll be careful." The first mouse built his house of paper. Soon the big bad cat came to the house of paper. He said, "Little mouse, little mouse, let me in." The mouse said, "No." Then the cat said, "You foolish mouse. Now I will attack your house." The house trembled.

[while, in the house there wai trap door in the bedroom. The mouse said, "I'm glad I put a trap door that leads to my brother's* house." The little mouse scurried to the brother's house. Five minutes later...knock, knock, knock. "Who is it?" said the frightened little mouse. "Who is at the plastic house?" It was the big bad cat. "Let me in, you foolish mouse!" said the cat. "No!" answered the mouse. "I will attack your house now," said the big bad cat. He jumped on the house.



The mouse scurried for the secret ,door in the closet. He pounced in the closet and fell down the hole. He landed In front of his brother. "What happened up there?" asked the first mouse. "The big bad cat ruined my house!" said the second house. "Me.too," said the first mouse." "Let's go to the third brother's house. Yay!" they said.

The two mice scurried through tunnels, raced through caves, and ran through sewer pipes. Finally they got to the third brother's house. It was made of cement. The two brothers opened the trap door. Their heads were in the cabinet. They got out of the cabinet. One of them said, "I hate that cat." They both knew the cat would not come near the house.

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One night the cat reached his paw through the open door and thought that he grabbed all three mice. He gently pulled them through the door. Instead, he pulled out bombs. The mice weren't in the cat's paw. They were sleeping in the trap door. The cat did not know they were there. The cat exploded and the mice never saw the cat again.


Good Bye Big Bad Cat  

2W Fairytales

Good Bye Big Bad Cat  

2W Fairytales