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Art Deco Rings Call For Special Attention Art deco rings have gotten increasingly popular as people discover the special beauty that can be found in these pieces. These rings go back to the art deco period, which started in the mid-1920s and lasted until the early 1940s. This time period was recognized for ornamental designs in art of all natures. Since they are more than 50 years old, rings made during this time period are considered vintage. They tend to have stunning metal bands with filigree, which is a lacy pattern worked into the metal. Platinum, white gold, yellow or silver were common metals used, much like today. In contrast to today, gems of all types were used although diamonds were still a popular gem for engagement rings. Owning engagement rings from the art deco era is a privilege that includes an obligation to care for such old mementos. The same filigree and detail that make them so elegant also make them breakable. The fact that they have already lasted for a long time demonstrates that they are in good condition. Strength is a feature of many precious metals and stones. Yet, these old rings represent history. You will need to take extra care when cleaning and storing them because they cannot be replaced. Clean Carefully Be careful when cleaning your vintage rings. Harsh chemicals that can damage old and fragile pieces can be found in several kinds of jewelry cleaners. Also, remember that any time you clean your rings there's a chance that a stone will come loose. Avoid cleaning in an area say for example a sink where a loose gem can drop down the drain. Much better to use water and cleaning solution in cups on an open counter. If your rings have soft gems or are made with silver, clean them with a non-abrasive cleanser and a soft toothbrush. Gently remove dirt and grime. It is much better to clean your ring by breaking through the layers of dirt a little at a time than possibly damaging it by using cleaners that are too strong. If soap is unsuccessful, contact a jeweler who specializes in vintage jewelry for guidance. If your rings have hard stones and are made with gold or platinum, then you can clean them with a mixture of one part ammonia to two parts water. You can soak rings in the ammonia mixture for tough layers of grime. As with other rings, don't forget to gently rub away dirt with a soft toothbrush. Pressure isn't needed. Safe Storage Rings have to be stored in a safe place with cotton protecting them from contact with other jewelry when they are not being worn. It is especially essential that you be careful with soft gems like opals and pearls, because other jewelry can scratch or even fracture these old gems. A constant temperature should be maintained in the storage area. Extreme temps are damaging to both metals and gems. Rings Require Care Art deco engagement rings are more than gorgeous adornments. An irreplaceable piece of history Estate Diamond Jewelry Inc

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Art Deco Rings Call For Special Attention is also represented. If you're doing something like working, bathing, exercising or engaging in any other activity where you could possibly harm them, take the rings off. Check the stones regularly. Take the rings to a jeweler that specializes in vintage jewelry to get the prongs fixed if they become loose. With a little extra attention, your valuable rings can survive centuries. So they can dazzle future generations just as they currently thrill you, be protective. Give your fiancĂƒÂŠe an art deco diamond engagement ring so she will stand out in any crowd. For lots more information on Estate Diamond Jewelry, see them at their site,

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Art Deco Rings Call For Special Attention  

Give your fiancée an art deco diamond engagement ring so she will stand out in any crowd. For lots more information on Estate Diamond Jewel...

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