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Mutoh ValueJet - An Authentic Printing Ecosystem Fast, flexible, eco-friendly and accurate are only a few of the many adjectives that can describe the Mutoh ValueJet printing line which includes inks and also other peripherals. With those words in mind, here’s an overview of the ValueJet system that will help you understand why you might want to use Mutoh’s technology in your large format and specialty printing. A sign and display model is one of the five ValueJet models Mutoh offers. While each one contains Mutoh's touted speed, versatility and ink compatibility, each one supplies different features for large format printing. Higher Output Mutoh has enhanced the 54-inch and 64-inch ValueJet printers with new heads and print modes that allow for higher output and flexibility. These printers offer larger ink drop sizes, which results in speedier printing of billboards and large banners. There are a total of 1,440 nozzles on ValueJet printers - and even with that speed and ink output, Mutoh claims no decrease in quality at resolutions of 360, 540, 720, and 1440 dots-per-inch. For an example of this speed, the ValuJet 2638 100-inch large-format printer makes it possible for production speeds of up to 24 meters squared per hour at 720 by 1080 dots-per-inch. A swift print speed can be achieved at 720 by 720 dots-per-inch at a rate of 36 by 40 meters squared per hour. Speeds of almost 30 meters-squared per hour are provided by the ValueJet 1324 54-inch printer. Eco-inks With a net neutral impact on the environment, you will obtain brilliant hues from the ValueJetcompatible line of inks. Furthermore, the inks will not harm humans or the environment. The Mutoh Ultra-Ink line is the third-generation created by the company, and was tested to last as long as three years outdoors without protection or lamination (Mutoh does recommend lamination for heavy applications such as car wraps and floor graphics). The line of ValueJet inks can be purchased in six colors, and is compatible with past ink types. Versatility Adhesive non-adhesive backed vinyl; cloth and virtually any type of fabric; canvas for reproducing fine art or photographs; photographic paper with a gloss or matte surface; film and banners; window film; and a lot of other media forms are just some of the many different surfaces ValueJet can print to. Productivity Including modes for high speed or slower modes, the ValueJet printers present you with a dozen different print modes. The setting for 360 dots-per-inch printing is the fastest mode, and features a large-ink droplet output. Mutoh claims no sacrifice in quality while creating banners and even large billboards and signs.

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Mutoh ValueJet - An Authentic Printing Ecosystem Technology and Technique Banding, which is a typical hindrance to a lot of types of bi-directional printers, is substantially reduced because of its new, patented Intelligent Interweaving Technology. The IPT technology is on the 64-inch and 100-inch printers, and works by changing the dot-to-dot contact angle - that change allows the printers to increase dot-gain control. These printers also offer variable-dot technology, which switches the size of ink drops during the entire printing process, leading to a smoother finished product. Peripherals A full line of cleaning solutions and a variety of ValueJet compatible inks complement the printer line. Mutoh has also designed these printers to be simple to install and setup. The company also offers a variety of how-to media to help printers get started - and teach them how to maintain their ValueJet printers. Ultimately aimed at the large-format and specialty printing market, the Mutoh ValueJet array of printers and inks offers fast, technologically up-to-date, and ecologically-friendly printing solutions whether you’re making a full billboard or specialty marketing wraps for cars and buildings. When you've got a Mutoh Valuejet printer, you'll see that all inks at 3Rway INK are well suited. For more information on 3Rway INK, pay a visit to their web page at

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Mutoh ValueJet - An Authentic Printing Ecosystem