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For Fantastic Print Quality, Utilize Roland Ink The ink offered by Roland Ink provides a wide variety of applications. What is your printing need? Are you needing a banner, sign, labels or maybe vehicle graphics? Regardless of what your goals may be, they offer just what you need to accomplish them. Packaged in high-quality, no-mess cartridges, the inks can be used in traditional shop environments. One choice is the Metallic Silver Eco-Sol Max ink for great print quality, excellent opacity and density, and high gloss and brilliance. This product is Greenguard certified and even better, was the DPI Product of the Year. This shows they are committed to working with the customer and the environment. This powerful system can transform average graphics to an outstanding array of metallic colors and effects that will undoubtedly catch the viewer's eye and give your business a competitive edge. With two formulations, original and high density, this product works nicely with uncoated media. The Eco-Sol Max Ink has been reformulated to deliver faster drying times and improve the image quality. Basic red, blue and green as well as nine other colors such as light black, white and metallic silver are offered. These inks are almost odorless and nickel free which safeguards the environment. They come in 220 ml or 440 ml cartridges, and they were created to be userfriendly. They are an excellent asset to your business as they last up to three years outdoors without lamination. The White Eco-Sol Max Ink is unsurpassed for crisp edges and smooth gradations and is specially formulated for specific ink printer/cutters. Outdoor durability of up to twelve months is what you can anticipate. They are also user-friendly and practically odor-free. This ink is a perfect product to produce signs, decals, and decorative window films. And to help reduce your production costs, it also works well on quite a few uncoated media. Profits are maximized as a result of its economical price. Are you convinced yet? They have additional options that you might want to look into beyond those that were listed above such as inks that can stretch up to 220 percent without cracking and inks which offer higher transfer efficiency. They have an ink which was developed for industrialstrength performance with varying years of outdoor durability. They can print right onto coated or uncoated materials. You also won't need an expensive ventilation system as they are free from harmful fumes. The inks are fast drying and can last outdoors from one to three years without lamination. Lamination is another expense that you just won't have when you use Roland Ink. Roland Ink offers water and scratch resistant graphics, as well as being UV resistant. Do you desire a product that works well on lightweight, flexible fabrics? Are vivid color flags, banners and textiles what you need? Roland's HeatWave SBL2 Sublimation Ink might be your answer. It is far more inexpensive to ship and easier to handle and install when you use lightweight fabrics. For curing at all print speeds, the Eco-UV inks are perfect. They still give you high color density and fantastic images. For improved versatility, they stick to a wider variety of coated or uncoated media. This includes foils, paper, vinyl as well as clear films. They can generate graphics that can be stretched to go around curved surfaces or edges without cracking. This works out great for Sanchez Imports and Exports, LLC

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For Fantastic Print Quality, Utilize Roland Ink shrink wraps and shrink sleeves. For highlights, textures and special effects, the clear coat is fantastic. To determine which formulation of the two they offer would work best for your project, contact a dealer. Don't be surprised when more business comes your way because of the high quality and eyecatching banners, flags, and signs created by your company that are seen by prospective clients. How high can your creative imagination go? Roland Ink can take you there. If your office would like to go green, consider using Roland Eco Sol Max ink rather than less environmentally friendly choices. For additional information on 3Rway INK, visit their site at

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Sanchez Imports and Exports, LLC

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For Fantastic Print Quality, Utilize Roland Ink  

If your office would like to go green, consider using Roland Eco Sol Max ink rather than less environmentally friendly choices. For addition...

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