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design for kids - made with care


Here at FRANCK & FISCHER we do things a little differently. We use 100% certified organic cotton, dyed without chemicals and packaging is made of recycled carton. We have a close relation with our suppliers to ensure good working conditions. We care for our planet and for your child. Our products are unique Danish design made by designer Annemarie Franck



Baby activity gym

Baby Spyder black gym. No.1401-4002 Height 60 cm, width 95 cm


Baby Spyder wood gym. No.1401-4001 Height 60 cm, width 95 cm

Modern baby gym made of birch from local plantations. Comes in wood or black. Painted with transparent or black non toxic oil paint.

Baby gym is sold without toys. Choose yourself different toys for hanging to stimulate and amuse baby.

Easy to assemble and easy to bring along to entertain baby everywhereeven in the garden or park.


Made in Thailand

Our supplier in Thailand make all our toys in either certified organic cotton jersey or Egyptian cotton. The supplier has been evaluated and approved according to ICTI standards (International Council of Toy Industries). ICTI work to promote international security standards for toys and responsible marketing towards children. But ICTI has also started another program, The CARE Process, to promote ethical production. This means good working conditions and focus on health and security for the employees. Our Thai supplier fully lives up to these standards.


Hasse sensory toy. No.1401-3051

Kismet pram rattle. No.1401-3030

Vega brown rattle. No.1401-3043

Vega stripe rattle. No.1401-3042

Vega red rattle. No.1401-3041


Musling quilted play mat. No.1401-1040 Size 95 X 95 cm Organic cotton

Baby play mat 8

One squeeze. No.1401-3021 Organic cotton yarn

Two rattle. No.1401-3022 Organic cotton yarn

Three crackle. No.1401-3023 Organic cotton yarn

ABC knitted cubes with rattle. No.1401-3010 Organic cotton yarn

Owl fabric book. No.1401-1021 Move the owl from page to page and help the little owl find his mother Organic cotton

Monkey fabric book. No.1401-1022 Move the monkey from page to page and help the little monkey find a banana Organic cotton

Happy cot side gallery. No.1401-1030 Size 19 X 82 cm Organic cotton


B 10

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r s i f tm s ' ir y b a

Ring penquin. No.1101-2073

Ring dog. No.1101-2071

Ring cat. No.1101-2072

Ring tiger. No.1401-3061

Ring raccoon. No.1401-3062

Stella grey musical owl. No.1101-2061

Ring owl green. No.1101-2074

Ring owl blue. No.1401-3063

Stella green musical owl. No.1101-2062

Fred owl mirror. No.1102-2050

Asta grey cuddly owl. No.1101-2051

Asta green cuddly owl. No.1101-2052

Gufo penquin pull toy. No.1102-2030


Prec is 12

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nd need a n l o i

Dumbo elephant musical toy. No.1301-4013 Organic cotton

Muko cow musical toy. No.1301-4011 Organic cotton

Anders green sensory monkey. No.1201-3002 Organic cotton

Jens blue sensory fox. No.1201-3003 Organic cotton

Leo cuddly elephant. No.1301-4004 Organic cotton

Sander green cuddle cloth. No.1201-3032 Organic cotton

Lucca blue cuddle cloth. No.1201-3033 Organic cotton

Karla cuddly fox. No.1301-4003 Organic cotton


M y

d en


e b st f y r ri ve

Retro set. No.1301-2023 Organic cotton

Poncho set. No.1301-2022 Organic cotton

Sweet set. No.1301-2021 Organic cotton

Bed kit made of plywood. No.1301-1013 Doll duvet and pillow. No.1301-2030 Organic cotton

Frida doll, blue flower dress. No.1301-6001 Organic cotton

Frederik doll, green pants. No.1301-6003 Organic cotton


Homemade in North China

Every crochet product is handmade by our crochet women in North China. Most woman choose to work at home, others choose to come to the factory where our product are packed. China is developing very fast. The big cities offer jobs and education, and this makes it more and more difficult to find women who want to stay in the smaller communities and learn the art of crochet. At the same time, the crochet production gives those who wish to stay in the local community the possibility of a flexible work, so that they can be close to their families.



Tammy mobile. No.1401-2030 Organic cotton yarn

Gustav tiger rattle/squeezer. No.1401-2021 Organic cotton yarn

Liam tiger musical toy. No.1401-2011 Organic cotton yarn

Torben raccoon rattle/squeezer. No.1401-2022 Organic cotton yarn

Paw raccoon musical toy. No.1401-2012 Organic cotton yarn


Made in

arn ic y an


e i f d or i t r g ce

Clip for pram rattle. No.1201- 5000

Pingo penquin rattle. No.1002- 2052 Organic cotton yarn

Sally polar bear rattle. No.1002- 2151 Organic cotton yarn

Amigo cuddly penquin. No.1002- 2023 Organic cotton yarn

Isak cuddly polar bear. No.1002- 2021 Organic cotton yarn

Polar pram rattle. No.1002- 2030 Organic cotton yarn

Molly penquin musical toy. No.1002- 2062 Organic cotton yarn

Smilla polar bear musical toy. No.1002- 2061 Organic cotton yarn


Made in India

Our supplier in India is one of our main suppliers of certified organic cotton. Every part of the production chain – the farmers of the cotton, weaving mills (photo) sewing factories etc. is audited by and supply information to a central office in close cooperation with different NGOs. This is to ensure that the whole chain of production lives up to organic requirements and all manufacturing facilities provide a safe working environment for the men and women employed.


Marta blue owl cushion. No.1101-2011 Organic cotton

Marta sand owl cushion. No.1101-2012 Organic cotton

Conrad blue elephant cushion. No.1202-1011 Organic cotton

Conrad pink elephant cushion. No.1202-1012 Organic cotton

Simon blue monkey cushion. No.1202-1013 Organic cotton

Simon pink monkey cushion. No.1202-1014 Organic cotton


Svante bedlinen with fox and raccoon. Baby 70X100 cm. No.1401-1011 Junior 100X130 cm. No.1401-1017 Junior 100X135 cm. No.1401-1012 Adult 140X200 cm. No.1401-1013 Organic cotton

Sleep well 22

Solvej bedlinen with tiger and elephant Baby 70X100 cm. No.1401-1014 Junior 100X130 cm. No.1401-1018 Junior 100X135 cm. No.1401-1015 Adult 140X200 cm. No.1401-1016 Organic cotton

Sweet dreams 23

c Made in 24

cotton ic

d e i o f r i g t a r n e

Ole quilted blanket 70 X 95 cm. No.1101-2121 Organic cotton

Food sand cow bib. No.1102-2131 Organic cotton with acrylic coating

Dirt grey apron (2-5 year). No.1102-2141 Organic cotton with acrylic coating

Tulle blue quilted blanket 70 X 95 cm. No.1101-2021 Organic cotton

Eat red monkey bib. No.1102-2133 Organic cotton with acrylic coating

Dirt red apron (2-5 year). No.1102-2142 Organic cotton with acrylic coating


Production of bags Our new bags are made of strong cotton canvas. Edging and details are made of leather. Lining 100% nylon. The backpacks have adjustable shoulder and chest straps to keep them securely in place. All bags are REACH tested and do not contain phthalates or nickel.


Henry fox shoulder bag. No.1401-5014

Hilda fox backpack. No.1401-5011

Selma tiger shoulder bag. No.1401-5013

Laban tiger backpack. No.1401-5012


Jumbo large weekend bag. No.0802-2073 Width 52 cm. Height 40 cm

Let's go on a weekend trip 28

Bite crocodile backpack. No.1101-2081

Ulrikke red owl backpack. No.1101-2082

Ulrikke blue owl backpack. No.1201-2082

or to the kindergarden 29

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m p o r lan f e t a d

toxi c p non a

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e r e t s n w o it ti

Penguin on iceberg stacking tower. No.1002-2092

Nero penquin pull toy. No.1002-2082

Oskar red coat rack. No.0901-2082

Giraffe peg. No.1001-2114

Elephant red peg. No.1001-2112

Dog on hill stacking tower. No.1002-2091

Rosso dog pull toy. No.1002-2081

Oskar blue coat rack. No.0901-2081

Elephant blue peg. No.1001-2111

Croco peg. No.1001-2113


FRANCK & FISCHER Grusbakken 18 2820 Gentofte Denmark +45 20111281

i nfo@fr a n ck - fi sch e

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