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When it comes to cleaning up spills or stains from your carpet it's always beneficial to have the best tools at your disposal. And by best tools we aren't talking about the most expensive items, we are referring to the most effective items that make your cleaning duties easier. For spill cleaning and stain removal you really can't go wrong with a handy shop vac. This may be the single best item you can use to get your carpet back to clean. Now, if you do not already own a shop vac you don't have to run out and buy the biggest most expensive shop vac on the market. For these purposes, all you really need is one of the smaller units. You're basically just using it for extraction. And extraction is the key to making your clean up efforts less of a headache. So you want to use your shop vac before, during, and after treating your spill or stain. The most important time to use it would be at the beginning of treatment. Actually, you want to use it before you do any treating. As soon as you spill something on the carpet or catch your pet "spilling" something on the carpet you need to get the shop vac. By using the vac to extract as much fluid as possible before you clean will make your life much easier. This basically gets out the puddle and leaves you with the actual stain to clean. Otherwise, you're just adding your cleaning solutions to a puddle of whatever. After you've extracted all the fluid you can actually begin the cleaning process. For this step you will also want to use your vac. What you want to do is to apply your cleaning solution onto the area and blot it with a clean towel. Remember to never rub on a stain in your carpet. This is the biggest no-no when it comes to stain removal. All rubbing does is push the stain further into your carpet. After blotting some you want to rinse the area with some clean water. After that you would use your shop vac to extract the fluid. If your area is still dirty then apply some more cleaning agent, blot, rinse, and extract again. You basically repeat this process until the area is clean. When you are finished with the cleaning process you want to rinse one last time with some more clean water and then give the carpet a final extraction using your shop vac. This final rinse and extraction will purge the area of any solvents that might get left behind. Leaving these solvents behind can cause stains to return, sometimes worse than they originally were. It may not seem like much but having a shop vac makes carpet stain removal so much easier and effective. Try it the next time you have a spill on your carpet and you'll be convinced. That's a guarantee.

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==== ==== Have you been searching for a TURBO 1 HEPA FILTERED VACUUM? Check out this article ==== ====


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