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MVP (Ad-a-paper) RULES 1) MVP rates are available to local retail and classified businesses, but do NOT apply to national, recruitment or service directory advertising. 2) Pick-up discounts apply. 2nd run = 40% discount; 3rd and subsequent runs = 60% discount. All pickup ads must run within 6 days from original insertion. Pick-up discounts do NOT apply to Sunday/Holiday rates. 3) Advertisers utilizing the MVP program must not be on contract with the other papers or have run in the other papers within the past 90 days. 4) MVP rates do NOT apply to regional customers or customers in multiple markets.

MVP (Ad-a-paper) PROCESS 1) Sell Ad-a-paper to client. 2) Complete an insertion order for your newspaper. Ad must run in your newspaper to qualify for Ad-apaper Rates. 3) Note: The selling newspaper is responsible for the billing for all newspapers running the ad. 4) Have ad designed by your production department. 5) Check the deadline schedule for each newspaper. 6) When the ad has been approved by the client, have your production department place the ad in the appropriate Shared Drive folders. 7) Complete an Ad-a-paper Insertion Order and fax to appropriate newspaper. See attached insertion order form and contact list. Please email or fax to the individual listed for each newspaper. 8) It is a good idea to phone the contact person after you have emailed or faxed the Ad-a-paper Insertion Order to make sure they received it. 9) If Co-op is being used for the ad, please be sure to request a tearsheet for your client from the Ad-apaper contact.

MVP Rules and Process  
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