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Beach Extensions from Bangkok If you have booked your flights to Bangkok and are looking for a few things to do whilst on your trip, why not head on to one of Thailand’s fantastic beach destinations? With a series of islands in the south of the country with a tropical climate, Thailand has been a long time preferred beach holiday destination for many Europeans.

Phuket – As Thailand’s largest island, it is also the most popular with tourists and holidaymakers. Great nightlife, cheap accommodation and stunning beaches all add to the desire to visit this beautiful island. Located about an hour’s flight from Bangkok, Phuket is also the twin town of Las Vegas, although very different to its American counterpart. The various beaches around the island offer turquoise waters, soft sand and a lush green rainforest backdrop. Two of the most popular beaches on the island are Patong Beach and Karon Beach with Patong Beach well known for its lively nightlife. Make sure you get up to View Point, a lovely part of the island with stunning views.

Koh Samui – Situated on the opposite side of Thailand to Phuket lies Koh Samui, another stunning island for holidaymakers with warm sea water and part of the Mu Ko Any Thong National Marine Park which means a perfect environment for snorkelling and scuba diving. Samui is a quieter and more relaxed island although each town on the island still offers varying degrees of nightlife. Chaweng Beach is the island’s most popular for its soft sand and clear water, however, during peak season, the beach can get quite busy.

Krabi – Part of the mainland, Krabi lies at the mouth of the Krabi River, in South Thailand. This is another popular area for holidaymakers, particularly those who enjoy





although mainly due to the daytrips to be taken from here. You can head out to the famous Koh Phi Phi Islands and enjoy the stunning bay at Ao Nang Beach. Figure 1 - Image courtesy of Ao Nang Princeville Resort

Pattaya – One of the liveliest cities in Thailand and popular with tourists and expats, Pattaya lies roughly 150km to the south of Bangkok. It has become quite the beach destination in Thailand for families, couples and partygoers. The city has become well known for its adult industry, however, there is a lot here for families to do and the beaches in the area are lovely.

Hua Hin – Another famous beach resort in Thailand is Hua Hin, closer to Bangkok than the others above but still a good two and a half hour drive from Bangkok. There’s just the one long beach in Hua Hin, with lovely white sand, and although parts do have greenish coloured water, other areas or lovely. Watersports are big on Hua Hin beach so make sure you take advantage.

If any of the above have taken your fancy and you have already booked your flights to Bangkok from Manchester or London, the add-on flights with Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways are very easy to organize and can be done online or at your nearest travel agent.

Beach Extensions from Bangkok  

From Bangkok you can extend your stay in Thailand by heading to one of the country's incredible beach resorts.

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