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e-Payments & Payment Card Solutions Jon Prideaux Date: 24th September 2009

0800 028 9151  •

Using Cards to buy Benefits • Cost Savings • Better Reporting • Access to wide range of suppliers Limitations • Lower cost items • Risk of employee fraud

Running a business in a recession Bad Debt Cashflow Credit Fraud Maximise Access access to customers


Bad Debt

Credit Access


Maximise access to customers

Using Cards to sell Benefits Faster Payment No need to extend credit Protection against bad debt Protection against fraud Able to accept orders from firms without the need for a pre-check: pay by card = COD • No more “the cheque’s in the post” • • • • •

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About SecureTrading     

Established in 1997 UK’s leading independent PSP 100% reliable – guaranteed Fully scalable Fully hosted or client hosted


How it Works SHOPPER

Confirmation email to shopper


6 – 8 seconds Thank You SecureTrading Your payment Payment Page Please wasenter your card number and click pay successful button

The Internet Merchant’s Web store

HTTP post (CallBack)

Acquiring BANK Choose Item add to shopping pay now

Multi Currency

Purchase Token via XML integration

Check funds available? Check Exp date valid? Check card not registered stolen?


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Client Brands


Client Brands

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SecureTrading SecureTrading Merchant Account Banking Layer

SecureTrading Payment Gateway Technical Layer

Flexible API

Fully Hosted Payment Page

Telephone Orders



Payment Types


Contact details

Jon Prideaux +44 (0) 20 8290 9890 +44 (0) 7710 096665


Date: 24th September 2009 Jon Prideaux Click to edit Master subtitle style 0800 028 9151 sales@secur etr • w w w.secur etr ading....

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