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Good morning g Welcome And Thank You

It was the best of times, times it was the worst of times times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities 

Undoubtedly tough times 

We cannot afford to ignore

Smart businesses use recession 



Get ‘fitter’ as a business

“For For many sectors recessions provide the ideal opportunity to make a shift from incremental change to breakthrough ... Emerging trends and opportunities can be accelerated” accelerated Tim Jones - Innovaro 

Don’t miss a trick Use every opportunity to reduce cost  Move M ffastt ... time ti is i nott on your side id 

Benefits and cost savings don’t don t just happen 

Take action

Payment cards and ePayments are proven Infrastructure exists and is now very competitively priced  Systems and tools are well developed and accessible  Economies of scale have been leveraged and optimised  Case studies and experience are readily available 

More and more organisations of all kinds are adopting these solutions both Public and Private Sector 

Reducing cost and increasing competitiveness

Data and information are at the heart of releasing value There

is a wealth of information here today

Today its all about choices  From well established systems to the latest innovation  Desirable but confusing

Today is about providing you with information on how you can benefit and what is available  Leading edge presentations, product demonstrations case studies,, breakout sessions,, networking g opportunities, pp , workshops and exhibitions

 Helping you to chose

Benefits are well documented and unchallenged  Financial e.g. Process efficiency  Compliance  Spend consolidation  Other e.g.  Increased automation of the purchase to pay cycle  Better management information  Enhanced regulatory and tax compliance  Better leveraged supplier relationships  Spend management better integrated with business systems 

Its not just buyers that benefit Suppliers gain advantages ... ...not least prompt payment 

Late payment is a major issue f the for h whole h l off the h UK economy 

Total borrowing by UK SMEs £55bn

Total OVERDUE payments pa ments to UK SMEs £26bn (up 40% in the last year)

31% of SME’s would cease to trade if faced with overdue invoices of more than £20,000

This is ‘business as usual’ 

Well understood and well developed

Fully integrated with most ERP and other systems

Proliferation of systems and vendors

“Reach down” to allow for even the smallest and ad hoc suppliers

Make the most of the potential for your business

M k the Make th mostt off the th day d today t d


And Thank You Good morning g It was the best of times it was the worst of times It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was...