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DOCUMENT TRACKING SYSTEM Seamless integration between paper and electronic records.

The Document Tracking System (DTS) of the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte monitors all documents being processed and used by its various departments. It also provides information on location of document, its content, sender, date received and action(s) taken by certain office.

Identify each record at the point of origination. Each ďƒ˜The system maintains the following:

document received by the Provincial Capitol is assigned with









Date Received


Utilize bar codes to manage the entire



document life cycle, from origination to archiving to final


Document Type


File Location





disposition. Simplified Record Tracking. The system provides history of status of each document. File Folder Indexing. Assignment of locator code for easy referencing of documents to its physical location. Network-Base. The DTS can be deployed to different offices for capitol-wide implementation.

DOCUMENT TRACKING SYSTEM Seamless integration between paper and electronic records. Process Flow of the Document Tracking System 1. ALL documents/communications of the Capitol MUST be and ONLY received at the Receiving Section for the encoding of document details. After which, the section will stick the barcoded tracking number on the document. 2. The same tracking number is attached to the receiving copy of the sender. This code will be used later on by sender in following up the status or location of the document. 3. The receiving section will now release the document and forward it to the concerned office. Each office will receive documents from the Receiving Section and release a document going out from their office using a barcode reader. 4. Actions taken by each of the offices shall be entered in the system.

5. Follow-up can be via phone or email stating any of the following document details:

document tracking number (necessary)

Sender’s Name

Date Received at the Receiving Section

Brief Description

The Capitol should identify authorized office to give/answer status/information of a document inquired by a sender.

ALL documents will be filed by the Releasing Section following the Filing Scheme of the OPG Records.

DOCUMENT TRACKING SYSTEM Seamless integration between paper and electronic records.

Proposed Records Management Scheme for PGIN Format for file location

Cabinet #.Drawer#.FileCategory.Folder#

C2.D2.001.002 Second Cabinet Folder Number Second Drawer

FileCategory 001 – Memo 002 – Travel Order 003 – Request 004 – Budget 005 - Reports 006 - Others


Document Tracking System of the PGIN

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