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SMOKERS WANTED for Paid Psychology Research



to participate in a research project at Carnegie Mellon University! To be eligible for this study, you must be: • 18-50 yrs. old • In good health • Willing to not smoke or use nicotine products before one session You may earn up to $70 for your participation in a 3 hour study. For more information, call: The Behavioral Health Research Lab (412-268-3029) NOTE: Unfortunately, our lab is not wheelchair accessible.

NON-DAILY SMOKERS NEEDED Do you smoke cigarettes but only on some days? You may be eligible to participate in a research study for non-daily smokers. Must be at least 21 years old. Eligible participants will be compensated for their time. For more information and to see if you’re eligible, call the Smoking Research Group at the University of Pittsburgh at

(412) 383-2059 or Text NONDAILY to (412) 999-2758 *Studies for non-daily smokers who DO want to quit and DO NOT want to quit

Clinical Research Opportunity for Women Do you suffer from uterine fibroids? DO YOU EXPERIENCE? • Heavy or abnormal periods • Abdominal pain and pressure • Increased need to urinate with your periods

UTERINE FIBROIDS • Negatively impact your quality of life • Doctors in your area are looking for women to participate in a clinical research study. • All investigational medication and study-related care is provided at no cost. Compensation for time and travel may be available. To see if you qualify, visit or call

(800) 216-2057 44

PITTSBURGH CITY PAPER 07.29/08.05.2015


1. Tools with teeth 5. Annoying pest 9. Bowed, as to authority 14. Crucial swing state 15. Scintilla 16. Battle vehicle? 17. Empathetic zebu? 19. Violinist’s powder 20. Griffin’s weapons 21. Street sign on a safari? 23. Put on staff 24. Even ___ 26. Today in Tijuana 27. Like some car freshener smells 28. ___ polloi 29. New wave band who were also known as the Dukes of Stratosphear 32. Socal city, except even more laid back? 37. Cereal grains 38. Country’s David Allan ___ 39. “In ___ of ...” 40. Hussy’s stroke? 45. Lunch that requires two hands 46. Instagram, e.g. 47. Years of Spanish classes 48. Consumed 49. Still life vessel 50. Almost but not quite 62-Across 53. What all the Jurassic Park movies do?

57. Difficult to find 59. Classy individual? 60. Cite the “Communist Manifesto?” 62. Like someone with something to lose 63. “Giant” author Ferber 64. Leave off 65. Like income, generally 66. Babe 67. Some sneaks


1. Vowel sound in “father” or “mom” 2. Up one, say 3. Throw around, as a sword 4. Goalie Hope 5. Root that boosts the immune system 6. Bribe to get one to stop “12 Days of Christmas” mid-song 7. Snorkeling spot 8. Uber alternative 9. Maize product 10. Bonding stuff 11. From India 12. Sports reporter/”Dancing With The Stars” judge Andrews 13. “Oh Lawd!” 18. Color, as a tattoo 22. Sounds of understanding 25. Ocular washing

device 27. Time traveler’s destination 28. Yokel’s laugh 29. Chapter 22 30. John Green book reader, likely 31. Basic story 32. Auction units 33. Honolulu International Airport island 34. Random guess 35. Tone ___ 36. Contributions to the poor 41. Told all 42. Letters under a 0 43. Like no-tell motels and restaurants with mice in the kitchen

44. Jedi’s “skill” 48. Get up 49. Ooze, as charm 50. One of ten in bowling 51. Acidic 52. Smartphone messages that aren’t emails, IMs, tweets, or Snapchats 53. Lend, for the moment 54. Opus played one in “Bloom County” 55. Pinnacle 56. Adjusted the levels 58. Running wild 61. “Based ___ T.R.U. Story” (2 Chainz album) {LAST WEEK’S ANSWERS}

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July 29, 2015  

Pittsburgh City Paper Volume 25 Issue 30

July 29, 2015  

Pittsburgh City Paper Volume 25 Issue 30