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Troy browntop Key Points Medium green colour, good density and fine leaf texture Produces high quality turf for greens, tees, fairways, or lawns Suitable for low maintenance lawns

Characteristics and areas of use Troy has a medium green colour, good density and a fine leaf texture. It produces a high quality fine turf that can be used for golf greens, tees, fairways, lawns or roughs. It produces high quality golf greens. It is also suitable for low maintenance lawns.

Breeding history Troy was bred in New Zealand by PGG Wrightson Turf from selections of Egmont browntop. Egmont browntop was bred from the best browntop plants taken from greens in Australia and New Zealand.

Sowing rate and maintenance Sow Troy at 5 g/m2 or 50 kg/ha when sown alone. In mixtures with fine fescue the sowing rate can be reduced to half however do not reduce the rate of browntop when sowing greens.

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