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Egmont browntop Key Points Provides exceptional quality as a golf green Excellent quality as fairway, tee or lawn grass Proven top performance for over 30 years Medium green colour and fine leaf texture

Characteristics and areas of use Egmont is a medium green colour, fine leaved browntop suitable for high quality closely mown golf greens. It can also be used on golf fairways and tees, as well as longer cut surrounds and roughs. It is also a perfect choice to create a low maintenance quality lawn. Egmont has performed exceptionally well for all these purposes for over 30 years and continues to be an industry standard throughout the world.

Breeding history Egmont has been bred in New Zealand by Bill Rumball of AgResearch from browntop plants selected from golf greens in Australia and New Zealand. Superintendents were invited to send in plugs of the best browntop in their greens and several were selected as the parent lines along with three selections from greens at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

Sowing rate and maintenance It is recommended to sow Egmont at a rate of 5 g/m2 or 50 kg/ha when sowing as a mono stand. In mixtures with fine fescue the sowing rate can be reduced to half, but it is not advised when sowing greens.

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