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COMPADRE zoysia grass Key Points Medium dark green colour Good turf density and wear tolerance Excellent summer turf stress tolerance Early spring green-up Low maintenance in terms of both fertiliser and water requirements

Characteristics and areas of use Compadre zoysia grass is a medium dark green colour with good turf density and wear tolerance; it is a slow germinating and slow growing zoysia grass. Although zoysia is slow to establish, Compadre showed the best establishment rating amongst the zoysia grasses tested in NTEP trials. It has a medium leaf texture and exhibits excellent summer turf stress tolerance. Compadre has good tolerance of salt spray and saline irrigation water and requires lower maintenance fertiliser requirements. It has excellent drought tolerance (it can go straw coloured in drought) and recovers well afterwards. It is tolerant of a wide range of soil types. Used extensively on golf courses (tees, fairways and roughs), sportsfields, commercial landscaping, home lawns, parks and median strips.

Breeding history Compadre zoysia grass seed is an improved hybrid seeded zoysia grass; the result of a two parent cross of Zoysia japonica selections developed by Jack Murray at the USDA turfgrass station in Maryland. The variety was chosen to reflect that it may be paired with cool season grasses such as turf-type tall fescues to provide year-round colour.

Sowing rate and maintenance Sow Compadre at 5 - 10 g/m2 (50 - 100 kg/ha) when sown alone. Seed should be planted in soils, at or very near, the surface and gently raked in. It should also be sown in very warm soil conditions. It is recommended to be close to the soil surface, as light is an assisting factor in germinating. As it is so close to the surface, regular irrigation is required to maintain soil moisture around the seed for 2 - 3 weeks. Mowing heights are typically 12 mm to 35 mm.

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