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Atlas StayGreen® perennial ryegrass Key Points StayGreen® gene – reduced winter senescence Winter-active Low temperature germination

Characteristics and areas of use Atlas StayGreen® perennial ryegrass is a fine leaved, dark coloured perennial ryegrass with strong winter growth and good turf characteristics that contains the StayGreen® gene. It is the darkest perennial ryegrass yet released that contains Mediterranean genetic material for strong winter growth. The StayGreen® gene allows Atlas StayGreen® to retain a green colour in certain stressful situations. It is particularly evident during periods of winter yellowing when older leaves remain green instead of browning. A similar mechanism is expressed to a lesser degree in summer when leaves retain a green colour for longer into dry conditions before browning. Atlas StayGreen® is particularly well suited to hard wearing situations where a dark coloured, fine leaved perennial ryegrass is required – situations of winter wear such as golf tees, heavily trafficked lawns and certain sports fields that require a dark green colour.

Breeding history Atlas StayGreen® is the first turf grass bred in Australasia utilising the StayGreen® gene. It is bred from elite European and American germplasm and incorporating Mediterranean genetics for strong winter growth. It has been selected for dark colour, strong winter growth and good turf characteristics with the StayGreen® gene being incorporated using traditional plant breeding techniques. Atlas StayGreen® has a high endophyte level which helps it to resist insect attack.

Sowing rate and maintenance Atlas StayGreen® perennial ryegrass can be sown in lawns at 2 - 4 kg/100m2. Use the higher sowing rate for faster establishment. In new sportsfields and winter over-seeded couch grass it should be sown at 400 - 500 kg/ha.

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