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New health service offered in Prince George A8

Priorities outlined ■ Council

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Strategic planning DeLynda Pilon

Teresa MA LLA M/Fre e Pre s s

Cindy Klassen of Mercedes Unique Edible Art offers sumptuous samples to visitors at Sunday’s Storybook Wedding Bridal Expo 2012 held at the Prince George Civic Centre.

Golf course lands assessed DeLynda Pilon

City staff will proceed with an assessment of the golf and curling club grounds and clubhouse in an effort to gauge the feasibility of creating a potential community centre on the grounds. Colleen Van Mook, director of community services, broached the subject at a previous council meeting and was asked to bring back more information regarding the cost of such a study. Presently the two stakeholders most interested in the proposal include the Prince George Golf and Curling Club and the Prince George Tennis Club, however Van Mook said it is likely other groups may be interested as well.

“There are other groups involved with tennis who are interested, and with the curling club as well, but we will start with those two and look at the model,” she said. Coun. Garth Frizzell noted Van Mook reported the study would entail about 45 hours of staff time, and he asked what that would mean in terms of cost. “I didn’t look at hourly wages,” Van Mook said. She added the work entailed is within their normal course of duties. “I am still gravely concerned about the building,” Coun. Cameron Stolz said. In the previous meeting, one of the primary concerns council expressed


surrounded the cost of upgrading and maintaining the building to current standards. Van Mook said information on the structural and operations condition of the building will be gathered from those familiar with the structure, and also from those involved in previous infrastructure studies. Ownership and operational models as well as operating costs, revenue sources and future steps will also be discussed. Mayor Shari Green pointed out that, if there is a land sale of the tennis court property, the city has an obligation to that club to provide it another home. Van Mook said the study should be completed by mid-March.

Council presented the results of a strategic planning session during Monday’s meeting, listing key priorities and the projects and initiatives that will aid in those goals being met. Coun. Lyn Hall said he’s pleased council was able to complete the session and set goals, something that was discussed during the campaign. “I want to thank council and administration. It was an exceptional day and something we talked about during the campaign.” Lyn Hall The priorities are -City councillor broken into three categories: city government, economic development and social development. Under city government, four priorities were included. Sustainable fiscal management and organizational excellence, the first two, listed projects like completing the core review, establishing a three-year operating budget guideline, and identifying new sources of revenue. Under sustainable infrastructure, the third priority, council would like to develop an asset management strategy, continue with the road rehabilitation program, and commission and operate the district energy system. Under effective governance, the fourth priority, the initiative is building strategic partnerships. Economic development lists three priorities which are diversified economy, international connections and vibrant economy. Projects and initiatives to achieve these goals include supporting the development of the Prince George Air Logistics Park, advocating for the Northern Gateway Corridor, developing 2015 Canada Winter Games facilities and opportunities and finalizing the twinning agreement between the city and the City of Jiangmen. Under social development, civic pride is listed as a priority and planning the city’s 100th anniversary celebration as a project to undertake.

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Hedley is preparing to be Shipwrecked A10

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Spinal-cord centre first in the province Facility will help encourage independence for those living with disabilities Delynda pilon

A resource centre for people with disabilities opened by the B.C. Paraplegic Association is the first of its kind in the province and will be a multi-use place where people can come together for everything from education sessions to coffee meetings. Brandy Stiles, the peer program coordinator, explained it is her job to get people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities together to encourage independence. This can mean everything from health education to coffee groups and include a variety of events like a ladies luncheon or gliding, depending on personal interests. “Through that, everybody gets to hang out,” she said. The centre will also offer information services and support staff who can answer a variety of questions about disabilities in general, from specific health-related questions to housing issues. “This gives us a home base for our peer program,” she said. “We’ve been in the office but we really weren’t open

for drop-ins.” Now they can offer many activities and supports inhouse, from a teleconferencing area where interactive tele-health classes can take place to a computer centre with special devices in place to ensure it is a space accessible to all. Alison Duddy, who visited the centre for its grand opening on Wednesday, explained she is a peer volunteer from Quesnel. She said the centre will be a regional gathering place, likely for all of north central B.C. Chris McBride, executive director of the B.C. Paraplegic Association, said the centre is funded through grants. “We went through a transfer of services a few years ago, and now the focus is on the peer program and education services. We’ve been using information technology to connect with members but felt the need for more personal access,” he said. He added there is already a strong existing community and a lot of support for the association in Prince George, De Ly nd a PILON/ Fre e Pre s s making it a good place to Chris McBride, executive director of the B.C. Paraplegic Association, Alison Duddy, peer volunteer start a pilot project like the and Brandy Stiles, peer coordinator, welcomed visitors to the new spinal cord injury resource cenresource centre. tre.

Council gets report on work of retired teachers Delynda pilon

From emergency services to religion and from arts and culture to sports and recreation, retired teachers make up a significant percentage of the volunteers who

enrich the lives of those around them. A report on the activities of retired teachers was briefly discussed during Monday’s council meeting when Coun. Dave Wilbur brought forward one of the letters listed among the correspondence received by council. It was a report

from the B.C. Retired Teachers Association sharing some of the facts about the volunteer work taken on by retired teachers. “It is a survey of what retired teachers do in giving back to communities,” Wilbur said.

He added he felt a need to comment on the worth of that commitment, especially considering his wife, Linda, is a retired teacher. “It is really nice to see a survey that demonstrates the depth of that commitment,” he said.

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■ Bobby deepak

Local NDPer seeks nomination

IMPROVE YOUR VISION Lawyer puts name forward in Prince George-Mackenzie

About 18 years ago I experienced unusual disturbances in my vision when driving the car, which turned out to be Glaucoma.

Delynda pilon

Despite receiving the best medical care during this period of time, my loss of vision became most apparent at night. When walking I would stumble over anything in my way. It was difficult for me to determine the difference between the sidewalk, pavement and curb. I gave up driving even though I still had 20/20 vision in both eyes.

A local lawyer will seek the NDP nomination for the Prince George - Mackenzie riding in the next provincial election. Bobby (Sarbjit) Deepak grew up in Fort St. James and Prince George, attending Highglen Elementary School in Grade 7, continuing on to D.P. Todd where he graduated in 1992 and then pursuing university transfer classes in criminology at CNC. He graduated with honours from Simon Fraser University, then got his law degree at the University of Ottawa. “I came back to Prince George and articled at Hope Heinrich,” he said. However, since his interest was labour law and no local firm specialized in the field at the time, Deepak went to the coast and worked there for a time before returning to the city and establishing North Labour Law Corporation. “I was not too political growing up, but once you grow up you become more conscious,” he said.

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Part of that consciousness closed. One problem, he said, is grew from witnessing the changes in Prince George the Liberals got rid of the over the years. In 2006, he social contract between the said, things in the city were employer and the commupretty good. In 2008 there nity. “When you were mill clolose that, you sures, lay-offs can shut a mill and a lot of the down but still manufacturing hold the timber base in the city licence. When was lost. Mackyou get rid of enzie, he said, that, those logs was especially can be exported devastated. It anywhere. That’s was about then why you see Deepak became the boom in the one of the orgaBobby Deepak export of logs nizing members - NDP candidate and it’s hurting of Stand Up For the manufacturThe North. “That may have been ing industry. We need to when the political bug hit add value to our natural me. I had always dealt with resources,” he said. This means a shift in things on a non-partisan basis. The core values of mindset and strong leaderthe NDP are more closely ship, he added. Other issues include a aligned with mine. I think the Liberal policies have myriad of items from the aggravated the situation lack of legal aid funding to when you look at the forest the crisis in the justice system to the people who feel policy.” Forestry is close to Deep- so disenfranchised politiak’s heart. He comes from a cally they don’t even bother forestry family and worked to vote. Working on that issue, at a few forestry jobs while going through school. Both Deepak said, is important. those companies are now With about 29 per cent voter

turn out in the municipal election and 50 per cent provincially, a lot of work needs to be done to include people in the democratic process. Deepak said this should start with governments proving democracy actually works and your vote actually matters and pointed to the HST referendum as an example. The people voted and made their will known, and now it is up to the government to put that will into action in a timely manner, not put off the move back to PST and GST for what is proposed to be well into 2013. Actions like that, he said, work to create more mistrust and feelings among people that their vote really doesn’t matter. There are many other issues as well, Deepak said. He said he believes the NDP is holding its nomination meeting in the coming months, and he wanted to make his intent known well in advance of that announcement so he can have the opportunity to get out in communities and talk to people about the issues that are important to them.

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Policing other police ■ Cpl. Carla Cook

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Professional standards member knows the rules

When Cpl. Carla Cook walks into the police station other officers might shush one another, but it’s all in good fun. Cook, who is one of the two professional standards unit members of the Prince George detachment, investigates her fellow officers whenever a complaint is filed against one of them. “You have to have a bit of a tough shell,” she said. “But they like to joke around. Everyone has a job to do, and this happens to be mine.” Cook, who moved to Prince George with her husband and two little girls last summer, finished Depot about 13 years ago and started her first posting for the RCMP in a small town in Saskatchewan, which was a bit of a shock for a woman used to coastal B.C. From there she moved to Prince Rupert, policing a rural area on a First Nations reserve. “I was promoted at that time and got the chance to experience the best of both worlds, on the street, working in schools and working with First Nations. I got to do a variety of things, and that develops you.” Then, she said, it was time to move the family and they chose Prince George. “This is my first office-type of job where I’m not as interactive with the general public,” she said. Basically, Cook said her job is to follow up and investigate when someone makes a public complaint involving an officer. “I try to define it and

But whether a memfigure out what the ment, that would be ber of the public is upset problem is and some- Supt. Eric Stubbs. Deciding on appro- with something he or times that involves an investigation. The priate discipline if an she witnessed an officer idea is to bring out the officer has stepped out doing, or confused over of line, she a bit of police procetruth,” she said, is his dure that strikes them said. wrong, she encourages job. F o r Her job them to come in and example, a is impor- talk about it with her. member of “If you want to make tant, she the public a d d e d , a complaint, I want to might witb e c a u s e help,” she said. ness an offiFinding an explanathe pubcer enter a lic’s faith tion and getting to the home and and trust is truth of the matter is handcuff always better than just at stake. a suspect. Cpl. Carla Cook letting it fester, she This year That per- Prince George RCMP she said said. son might “I want to encourage she and feel handcuffing him or her was her partner have dealt people to come in and unnecessary and want with about 20 files and ask questions. It’s better an explanation about average perhaps two than stewing on it.” Cook said she enjoys why it was handled the complaints per week. way it was. Cook said More often than not, her job and the chalthe person might not she said, in her expe- lenges it presents. The be aware that the sus- rience the allegations first in her family to pect had an outstand- made are unfounded join the force, she said ing warrant or there and are based on the her Italian father was were other extenuating perception of an event in shock. “He was a typical Italcircumstances. Then rather than what hapit becomes Cook’s job pened, and are quickly ian father, and he never thought his daughter to explain what hap- cleared. Either way, she added should be a police offipened. If the situation is more the files she has dealt cer,” she laughed. “He complex than a simple with thus far are not got used to it, though, misunderstanding, the sensational or inflam- and was very supportive.” investigation contin- matory. ues. Either way, Cook believes in approaching the situation with an open mind. “I think it is unfair to pick a side right off the bat. Instead I gather all A portrait the information availThis able and take it to the Valentine’s Day superintendent.” give something The investigation is unique and exactly the kind she’d heartfelt. run if she was on the On February 11th bring in street. She talks to other a friend, family member, or officers who might have signicant other and receive the been at the scene or onperfect gift for you and your loved one. shift at the time, gathers external evidence, Have your hair done, and for $25 receive a 10x13 photo taken with a talks to neighbours and professional Photographer. watches video footage w if the complaint took place in an area under surveillance. A report on the results of the investigation goes to the superintendent. ESCAPE THE ORDINARY In the case of the 770 Brunswick St. • Coast Inn of the North Lobby Prince George detach250.563.6331 •

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Open door being shut? M

ayor Shari Green wants you to trust her. Trust her that the costs of the core review committee, which council okayed spending up to $350,000 on, will be publicly disclosed. No need for a motion directing such costs to be disclosed, she told Coun. Garth Frizzell Monday. Frizzell, who is increasingly finding himself on the outside looking in at the new council regime, couldn’t even get a motion for full disclosure of the core review costs seconded. Yes, this is the same bunch of city councillors who campaigned on openness, transparency, and fiscal accountability only two short months ago. “It would be my commitment that we would report any costs along the way,” Green said. “I don’t think we need a motion for that.” That’s great, however, actions speak louder than words. A motion would demonstrate to the public that council actually is committed to openness, transparency, and fiscal accountability. We are still waiting for council to, in the name of transparency and fiscal accountability, disclose the legal costs associated with the Brian Skakun trial. “I can’t imagine that this core review committee will ramp up some costs, I don’t know where it could come from,” said Coun. Albert Koehler, showing incredible political naivete. And hopefully council is not splitting hairs and separating the core review committee costs from those of the actual core review, which will be handled externally. In the eyes of the public, it’s the same beast. Koehler added that he doesn’t want to get into micromanaging anything. There is a difference between micromanaging and full public disclosure. It was the latter that was being asked for. But we shouldn’t worry. Coun. Cameron Stolz pointed out that all the core review committee meetings will be public meetings, under the same guidelines as city council meetings. The core review, by its very nature, will be looking at staffing levels in all departments at city hall. Virtually everything the core review does will have a personnel component to it … one of the few legitimate reasons for moving such decisions behind closed doors. It’s fine to bleat now that the meetings, technically, will be open to the public. However, everyone knows that when the time comes, they will move behind closed doors. Hardly the openness and accountability that the community voted for.

A wonderful first


■ opinion

A Mormon prez? Why not?

t’s a first. The resource centre for people with disabilities, opened Wednesday by the B.C. Paraplegic Association in Prince George, is the first of its kind in the province. It is a place where people can come together for everything from education sessions to coffee meetings. Kudos to the B.C. Paraplegic Association for initiating this type of resource centre and thanks for locating it in Prince George. The centre will help people with spinal cord injuries and other disabilities gain their independence. It will also officer information services and support staff who can answer a variety of questions about disabilities in general. To say this type of facility is needed is an understatement. Plus, it’s not only needed here but in communities throughout the province. It’s absolutely wonderful that Prince George is the first and we hope there will be more to come. It provides a service that the entire community can be proud of.

us, they are slow learners. Most of us try to avoid using religion and politics Many political gatherings in the United States in the same sentence. In Canada we would feel we begin with a prayer, a Christian prayer. That can not were going against our multiculturalism we are so give much confidence to those who may be Muslim, proud of. In the United States of America, the same Shinto, Hindu or believer in some other faith but are cautious stance does not seem to exist. still citizens of the country. The framers of the American constitution were The Tea Party, which seems to be becoming the adamant that no religion or arm of any religion backbone of the Republican Party, is heavily popuwould be involved in the government of their new lated with evangelical Christians. Some country. That is not to say the writers have views that would make a Muslim of the American Constitution were Mullah look tame by comparison. To heathen or atheists. them, as with all fanatics, there is only They had noted the many problems one faith, one moral code, and everyone the governing organization had when should follow their beliefs. In their opinthere was a strong religious influence. Onside ion, those who do not, and even those The rulers of kingdoms and empires VictorBowman who question their beliefs, should suffer were often influenced by their particupainful elimination. lar religion. In fact many of the conflicts between Individuals in a democracy have the right to them had their routes in conflicting religious beliefs. believe in whatever they wish. Their choice of one Even the emerging democracies were heavily influform of religious worship, or the decision to not enced by the church or certain sects. The Roman Catholic Church held great influence over European worship in any faith, is an essential key to any democracy. If there is a lesson of history we should nations; the Church of England was a strong influall pay attention to, it is the slaughters, torture and ence on the affairs of Great Brittan. The Muslim repression against people pitted against others by faith influenced many eastern states and still holds conflicting religious views. a very strong position of influence in many of them We can all live together in reasonable harmony today. complete with agreeable community values we can The question of the suitability of a Mormon being a president has been raised a number of times in the all support. That is what political freedom is all about. primaries. It is a reminder of the doubt about the As we look southward to the presidential election electability of John Fitzgerald Kennedy because he process, let us resist the narrow-minded philosophy was a Roman Catholic. There were segments of the from influencing us in how we conduct our political American electorate who feared a Roman Catholic affairs. would be unduly influenced by the Vatican. They We are a diverse country and that is our strength were wrong and one would hope they had learned and value. Let us vigorously resist any who would something by it to guide them in their deliberations and decisions in the future. Unfortunately, like all of try to channel our governance into a narrow slot.  Circulation Manager...........................Heather Trenaman Email: 250-564-0504

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Economic benefits of pipeline easy to see

Editor: The Enbridge Gateway pipeline project is a project that almost every environmentalist will consider opposition to as an absolute necessity. People who oppose projects like this appear to me to base most of their opposition on what I call, “what ifs”, what if this, or what if that, rather than providing seriously researched factual information in support of their cause. So it is with taking a position against any development, if you are going to address a judge or a panel, research the facts of what you want to say. The people who sit on a review panel must in the end, sort and sift the facts from rhetoric. Smallclaim TV judges may be a good example of what not to bring before a judge. These judges often dismiss unilaterally questionable statements and rhetoric as a waste of their time. Certainly answering and dealing with “what if” statements force the developer to examine every nuance of a project. However, strong, well-founded,

well-researched environmental information against a project is not so easily dismissed. Advice such as this could apply and be a lesson to those in opposition even to local projects. Up north, according to an Alaska historian, the wealth generated to the (Alaskan economy) by Prudhoe Bay and the other fields on the North Slope since 1977 is worth more than all the fish ever caught, all the furs ever trapped, all the trees chopped down; throw in all the copper, whalebone, natural gas, tin, silver, platinum, and anything else ever extracted from Alaska too. The balance sheet of Alaskan history is simple: One Prudhoe Bay (and its pipeline) is worth more in real dollars than everything that has been dug out, cut down, caught or killed in Alaska since the beginning of time. The 48-inch Alyeska pipeline, in its 800-mile length, crosses three mountain ranges and 30 major rivers and streams. Including native land claims, took some time for eventual approval; every

environmental and native objection raised was at some point addressed and solution inevitably found. Since April 30, 2008

to July 2011 some 19,625 tankers loaded at Valdez with only the Exxon Valdez having spilled its oi. Regretfully disasters can

be an important learning tool for every potential project. From plastic water bottles to the clothes we wear

and everything in between, most are manufactured from oil. Doug Wilson Williams Lake

Ready To Relay

A lla n W ISHA RT/ Fre e Pre s s

Relay for Life team development head Trevor Patenaude, left, gives Kingpins team captain Alice Friend a registration package at the open house held Monday at the Canadian Cancer Society office. Watching were relay participants Sandra Blackwell, back left, Lindy Steele holding Devin Flett, Larry Steele and Kris Van Vleet. Teams can register for this year’s relay by Jan. 31 for only $10.

The best resolutions are the ones you don’t make

Exercise is mandatory, some say. So the first month of January is over All exercise does is make your muscles and most of our New Year’s resolutions, bigger, your heart and lungs stronger especially the ones about eating less and your body hungrier, others say. Do it and exercising more, are roadkill in the for fun but the gym has nothrearview mirror. ing to do with weight loss. We are all obsessed I like working out because it with the role, good and gives me more energy during bad, that food plays in Rough the day, helps me sleep better our lives. It is rare to at night and seems to help me find the person who eats Cuts what they want, when NeilGodbout deal with stress better. Those are the things I have missed they want, and doesn’t give a fat fiddler’s fanny about the reper- since I let my gym membership lapse in August. I will renew it at some point this cussions. year but I don’t feel an urgent rush. It’s The advice from health experts is all not laziness on my part. It’s partly cost over the map. and partly putting writing and volunToo much fat leads to high cholesterol, teering ahead of working up a sweat. some argue, so keep the protein lean. Some of the problem is we are still in Others argue that fat doesn’t make you our hunting-and-gathering bodies. From fat, it’s carbs and starchy vegetables that an evolutionary standpoint, the last are the real culprit.

15,000 years happened in the blink of an eye. Like most mammals, we’re designed for constant movement, short periods of rest, constant small amounts of food all day long, and hanging on to fat for dear life because we might go hungry tomorrow. Staying awake for 16 to 18 hours straight, followed by six to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, is not how we evolved. Neither is sitting at a desk all day or eating three square meals every 24 hours. Wanting to eat more than we need and keeping fat stores is wired deep into our brains and bodies, due to a not-so-distant past when the arrival of our next meal was always uncertain. Today, many people find obesity offensive, because it’s the sign of gluttony, laziness, poor self-discipline, low self-esteem, or, even worse, the sign of a person who sets their own agenda and

refuses to follow the oppressive herd when it comes to body image. The health industry makes billions of dollars every year on our deep insecurities. The same people who say they refuse to be slaves to the interests of multinational corporations happily get taken to the cleaners in the interest of health. So my New Year’s resolution remains intact. Worry less about eating properly and exercising regularly. The result? Food tastes better because I’m enjoying it without guilt. I’m eating better food because I like the variety and it tastes good. I’m eating less because I don’t feel the need to gorge. And I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym, not because I have to but because I want to. I’ll have a second helping of that.

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Cleansing body and mind ■ Health

Colon hydrotherapy part of a holistic approach to overall health DeLynda Pilon

Manifestations of the mental stress each person feels are reflected by the body, so healing one can often have a domino effect, leading to better health overall. Cherie Strong takes a holistic approach to general health, and is the only person in the city practising colon hydrotherapy, which she does from her office in the Victoria Medical building. Eastern influences are felt everywhere in the small tranquil space Strong dedicates to her profession, from the bamboo chairs to the artwork. Soft sounds play in the background, a combination of music, gurgling water and the cries of birds. Strong said she’s lived in the city for about three years, and she’s very passionate about her work, which helps patients cleanse not only the body but the mind as well. Strong, who is also a yoga instructor, said if you adhere to ideologies like chi, you know the midsection of your body is tied to your emotional centre. Cleansing the colon, she added, is a natural process and nothing to cringe away from. “It’s as natural as breathing, seeing and constipation,” she said. Modern living often leads to issues with the colon, she added, with problems like a lack of exercise and fibre as well as eating too much processed food and stress all combining to inhibit the organ from working at its optimum level. “You don’t know there’s an issue until something’s not happening, and then the other organs pick up the slack,” she said. This leads to stress on the liver and kidneys as well as skin outbreaks. Often it even leads to a trip to the Emergency Room at the hospital where patients try to find relief from cramps, constipation and other painful symptoms of a problematic colon. Going in for colon hydrotherapy begins with an appointment of about an hour-and-a-half where Strong discusses with the patients what his or her goals are. Some are looking for a cleanse or help getting over a flu while others are looking for more long-term therapy to aid with a lifestyle change which might include anything from diet to quitting an addiction. What your goals are will help determine how many treatments you need. Then you are taken into a private room. You strip from DeLynda PILON / Fre e Pre s s the waist down, lay on a bed and a speculum is inserted Cherie Strong offers colon hydrotherapy treatments about two inches into your rectum. One tube will gently from her Victoria Medical Building office. wash water into your colon while another removes waste. Once the short procedure is completed to get you ready, “Let your body guide you to find the answer that is right you are draped with linen to ensure your privacy. Strong for you,” she said. said a patient’s dignity is always taken into account and When she began down the path which led her to where respected. she is today, at first Strong thought she wanted to go into The procedure differs from an enema in that an enema nursing. Finding that wasn’t right for her, she turned to cleanses the rectum, which is the first eight to 10 inches of the colon, while, over a period of time, much more is accom- kinesiology. While completing that program, Strong found out about colon hydrotherapy, and, intrigued, pursued it. plished with colon therapy. Along the way she also studied yoga and different food Strong, who is also a healthy lifestyle support coach and theologies, like the power of fasting. In fact, she lived at a hosts workshops on raw and living food choices, said often fasting clinic in Panama for some time, an experience that the pathway to finding good health means learning to listen taught her all things are possible, she said. to your body.

B.C. joins funding protest By Tom Fletcher Black Press

B.C. Premier Christy Clark joined other premiers Monday in describing Ottawa’s dictated formula for health care funding as “unacceptable,” and promising a united front to seek further negotiations. But after a day of meetings in Victoria, Clark and other premiers still had different priorities about how to respond to the federal government’s decision to move to per-capita health care transfers in 2014. The shift caused a protest from some provinces when it was abruptly announced by federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty in December. It puts an end to targeted federal funding for special projects such as those to shorten surgical wait times, and bases health transfers on population only. B.C. expects the change will cost the province $256 million a year starting in 2014. Alberta expects to gain as much as $1 billion a year under per-capita funding. Ontario joined other eastern provinces in protesting a move to tie federal health transfers to economic growth after five years of six-per-cent increases. Clark wants a change to recognize the higher costs of care for seniors, which would help B.C. and some Atlantic provinces. But Alberta Premier Alison Redford was adamant that all Canadians should have an equal share of health care funding from their federal taxes. Redford said senior population is only one factor that drives up health care costs. Remote communities, aboriginal reserves and other demographic factors also imply higher costs, and B.C. is not unique in dealing with those, she added. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he recognizes that different provinces have different ideas about health care innovation, but he insisted that Prime Minister Stephen Harper can’t simply set a formula and walk away. “It is unacceptable for the prime minister to say that he’s effectively going to passively preside over the evolution of health care in Canada,” McGuinty said. “Leadership on health care for the federal government is not an option, it is a solemn responsibility.” Clark said the premiers will have more to say Tuesday about an “innovation agenda” to deal with growing health care costs as Canada’s population ages. Premiers from all 10 provinces and three territories are meeting in Victoria for their twice yearly conference, now called the Council of the Federation.


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Backyardigan Buddies

YOUR CITY MATTERS January 27, 2012


following Council Committees:

Regular Meetings of Council Mondays, February 6th and February 20th Council Chambers – 6:00 p.m.

• Prince George Combative Sports Commission • Prince George Heritage Commission The Committees meet monthly, do research and provide information and recommendations to Council and City Staff. Applications are available on the City’s web site, or may be picked up at City Hall, 1100 Patricia Boulevard. For further information or to have an application form mailed to you, please call 250.561.7684.

Committee of the Whole Wednesday, February 8th Budget Meetings February 15, 22, and 27 Council Chambers, 4:30 and 6:00 p.m.

Backyardigans character “Uniqua” gets the giggles backstage before hitting the stage at Vanier Hall on Saturday.

P.G. thieves targeting Ford F-350s

Ford F-350 pick up trucks are the most common target of thieves in Prince George. In the wake of a white 2007 Ford F-350 being stolen from Pine Centre Mall on Friday, Sgt. Darrn Oelke of the Crime Reduction Unit says the popular work truck is also popular among criminals. “A number of suspects known to police target this model of vehicle to steal and then use in other property crimes throughout northern B.C.,” he said. The one taken last week was in the parking lot behind the mall. It was stolen some time between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. The B.C. licence plate on the vehicle at the time of the theft was BT5640. The truck has dark tinted windows. Oelke urges motorists to avoid parking in dark areas of parking lots or where thieves are less likely to be seen or interrupted. Extra caution should be taken by owners of Ford F-350 pick up trucks from the years 2000 to 2007. Always use an anti-theft device.

Advisory Design Panel Wednesday, February 1st – 12:00 p.m.

Stress relief Reduced risk of disease A healthier heart Reduced blood pressure Increased energy Improved self esteem Increased metabolic rate Elevated mood levels Reduced cholesterol Stronger bones and muscles

Deadline for Applications: 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 8, 2012.


BROADCASTING OF COUNCIL MEETINGS: Shaw TV runs a recorded version on Tuesday’s after each Council meeting. To follow live Council meetings, visit the City’s website at as webcasting services and video archiving of agenda items are available for the public.

PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to the provisions of Section 26(3) of the Community Charter, that the City of Prince George intends to sell a municipally owned property at Penn Road, Prince George, BC, legally described as Lot A DL 751 Cariboo District Plan EPP14328. This property is to be sold to Harris Steel Group Inc. at a purchase price of $611,585.00. Ian Wells Real Estate Services



***Information contained in the applications will be included in the public Council Agenda and posted on the City’s web page***

Select Committee on Business Monday, January 30th, 1:00 p.m. Teresa MAL L AM/F ree P ress

Applications or resumes received by the City Manager’s Office, Manager of Legislative Services prior to the February 8, 2012 deadline will be considered by City Council at its Regular Meeting of February 20, 2012.

Nominations are due by 4:30 pm on March 5th, 2012 and can be submitted to City Hall. For a Nomination Package please check the website at click City Living>Civic Appreciation or contact Community Services at 250-561-7640.

Sale of City Owned Property – Barnes Drive Closing Date: March 16, 2012

PROCLAMATION January 2012 is “B.C. Alzeheimer Awareness Month”

APPLY FOR A COUNCIL COMMITTEE Here’s an opportunity to make a difference in your community Prince George is a City full of volunteers willing to give their time to ensure their community is a better place to live, work and play. Council Committees provide residents of our community the opportunity to participate on the development of our municipality. At this time the City Manager’s Office is accepting applications for Membership on the

The City of Prince George is pleased to announce that it is now accepting applications for 2012 Social Grants funding. Application, eligibility, and submission instructions are available online at:

Join an Aquafit class today! socialgrants/


Applications must be submitted via the on-line application form by 5 p.m. on Monday January 30th, 2012. For further information, contact Sarah Brown at 250-614-7897. The City of Prince George is pleased to be working in partnership with the Prince George Community Foundation to adjudicate applications and recommend grant allocations.

2012 Dog Licenses are now on sale. The discounted rates are available until January 31, 2012. The discounted rate for a sterilized dog the license is $24.00 and if the dog is not sterilized the cost is $61.00. For a dangerous dog the license fee is $121.00/$303.00. Dog licenses can be purchased at City Hall, Day & Night Store (Hart Highway), Dog Gone Bakery, Ospika Pet & Farm Supplies, Petland, Quackers Canine Kuisine, SPCA and Total Pet or through the mail or by phone at 250 561 7600. If you no longer own a dog that was previously licensed, please contact our office.

VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION AWARDS & YOUTH OF THE YEAR AWARD The City of Prince George is once again hosting the annual Volunteer Recognition Awards and Youth of the Year Award. Volunteers are the heart of our community and we need your help in recognizing those that give so much of themselves for others. The City of Prince George annually recognizes the outstanding contributions of individuals in our community. Several awards are bestowed on volunteers that contribute so much and make a difference in our community. These individuals are recognized and honoured at the Civic Appreciation Dinner. There are four types of awards including: Recreation Award of Merit Community Service Award Youth of the Year Award Outstanding Volunteer Award of Merit

For more information on the P.G. Aquatic Centre and Four Seasons Aquafit schedule, please visit

Licensing your dog is a key factor in responsible pet ownership. It is required by the Animal Control City Bylaw and allows for quick identification should your dog become injured, abused, lost, found or impounded. Keeping a dog without a current license can result in a $100 fine. Bylaw Services, 250 561 7622

NOTIFICATION OF HARVESTING The Prince George Community Forest will be conducting fuel management activities near the end of Kimball Road, and in an area accessed by Beaverly West Road (past the BCTS blocks). These fuel management activities are designed to reduce wildfire hazards for our communities. Please ensure your safety and the safety of the crews by respecting all signs and by avoiding the areas during operations. We hope to begin operations in January and expect that each area will be complete within an eight week period. No piles will be burnt subsequent to these operations. We appreciate your patience while equipment and logging truck traffic increases for a few weeks.

Your Community. Your Champions. “This is pure Canadiana” said Brent Thiessen who voluntarily floods the ice at West Lake for BC Pond Hockey. What drives Brent in below -20°C is seeing everyone having fun, and the good comradery that comes from it.

Antiques on 6th • 1117th-6th Ave • (250) 617-0040

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Friday, January 27, 2012

COLUMN: After a mishap, it can be difficult learning to walk A12


Having fun with Seniors’ Moments A15

teresa Mallam 250-564-0005 ■ ENTERTAINMENT

Hedley offers inspiration in music Shipwrecked tour comes to Prince George in February Teresa Mallam

be/Invincible.” Throughout the touring, recording and rigours of Hedley songs offer words of wisdom. the music business, Hedley The multi-platinum band’s Prince has for the past nine years George-raised guitarist Dave Rosin hopes remained a solid, cohesive fans will find inspiration in them. The unit. Their line-up has not key to survival is to remain positive, he changed. Band members says – no matter what life throws at you. Rosin, Hoggard, bassist Storms, Hedley’s fourth studio album, Tommy Mack and drummer has tracks reflecting that philosophy: We Chris Crippin refer to their are Unbreakable, Invincible and Carry close bond as a brotherhood. On. “We’re four very lucky Rosin spoke with the Free Press from individuals who are not only Vancouver last week about their crosslucky enough to get to do Canada 2012 Shipwrecked Tour, their this job – play music for a world travels and, of course, Storms. living – but also do it with “I think (with) every record, we’ve three brothers and be able to always tried to put something heartfelt travel the world together,” into it and wanted to be honest and I said Rosin. think that honesty comes through – even “It’s funny, but somein fun songs. This record is no different,” times, when we’re really said Rosin. “Definitely, we took what was far away from home – we going on in our own personal lives, and were in Kenya two years ago within the band, and tried to put it down and India last year – we’ve on paper. I know Jake (songwriter Jacob learned to rely on each Ph o to s ub mitte d Hoggard) really worked hard on this.” other more than just playing Hedley’s Chris Crippin (left,) Jake Hoggard, Tommy Mack and Dave Rosin bring their Invincible took time in the making, he shows together and we’ve said. enjoyed these experiences Shipwrecked Tour to P.G. on Feb. 13. “The lyrics didn’t get finished right together. It’s almost more not having fun doing this, and we’re built which hearkens back to the imporaway. Jake really wanted to make sure enriching when you’re in not all getting along, this is not going tance of all that and things we take for he and Brian (Howes), our producer, got foreign country where no one speaks the to work,” said Rosin. “When we show granted.” down what we were all feeling which same language.” up to play a show – like the CN CenHedley is involved in many philanwas, ‘Hey, stuff happens in What was India like? tre – we are really only a small part of life.’ New family members “Wow, what a fantastic thropic endeavours. “Every time Hedley gets to be involved the equation. We’re the four dudes on Free Press are born... and you lose country full of spice and stage but it’s all the people who buy the in We Day (Free the Children) and other friends and family memcolour and love. And so CDs and who take the time to learn the events in our country and around the bers too. special for me because • Hedley plays CN Centre songs and come out for the night with world, it means a lot. “When that happens, one of the organizers February 13 all their friends who really make it hap“We’re really excited to be able to rally you’re lucky for the with Free the Children, • Opening Acts – pen (because) pretty soon, it’s a couple of our fans to get involved and make a diffriends you have around Shobha Kumari Sharma Classified, Karl Wolf and thousand people who are coming out to you. I think for us, this (now living in Rajasthan, ference. We want to give people a voice Kay see those four dudes on stage.” record is about telling India), who I’m so proud and something to be hopeful for. We pre• Tickets available at Fans who come out to the CN Centre fer to be eternal optimists. We don’t want people: everybody’s going to know, is out working Ticketmaster Feb. 13 for Hedley’s 2012 Shipwrecked to be cynics.” through stuff and you can and making a differTour show are in for a few surprises. As Hedley becomes increasingly make it through it (just) ence to people around “We’ve been laughing the whole time successful (three consecutive double make sure you are always the world. To have one planning this tour, saying, ‘How are we platinum certifications: Hedley (2005,) looking at the bright side of my PGSS classmates Famous Last Words (2007) and The Show going to bring a shipwreck tour to the and looking towards a brighter day.” working directly with this organization middle of the Prairies?’ Must Go (2009)), over 1,000,000 digital Lyrics from Invincible: feels so amazing.” “But let’s just say, we did it, we found singles sold and 2010 Juno Award for “I’m not the only one/That crashed India was a “totally different” kind of a way and now (for Prince George) we’re Video of the Year with Perfect, the band into the sun/And lived to fight another country, Rosin said. bringing the boat to you,” Rosin said, members become even more tightly knit. day/Like a super nova/That old life is “We saw some harsh sights like child laughing. “We learned a long time ago, if we’re over/I’m here to stay/Now I’m gonna labour but we also saw schools being

Quick Look

THIS WEEKEND! Jan 27 & 28th




January 27 7th

Maple Leaf Night

Bring a non-perishable food item to support families affected by FASD.

January 28th

Heroes Night sponsored by

United Way of Northern BC There will be a flag display on the concourse and fans are encouraged to dress as your hero.

Scrubs help students ALLan Wishart

for a top and $5 for a bottom.” As she sorted through some of the early donations in the bin at the CNC library, Esopenko expressed her gratitude to the medical professionals in the city for their support of the event. “Some of these are brand-new. They’ve never been worn. I think that’s incredible that people would go out and buy scrubs especially for the sale.” The school held two scrubs sales last year, raising $1,300 for a new bursary. “We’ll award four students with $250 each

Every dollar counts for post-secondary students, so when they have a chance to save money on supplies they need, they leap at the chance. That’s why CNC nursing instructor Nancy Esopenko is organizing another scrubs sale to save students money – and provide bursaries for some of them as well. “A new set of scrubs can cost anywhere from $40 to $60,” says Esopenko, “maybe even $80. We sell these to the students for $5

in March,” Esopenko says. Any heath professional – from doctors, nurses and medical lab technologists to medical radiography technologists, health-care assistants, technologists, dental hygienists and assistants – can donate their scrubs. All they need to be is washed, in good shape and ready for someone else to wear. Donation bins are set up at the CNC library, as well as at Lakewood Dental and the Spirit of the North Health Care

Foundation at the hospital. Donations can be made until Feb. 6, and the scrubs will be sold at the Health and Wellness Fair at CNC on Feb. 8. In a release on the sale, Esopenko says she sees students from all demographics, including some who struggle with finances. “I want to establish a way for future health professionals to benefit from current health professionals,” she said, “while recycling scrubs and benefitting everyone.”

Allan WI S HART /F ree P ress

CNC nursing instructor Nancy Esopenko looks over a bin full of donated scrubs in the library at the school. The scrubs will be resold to students in the health sciences program to raise funds for bursaries.


Whole New York Whole Sirloin Strip Butt





Hallmark Boneless Skinless

Chicken Breast $




Please note that the Homesteader Ad on pg B8. Whole Sirloin Butt should be the price of 4.99 NOT 7.99. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Sponsored by

Now is the time to get behind the wheel of a Toyota.

DL 30798

Toyota is the winner of more 2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick awards than any other brand.


20th at Redwood Street • 250-564-7205 • Toll Free 1-800-459-2226

w w w. n o r t h e r n t o y o t a . c a

How I learned to walk again

This week I became another plodding pedestrian on the wintry streets of Prince George. It has been a long time since I have used my feet for anything other than holding the fridge door open – or stepping on the brake or gas pedal. But with my trusty steed in the

and ambulatory – and autobody shop, I had to walk where usually hinting for a ride – he said, “gee, I drive Tea I guess because after a with you’ll have hoof it.” few days Teresa to Hoof of taking it? Wow, cabs, I I haven’t was cash poor. TeresaMallam heard that expression in a coon’s Whining on the age, I told him. Well, phone to a “friend” I guess homo erectus that I was auto-less


70’S DISCO PARTY '$1&(727+(086,&2)



Friday March 23 CENTRE

ta e g e ! l p o TICKETS $29.99 Pe Ring 0 0 PLUS S/C’S 0 ood 1 t s Fir FREE M

has walked upright for a million years, so how hard can it be? Baby steps, I told myself, looking down the long street from home. Then the questions set in. How far is one kilometre, walking? Will I need a GPS? Should I pack a lunch? Carry survival gear? What if I fell down or died en route of exhaustion or frostbite? Would a passing motorist notice a lump lying on the sidewalk? Fate is good for the feet. For me, it was like learning to walk again. That meant relearning to use pedestrian crosswalks and think like a winter walker. The side roads and sidewalks were not too bad, not very icy and freshly cleared of snow. The temperature dipped just below zero. I found out that even as a novice walker, you can make good time if you wear good boots and stay out of the ruts. Then came the busy highway. I stood at the intersection of Highway 97 and 15th Avenue and waited. And waited. Traffic went past, people who recognized me waved (remind me to take my mug shot off this column). The walk light was still red. Oh, yes, the little button on the pole with the little arrow on it. I pressed it. Eureka. Entry allowed. I was now on my

way and only one block from my destination. McDonalds. Time for coffee and muffin. This was hard slogging. I found out I still had muscles and they were sore. I’ve learned from my excursions on foot. I found out black-onblack clothing is not a good idea for walking city streets in the dark. Next time, YakTrax (better for my workout), hat and gloves with flashing neon mini-lights, jacket with metallic strip, warm gloves and a big smile. You have to allow yourself time because obviously it takes longer to walk somewhere than to drive. But you really get to see things you otherwise miss, you get to greet other hoofers – sometimes walking their woofers. It’s a whole different world. There is something to be said for fresh air and exercise. By the time I sat with my first cup of morning coffee, I was feeling exhilarated. Light on my feet. I was very close to performing a entrechat on the spot, or in the equestrian world, “airs above the ground.” I think I’ll use the dressage term to show I have now joined the elite team of Prince George hoofers. No need for an autobody mechanic, all I need now is a good farrier.

2 Services

9:00am and 11:00am Nursery & Kids Ministry for 0-Gr. 6 in both services 2055 20th Avenue, Prince George Led by Pastor Tim Osiowy and team

(250) 563-1003

Ready For Abbamania?




Feb 9



Photo submitted

Join in the fun of the 70s Disco Party and dance to the music of Abba and the Bee Gees on March 23 at CN Centre. Tickets are at all Ticketmaster locations.

Experience The Historic Exhibit from London’s National Gallery

Visit for tickets and participating theatres

Big wind-up weekend Plenty for all music lovers to enjoy ■ Coldsnap

The fifth annual Coldsnap Winter Music Festival nears its finale after nine magical days of bringing Prince George diverse and eclectic sounds. The Prince George Folk Fest Society, in conjunction with Magenta Mare Consulting also presented the “Come in From the Cold 2” workshop series. This is a series of seven free workshops, presented with the participation of many different local community groups, featuring Coldsnap mainstage artists with a focus on using music to discuss topics of inclusion, diversity and multiculturalism. Friday, Jan. 27 Coldsnap presents folk music. “Friday night will bring together all that is right with folk music in Canada. Sherman Downey and the Silver Lining will be hot off an Australian tour and will bring their buoyant groove, upbeat lyrics and infectious energy to the Prince George Playhouse,” said Judge. “Nathan Rogers will then bring his

magnificently powerfully songs and brilliant arrangements to the stage to round out what will truly be an incredible evening.” Both these talented performers will play in the “Come In From the Cold 2” workshop series finale on Saturday, Jan 28 starting at 1 p.m. at the Native Friendship Centre. As part of this finale, the Street Spirits Forum Theatre performers will present performances they created during the Jan 22 workshop. “The last night of Coldsnap will feature one of the most incredible performances ever presented in Prince George,” said Judge. “The Mississippi Sheiks were the forefathers of traditional and contemporary blues music, and have influenced more bands than can possibly be mentioned in a few lines. The musicians presenting this tribute are second to none in the world of folk and blues music in North America. This show is not to be missed!” Also on the final night, there will be an appreciation party

for all Coldsnap volunteers and sponsors, at Artspace starting

about 11 p.m. Details are available at www.


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1600 15th Ave, Prince George 250-612-3993

FRIDAY JANUARY 27TH CONTRABAND (18A: Crime, Thriller) Frequent coarse language

4:00, 7:15, 9:55pm


(G: Drama) Coarse language

MAN ON A LEDGE (PG: Thriller) Violence, Coarse Language

3:40, 7:20, 9:50pm

THE DESCENDANTS (DIGITAL) (PG: Drama, Comedy) Coarse language

3:55, 7:10, 10:00pm

THE GREY (18A: Drama, Action) Frequent coarse language

3:45, 7:00, 9:45pm

Services for new immigrants

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING (DIGITAL 3D) (18A: Action, Fantasy, Horror) Explicit violence

3:35, 7:05, 9:30pm


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■ Seniors’ column

Having a bucket list is a great idea

Lola Dan Fennell

a group of friends sat down and prepared our “Bucket Lists” of all the things we wanted to do before we died.

Counci of Seniors

With the approach of midnight back in December 1999, I and

At the time, we each believed the end of our lives was many decades away and consequently our individual lists were

Watch it

Click it! Track it

Stop it

Sell it

Buy it B

A Whole New w Wa Way to Buy Buy & S Sell elll O el Online

It’s FREE to list right now (In fact, at the moment, it’s totally free for everything)

to all our Fantastic Exhibitors for making


lengthy. My personal Bucket List included travelling to see unfamiliar sights like actual icebergs and live polar bears, and pursuing new experiences like dancing, playing the piano, and learning a new language. Over the past 11 years, I’ve crossed quite a few things off my list. However, I recently caught myself telling someone, “I’m getting too old” to take care of a couple of somewhat challenging Bucket List items. As soon as I heard those words come out of my mouth, I knew I needed to address scrapping challenges. There are many reasons why seniors should have an active Bucket List. First, trying something new can beat the winter blahs. Trying a new activity is a great way to feel better and enjoy life more – especially as winter drags on. Second, physical activities can help one maintain – or even lose – weight, reduce the symptoms of depression and arthritis, and reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes as well as reduce the risk

Shadyn Hug

Backyardigans character Austin the Kangaroo isn’t shy about giving fan Shadyn Dhansaw, 4, a hug at a meet and greet Saturday at Vanier Hall. The show was a big success. Te re s a M A LLA M /

of injuries from falls. Physical activities can improve one’s flexibility, balance and strength and overall health. Third, mentally stimulating activities can help one maintain cognitive abilities, prevent memory loss and reduce the risk of

dementia. With those benefits in mind, embarking on some of my more challenging Bucket List adventures is certainly more appealing. Who doesn’t want to feel better and enjoy life more? The trick is to get restarted and

Prince George Native Friendship Centre Employment Services Unit 21 - 1600 3rd Avenue Prince George, BC V2L 3G6 Phone: 250-564-7440 Fax: 250-563-5627

Can’t Find Work? Don’t Know Which Way to Turn?

101.3 The River & 99.3 The Drive Arbonne Art of Magic Services Bergmedia Carters Jewellers Central Display City of Prince George Parks Coast Inn of the North Columbus Community Centre Core Salon & Spa Crave D.J. Source Dance North - Ballroom Dance Club Dolce Design Dr. Richard Wilczek Eden Spas Epicure Selections Every Little Detail Expedia CruiseShip Centers Fifth Avenue Jewelery Fitness Connection Flowers Flowers Flowers Fort St James Parks of Canada Gold Canyon Candles Good Vibrations DJ Services Harley Davidson In Your Vase Flowers

Infinitys Grace Wraps It’s Party Time KDB Photography Keith Kerrigan Haida Artist Kinsmen Club LA Promotions Lenard Sanders Photography Lia Sophia Manulife Mary Kay Cosmetics Memories By Moira Mercedes Unique Edible Art Moores Clothing for Men Nechako Music Northern Lights Photo Booth Northern Pixel Photography Nova Medical Aesthetics NuSpa Park Avenue Apparel Passion Parties Pastry Chef Bakery Philomena Hughes Photography Prince George Civic Centre Prince George Free Press Ramada Hotel Remax - Dan Strickland Rhythm & Sound DJ Service

Sandman Signature/ Rockford Grill Sears Canada Inc. Sears Travel Snap Photo Booths SpeeDee Printers Storybook Wedding Sunlife Financial Sunset Drycleaners & Laundromat Sweet Dreams Limousine Table Charm The Art of Tanning The Bay The Big Picture The Gallery Bridal Boutique on 7th The Inn Flower Place The Twisted Cork Tip Top Tailors Today’s Bride Magazine Treasure Cove Hotel Trend Setters Tupperware UNBC Wedding Bells WestJet Zija International Zumba

Aboriginal Career Development Counsellor is available to meet with you: • Develop a Return to Work Action Plan • Assistance with targeting Resumés & Cover Letters • Job Search Assistance • Career Decision-Making • Find out about funding options for training • Computers with internet access are available for: • Job Searching • Labour Market Research • Resumé & Cover Letter development • Printed and computerized employment-related resources • Job Board • Fax, telephone, photocopy & email Services are available for unemployed Aboriginal residents in the Prince George Area.

This Service is funded in partnership with Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment & Training Program and Urban Aboriginal Working Group.

keep at it. So how does one get restarted and then keep at it? I called my friends and compared Bucket List progress since the start of the new millennium. There’s nothing like a little peer pressure – or friendly competition – to keep one motivated! Then I got busy and checked the College of New Caledonia’s Continuing Education offerings, and downloaded the latest Community Active Living Guide from the City of Prince George’s website. I also checked on studio programs for adults at Two Rivers Gallery. There are plenty of other opportunities for local seniors who want to experience new activities or become more active, ranging from relaxed card games at a local Seniors Activity Centre – there are five such centres in Prince George – to training for competition in the BC Seniors Games. I am now personally committed to ticking off at least two of my own Bucket List items over the coming months. What’s on your Bucket List? And what are you going to do over the coming year? Lola-Dawn Fennell is a young-at-heart grandmother, UNBC graduate and general manager of PGCOS.

Reaching over 62,000 Readers every issue!


• Cars • Trucks • Trailers • RV’s • Boats • ATV’s • Snowmobiles • Motorcycles



Professional Counselling Services Individual, Couple & Child Counselling Employee and Family Assistance Programs

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1512 Queensway Street, Prince George

Teresa MA LLA M/Free Press

Seniors’ Moments hosts Bob D’Auray and Sharon Hurd take to the mike at CFIS 93.1.

Sharing Seniors’ Moments

It is one minute to show time at the CFIS 93.1 community radio station upstairs in the Studio 2880 building. Operations manager Reg Feyer does the countdown, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one ...You are listening to Seniors’ Moments. The show’s hosts Sharon Hurd and Bob D’Auray exchange some light banter which, no surprise, includes comments on the bitterly cold weather (minus 35 at the time). Hurd, who is well known for her work at Phoenix Transition House and Prince George Council of Seniors, shares a funny story about following an old-timer’s advice when she couldn’t get her ‘87 Toyota going. “I live in the bush,” she said. “It was minus 40 that day and I had my truck plugged in but it would not start. I don’t know why I didn’t call BCAA, I guess because it was so far out and it would likely be hours before they showed up. I tried to think about what I could do and then I remembered a story an old logger told me when I asked him how they started up their vehicles in the bush during a cold snap. “He said they had equipment you lit, it was filled with gasoline or oil. When it was lit you just slid it under the vehicle until it warmed up the oil pan. So I grabbed a metal bucket, filled it with coals from the wood stove and shoved it under the

truck where I thought the oil pan might be and went back into the house. After awhile I went out to check. There was a pile of smoke billowing up from under the truck so I figured it must be done. I pulled the bucket out, got in the truck and she turned over like a dream.” The four seniors seated at the table laugh at her reminiscing. Hopefully listeners are laughing at home too. If not, the hosts have lots more tips and information for seniors. Like how they can get help shovelling their driveways. And there’s always old but still gold jokes and anecdotes. D’Auray, who said he first spoke to Feyer a few years ago about

the idea for the seniors show, is happy it’s now on the air. He doesn’t mind the time and volunteer hours spent lining up topics, guests and actually doing the show because he says simply, “it’s fun.” Then it’s up to the show’s special guest Cliff Dezell to take the mike and share his knowledge and advice about seniors’ exercise and fitness. This is the second show and already the hosts are starting to feel comfortable behind the microphones. Discussion

R Yea ou r nd !

Teresa Mallam

topics vary widely Guest Mary Jarbeck was slated for Wednesday’s show to give advise about seniors looking for and finding employment in their ‘golden years.’ Lois Boone was scheduled to talk about the perks of turning 65 and discounts and government programs for seniors that make life a little easier. Listeners can also call into the half-hour Seniors Moments, show which airs Wednesdays at 1 p.m., and give comments or ask questions by phoning 250-645-2347.

Every Saturday

8:30am to 2:00pm At the corner of 3rd Ave. & George St.

Learn more… Upcoming Photography Classes Getting Started with Your Digital Camera (XPHO 010)

Your digital camera probably does more than you know! This course will introduce beginner users to the capabilities and techniques for working with their DSLR cameras. Mondays | 6:30pm-8:30pm • Feb 13 – Mar 26, 2012 | $300.00 Advanced Digital Camera Techniques Level 1 (XPHO 020) Designed for the photographer with a sound knowledge of their camera, this course will teach participants maximum image quality, how to choose optimum shooting mode, lens options, composition, exposure compensation, and more. Thursdays | 6:30pm-8:30pm • Feb 16 – Mar 29, 2012 | $360.00

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Jan’s Pick of the Week

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2012 2012 Hyundai Tucson n

Prince George Free Press

Friday, January 27, 2012




$ 2012 nt BiHyundai Accent kly Weekly Week Wee Bi-Weekly Bi-W Bi


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Redesigned, 59 MPG

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2012 NISSAN TITAN Stk# 12TC2361



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DISCLAIMER: All prices and payments plus taxes and fees ON APPROVED CREDIT. Prices above include $589 Administrative Fee which is mandatory on purchase of New vehicles. Lowest cash prices and payments using all dealership incentives. All Vehicles available at time of Printing. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. File photos used on some vehicles when required. 1) 2012 Grand Caravan stk# 12GV6332/ 2012 Journey 12DJ1309 $17,800 $0 down, $105 bi-weekly, or $228 month x 96 months @ 4.99%. Cost of borrowing: $3890, total obligation: $21,888 before taxes. Factory Incentives subject to change as new Chrysler Retail Incentive Programs are announced.See Dealer for details.


MILLER: The BCHL has made its intentions even clearer B4


Friday, January 27, 2012


It was a good start to the new year for the Rated PG RollerGirls B3

Alistair McInnis 250-564-0005


Shorts Sarah Beaudry

Prince George product Sarah Beaudry travelled overseas this month to represent Canada in the first Youth Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria. Beaudry competed in three events. Individually, she finished 22nd in the women’s 6 km sprint on Jan. 15 and 14th in the women’s 7.5 km pursuit on Jan. 16. She also was a member of the national team which ended up ninth in the mixed relay event on Jan. 19.

Alyx Treasure

High jumper Alyx Treasure is now attending Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas. She’s competing at the NCAA Division 1 level. In a home meet on Jan. 13, Treasure equalled a personal best with a jump of 1.82 metres and narrowly missed the 1.84 height. At a meet hosted by Kansas State on Saturday, she achieved first place with a jump of 1.78 metres. Treasure is a 2010 graduate of D.P. Todd Secondary.

Cariboo Cats

The Cariboo Cougars are back on the road this weekend, meeting the North Island Silvertips in Nanaimo. The BC Hockey Major Midget League teams will play on Saturday and Sunday.

Cougars hope for home-ice goals

AListair McInnis

The last weekend the Prince George Cougars played at home, they found the back of the net 10 times in a doubleheader sweep. In three games since then, they recorded a grand total of two goals. For the Western Hockey League’s lowes-scoring team, a club that’s scored 102 goals in 46 games, the lack of offence isn’t exactly breaking news. But this week they were reflecting on that set against the Lethbridge Hurricanes – a pair of games on Jan. 13 and 14 in which they outscored the visitors 10-5 – as motivation to perform in this weekend’s doubleheader against the Everett Silvertips (tonight and Saturday, 7 p.m. at CN Centre). “It’s funny. Our team is almost the reverse image of what we were in the first half,” Cougars head coach Dean Clark said. “The first half we were great on the road and not so great at home and now it seems to be we’ve slipped, gone the other way where our road games have been tough and our home games have been better, so because we have so many home games, I hope that trend continues.” Last week, the Cougars travelled to Alberta for a three-game Central Division road swing. It began with a 5-0 loss at Edmonton last Wednesday, the eighth time the Cats have been blanked this season, and ended with a 5-1 defeat in Red Deer on Saturday night. Sandwiched in between those defeats was another 5-1 setback, Friday night against the Calgary Hitmen. Saturday evening’s defeat dropped the Cougars’ record to 15 wins, 29 losses, zero overtime setbacks and two shootout defeats (15-29-0-2). They remain ninth in the 10-team Western Conference with 32 points. “I think in the Edmonton game and Calgary we didn’t create a

lot. I thought we did create a lot in Red Deer again and just not the puck luck,” Clark said. “We hit the crossbars and posts, and goalies in the head, and it just seemed we couldn’t find it on that trip. But we got to kind of put that behind us a little bit and reflect on our last games here, where we swept and had some success, when we play Everett.” The Cougars don’t have to follow the media to understand the importance of the next four games on their schedule. The Silvertips, at 10-29-1-8 when their home game against the Spokane Chiefs began Wednesday night, are the only team below the Cats in the league’s overall points standings. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Cougars will be in the provincial capital to play the Victoria Grizzlies (15-28-2-3), their B.C. Division rivals who hold down the conference’s eighth and final playoff spot with 35 points. With seventh-place Seattle (1726-1-1) one point ahead of Victoria, there appears to be a fourteam battle for the final two playoff spots. A major factor preventing the Cougars from falling out of the playoff race has been their goaltending. Overage starter Drew Owsley has held the fort during low-scoring games. “Obviously we’re going to have to play him a lot here in the second half, and we got (backup Devon Fordyce) into a game in Red Deer there to get him a little bit of work,” Clark said. “But where we’re at, we want to make the playoffs. I think you develop more when you get there.” For the 16-year-olds in their first season, the extra games can be a development tool. Nineteen-yearold forward Greg Fraser got his first taste of the WHL postseason in his first season with the Cats, a rookie on the 2008-09 squad which got swept in Round 1 by the Vancouver Giants. “Playoff experience is playoff experience,” Fraser said. “Even

Outdoor Ice Time

A lis ta ir M cINNIS/ Fre e Pre s s

Ryan Bremner of the James Western Stars skates the puck up ice at West Lake on Saturday afternoon during the Northern Regional Pond Hockey Championships. if you get swept, it’s still a little bit of a thing. We’ve got the goaltender who wants to get into the playoffs.”

Notes: Injuries – Fraser is among several Cougars who were recovering from injuries this week. Recovering from a head injury suffered Friday night in Calgary, he planned to skate with contact on Thursday, at which point he was going to decide if he was ready to suit up this weekend. Clark listed off the other injured players at the team’s press conference on Wednesday as forwards

Comfortable Living 55+ Taking deposits on Phase II 1 BR & 2 BR Suites Available September 1st, 2012

All utilities included (except phone and internet). New tenants can apply to BC Housing for funding through SAFER. 7364 Hart Highway, Prince George Providing secure, comfortable, worry-free rental housing for seniors.

Call Theresa at 250-962-5570

Brock Hirsche, Caleb Belter and Alex Forsberg, and defencemen Dan Gibb, Reid Jackson and Shane Pilling. Clark figured Gibb, who was battling an upper body injury, would be ready for this weekend. Suspension – As a result of his actions in Calgary on Friday night, forward Campbell Elynuik was handed a four-game suspension for a one-man fight and an additional game for receiving his third game misconduct of the season. He won’t be eligible to return to the Cats lineup until their Feb. 3 home game against the Kelowna Rockets.


Prince George Free Press

Friday, January 27, 2012


February 3rd - 19th, 2012

2012 2

Snowman Building Contest

Deadline for building and submitting pictures is Feb. 3rd at 5 p.m. Get your team together or build on your own Three Categories 1. Most Snowmen in one place at one time 1st Place $700 2. Tallest Snowman 1st Place $500 3. Best Snow Sculpture 1st Place $300 Entry fee is $10 for each category you enter Gift Certicates for 2nd & 3rd place in each category Submit photos to Mardi Gras Snow Daze ofce at 1529 8th Avenue or email to

Snow Daze Cash Lottery

Tickets are $2 - available at Mardi Gras Ofce or watch for us around town. Draw for $1000 cash to be made Saturday, Feb. 18th at 10 p.m. the PG Golf & Curling Club.

Friday, Feb. 3rd

“Mr. Prince George Pageant”

Ramada Hotel Doors open at 6 p.m. Show time 7 p.m. Tickets $30 (includes Calendar, munchies & door prizes) Tickets available at Mardi Gras ofce, 1529 8th Avenue

Saturday, Feb. 4th

Seniors Fun Fair Days

Elder Citizens Recreation Association - 1692 10th Ave.

“On Centre Stage” 1st Ever Battle of the Seniors Idol Contest Show time is 7 p.m. Admission is $8

“No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament”

Days Inn Hotel - Charlie’s Banquet Room Doors open at 5 p.m. Tournament starts at 6 p.m. sharp Tickets $60 - only 100 tickets for sale - start with $2500 in chips. Tickets available at Mardi Gras ofce or at the Days Inn front desk. B.C. Gaming Licence No. 40272. Must be 19 or over to play. “Know your limit play within it”

Sunday, Feb. 12th

Seniors Fun Fair Days

Hart Pioneer Centre - 6986 Hart Highway 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. No admission fee and all games are free - prizes awarded to winners Crib, whist, carpet bowling. Floor curling, shufeboard & lots more Lunch at noon for an affordable price Live entertainment from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. featuring Seniors Idol contestants. Complimentary transportation from your seniors centres courtesy of Northen Health Connections

Friday, Feb. 17th

“Snow Daze Talent Night”

Treasure Cove Casino Doors open at 6 p.m. Show time at 7 p.m. Tickets $10 in advance $15 at the door Tickets available at Mardi Gras Ofce or at door A line up of some of Prince George’s nest talent. Half time performance by Doug Koyama & Charles Amos, 2011 winners

Saturday, Feb. 18th “Curling Funspiel”

Prince George Golf & Curling Club $160 entry fee for team of 4 Includes Roast Beef Buffet at 5 p.m. Teams start playing at 3 p.m. Awards at 10 p.m. Grand prize package includes 2 nights for 2 at Hampton Inn in Kamloops, two rounds of golf at Eaglepoint Golf Course and a dinner for 2 at the award winning Italian restaurant Vittorios. Mardi Gras Snow Daze cash lottery draw at 10 pm

Saturday, Feb. 18th

Seniors Fun Fair Days

Seniors Activity Centre - 425 Brunswick Street Mardi Gras Snow Daze Dance - Music by Country Rose Doors open at 7 p.m. Dancing 8 p.m. to midnight Admission - $10 at the door - includes lunch. Everyone 19 and over is welcome

Wednesday, Feb. 8th

“Harpdog Brown in Concert”

Treasure Cove Casino Show Lounge Doors open at 6 p.m. Show time 7 p.m. Tickets $20 in advance or $25 at the door Tickets available at Mardi Gras Snow Daze Ofce or Dovey’s Blues News, Studio 2880 or the Treasure Cove

Saturday, Feb. 11th

“Wendy’s Kids Fun Fair”

Kids love to meet


our Snow Daze Mascot Connaught Youth Centre 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. No admission fee, game & food tickets are only 50cents each Games, face painting, craft table, balloon art, dancing and a whole lot more. Hotdogs, chips, water & pop available. Mascots will be in attendance. Come dressed up in costume with masks and beads. You could win a prize for best costume.

PPrince George Mardi Gras of Winter

“Celebrate Mardi Gras Style Downtown”

Head downtown and get a set of Mardi Gras Beads & an entry form from participating merchants. For a list of these merchants please visit or watch the Free Press for list of merchants. Fill out your entry form and wear your beads to one of the Mardi Gras Snow Daze produced events and get your name in our draw box to be eligible to win up to $500.00 Downtown Dollars to spend in February at participating businesses. Just ask for a Mardi Gras representative at the event and they will look after you. For a list of participating events go to or watch for the list of events in the Free Press.

RollerGirls get year off to winning start


participation has led to the establishment of a Rated PG RollerGirls B squad this year. The new Prince George group will host the Gold Pan City Derby Girls on April 28.

Saturday, Jan. 28th - 7pm PG Coliseum


VERNON VIPERS Tr u e Blue Since


Children & Adult Ski Packages Available!






Stride & Glide S






1655A 15th Ave. Prince George (Across from Parkwood Mall) • 1-866-612-4754 • 250-612-4754 PHONE ORDERS WELCOME

Sunday, Jan. 29th - 3pm PG Coliseum




Expand Trade. Renew infrastructure. Create jobs, right here at home.

We’re improving roads, ports, bridges and air connections for greater trade with growing Asian economies. And that’s creating jobs here at home. To learn more about the BC Jobs Plan, or to share your ideas, visit



Snow Shoe Sales, Rentals and Service


usual. The main event involving the host team will begin after a short intermission. Prince George can now be added to the list of organizations with two teams. Increased

R U N • S K I • S W I M • A P PA R E L


for Feb. 25 at the RollA-Dome, a special event since it’ll be a doubleheader night involving visitors from Quesnel and the Okanagan Shuswap Roller Derby Association. The Prince George squad will meet the Raggedy Rollers A team after the Gold Pan City Derby Girls of Quesnel play a B squad from the same area. Organizers have pushed the first bout’s start time to 6:30 p.m., a half hour earlier than

Okanagan against the Raggedy Rollers.


As a Rated PG RollerGirls member rounds a corner, a Grande Prairie player slides off track during their roller derby bout on Saturday night at the Roll-A-Dome.

23 on the road, and a May 12 match in the


A listair McINNIS/Free Press


Chalk up a win for the Rated PG RollerGirls in their first bout of 2012. On Saturday night at the Roll-A-Dome, the host Prince George squad defeated Grande Prairie 114-94. More than 400 spectators watched the event. For the Rated PG RollerGirls, Saturday marked their first match against Grande Prairie. “We kind of mixed (our players) because we weren’t sure,” Rated PG RollerGirls president Alicia Lock (Lockdown) said. “We didn’t want to send out all extremely experienced skaters against non-experienced skaters, so we did mix them up and it was a really good match.” The Rated PG RollerGirls already have five other dates, one event a month from February to June, listed on their 2012 schedule. The next bout is slated

A less established organization in a smaller city, the Gold Pan City club may face greater challenges in attracting players. The Rated PG RollerGirls have done their part to help out. Inexperienced members of the organization are being loaned to the Quesnel team for its game on Feb. 25. “Actually Quesnel has been practicing with us every Sunday,” Lock said. “They’ve been coming up and practicing as well, to utilize some of the coaching up here.” Other bouts on the Rated PG RollerGirls’ 2012 schedule include a pair of dates against the St. Albert Heavenly Rollers, March 31 at home and June



AListair McInnis

The Prince George Métis Housing Society is pleased to be hosting the

Pre Apprentice IN Training (PAINT) Program START A CAREER AS A PAINTER TODAY!

The PAINT Program is an 8-Week Career Preparation Training Program to obtain pre-apprenticeship skills as a Painter When Does the Program Start and End? January 30th – March 23rd, 2012 Where Does the Training Take Place? PG Métis Housing Association – 1224 Houston Lane Who Is Eligible? This program is available to any Aboriginal person entitled to work in Canada. Participants must have: 1. Grade 10 -12 or equivalency 2. Be in good physical condition

3. Safety conscious 4. Comfortable with heights

What Does The 8 Week Program Include?

1. TOWES Assessments 2. Hands On Training 3. Class Room Training 4. Exploration of Careers

5. Safety Related Tickets 6. Commercial Painting Tours 7. Interview Preparation 8. Ongoing Coaching

To apply: Drop your resume off at PG Métis Housing, PG Native Friendship Centre, PGNAETA or email to For information contact Mona at: 250-561-1199 or Patricia 250-564-9794.

The Best Place on Earth

Funding provided through the Urban Aboriginal Working Group, PGNAETA & the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement

Relay for Life comes full circle for Hickey

Bonnie Hickey says the reason she takes part in the Relay for Life has changed over the years. “I’ve come full circle in the Celebrate, Remember, Fight Back order,” Hickey told those gathered for the kickoff to the 2012 Relay for Life in Prince George. “I started doing the Allan WISHART/Free Press relay to honour my Aunt Yvette, Cancer survivor Bonnie Hickey speaks at the who died from cancer in 1994, kickoff for this year’s Relay for Life about how her and to remember her life. reasons for taking part in the relay have changed “Then, in January 2004, I over the years. was diagnosed with breast Teams can register online now, says cancer. When I started the relay again, I team lead Helen Owen. was celebrating being a survivor and help“We are very excited to offer a dising to fight back against cancer.” counted fee of only $10 until Jan. 31. As “Now, I’ve come full circle to celebrat- well, every team with a minimum of 10 ing their lives.” participants will be entered into a draw This year’s event will be held at Masich for a luxury tent for their use during the Place Stadium on May 12 and 13. Mar- relay.” garet Jones-Bricker, regional director of Last year, 121 teams raised $370,752. the Canadian Cancer Society, says Prince This year, the goal is 130 teams. George is unique in Canada. To help teams register and to give “Prince George is the only 24-hour relay them more information about the relay, an in Canada. Almost everyone else only does open house is being held at the Canadian 12 hours.” Cancer Society office at 300-500 Victoria Funds raised by the teams who enter St. on Jan. 23 from 4 to 7 p.m. Teams will and by other donations go to a number of have the opportunity to register online programs, she said. (and get the early-bird rate). “We have a Workplace Wellness ProWhile the relay is not a race, for those gram, the Tan-free Grad Program for high- involved, it is a race against time to find a school students, and others. We also use cure. Jones-Bricker sums it up. the funds to help with the Kordyban “We’re making progress with Lodge and to fund research.” each stride.”

One more cheap shot

to actually make the playoffs. Not even the legendary Just when it appeared the Canadian heavyweight boxer Spruce Kings could be back on George Chuvalo could take a their feet, the BCHL delivered punch like the Prince George a left-right combinaSpruce Kings, tion to the gut and and Chuvalo followed that up with was never an upper cut to the knocked down Hart chin. in 93 profesBeat In a direct slap sional fights (1956-1979). hartleymiller to Prince George and its entire Junior How many A fans, the league more “blows” governors voted to move the can the Spruce Kings withSpruce Kings from the Interior stand? Over the past couple of Division to the newly created years, the Spruce Kings have: Mainland Division for next •witnessed the death of season. Yes, P.G. is now part their closest “friend”, the Wilof the Coastal Conference and liams Lake Timberwolves; will play in a division that • witnessed the death of includes Chilliwack, Langley, their best friend and longtime Surrey and Coquitlam. rival Quesnel Millionaires This move is even more (moved to Chilliwack); ridiculous than the Winnipeg • missed the playoffs in Jets playing in Southeast Diviback-to-back seasons; sion with Florida, Tampa, •resolved a messy divorce Washington and Carolina. At when letting coach Ed least the NHL has an excuse Dempsey go 14 months ago; as Winnipeg became the new • struggled with a huge home of the Atlanta Thrashers financial crisis; • experienced a sag in atten- long after the schedule had been established. dance (average of 753 fans per I assume geography doesn’t game this season which is 14th matter. Unless I missed a out of 16 teams ahead of only major story somewhere, the Coquitlam (713) and Merritt city of P.G. remains part of the (597); and Interior and certainly not part • watched the BCHL last of the Coast. year reduce the amount of Is everybody excited with playoff teams from seven to anticipation that the Langley four in each conference. That Thunder, Hornets, Chiefs, move was intended in part so Rivermen or whatever they a struggling outpost team like call themselves this week will Prince George would not be be coming for those exciting part of the post-season. Friday-Saturday doubleheadTo the Spruce Kings’ credit, ers at the Coliseum? the team has fired back, defied Oh, wait a minute, the South all odds, and with one of the Surrey, or is it Surrey, Eagles top lines in the league has will also be coming for douput itself in a good position

bles. And I hope Darcy Rota still has part ownership in the Coquitlam Express because I don’t know what other connection that franchise could have to Prince George. By the way, not only will the Spruce Kings get to see more of the Mainland, but as an added bonus, they and all other league teams can enjoy three less home games next season. That’s right, another brilliant decision by the governors to certainly help the pocket books. I don’t believe I sit on my own Island (I’m sorry Mainland) on this topic. Here are 10 samplings (made anonymously on the BCHL Message Board) from fans throughout the league that reinforce my issue. “Were these meetings held at midnight in a local pub or what?” “I really have no idea what the league governors were smoking when they came up with these ideas.” “This is bush league plain and simple.” “I don’t get it a 10 team conference and a 6 team conference.” “I’ll be choked if this actually forces the Spruce Kings out.” “What a way to push PG out of the league.” “Just punt PG and be done with it.” “The BCHL cannot throw the Spruce Kings out of the league per say. But as I was told they can sure make it

turn to PAGE B5

27e Festival d’hiver FRANCOFUN Winter Festival Sugar Shack Brunch Saturday Jan. 28th at St-Mary 10:45 a.m. / 12:15 p.m. (Brunch tickets on sale until Jan. 25) Activities and hot chocolate (free) 1088 Gillett St.

28 Jan - 4 Fév

Concert and Dance with BLOU The Festival’s Grand Prize with Via Rail will be drawn! Sat February 4, 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. Opening for BLOU at 7:30 p.m. are Brittany and Chloe on fiddle and Barry on guitar. BLOU at 8:00 p.m. 7201 Domano Blvd

Cross Country Skiing Thursday Fev. 2nd 6:00 p.m. Hot chocolate and camp fire with marshmallows (free)! 8141 Otway Street INFO TO REGISTER: 250-561-2565

Art Exhibit

Monday Jan. 23rd to Wednesday, Feb. 15th 9:00 a.m. / 4:00 p.m. 1752 Fir Street (free)

Program and ticket sales info: 250-561-2565 or ccf ccffp cfp

Le Cercle des Canadiens Français de Prince George DE PU IS

96 / SINCE 1


1752 Rue Fir St. Prince George C.-B. V2L 1E7

Champions’ Rings ABORIGI NAL





Where are YOU in the JOB MARKET?? Need Some Help To Succeed? Photo submitted

Cariboo Cougars players Josh Connolly, left, and Brett Harris show off the 2011 Canada Winter Games championship rings they were presented last Thursday. The players were members of the B.C. provincial squad which defeated Quebec 7-4 in the gold-medal final last February in Halifax.

Costs have nothing to do with it from PAGE B4

(Mainland) Chilliwack 652, Langley 727, Surrey 768 and Coquitlam 775. This is not so much about extra travel and costs as it is about identity and rivalry. Feuds have been built up in the Interior and there is none of that with the rest of the league. The Spruce Kings have been told they have an option to return to the Interior Conference after

the 2013 playoffs if they don’t like the change. By then the damage may be done. Even Chuvalo could only take so much punishment before saying, “No Más”. Hartley Miller is the sports director for radio stations 94X and the Wolf@97fm. He also writes for the Opinion 250. Send along a quote, note, or anecdote to

YOUR FUTURE?? You could be eligible for the Aboriginal Training for Employment Program if you are Aboriginal and at least 18 years old and either: Unemployed and not received EI in the last 3 years or 5 years in the case of parental leave; or Employed without a high school diploma or lacking certification

Applications are being accepted for February 27, 2012

For More Information Contact Prince George Native Friendship Centre Marvene Layte, Coordinator 250-564-3568-Local 213 or Email: 1600 Third Ave, Prince George, BC Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement

Photo credit: Alex MacAulay

rough for them.” “If they really want to make it tough for PG, why not make it only first in each division and a wild card make the playoffs.” “I miss Ron Boileau” Source: www. Forum/146929/ thread/1327030796/ last1327100717/

League+changes+for+2012 Naturally, the other side believes this move will not hurt Prince George and that there are some travel advantages. The following are distances (in km) from P.G. to the various cities: (Interior) Merritt 553, Salmon Arm 633, Vernon 642, Westside 685, Penticton 707 and Trail 987.

Are YOU Committed to


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Relay For Life gives you and your community the opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, remember and honour loved ones lost and fight back against all cancers. It’s your community. It’s your fight. Join Relay For Life today. Over 55 events in communities across BC and the Yukon. Register today at

Crucial series for Spruce Kings

To place a Classified ad call...


AListair McInnis

The Prince George Spruce Kings aren’t in must-win territory yet. But with their weekend opposition none other than the Vernon Vipers, the team sitting one position lower in the standings, a doubleheader sweep at home

For news and updates, check us out online at 155 George Street, Prince George, BC V2L 1P8 Telephone: (250) 960-4400, Toll Free 1-800-667-1959 Fax (250) 563-7520, Web:

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would go a long way towards securing a playoff position. The two-game set at the Coliseum between the Interior Conference rivals gets underway on Saturday at 7 p.m. They’ll play the second half of the doubleheader on Sunday at 3 p.m. The Spruce Kings are holding down the fourth and final playoff spot in the eightteam conference with a record of 21 wins, 17 losses, two ties and three overtime defeats (21-17-2-3). The fifthplace Vipers (19-19-12), six points behind with two games in hand, will play the Westside Warriors at home tonight before making the trip north. With 43 games in the books, the Spruce Kings will have three quarters of their 60-game regular season schedule complete once Sunday’s contest is over. Spruce Kings head coach Dave Dupas knows they’re running out of games. “If we sweep or they sweep, there’s still time to make

M a r k BR ETT/ Bla ck Pre s s

Penticton Vees forward Logan Johnston reaches for the puck around Prince George Spruce Kings goalie Ty Swabb during their B.C. Hockey League game on Sunday at the South Okanagan Events Centre. The Vees won the game by a 3-1 score. up that ground. But it certainly makes it more difficult, especially if we sweep two off them,” he said. “They’re far enough behind where (if we sweep them) they’d have to go on a huge, huge run here and we would have to kind of tank it a little bit.” Six points isn’t much, especially


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when you consider the extra games. If Vernon defeats Westside tonight, they’ll enter the doubleheader four points behind the Spruce Kings with one game in hand. You also can’t overlook how far victories over the Vipers would go for the Spruce Kings in their battle for third with the Chilliwack Chiefs. As of Tuesday, the Chiefs were tied with the Spruce Kings with 47 points. But like Vernon, the Chiefs had a pair of games in hand. Sitting in third by virtue of having more victories than the Spruce Kings, Chilliwack carried a 22-16-1-2 mark into its game at Westside on Wednesday night. Saturday’s game also marks the start of a four-game homestand. The Spruce Kings welcome the Salmon Arm SilverBacks to town for a


805 1ST AVE PRINCE GEORGE 250-563-8891 1-800-563-8893

two-game set on Feb. 3 and 4. The Spruce Kings are coming off a 3-1 road loss against the league-leading Penticton Vees, Sunday at the South Okanagan Events Centre. The victory marked the 25th consecutive win for the red-hot Vees, who carried an eye-popping 37-3-0-2 record into Wednesday night’s game against the Merritt Centennials in the Nicola Valley. Second place in the Interior, the Cents took a 26-12-2-5 mark into the contest. Short-staffed against the Vees, the Spruce Kings had five regulars out of the lineup on Sunday: forwards Tyson Witala, Skylar Pacheco, Michael Betz and Zack Rassell and defenceman Ben Woodley. Witala (knee) and Pacheco (ankle) sat out with injuries, while Betz, Rassell and Woodley served one-game team suspensions for disciplinary reasons. While Pacheco is questionable for this weekend, Dupas noted the other four players will suit up against the Vipers on Saturday night. “We played a good game again (on Sunday). The shots were fairly even,” Dupas said. “It’s a 1-1 game going into the third period, so we had our chances to win the game and again, (the Vees) just have so much depth that you can’t relax against those guys. By the end of the game, our D were getting so tired and our forwards were so tired.”

Gymnasts back from Edmonton The Prince George Gymnastics Club competed in Edmonton on the weekend, their first out-of-town meet of the year. Capital City Gymnastics played host to the 2012 Gym Power

Competition from Friday to Sunday. Prince George was well represented with 16 gymnasts producing results. Results in Provincial 2 categories were: Bronwyn Ellington

Going By

A l ist air Mc I NNI S /F ree P ress

College Heights Cougars guard Quinn Cassie dribbles around a Smithers player during their semifinal at the Cougar Classic junior girls basketball tournament on Saturday at College Heights.

(argo) -  first on bars and beam, 10th on floor and third all around; Mekenna Parker (tyro) - first on vault, fifth on bars and beam and third all around; Mary-Kate Barwise (novice) - first on vault, second on bars, seventh on floor and fourth all around; Tianna Millns (novice) - ninth on vault, eighth on bars, third on beam, eighth on floor and seventh all around; Jaymie Hinks (novice) - sixth on vault, second on floor and ninth all around; and BrookLynn Kinnee (open) first on all events and all around. In Provincial 3 divisions, results were: Naraa Little (tyro) eighth on vault, 10th on bars, ninth on beam, eighth on floor and eighth all around; Jessica Pallot (tyro) eighth on vault and ninth on floor; Rhiana Palfy (novice) - seventh on vault, second on bars, seventh on beam and floor and sixth all around; Anna MacDonald (novice) - eighth on vault, fifth on bars, ninth on beam, 10th on floor and eighth all around;

and Jessica Friesen (open) - third on vault, first on bars and beam, third on floor and second all around. Provincial 3 novice gymnast Krystal Gregory had to scratch the meet after a knee injury during a tumbling pass. Mary Kate Dalla Lana competed in the Provincial 4 open division. She ended up first on vault, fifth on bars, fourth on beam, third on floor and fourth all around. Results among Provincial 5 results were: Brooklyn Nicholson (novice) - second on vault, fourth on bars, fifth on beam, fifth on floor and fourth all around; Lina Goto (open) - second on vault, fifth on bars, first on beam, second on floor and fourth all around; and Milan Knight (open) - fifth on vault, fourth on bars, fifth on beam, fourth on floor and fifth all around. Alia Wilson entered the pre-novice aspire division, in which she finished ninth on vault, third on bars, fifth on beam, seventh on floor and sixth all around.

HOW TO PLAY: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3 x 3 box contains the numbers 1 through 9 only once. Each 3 x 3 box is outlined with a darker line. You already have a few numbers to get you started. Remember: you must not repeat the numbers 1 through 9 in the same line, column or 3 x 3 box. Answer can be found in the classifieds.


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Northern 20th at Redwood Street • 250-564-7205 • Toll Free 1-800-459-2226 • *Lease and finance offers for qualified retail customer only on new 2011 models sold and delivered before January 31, 2012. Payments are based on a maximum 20000km/year walkaway lease. Dealer installed accessories, license, insurance and applicable taxes and levies are extra. Pricing and payments include freight and pre-delivery services.


Prince George Free Press

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thank You

Ben, Russella, Family And Staff Would Like To Thank You For Your Support And Look Forward To Serving You In The New Year.

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bcclassiÄ cannot be responsible for errors after the Ärst day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the Ärst day should immediately be called to the attention of the ClassiÄed Department to be corrected for the following edition. bcclassiÄ reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the bcclassiÄ Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental. DISCRIMINATORY LATION


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Reservoir Elevation: 2795.ft. SLS Discharge: 97.95 m3/s For more information please call Rio Tinto Alcan at 250-567-5105. A recording of Flow Facts is available 24-hours in Vanderhoof at 567-5812

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Education/Trade Schools Food Safety is EVERYBODY’S Business

Food Handlers • Volunteers Care Givers • In Home Now accepting registration:

FoodSafe Level 1

Free Press Be a part of your community paper. Comment online.

Keeping Food Safe

Prince George

Saturday Feb 4th Tuesday Feb 14th Saturday Mar 3rd CLASSES

Become a Psychiatric Nurse - train locally via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements and some regional classroom delivery. Wages start at $30.79/hr to $40.42/hr. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Gov’t funding may be available. Toll-free 1-87-STENBERG

Help Wanted Dana Mandi EAST INDIAN RESTAURANT REQUIRES: 2 full-time Chefs, 40 hrs per week, $17/hr min 2 yrs exp. 1 Food server supervisor 40 hrs per week $18/hr. Must speak Hindi or Punjabi & English. Drop resume @ 2095 5th Ave. or email:

If you’re out of sight...’re out of business! Advertising Works! 250-564-0005

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

Career Opportunities

fax 250.562-0025 email Career Career Career Opportunities Opportunities Opportunities

Pharmacy Technician! Available ONLINE, or at our Kamloops campus The only CCAPP accredited program in BC Online program – 10 months - Class work can be done from home - Constant instructor support - 6 weeks of on-campus labs required We also offer an Online Medical Transcription Program 9 months– starts monthly Financial Aid available for qualiďŹ ed students P.C.T.I.A. accredited college

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Accounting/ Bookkeeping

Accounting/ Bookkeeping


Opportunities in Fort St. James for

People in Pursuit of Excellence


Through astute strategic acquisitions and strong leadership, Conifex is emerging as a major national player in the forestry and sawmilling industry. Operationally, our approach is to blend state-of-the-art technology with the expertise of people who believe in the value of excellence. Together, we can achieve our vision to become a premier forest products company. We are now accepting applications from qualiď&#x192;&#x17E;ed individuals for:

Payroll/Accounting Administrator O Accounting Assistant O

In either one of these key roles with our Accounting Department, you will report to the Location Controller and handle all payroll functions for our facilities, including record maintenance, ď&#x192;&#x17E;ling and reporting plus other accounting duties as assigned. Both positions are based out of our Fort St James location but as the Accounting Assistant, you will have accountability to another location as needed. Some travel may be required. Along with completion of an accounting program, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re equipped with 3 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; related experience. A stickler for accuracy with a keen eye for detail, you count your ď&#x192;&#x;air for numbers work and exceptional organization skills among your strengths. Computer proď&#x192;&#x17E;ciency is also a must. Steeped in history, Fort St. James is located in the Bulkley Nechako District 150 km northwest of Prince George, where abundant wildlife and year-round outdoor activities abound. To learn more, visit: Pursue excellence in your careerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; apply by forwarding your rĂŠsumĂŠ, quoting the appropriate job title, by February 10, 2012 to: Lorraine Ducharme, VP Human Resources at email:

ABC Communications seeks a self motivated individual to join our team as a Wireless Technician in our Prince George, BC ofĂ&#x20AC;ce. As part of our growing team you will be responsible for troubleshooting, repair, maintenance and new construction of our wireless network. Successful candidates will have an IT background along with strong organizational, customer service, and sales skills. Construction skills an asset. This is a full time position and requires some weekend and evening work. Willing to train junior candidates. For more information visit our website at:

Resumes can be emailed to: by February 17, 2012

Only candidates under consideration will be contacted.

Internet Services

Web Services



7:45AM TO 5PM

Group Rates Available

Diane Rosebrugh & Dick Rosebrugh, B.Ed.


thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more online Âť

ABC Foodsafe School Member of:

Fax: 250-563-2572

250-563-2585 Proudly serving our BC Communities since 1989.

Prince George | Quesnel | Burns Lake | 100 Mile House | Penticton | Kelowna







Help Wanted

Financial Services

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


is hiring on behalf of Baker Hughes Baker Hughes Alberta -

based oilfield services company is currently hiring;

EQUIPMENT OPERATORS Class 1 or 3 License required.


HD MECHANICS 3rd or 4th apprentice or Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanics with their Red Seal and CVIP License to work in Red Deer & Hinton. Please call 250-718-3330 or Fax: 1-888-679-0759 For more information or send your resume & current drivers abstract to: Kelowna Pacific Railway Ltd has an immediate opening for a Superintendent of Operations, based out of our Vernon, BC offices. The successful applicant will have at least five years of railway operations experience, hold current rules qualification and have a strong focus on safety and customer service. Please submit resumes to: Only those applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted. SYSCO DELIVERY ASSOCIATE (CLASS 1 DRIVER), LOCATED IN WILLIAMS LAKE Candidate Qualifications: - Class 1 driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s license with a clean driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s abstract. Previous driving experience is an asset. - This position functions in the outside environment, with exposure to seasonal temperatures. - Mid to high level of physical exertion: lifting up to 45 kg (100 lbs) is required. Qualified candidates may email cover letter and resume to:

Trades, Technical

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is looking to ďŹ ll the following positions:

Now Hiring for Exciting Exploration Project Nechako Plateau of central British Columbia New Gold Inc.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Blackwater Project is an exciting exploration/development project located 160 kilometres southwest of Prince George in central British Columbia. The Company is actively engaged in exploration at Blackwater with the ultimate goal of bringing it through development and into production. We are currently looking for qualiďŹ ed candidates to join our team in the following roles: i !MDGGDIB)JBDNOD>0PKKJMO0PK@MQDNJM i -M@K)<=0PK@MQDNJM i $@JGJBD><G#D@G?NNDNO<IO i 0<A@OT"IQDMJIH@IO<G JJM?DI<OJM i 0DO@?HDIDNOM<ODQ@NNDNO<IO i %@<QT!POT*@>C<ID>


H2S Alive (Enform), St John (Red Cross) Standard First Aid and In House D&A test, are required. Please submit resume to or fax to 780-865-5829.

Quote job# 55513

Help Wanted

We oďŹ&#x20AC;er a competitive salary including bonus incentives and a comprehensive beneďŹ ts package. Interested candidates are encouraged to email a cover letter and rĂŠsumĂŠ outlining your qualiďŹ cations and experience in Word or PDF format to: ><M@@MN=G<>FR<O@MI@RBJG?>JH

Handyman from Newfoundland All jobs big & small, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;se the bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ye to do it all. Carpentry & plumbing etc. W.E.T.T. Certified. Call Jim 250.562.8203 / 250.613.5478

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

If you believe that you have the skills and qualiďŹ cations that we are looking for, please reply in conďŹ dence: Marty Gage - General Foreman Facsimile: 250.288.2764 Email: mgage@ For more info. Visit: www.western


Central Alberta Automotive Dealership requires a Journeyman or 3rd year + apprentice Auto Body Technician. Competitive wages and Benefits. Moving allowance negotiable. Send your resume to

SANDERS & COMPANY Contracting Ltd., operating in the Merritt/Kamloops area for the past 52 years requires experienced Operators for the following positions: - Danglehead Processor Operator - Heavy Duty Field Mechanic - Logging Truck Operator. We offer top wages and full benefits. Please send resume by Fax to: 250-378-9151 or email to:

Help Wanted

Schaffer Residence at The Hart 7780 Hart Highway Prince George BC Position Available

See the full posting details at our website below.


Career Opportunities


Manager (Part Time) QualiďŹ cations: Registered Nurse Licensed Practical Nurse Send Resumes to: Attention: Nihal Maligaspe, RN, BSCN, MBA VP - Operations & Clinical Services Schaffer Residences Inc. Seniors Residential and Home Care Services 200-100 Park Royal West Vancouver, B.C. V7T 1A2 Telephone 604-913-7700 Fax 604-913-7790 Toll Free# 1-866-681-2345

Career Service / Job Search


WFP is currently seeking a fully qualified Hooktender to join our Holberg Forest Operation. This is a perm. USW hourly union position required on a full time basis.

Career Opportunities

Career Service / Job Search

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Bachelor Suite

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250-564-3162 VENICE PLACE APTS 1438 Queensway Bachelor, 1 & 2 bdrm Suites Balcony, Elevator, Underground parking. Heat included Call (250)561-1446

Commercial/ Industrial

Majestic Management (1981) Ltd. CE • OFFI ERCIAL M • COM IL A T • RE Space available for rent For all your rental needs Call 562-8343 or 562-RENT

Pine Glen Apartments 255 N. Ospika (Rental Office) Spacious clean 2 & 3 bdrm 1 1/2 bath Heat, Hot water & Parking incl. Laundry & Play ground on Site. Ask about our new rates Bus route to all amenities 250-561-1823

3 bdrm w/garage. Also 2 bdrm, gr. level, fenced yard. Near Parkwood Mall. NP, Avail. now. Ph (250)564-0101

Misc for Rent One bed $570, bach $500, heat & hot water incl. fresh paint, close to town and bus Queensway and 17th Ave, 250 596 4275 or 250 301 0664

We’re at the heart of things™

Reduced rent 1, 2, & 3 bdrm suites for rent, reasonably priced. Heat & Hydro incl. Ph (250) 552-1178

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

In the Matter of Part 3.1 (Administrative Forfeiture) of the Civil Forfeiture Act [SBC 2005, C. 29] the CFA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT: On September 14, 2011, at Blackburn Road Prince George BC, Peace Officer(s) of the Prince George RCMP seized, at the time indicated, the subject property, described as: $13,780 CAD, on or about 23:00 Hours & $ 2.00 USD, on or about 23:00 Hours. The subject property was seized because there was evidence that the subject property had been obtained by the commission of an offence under Section 354(1) (possession of property obtained by crime) Criminal Code of Canada. Notice is hereby given that the subject property, CFO file Number: 2011-836, is subject to forfeiture under Part 3.1 of the CFA and will be forfeited to the Government for disposal by the Director of Civil Forfeiture unless a notice of dispute is

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1 bdrm suite for rent. Includes utilities $550/mo close to Costco. 1 person, NP, NS Phone (250)596-5962 2 bdrm furn/unfurn NS Utilities & laundry incl. References required. Incentive for seniors. Avail Jan 31st 250-562-2444 2 bedroom basement suite in College Heights. Close to bus and shopping. Sep entrance, laundry and parking. Ref req. NP $800 mth. util included 250-964-6106 Bachelor 1,2,3 bdr. Avail Feb 1st. 1/2 month free for seniors. 250-596-3838 Spacious bsmt on Carrier Place, 3 BDRM, F/R, L/R (all rooms have windows), 2 full bath, laundry, private outside entry, $750 (utilities included), Refs & credit check req. Available now. 250-612-7384.

filed with the Director within the time period set out in this notice. A notice of dispute may be filed by a person who claims to have an interest in all or part of the subject property. The notice of dispute must be filed within 60 days of the date upon which this notice is first published. You may obtain the form of a notice of dispute, which must meet the requirements of Section 14.07 of the CFA, from the Director’s website accessible online at www.pssg. The notice must be in writing, signed in the presence of a lawyer or notary public, and mailed to the Civil Forfeiture Office, PO Box 9234 Station Provincial Government, Victoria BC V8W 9J1.

STK# B3834-0

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan Comfortline, Auto, 1-4 Turbo 2.0L Premium 6 disc CD, heated seats, panoramic sunroof. Certified Pure Warranty 2yrs or 40,000 kms incl. Roadside Assistance. Financing starting at 0.9% APR on approved credit Sale $26,899

Hub City Motors 1822 Queensway 250.564.7228

Scrap Car Removal SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288



Cars - Domestic

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250.963.3435 15270 Hwy 97 South

Wrecker/Used Parts

Duplex / 4 Plex 2 bdrm upstairs, 1/2 duplex, WD, 2315 Royal Cres, $850/mo + util. (250)961-7527

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Suites, Lower

DL# 5365

Lou’s Renos Roger’s Renos

For all your home reno needs. We also help you renovate your rental units. For free estimates call 250-964-6106 Ivan at 250-552-8106 or Roger 250-552-0471


by WINNEBAGO WAS $147,533 IS $109,995

STK# 19221

Microwave/Convection Oven, 3 Burner Stove with Oven, Dual Pane Windows in Coach, Ultra Leather Lounge Chair, King Bed, Powered Front Shade, Ultra Leather Sofa/Bed Sectional, Electric Awning, 26” Rear TV, 4 Door Refrigerator, and many more factory features.

MOTORS 805 1st Ave. 250.563.8891

DL# 7970

G Gilbert Renovation Year round reno needs. Int/ext, nothing too small. 30 yrs exp. Free estimates! Call Gaetan (250) 560-5845 or 552-7184

USED TIRES Cars & Trucks $25 & up

Most Sizes Available 15270 Hwy 97 South 250.963.3435



ree Press - August 20, 2010

ON NOW AT YOUR BC GMC DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. */††/†/**Offers apply to the purchase of a 2012 Terrain FWD (R7A), 2012 Acadia FWD (R7B), 2012 Sierra EXT 4WD (1SF) equipped as described. Freight included ($1,495). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offer available to retail customers in Canada. See Dealer for details. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the BC GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. GMCL, Ally Credit or TD Financing Services may modify, extend or terminate this offer in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See GMC dealer for details. ♦$4,700/$8,250 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit available on 2012 Acadia FWD/2012 Sierra EXT 4WD (tax exclusive) for retail customers only. Other cash credits available on most models. See your GM dealer for details. ††0% purchase financing offered on approved credit by Ally Credit for 60 months on new or demonstrator 2012 Terrain FWD. Rates from other lenders will vary. Down payment, trade and/or security deposit may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Example: $10,000 at 0% APR, the monthly payment is $166.67 for 60 months. Cost of borrowing is $0, total obligation is $10,000.00. Offer is unconditionally interest-free. Freight ($1,495) included. License, insurance, registration, PPSA, applicable taxes and fees not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers apply to qualified retail customers only. Limited time offer which may not be combined with certain other offers. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. †Variable rate financing for 84 months on 2012 Acadia FWD/2012 Sierra EXT 4WD on approve credit. Bi-Weekly payment and variable rate shown based on current Ally Credit prime rate and is subject to fluctuation; actual payment amounts will vary with rate fluctuations. Example: $10,000 at 3% for 84 months, the monthly payment is $132 Cost of borrowing is $1,099, total obligation is $11,099. Down payment and/or trade may be required. Monthly payments and cost of borrowing will also vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/trade. Biweekly payments based on a purchase price of $34,995/$29,495 with $2,599/$1,999 down on 2012 Acadia FWD/2012 Sierra EXT 4WD, equipped as described. **Credit valid towards the purchase or lease of an eligible new 2011 or 2012 model year Chevrolet, GMC, Buick or Cadillac vehicle, excluding Chevrolet Volt, delivered between January 6th 2012 and April 2nd 2012. Customers must present this authorization letter at the time of purchase or lease. All products are subject to availability. See Dealer for eligibility. Only one $1,000 Bonus may be redeemed per purchase/lease vehicle. This offer may not be redeemed for cash. The credit amount is inclusive of any applicable taxes. As part of the transaction, dealer may request documentation and will contact GM to verify eligibility. The $1,000 Bonus is not compatible with the Employee New Vehicle Purchase Program or the Supplier Program New Vehicle Purchase Program. Void where prohibited by law. $1,000 offer is stackable with Cardholder’s current GM Card Earnings, subject to Vehicle Redemption Allowances. For complete GM Card Program Rules, including current Redemption Allowances, transferability of Earnings, and other applicable restrictions for all eligible GM vehicles, see your GM Dealer, call the GM Card Redemption Centre at 1-888-446-6232 or visit Subject to applicable law, GMCL may modify or terminate the Program in whole or in part with or without notice to you. Subject to Vehicle Redemption Allowances. For complete GM Card Program Rules, including current Redemption Allowances, transferability of Earnings, and other applicable restrictions for all eligible GM vehicles, see your GM Dealer, call the GM Card Redemption Centre at 1-888-446-6232 or visit Subject to applicable law, GMCL may modify or terminate the Program in whole or in part with or without notice to you. Primary GM Cardholders may transfer the $1,000 Bonus to the following eligible Immediate Family members, who reside at the Primary Cardholder’s residence: parents, partner, spouse, brother, sister, child, grandchild and grandparents including parents of spouse or partner. Proof of relationship and residency must be provided upon request. The $1,000 Bonus is not transferable to Immediate Family residing outside of the Primary Cardholders residence. tBased on GM Testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Δ2012 GMC Terrain FWD, equipped with standard 2.4L ECOTEC® I-4 engine. Fuel consumption ratings based on Natural Resources Canada’s 2012 Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Competitive segment based on’s 2012 Middle Cross Utility Vehicles Segment, excludes other GM models. ‡ Comparison based on 2012 Wards segmentation: Large/Cross Utility Vehicle and latest competitive data available. Excludes other GM brands. ^2012 GMC Sierra 1500, equipped with available VortecTM 5.3L V8 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission, fuel consumption ratings based on GM testing in accordance with approved Transport Canada test methods. Competitive fuel consumption ratings based on 2012 Large Pickup segment and Natural Resources Canada’s 2011 Fuel Consumption Guide. Your actual fuel consumption may vary. Excludes hybrids and other GM models. ◊OnStar services require vehicle electrical system (including battery) wireless service and GPS satellite signals to be available and operating for features to function properly. OnStar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers. Subscription Service Agreement required. Call 1-888-4ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) or visit for OnStar’s Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and details and system limitations. Additional information can be found in the OnStar Owner’s Guide.

B39 Friday, January 27, 2012

3019.10.MMW.4C.indd 1

Prince George Free Press

Terrain SLT-2 model shown


Acadia Denali model shown


Sierra EXT SLT model shown with chrome accessory package

2012 SIERRA 1500




BEST-IN-CLASS FUEL EFFICIENCY FEATURES • 182 hp ECOTEC I4 Engine • 7-inch colour touch screen with XM radio, Bluetooth, USB input display and rear vision camera






29,795 0 *





34,995 198 *


29,495 168 *




FEATURES • 288 hp 3.6L V6 Engine • 6 speed automatic transmission • 18-inch aluminum wheels




• GM Exclusive locking differential • Heavy duty trailering equipment • Stabilitrak electronic stability control • Onstar ® including 6 month subscription ◊





2012 TERRAIN SLE • 6 speed automatic transmission • 17-inch aluminum wheels • Onstar ® including 6 month subscription ◊ • Stabilitrak ® Electronic Stability Control



6.1L/100KM HWY | 9.2L/100KM CITY


BEST-IN-CLASS TOWING CAPABILITY OF 5200 LBS‡ (WHEN PROPERLY EQUIPPPED) 2012 ACADIA SLE • Onstar ® including 6 month subscription ◊ • Stabilitrak ® Electronic Stability Control • 8 passenger seating with Smart Slide™



8.4L/100KM HWY | 12.7L/100KM CITYt




• Power windows/mirrors/locks with remote entry • 17-inch chrome-style wheels and chrome grille surround



11.2L/100KM HWY | 15.9L/100KM CITYt





Call Wood Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac at 250-564-4466, or visit us at 2879 Hwy 16 West, Prince George. [License #9621]

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January 27, 2012  

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