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Be more Flexible Two three-day weekends in a row are coming up. (Well, if you passed your Benchmarks and scored high enough on last year’s TAKS and are passing all your classes and have 92% attendance --whew.) If you met those lofty criteria, then February Flex Days are your sneak peek for the much anticipated spring break next month. A chance to do a few fun things like . . . “Baseball”--Brooks Langdon (10) “Learn to drive”--Jaimee Thomason (9) “Sleep”--Lauren Sloan (12) The goal of this schedule was to encourage students to work harder and take their Benchmarks more seriously. How did that work out for you? Did the promise of three-day weekends affect your performance on Benchmarks and exams? Seventy percent of you said yes. The good news? Two more Flex Days coming up: April 9 and April 16.

edge Just A Second

New federal safety recommendations put phone use on hold for drivers

Just ask us

49% said yes

Yes, because people are idiots. Even if you have a license you can still be trigger happy.”

-shelbyraney, 12

51% said no

I think people should have the right to their own gun if they are properly educated.” -jarrodmyers, 12

on the edge

What’s next? Okay, it’s probably going to be hard to top the lip dub. We don’t have a pond, there doesn’t appear to be any snow days on the schedule, and it seems kind of lame to do Mardi Gras if you’re not in New Orleans. The NBT (next big thing) is Leap Day, Feb. 29. “Since you’ll only have one Leap Day during your high school career, we want to do something fun to celebrate,” theater teacher Debby Sutton said. Leap Day will be a “Hero Day,” but it’s not your typical superhero. Students will dress up as their personal hero. Posters with QR Codes will be hung around the school referencing videos from different people, both on and off campus. Details to follow.

Kenzie Floyd news editor

Five seconds. Enough time to grab the remote and turn off the TV. Enough time to roll your eyes at your math teacher. Enough time to change the song on your iPod. In just five seconds, it could all be over. Five seconds is how long your eyes are taken off the road while texting and driving. When traveling at 55 mph, that’s enough time to cover the length of a football field. Enough time to make the difference between life or death. “The technology we have today like texting and e-mailing is all great until you mix it with something like driving,” Dr. Matt Young, emergency room medical director at Christus St.Michael Hospital said. “Some drivers don’t realize that sending one text message could end up being fatal.” Texting and driving, which is an everyday habit for many drivers, kills a large number of people each year.

Rate my Phone

Calling, texting, tweeting, emailing-- it can all be done in the palm of your hand-- just not at the wheel of your car. So what’s the best phone to use while you aren’t driving? The iPhone may be the most popular smart phone among students, but there are a few other worthy competitors out there. The iPhone 4S, HTC Inspire, and Samsung Galaxy are a few of the top-rated smart phones that students own. With a two-year contract, the iPhone 4S is $199, the HTC Inspire is $100, and the Samsung Galaxy SII is $199. We asked students to rate which one is best.

According to, ers, regardless of age, are banned from texting, and 5,474 people were killed on U.S. roadways, and an cell phone use is banned for all drivers under the estimated additional 448,000 were injured in car age of 18. In total, 35 states and the D.C. ban texcrashes that involved distracted driving in 2009. ting while driving, and zero states ban cell phone Of those killed in distracteduse completely. driving-related crashes, 995 inHowever, things are about to volved reports of a cell phone change. as a distraction. The National TransportaSome drivers don’t Junior Collins Riddell tion Safety Board, NTSB, has realize that sending knows just how distracting cell recently released a safety recomone text message phones can be. mendation that calls for the first could end up being Last summer while driving ever nationwide ban on driver fatal. to Sonic, Collins looked down use of portable electronics while at her phone to check a missed operating a motor vehicle. The -Dr. Matt Young call as her car rolled up to a five member board unanimously stop light on the Summerhill agreed to the recommendation, bridge. She thought she was a which asks that the 50 states and lot farther away from the car the District of Columbia totally in front of her then she actually was, and before she ban the use of portable electronics--including cell knew it, Collins’s red Ford Explorer rear-ended the phones and even hands-free devices, for all drivers, car in front of her. except in emergency situations. “I immediately started crying because I had just No texting, no talking on the phone, no tweeting, got my license and I knew I made a big mistake,” no e-mailing, no Bluetooth. Collins said. “Luckily, my wreck wasn’t bad but I “It’s hard for law enforcement to try to control still learned my lesson from it. It could’ve been a something that is such a habit for most drivers, but lot worse.” it’s definitely worth spending the effort on,” Dr. Currently, there are only two laws in Texas Young said. “It’s proven that distracted driving is against texting and driving. New drivers are banned dangerous, so it’s wise to have laws against it-- the from texting and driving for the first year after they laws can save lives.” get their license, and all drivers are banned from continued on page 3 cell phone use in school zones. In Arkansas, all driv-

iPhone 4S

HTC Inspire

Owner: Bailey Booker, 12 Graphics: 10 Speed: 10 Programs: 10 Why I love it: “I like almost everything about it. My favorite thing is the camera that faces you so you can take pictures with friends easily.” Something I dislike: “Siri has a hard time understanding me so I don’t really use it.” Would I recommend it: yes

Owner: Kristina Cox, 11 Graphics: 10 Speed: 8 Programs: 9 Why I love it: “There’s an app where you can get free music. I can download any song I want to my phone within ten seconds.” Something I dislike: “Since the screen is so big, the battery dies all the time. And sometimes it just randomly turns off.” Would I recommend it: yes

People in Texas like guns. Big guns, but not only do they like own big guns, they like to shoot big guns. What do they like to shoot their big guns at? Big game. That’s no surprise, but with the recent outlawing of the open carrying of unloaded handguns in California, some Texas residents are a little unsteady. While most believe Texas laws will remain unchanged by California’s decision, others are pressing for the same change here in the state of Texas. Do you think open carry of unloaded handguns should be outlawed in Texas as well?

Samsung Galaxy SII

Owner: Josh Smith, 12 Graphics:10 Speed:10 Programs: 10 Why I love it: “It has a big screen, fast dual core processor, and it’s almost unbreakable. Plus, it’s thinner and smaller then the iPhone.” Something I dislike: “Due to the high resolution, a more powerful display is needed and it drains the battery.” Would I recommend it: yes



events, activities, and news briefly


completed by Avery Borrell, Allie Taylor, Elizabeth Stark, Michaela James

What is the most common Sadie toy?

How early did you ask your date?

Ladies’ Choice Sadie Dress-up Days Monday: Movie Star Tuesday: Tie Dye Wednesday: Wizard Thursday: Tacky Friday: Flip- Flop

Sadie Hawkins

A month ago. You have to have prep-time. Megan Hambleton (12)

Definitely teddy bear. Brett Eakin (11)

Starts at 8. Plenty of time to get hitched, get pics and dance for awhile.

It isn’t something that should be a hard decision, but somehow it always seems to be. It is the question haunting girls’ minds from the day the second semester begins. The problem is not who to ask to Sadie, but how. Sophomore Laikyn Jean knew from the beginning that she wanted a fun way to ask her date, but she really wanted to do it with a poster. After an hour of work, her poster reading ‘Hey Matt, don’t be shady. Let’s go to Sadie!’ was ready. “I hung it in the math hall during lunch,” Laikyn said. “I stood near my sign and waited for him to come

up the stairs so I could see his reaction when he saw it.” Over the years, girls have struggled to come up with something new, but eventually fall back on past methods. “One of my friends came up with how I asked Blake Roberts,” freshman Alysa Daniels said. “I got pink balloons and made them look like pigs. I put them in a box with a note saying ‘I’ll go to Sadie with you when pigs fly.’ And he said yes.” Though some girls didn’t get as creative as others, they still got the answer they wanted. “In the beginning I wasn’t really creative,” sophomore Kelsey

Kempson said. “I just texted Jace and asked if he would go with me. He agreed, but I decided that I still wanted to come up with a fun way to ask. I got the kids we mentor at the elementary school to hold up signs that spelled out ‘Sadie.’ But in the end it didn’t really matter how creative I got. The answer was still yes.”

What you need to know: When: Feb. 18 Tickets: $10 - singles; $20 - doubles (includes marriage license) Pictures: $15- $30

Two weeks after the debut of the Pleasant Grove Lip Dub on YouTube, the hits keep coming. Over 3,600 people had viewed the video as of Thursday, and the response has been positive, according to drill team director Tiffany Beck. “I was proud of the creativity that the students showed,” she said. “I’d love to do it again in a couple of years with a new set of students.”


Junior named to All-State Band

Students of the month January: Megan Hambleton February: Kristina Cox


Girls come up with creative ways to ask their date to Sadie

Yes, we taped a lip dub video at our school.

Junior Meghan Morphis will be performing with the All-State Band this weekend in San Antonio after earning a spot in the state’s highest honor band. “It took a lot of hard work with my music and a lot of stress through auditions,” Morphis said. Only 25-30 total trumpets out of the entire state of Texas make it to state each year.


District realignment brings back old rival Mt. Vernon is out. Pittsburg is in. The new district 15-3A alignment was finally decided, putting the Pittsburg Pirates back on the schedule. The realignment of districts across the state takes place in even-numbered years and is based on the enrollment of students on Oct. 13. Depending on the numbers, schools can move up or down in classification and could be moved to a new district to balance the number of schools. “District wise, it doesn’t make that much of a difference for One-Act Play,” theater teacher Greg Schwartz

said. “But it’ll make a it a lot harder to reach regionals because of the schools that were moved into our region.” Moving into Region 2 are Kilgore and Henderson, which dropped from 4A to 3A. Athletic director Kevin Davis said he believes the change will most definitely make a difference to PG athletic teams. “Pittsburg has always been a great competitor so it’ll be tougher. It is what it is and we will just have to step up to the challenge,” Davis said.

To watch on your smart phone: Open YouTube and scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Desktop.” This will take you to the computer version of YouTube. Search for “Pleasant Grove Lip Dub” and hit play. Starring: 600 students, 40 staff Total time to tape the video: 46 minutes, including preparation and clean up Video length, with credits: 12:05 Behind the scenes: PGTV executive producer Matt Howell shot the video, from a wheelchair with theater teacher Debby Sutton pushing. Drill team director Tiffany Beck choreographed the dances.

Fifth six weeks starts now

Four down, two to go. The end is near. Just remember that six weeks doesn’t necessarily mean six. This one is seven weeks long.


Winterguard Contest Come watch the PG Winterguard perform their competition routine at this invitational.


Flex Monday

Flex Day number two. If you scored high enough on your Benchmarks, no school for you.


Drill Team Contest After weeks of practice, the Showstoppers head to Galveston to show off their hard work and bring home more awards. By the way, who is Gussie Nell Davis?



The next two months are crammed with state tests. This is just the beginning. Coming up next: STARR tests :(


Spring Break begins

4849 Texas Blvd. • Texarkana

Time for the much needed week long break. Sleep in late, travel and get away from school.


Talent and Tiaras Contestants get help with pageant essentials from familiar source

Elizabeth Stark reporter

Your Pleasant Grove jewelers

The impromptu class met at the end of the 300 hall during last period. Wearing her drill team warmups, junior Meredith Bunel strapped on her five-inch heels and wobbled down the hall. “That’s it, Meredith. Hold your chin up and walk heel to toe,” said English teacher Shawn Edmonds, coaching from the sidelines. “You’re doing great.” Since almost none of the contestants in the Miss PGHS pageant last weekend had prior experience in pageants, they needed to learn the ropes or at least learn how to fake it. That meant talking to a mirror to practice their introductions, walking around the halls in five inch heels, and remembering to NEVER step with the upstage leg first or let their shoulders slouch. “I’ve never done anything like a pageant before. I watch a lot of Toddlers in Tiaras, but that’s really the closest I’ve come to pageants,” junior Taylor Everett said. “My main challenge was working on my walk. I was really shaky at first but the other girls and Mrs. Edmonds helped me a lot.” The nerves didn’t show on

-aborrellphoto Meredith Bunel, second runner-up, Katy Beth Irwin, Miss PGHS; Elizabeth Stark, first runner-up. stage as junior Katy Beth Irwin was crowned Miss PGHS and juniors Elizabeth Stark and Meredith Bunel were first and second runners up. Junior Taylor Everett was voted Miss Congeniality and junior Elizabeth Stark was named Most Photogenic and Most Talented. “I was thrilled to be crowned Miss PGHS,” Katy Beth said. “I love representing the school I’ve grown up in.” The pageant consisted of an afternoon interview then three main competitions: Introduction, Talent, and Evening Wear. After these, the final three, juniors Katy Beth Irwin, Elizabeth Stark, and Meredith Bunel, were selected and had to answer an onstage question similar to those asked during their interviews that afternoon. Though they were prepared, the finalists agreed that was the most nerve wracking part of the pageant.

“I wasn’t necessarily planning on doing the pageant since I’m a junior, but I heard there weren’t enough contestants so I decided to step up,” Meredith said. “I ended up having a good time. The onstage question was definitely the hardest part because you are in front of the audience.” Because Mrs. Edmonds had judged several pageants, including the Miss Virginia pageant, she became a pageant coach to the contestants as they came to her English class in heels to practice their walks and to get advice about the interview. She also attended the dress rehearsal to give girls tips about everything from smiles to dresses. “It made me feel good to have Mrs. Edmonds’ opinion because she definitely knows what she’s talking about,” junior Kristina Cox said. “She took a lot of us under her wing.”

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Making Life EZR 4 U!

Five Pleasant Grove Locations 2802 Richmond Road 670 N. Kings Hwy. 6424 Richmond Road 5602 Summerhill Road 5121 Summerhill Road

No interview. No evening gown. No talent. Students voted for the Mr. PGHS finalists by dropping money into each contestants’ box, with the money going to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. After weeks of voting, senior Josh Smith took the crown.

Proposed cell ban would affect drivers in all states

2812 Richmond Road Richmond Park Center Texarkana, TX

Proudly supporting Hawk Nation

mister pghs

Congratulations, Megan Morphis

from the Band Boosters Meghan Morphis performed with the Texas All-State Band in San Antonio, Saturday, February 11 as part of the 2012 Texas Music Educators Association Clinic/Convention. She was chosen for this honor through a competitive process held this year across the state at District, Region and Area levels.

Check us out on FACEBOOK: PG Band Boosters

For Texas, going from a state that has no laws against portable electronic use to banning the use of them for good them is going to be difficult. “Our society still hasn’t managed to get drivers to know that stop means stop-- not slow down,” history teacher John Miller said. “Enforcing a law that bans all portable electronics is going to be hard.” For Mr. Miller, the difficulty of enforcing the law doesn’t matter. The ban is personal. Mr. Miller’s daughter, Katelyn, was in a fatal car accident caused by distracted driving-- because of a cell phone. In August of 2009, Katelyn’s PT Cruiser veered off of North Kings Highway and hit a drainage pipe, which caused the car to roll several times. Unfortunately, Katelyn died at the scene. “People don’t realize what being in an accident is like until they experience it for themselves-- it all happens extremely fast,” Mr. Miller said. “In my baby’s case it was no different. She looked down, looked

back up, then it was over.” It’s easy to blame the age group that’s most wrapped up in today’s technology-- teenagers. However, adults text and drive just as much as teens, if not more. “You’d think it’s mainly kids that are texting and driving because everyone gives them a hard time, but it’s the grown-ups,” Mr. Miller said. “We have rules against cell phone use in class, but the students’ parents text and call them all the time. It’s the same on the highway-the adults don’t want to listen.” In June of 2011, and Governor Rick Perry vetoed a suggestion to banning texting and driving in Texas, saying the state wouldn’t see a ban on portable electronics until at least 2014. However, with this new safety recommendation, things are subject to change. “You’d think that drivers would know not to devote their attention to a phone while they’re flying down a roadway with 8,000 pounds of steel-- but they continue to please themselves and do what they want,” Mr. Miller said. “The government can’t legislate self-discipline.”

fastfacts 60% of drivers use cell phones while driving.

A texting driver is 23 times more likely to get into a crash than a nontexting driver.

Using a cell phone while driving delays a driver's reactions as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the legal limit of .08 percent.



A Door Closed–A Life Changed The barrier between a hero and his little girl.

The doorbell rang. My stomach dropped. Normally I would have been excited to see the smiling face of my dad through the slender window of the front door. But this time is different. This time the hand that rang the doorbell was not the hand that I used to hold in the park, or the hand that would tickle me until I couldn’t laugh anymore. This hand was different. Because placed on his ring finger was a shining new band of gold. A small piece of metal that would forever change my life. I opened the door and stared into the eyes that were just like my own. I have always been a daddy’s girl. I was his “mini me.” I wanted to grow up to be just like him... But now something was different. We were no longer the same. The eyes I saw smiling back at me were no longer the same as mine. These eyes were different. After a few brief moments of acting like this day was like any other, the bomb dropped. Only six months after the divorce from my mom was final, my dad had remarried.

Not only did he not invite his little girl to the wedding... he didn’t even tell me he was engaged. His mouth was still moving at high speed telling me all the “good news” and how happy he was, but all I could hear were my childish fantasies of having my happy family together again disappearing into nothing. I was three. And from this day on, I was no longer a daddy’s girl. White noise swarmed my ears as I stared up at this stranger who I had for so long called my hero. I squinted up at his beaming face through water blurred eyes... I could feel my heart breaking. How could he do this to his family? How could he do this to my mom? How could he do this to me...? His strong comforting arms reached to embrace me, but I couldn’t help but cower away. I backed inside and shut the door. Little did I know that door would remained closed. A barrier that would forever stand between my hero and his little girl.


staff editorial

A simple solution to keep from being that 10% Principal Bill Harp unlocks his office door before 7 every morning. It’s not to finish up paperwork to put students in detention or watch video from the security cameras. Mr. Harp spends 5-10 minutes reading news stories from a variety of websites because he believes it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in the world. Remember back in middle school when every Friday in class the teachers turned on Channel One? Today most high school students don’t ever watch the news, and history teacher John Miller said he believes only about 10% of the student body is on top of current events. With events around the world threatening our jobs and our financial security, this is unacceptable. We don’t have to watch some cheesy Channel One series, but we do need to give students an opportunity to become more aware of what’s going on in the world. A few minutes each day to read and dissect news events. We’re here to learn, but learning doesn’t just involve events that happened in the past. This generation needs to know what is happening now so as we become adults, we are ready and capable to deal with not only our problems, but those of the world. Most students don’t really know much about the Republican presidential candidates or even the fact that President Obama is the only nominee for the Democrats. They probably don’t know that the

situation with Iran threatening to block the Straits of Hormuz could result in a catastrophic rise in gas prices. Knowing about the rest of the world would pop the bubble that can be held around Texarkana. A bubble that keeps out all the “bad” news. Of course, there’s the issue of teachers needing every minute to keep us from getting behind. There’s always another test that we need to take, another state test to prepare for, another reason we’re missing their classes. So how to fit in just one more thing? One suggestion: a news program that could come on the (currently very rarely used) TVs once or twice a week. Or take the links to news sources that Mr. Miller keeps on his website and distribute to teachers to show during downtime. And Mr. Harp suggests letting students use their new Kindles or other e-readers to watch a news story in those last 5-10 minutes of A/B day classes that are rarely used. Mr. Miller says that the middle 80% of the student body is beginning to understand that they need a knowledge of current events to function in the world. They’re beginning to get it. And the bottom 10% are just plain oblivious. Our school needs to know what’s going on. All we need is a simple news program. A few minutes to keep up with the world. A little time to keep from becoming that bottom 10%.

Head to Head Who do you think will win the Republican primary?

Name your ultimate Sadie toy.

Should school punishment be decided by one person or a council?

What are your thoughts on Longhorn Network? “Is that a website for cows?...”

“George Bush or Newt Gingrich. Newt is a baller’s name.”

“A live peguin from Happy Feet. That way someone would sing and dance with me.”

“A council. It shouldn’t be just one person’s opinion.”

“Me. No, one of those white guys.”

“A white Range Rover.”

“One person. If it was that bad to require more than one person, you deserve your punishment.”

-jessicashipp, 11

“I think it is great! You have to think big to be big, right?


“Mitt Romney.”

- jontomberlain

“A rabbit’s foot.”

“One person. It would be a lengthier process than using one person’s judgement.”

“The Longhorns don’t interest me. At all.”


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Boys will be . . . Boy Scouts

Sean Young, 12

Scouting ties families and friends together with memorable experiences and adventures Mark Northam reporter

Sitting next to the fire, sophomore Logan Young was beginning to sleep when he was jolted awake by screams. He rose from his spot and spun around in an attempt to see what was the mater. Logan noticed that his head was hot, very hot. A scream tore out of his mouth as he realized his hair was on fire. “I was out camping, and started to fall asleep next to the fire, some ashes fell into my hair and... ignition,” Logan said. “The scramble to put out my hair was crazy, I ended up with my head in a bucket like one of those old cartoons.” While his hair couldn’t stand the heat, Logan stayed with the Scouting program until he was an Eagle Scout. The Eagle is the last rank for boys who participate in the Boy Scouts of America. It marks the end of a journey that usually lasts about 4 ½ years. “Once you get your Eagle badge, they usually have a big court of honor,” Logan said. “It’s a big get together where the scout and his family and friends get together and celebrate this achievement.” As senior Sean Young explains, Logan didn’t really have a choice but to get the rank. “Becoming an Eagle scout is a family tradition,” Sean said. “Our grandpa was an Eagle, all nine of his sons were Eagles. Its like this, if your a Young, you’ll be getting your Eagle.” While not every Eagle has a family legacy to ‘encourage’ them, all of them have something that drives them to get the rank. Sophomore Adam Northam found his drive in wanting to drive. “My dad made himself clear that if I didn’t get Eagle, I wouldn’t get my drivers license.’” One of the last things a Scout will do before getting the rank of Eagle is completing the aptly named Eagle Scout Project. “The project must be something that helps the community outside of Scouting,

and it needs to be fairly permanent,” LoMany Eagle Scouts will continue their gan said. “My project was renovating the involvement in the program by staffing at outside of a UFW building, it took a little the summer camp. longer than expected because most of my “Working at the summer camp is the help was blocked by their jobs at the Boy way many Eagles give back to the scouting Scout summer camp.” program,” Logan says. “I plan on working Logan’s project consisted of adding new over the summer and helping educate the doors, a sign, and a fresh coat of paint for next generation of Scouts on their journey the building. While Logan’s project took to Eagle.” only three hours, some of the projects can Getting Eagle Isn’t all work and no last for weeks. play, it’s common for many to spend a “I built a half mile trail by the St. Micouple of weeks at Philmont Scout Ranch. chael Fitness Center for my project,” Ryan Scouts that attend this ‘High Adventure said. “It ended up taking four Base’ will weeks for me to finish, I basispend most cally had a job with no pay.” of their If a bear is sighted, you Adam said that his project was time hiking bunch up with your group, to build a fence at the Running mountains bang pots and pans toWJ Ranch that would work with found on the gether, and begin singing his brothers and his project. property. ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ “My brother, Mark, built a “Philmont in order to scare away the wheelchair ramp that would is one of be used to load handicapped those crazy bear.” participants onto the horses,” things that - Logan Young, 11 Adam said. “The problem you do in became that the ramp was on scouting a concrete slab about ten times that sounds bigger than the ramp. In order to prevent like no fun at all,” Sean said. “But most horses getting on the slab and the probpeople that go have a great time.” lems that come from that, I built a fence This great time includes, on average, made of steel cable that could withstand 87 miles of trails over steep mountains, the weight of a horse.” surprise rain and hail storms, and the While the Eagle project is one of the last constant threat of bear attacks. things a scout experiences before getting “The thing you learn most about is the rank, it doesn’t usually sit as the most defense against bears,” Logan said. “You memorable. have to put anything that smells in a bear “Believe it or not, the most interesting bag and store it up in a tree to keep it out thing that happened to me wasn’t my hair of the bears reach. If a bear is sighted you catching fire,” Logan said. “The most bunch up with your group, bang pots and interesting thing happened at summer pans together, and begin singing ‘Row camp this past summer. Lets just say that a Row Row Your Boat’ in order to scare pound of black powder and heat shouldn’t away the bear.” be mixed in a room the size of an average Logan never had any encounters with a bathroom.” bear, but camping still ended up burning Logan went on to explain that one of the him. scouts in the room ended up going to the “We were flicking matches off their hospital. boxes and watching them fly, burning, “He had respiratory problems and ended through the air,” Logan said. “I thought up taking a trip to the emergency room,” one was out and stood near where it landLogan said. “He worked there for three ed, I started screaming and dancing when years and has three trips to the ER.” I realized that my pants were on fire.”

Number of years in boy scouts: “I started cub scouts in kindergarten and became a boy scout my freshman year. I did my eagle scout project over the summer.” Eagle scout project: “I made a walking trail at the St. Michael center.”

Best part about scouts: “Going to Philmont and hiking with my family.”

Landon Young, 11

How Scouting has affected me: “I’ve learned a lot of outdoorsy stuff and how to be a better leader.” Eagle scout project: “I’m going to clean gravestones at a Civil War cemetery. Number of years in Scouting: “Since first grade. It’s kind of hereditary in my family. My dad and all his brothers were Scouts and they wanted to pass it on.”



CREDIT UNION redrivercreditunion


Sign up for moblie banking at 903-735-3000 800-822-3317 Federally insured by NCUA

Heaven and Hell Major sects: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox Sacred Text: The Holy Bible Place of worship: Church



Founded: 622 CE Founder: Muhammad Belief: Monotheism (One God) Afterlife: Eternal Life, Monotheism Judgment day, Paradise and Hell (One God) Major sects: Sunni, Shia, Sufi, Wahabi Judgment Day Sacred Text: Founded: c. 33 AD Qur’an, Hadith Founder: Jesus of Nazareth Eternal Life Place of worship: Belief: Monotheism (One God) Mosque Afterlife: Eternal Life, Judgment Day,

ity n a i t s ri h

Monotheism (One God)

tt La Day saints er-

Founded: April 6, 1830 Founder: Joseph Smith Belief: Monotheism (One God) Afterlife: Spirits go to spirit world for instruction until reunited with worldly bodies Major sects: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Sacred Text: The Book of Mormon, King James Bible, The Doctorine and Covenant, The Pearl of Great Price Place of worship: Church

Atheism Founded: Unknown Founder: Unknown Belief: No God Afterlife: None Major sects: None Sacred Text: None Place of worship: None

Finding Common Ground

Ashlyn Hurst reporter

First grade. The faded yellow bus creaks to a stop in front of the blue apart ment. Picking up his backpack junior Naveed Haque, walks to the front of the bus. The sound of his shoes echoed against the hard, dusty floor. With every seat he passed, he came closer to the safety and comfort awaiting him. A few seats to go. Almost home. Spit shot from the next seat and into the aisle in front of him. There sat a girl grinning with satisfac- tion. “Naveed, did you spit?” boomed the driver from the steering wheel. The girl pointed her stubby finger at him nodding. The driver handed him a paper towel ordering to clean up the spittle. This wasn’t the first time. The first time he had been bul lied. The first time he was persecuted for his beliefs. The South, or the “Bible Belt”, has always been a deeply religious area of the country. With more than 270 churches in Texarkana, this isn’t a surprise. As diverse as Pleasant Grove and it’s students are, one thing that is common is religion. Students often see their classmates, not only during school, but an additional twice a week at church services and youth activities.

“It’s nice to have people at school that share your beliefs,” sophomore Elena Thompson said, a nondenominational member of Fellowship Bible Church. “You have a special connection with them. They understand.” But not every student has this luxury. Being a “minority” in the Grove’s religious melting pot can have its disadvantages. “One of the hardest things when I was younger was being left out. I didn’t really have “friends”, they were more school acquaintances,” Naveed said. “Everyone was in Fusion, and I think not being in it, put me at a disadvantage.” Though religion can create separation, some students are not influenced by these differences. “It doesn’t really affect me,” freshman Elizabeth Smith said. “I don’t really talk about being agnostic, except with my friends. They are nice about it and open to my beliefs.” Junior Nathan Hurst, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly referred to as Mormon, sees this difference not as a disadvantage, but an opportunity. “Being different isn’t a bad thing,” Nathan said. “It makes you more interesting and unique.” Despite his history of being bullied, Naveed also discovered a positive side to his differences. They are a chance and a challenge to teach people about his religion. “I can’t have pork, so a lot of people make bacon jokes. Most of them are actually really funny, and I have fun with being different,” Naveed said. “My goal as a Muslim is to make good impressions and change other’s views on my culture.” These differences spark curiosity leading people learn about these “foreign” beliefs through a variety of sources. But with the amount of


unreliable information on the Internet and media misconceptions, it is hard to get the facts. “Most people think all Muslims are extreme or terrorists,” Naveed said. “Anything taken to the extreme is bad, and the____ majority of Muslims aren’t.” But stereotypes are not only made about unfamiliar religions. Each denomination has its own fair share of misconceptions. “People tend to think we [Christians] are perfect, goody-two shoes, and very judgemental of others,” freshman Merideth Payne, a member of Heritage Baptist Church, said. “But really church is more a hospital for the broken, not a museum for the good.” False information is spread and soon accepted as fact. These misunderstandings are the basis for criticism and persecution. “When I am faced with rude remarks and assumptions, I try to laugh it out. I’m used to it,” Naveed said. “I understand where they are coming from; most of it comes from their parents and they grow into it. I respect their opinions, not their ignorance to learn.” Curiosity, however, does not always lead to conflict, and can, in many ways, prove to be beneficial. “I love talking to people who are curious,” Naveed said. “And I appreciate those who want to learn.” It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim, Agnostic, or Atheist, you should respect the beliefs of others and keep an open-mind to their customs and practices. “I believe in helping others discover what I’ve found in my religion, but I also respect what they believe. The best way to spread the word is through your actions, not by “shaking” your religion in their face,” Elena said. “The way I think about it is, yours is mine, and we all really aren’t that different.”

of students believe in God or a higher being

Welcome to the “Bible Belt”

of students actively practice 82% their faith of students participate in religious activities 42% more than once a week of students participate in 7% religious activities everyday

The Texarkana area contains more than 270 churches, most of which are a Christian demonination

7% Want More?

See what students have to say about their religion at by scanning the tag below with your smartphone’s Microsoft Tag app.


edge knows best Staff picks-- the apps we think are on the cutting edge. games:


Flixster. Some movies are worth every over-priced snack and charge, but some you would pay never to see again. Wouldn’t it be nice if before spending your money, you could discover the real worth of a movie? There’s an app for that. Flixter, partners with the movie critic website, Rotten Tomatoes, provides not only professional reviews, but also nearby theater locations, show times, upcoming movies, trailers, and DVD release dates. Named the #1 movie app available, no other app can compare with its amount of information and quality. Don’t waste your time google-ing show times and ratings, when they can be in the palm of your hand. Cost: Free Available: In the App Store and Android Market Staffer: Ashlyn Hurst

Instagram. It’s like Facebook or Twitter minus the drama. Instagram is a free photo sharing app that allows users to take a photo, edit it, and upload it for their followers to see. The filters users can edit their photos with include black and white, sepia, antique, and many others. After someone posts a photo, followers can like and comment on them. Users can also share a photo off of Instagram to multiple different social networking sites, like Facebook or Twitter. Instagram is only available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Cost: Free Available: In the App Store Staffer: Kenzie Floyd

Heroes vs. Monsters. Heroes. Monsters. Strategy. These are the only three things you need to know to play Heroes vs. Monsters. This game is all about hacking and slashing through hordes of monsters and bosses, leveling up and gaining skills as you become the fiercest heroes in the land, getting the best weapons and armor, and conquering the entire map. As you conquer the map, you make a team of fighters. The maximum number of fighters in your team is four, but there are many different types of fighters. There are warriors, barbarians, clerics, summoners, mages, archers and bards, all of which have their own special abilities that will make your team much better in battle. Cost: Free Available:: In the App Store Staffer: Kyle Green




The classic board game is back in the form of an app. Buy properties, houses, hotels, get sent to jail, pay taxes, roll the dice, take chances, pay too much in rent to other land lords, this game allows you to see the good and bad sides a world in monopoly. You can play with up to three other people or computers, and stealing properties from other players impossible (unlike the board game version). The only downside to the app is that once you have your monopoly set up in the game, you can’t make the people around you get a drink or snack for $100 in game.

You hear a new song on the radio, but you don’t know it’s name... Time spent searching lyrics and investigating could be saved with Shazam. With the tap of the screen, you can record a portion of a song, and Shazam will identify the song and artist. Shazam also offers the top trending songs in the country and a history of all the songs you’ve searched or tagged. By connecting to Facebook and Twitter, you can post what you are “Shazam-ing” and see your friends’ tags.

Cost: $0.99 or $4.99 Available: In the App Store and Android Market Staffer: Mark Northam

Cost: Free Available: In the App Store and Android Market Staffer: Naveed Haque

1-800-JennyCraig Shreveport Location: Texarkana Location: 7511 Youree Drive, Ste. 400 4258 St. michael Dr. (318) 798-2608 (903) 831- 5366 Fax (318) 798-4359 Fax (903) 831- 5376

A great place to start. TEXARKANA COLLEGE 903-832-5565

2500 North Robison Road Texarkana, Texas



What’s your favorite game? Sherades! Who doesn’t laugh while playing that game?


How do you take a hard drive out of a computer? First, you hit the computer with a hammer. Then, take a flat head screwdriver and pry it open. Lastly, you rip the hard drive out.





Defiine XENOGLOSSY. A very glossy xeno.



What’s your favorite animal? Tree owl.

Michael Dumas

How is your middle name signifigant? It’s my dad’s name and his middle name is Llama. My dad’s middle name is my grandfather’s name. My kid’s middle name is going to be Michael.

From marching in the band to drawing in art, sophomore Michael Dumas is a man of many talents. In his free time, he likes playing Halo on Xbox and Airsoft with friends. He wasn’t too thrilled to be moving for the umpteenth time several years ago because it seemed as if he was never going to settle down, and he hated having to constantly make new friends. But he was completely unaware of the amazing friends and memories he would make at Pleasant Grove.

If you could have two celebrity parents, who would they be? Robert Downey Junior and Olivia Wilde.

12 07

What do you plan to do with your life? Well, when I was a kid I wanted to be a super hero... except without all the spandex.




If you could have any exotic pets, what would they be? A panda named Pen and a sloth named Bingo.


What are you involved in extraciriccular wise? Band, Art, Facebook. the big pretty ones.


What do you plan to do after high school?

After high school, sophomore Michael Dumas plans to attend Florida Tech. “I am looking into the fields of mechanical engineering or robotics.” Dumas said, “Afterward, I plan on getting a masters in one of the two fields then, hopefully, find a good job that gives me the ability to make artificial intelligence robots like Gizmo® made by Toyota or something like R2-D2 or C3PO.” He intends on pursuing this occupation for the benefit of the military or everyday life rather than money.

“Of course, I would have a huge house, a Lambourghini® that drives itself, a beautiful wife, two or three kids and a bulldog who brings me Doritos® on command.” Later on in life he would like to open up his own major robotics plant in London, overcoming Bill Gates as the richest man in the world. “I would finish off my wonderful life by traveling around the world in eighty days with my family, retire at millionare estates and gain an extra life tile.”

Do you believe in aliens? I do if they’re awesome or can do something cool.


If you could grow superfacial hair,what would you want to grow? This would be a A goatee with a massive handle proud moment bar mustache. for Einstein.


If you could live on another planet where would it be? Pluto.


Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb? Cherry Dr. Pepper.


Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee? Jackie Chan all the way.


What do you want for easter? A gigantic chocolate bunny.


Walmart or Target? Target, that place is awesome.


Does smart water make you smart? Apparently not... it hasn’t worked yet.


Pokemon or Digimon? Pokemon, never really watched Digimon.


Do you want to be Mr. Rogers neighbor? Yeah! If I had a very tall fence, I wouldn’t mind. He kind of creeps me out.

Michael dresses up to hit the runway for an art party.

Michael plays the clairinet for the Pride in Motion Band.

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Tyler Goldsmith




Show them some love The United States is not known for having many great soccer programs. In fact, many people wouldn’t be able to name one professional soccer team. The rest of the world has a different kind of love for soccer, but what about PG sportsfans?

Which team won the MLS cup? Seattle Sounders- 15% LA Galaxy- 54% New York Red Bulls- 30% Houston Dynamo- 1% 50 students surveyed

*answer- LA Galaxy

Have you ever watched an MLS game? Yes- 24% No- 76%

Q&A with

Jeremy Ramos

What position do you play? I play goalie and defender. What are your goals for you and the team? To beat Texas High, finish in second in district, and win a playoff game. What is it like being the head captain? It is a real honor and I like always making sure everyone is staying on task. I don’t mine the responsibility, it pushes me to preform my best. When and why did you start playing soccer? I started playing when I was five in TSA, Texarkana Soccer Association. I just started because some of my friends played soccer and once I started I loved it, so I have just kept playing all these years.

Face time

Are you excited about this years’ varsity baseball team?

I really like baseball. I love to watch it.

on the edge

- madisondudley, sophomore

I don’t really care. I’m not very good at sports so they don’t entertain me that much. - matthowell, senior

Just Part Of The Team Coach’s sons catch the eyes and hearts of football and baseball players

Kyle Green

reporter t is a summer afternoon out on the football field and junior Cason Cordray is wearing his full pads waiting to make the next big hit in the sideline tackling drill. Coach Craig Jones yells “Hit!” and Cordray runs and collides with another player. He gets up, light-headed, while Jones is yelling at him and runs back to the huddle. Just when he thinks nothing good could possibly happen, Cordray catches something out of the corner of his eye. Two kids on the ground wrestling with each other. The whole team turns and begins to laugh as Jones stops the drill to regain the attention of the players and straighten out his kids. Cal and WT. Jones’ two sons are what make summer practices just a little more bearable. “They’re just crazy, adventurous kids who love being around high schoolers,” Cordray said. “And seeing the kids getting involved during a hard practice is pretty motivating if you ask me.” When the names Cal and WT come up around PG, athletes grin. With all of the memorable moments that they have made during practices and games, everyone knows them. As the athletes have watched Cal and WT grow up, they feel that the boys are a part of the program and tradition. But what they don’t see is the relationship between the boys and Jones, and why they are even at practice in the first place. “I am a single parent so I bring them to practice just to spend more time with them,” Jones said.” But I think they enjoy coming to practice anyway. Even though they have a baby sitter at home, I still enjoy bringing them with me.” Something that a parent might worry about is how older students act in front of their kids, but Jones is confident that his players are smart enough to know better than to act up in front


Can’t Stop The Hawks Varsity baseball team sets their goal on another ring in Austin

of Cal and WT. Besides, Cal and WT know better than to repeat what a high school student says in front of them. “Both Cal and WT are straight A students, so they are pretty smart,” he said. “But even so, I expect my players to always act respectful, whether Cal and WT are around or not.” When Cal and WT come up for practice, it isn’t just to mess around and make the players laugh, although that is a big part. Jones expects the kids to practice baseball and football just like the rest of the team is. While he like for them to work out with the baseball and football teams, he wants them to make up their own minds about what sports they want to play. “Right now the kids are playing -ccraytorphoto baseball, soccer and basketball, and they want to play football as soon as Cal and WT Jones show off their muscles in front of PG Elementary. possible,” Jones said. “It’s totally up to games and basketball games so they don’t always them about what they choose to play. However, I pay attention to the real game.” do see myself coaching them in the future.” Although they love to dream about the future, Not only is Jones looking forward to Cal and Cal and WT love being kids. They are extremely WT’s future, they are as well. As they see the active and just love to play whether it is at pracplayers at PG play, they are more than ready to tice or their favorite place, at home. fill their shoes, for the games at least. But just “We love to hang out with our dad, no matter like most high school students, they don’t tend to what we are doing,” WT said. “We play baseball favor the practices. a lot at home, and we also play video games with “We don’t like going to practices because they Dad. He doesn’t usually play, but when he tries, are boring, but we love going to games. Our he’s not very good.” favorite sport right now is still football,” Cal said. It is evident that Cal and WT love their family “But when we get older we want to play both lives. But to them, Jones isn’t the only family that football and baseball.” they have. They also feel that the football and They say that they love going to games, but baseball teams are family too. Jones thinks otherwise. “We really like when the football team does “They always find things to do at the games. good, or when the baseball teams win at state,” They have their games to play during whatever Cal said. “Because when we get the medals at sporting event they are at,” Jones said. “There is a state or win, we know we helped the team.” specific game they play at baseball games, football

Curtis Zachry reporter

After making it to state for the past four seasons the baseball team is not done just yet. The Hawks senior class got the first use of the new indoor facilities, then got a brand new state ring on their finger and now has a new indoor batting cage. “It feels really good to be getting all these new facilities,” senior Lucas Wacha said. “It’s like we are being rewarded for all of our hard work,” The team has been working hard to make sure none of these facilities are going unused. “In the past we had to work out in the old weight

room, aka the dungeon, and I feel like that was a rite of passage for us,” Wacha said. The Hawks aren’t satisfied with just making it to state four years in a row, and they are coming back for revenge after last year’s loss in Austin. “We made it to state last year which is always an accomplishment,” coach Cody Deal. “However, due to some errors in the field we weren’t able to make it to the finals, but with all the talent we have back this season we should be able to make it back.” The team opens the season with their first game this Friday against North Lamar.

A Higher Goal

Junior Dustin Thomas plays basketball in honor of his sister

Curtis Zachry

reporter Junior Dustin Thomas had a sister. He doesn’t talk about her, but you can see her every time he plays a basketball game. She passed away when he was 11 due to a rare blood disorder. Dustin plays forward and center for the Hawks, scoring in double digits in almost every game this season, and has already won several awards. But for him basketball isn’t just a sport--it’s a way to honor his sister. “My sister and I were always close, Dustin Thomas takes a shot in the first then when she game against LE. -aborrellphoto was just 13 and I was 11 she died from a blood disorder she had been fighting her whole life,” Thomas said. “It was like two

weeks before it sunk in that she was gone and even then it didn’t seem real. After she died, I started practicing hard everyday. I was determined to make something with my life in honor of her memory.” Dustin’s sister has been with him everyday since then, and that’s how he wants it to stay. “I think about her still, that will never stop,” Thomas said. “Whenever it’s crunch time or really chaotic during the game I will think of my sister and it helps make everything going on around me seem unimportant.” Dustin’s improved work ethic has been noticed by other people, including Reece Dunlap, Dustin’s best friend since kindergarten and fellow teammate. “Dustin and I always use to practice together when we were younger but after his sister died he started practicing a lot harder it seemed,” Dunlap said. “We got really good, we were always winning. Then in sixth grade LaDarius Reid invited us to be on a traveling team, that’s were we met Reggie to so we have all been playing together for years.” After playing all over the South together, these four teammates met up again. “Our traveling team was cold, and now our school team is cold, we are cold,” Thomas said. “As long as we play together, no one can stop us.” Dustin realizes his hard work has paid off but he isn’t going to stop working anytime soon. “I am going to keep working until I make it in basketball,” he said. “And whenever I do, I am going be able to say, that’s for you sis.”

Season Stats: 25-1 going into tonights’s game with Atlanta

Historic Fact: This is the first team in Texarkana history to go 20-0.

Fun Fact: Six out of the ten varsity players can dunk the ball.


Not Your Average Sport Student takes a leisurely activity to higher level Josh Whitt

sports editor

He’s German. He has a different sense of style. And is sometimes known as the “good” soccer player. But students may not know that junior Malte Prietz is known back home as a ping-pong player. He takes ping-pong from just a casual game to a real sport. “People think it’s not very hard,” Malte said. “but in my club it’s a real sport and I train a lot for it.” Ping-pong is a game that requires strategy more than anything else. Malte enjoys using a more aggressive style of play--he likes to hit the ball fast and take lots of chances. However, he doesn’t just go up and hit the ball as hard as he can. Malte watches and records whatever his opponent is doing to know the perfect time to catch him off guard and score a point. “It’s mainly a mental game so I have to keep focus,” Malte said. “I have to think about what the other player is doing. But it also requires a lot of skill.” Malte started sports when he began soccer at the age of three. He played soccer almost every day and loved it, but he didn’t agree with his coach’s philosophy. “I didn’t like my coach’s opinion about the game. All he wanted was to win,” Malte said. “I wanted to win, but I also wanted to have fun. He just didn’t want to have fun.”

When Malte was 11, a friend told him about a ping-pong club near his house. Malte had only played a little recreationally but decided he would give it a try. Many of Malte’s friends are also in the same club so Malte uses his practice time to wind down and relax. He finds the coaches much more fun and easy to deal with and actually enjoys going to practice. Malte practices twice a week and it pays off. So far he has won his club tournament twice, his district title once, came in second in district twice and competed in regionals three times. These accomplishments are just stepping stones for him. “I would say I’m pretty good, but I mainly enjoy how the kids look up to me,” Malte said. “Someday I hope to become an assistant or head coach of a club so I can have a part in helping these kids grow up.” Although he hasn’t seen him play yet, senior Carson Rice wanted to make a challenge. “Are you kidding me? Yeah I can beat him,” Carson said. “I better see him at the table during prom. He’s going down.” Malte does not want to lose his skill any time soon and said he would take any opportunity to play a match of ping-pong. He accepted the challenge with confidence of an easy win. Malte may play a different sport than normal, but he doesn’t let that effect him. He has became just another Hawk.

Malte tosses the ball in the air right before he gives another hard serve.

The Game Of Ping Pong The game was banned in Russia from 19301950 due to officials believing it was harmful to the eyes.

The average ball weighs 2.7 grams and is 40mm in length.

The sport was invented in the-aborrellphoto 1880’s by the Bitish.


The Super Six

JV girls basketball team doesn’t let the size of their team hold them back Kyle Green reporter

-aborrellphoto The Super Six gathers around the game ball and prays before their game against North Lamar.



Sophomore Erika Rodriguez picked up the game ball as her teammates be gan to follow her. As she put the basketball in the middle of the court, her six teammates formed a circle, put their feet on the ball, put their arms around each other and proceeded to say the Lord’s Prayer. The crowd began to get louder and louder as the prayer neared the end. It ended and the girls broke the huddle out. At this moment, five players take the court and one goes to the sideline, and the Super Six is ready to take care of business. At the beginning of the year, Erika was skeptical of small teams. “I used to think that small


Varsity Girls’ Soccer

Freshman Chelsea Cole

Head coach: Andy Allen Record so far: 6-0-7 Top Players: “Jordan Day and Jordan Hern are two of my top returning players. Chelsea Cole is also a really good addition to the team this year as a freshmen,” Allen said. Best Moment: “Winning the Paris tournament was a really big accomplishment because it told me we could compete with anyone,” Allen said.

Upcoming games: Varsity Girls’ Soccer 2/17- Liberty Eylau 2/21- @ Arkansas 2/24- @ Hope 2/28- Texas High

3/2- @ Mt. Pleasant 3/9- @ Liberty Eylau 3/20- @Texas High 3/23- Mt. Pleasant

teams weren’t any good. The lack of depth would tire the team out quickly,” she said. “But my opinion changed quickly whenever we started the season out with only six players.” The Super Six, otherwise known as the junior varsity girls’ basketball team, started off on a high note and haven’t looked back since. The girls are 14-2 and are continuing to get better. But coach Jenny Coon believes that even with such a good record there are still things to work on. “After every game I look back and see what we struggled with. Whatever we struggled with, we practice for the next game,” she said. “Our weaknesses give us stuff to practice at, so we are always focusing on different parts of the game.” A big focus of such a small team is the amount of playing

time required of each player, and if the players are in good enough shape to play almost a full game. But both the players and Coon are confident that cardio isn’t a problem. “In practice we always get a good cardio workout due to the full court drills and all of the scrimmages that we do,” Coon said. “Each player in the Super Six is averaging about 24-26 minutes in a 28-minute game, and they seem to be handling it great.” But their success hasn’t exactly come from the hard practices or the amount of minutes they play each game. It has come from the bond that the girls have made. “There really are never any stressful moments on the court while playing with these girls because we leave all of the drama off the court,” Erika said. “No matter what we always

JV Boys’ Soccer

Varsity Boys’ Soccer

Junior Riley O’Dell

Head coach: Matt Wright Record so far: 5-1-8 Story of the season: “Perserverance, hardwork, dedication will play a key factor in our bid for district,” Wright said. Top players: “Carson Rice and Jose Rangel in goal are probably the top players right now,” Wright said.

Upcoming games: Varsity Boys’ Soccer 2/17- Liberty Eylau 2/21- @ Pittsburg 2/24- Atlanta 2/28- @ Texas High

3/2- Mt. Pleasant 3/9- @ Liberty Eylau 3/13- Pittsburg 3/16- @ Atlanta

find a way to work together.” However, everyone knows that the relationships between these girls don’t just grow on the court. The girls are constantly spending time with each other in school and out of school. “I depend a lot on my teammates not only on the court but for advice and school work,” Erika said. “Our team wouldn’t be the same without the trust we share with each other.” Coon believes that this trust is what has formed the team’s great bond, which is the reason for the success. “Having a small team like this has really made us play better,” Coon said. “Although it doesn’t come easy, through the girls’ selflessness and great relationships, they now have amazing chemistry.”

Junior Curtis Zachry

Head coach: Matt Wright Record so far: 0-1-5 Story of the Season: “We haven’t won a game yet, but we have been playing a lot of varsity teams,” Wright said. “When district comes up, we will be more evenly matched.” Top Players: “Curtis Zachry is a top defender for sure, and Kevin Choi is really good at pushing the ball upfield,” Patrick Seung said

Upcoming games: JV Boys’ Soccer 2/17- Liberty Eylau 2/21- @ Pittsburg 2/24- Atlanta 2/28- @ Texas High

3/2- Mt. Pleasant 3/9- @ Liberty Eylau 3/13- Pittsburg 3/16- @ Atlanta

What’s in a

? e m a N

This far into your high school career we would hope you know your name, but just in case, we’ll tell you what’s going on here. A name can tell you a lot about a person, even more when you utilize the internet. You may not be who you think you are online. For instance, there are 317 people named Josh Smith in the United States. There are just nine people named Bill Harp and just one Bob Goline. But it’s not just getting yourself mixed up with all those other Josh Smiths and Bill Harps. It’s also about the information that’s available about




- Home address was found, along with all other residents.

you to the world wide web. PG students think it’s important to be careful about what they post online (75% of you) and most them are careful (86%). We thought we’d give it a try to see what we could dig up on three of our own students with nothing but a name. We’ve tasked our very own search engine gurus and world wide web addicts with finding every last piece of information out there. Let’s see what they found.





ng a u H tha

n a m a S


- Home address was found, along with all other residents.




s o m a yR



- Home address was found, along with all other residents.




n o s n h n Jo

to x a r B

What we found out:

What we found out:

What we found out:

In 2011, Samantha Huang won the Second Annual Youth Concerto Competition. She received a $400 cash prize and a contract to be a featured soloist with the TSO on two student concerts in the Perot Theatre the same month. Samantha’s volleyball stats are online as well: Texas state rank: 516; Attack kills: 126; Digs: 126. Samantha has photos of band director Ed Grissom, her sister, and her recital teacher----among others--connected to her google search. There are 15 people named Samantha Huang in the United States. One of them is principal engineer at Others work at Sprint, HewlettPackard, JP Morgan.

Jeremy’s soccer stats for the current season will be recorded on Jeremy Ramos currently plays the goalie position. Jeremy is also currently the drum major of the PG’s Pride in Motion band. Jeremy has photos 43 friends, relatives and acquaintances associated with his google search, including Keyette members Elizabeth Stark and Alex Miller, Malte Prietz, former PG student Kaitlin Schmidt, and senior Austin Reynolds. There are 27 people named Jeremy Ramos in the U.S. One is a developer at the Dublin, Ireland, Airport Authority. Another is a Youth Ministries Intern, and one works as an engineering project manager in France

Other than basic information and social networking site bio sections, nothing was found on Braxton Johnson. Although he has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, there were no references to Braxton on google search. There are 16 other people named Braxton Johnson in the U.S., according to

Behind the


As much as we’d love to tell you that your name translates to the “embodiment of awesomeness and all things swag,” that would be a lie. But we can use etymology, the study of words,

Naomi Gorse, 12

their parts and origins, to tell you what your name actually does mean. So what if your name doesn’t translate to “king of all swag”? Maybe you’ll find out something interesting anyway.

Top Names of 2011: 1 - Emma 2 - Olivia 3 - Sophia 4 - Isabella 5 - Ava

Caleb Smith, 11

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Pleasant, delightful Popularity Rank: 226

Origin: Hebrew Meaning: Dog, Heart, Loyal Popularity Rank: 43 Quentin Miller, 11 Origin: Latin Meaning: “From the Queen’s estate” Popularity Rank: 823

1 - Mason 2 - Liam 3- Noah 4- Ethan 5- Jacob

You can tell how popular a name is by how many people sitting in class have your name. Evidently Haley was popular with parents about 16 years ago, as was Josh. Last year Isabella and Edward topped the list. Surprise, surprise.

Liam Cork, 10 Origin: Hebrew Meaning: “My People” Popularity Rank: 40 Carissa Blokker, 11 Origin: French Meaning: Caress, embrace Popularity Rank: 43

Michaela James, 12 Origin: Irish Meaning: Like God Popularity Rank: 754

Issue 4 2012  

Fourth edition of the print version of Edge 2012