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September 16, 2008


CMS helps Shaklee Corporation continue to wow audiences with their proprietary Liquid Scenery™ projection system. Shaklee’s annual convention was held in New Orleans this year in an effort to make a contribution to the city and its people.

CMS Continues to Push Boundaries Huge Summer Convention Success C M S C o m mu n i c at i o n s International continues to connect corporate strategy with MarCom event success like no other company in the business. “It’s so much more than lighting, and staging, and sound,” says Diana S. Zimmerman, CEO and co-founder. “ I t ’s a b o u t u n d e r s t a n d i n g t h e overarching corporate objectives and creating an experience that connects the audience to action. The three, or four, or five days they’re in the convention aren’t what’s most important


- what’s most important is what they do as a result of the experience.” CMS helped Shaklee shine like n e ve r

before, rolling out an extraordinary new line of product in a way that exceeded even the most Optimistic expectations. “The line to purchase Vivix was out the door,” explained Shaklee’s marketing VP. “We could only let them buy one - and even then, we ran out!” Couple an amazing product with an experience that communicates and motivates action, and you’ve got results that can be measured, results that matter. In addition to the spectacular product rollout, CMS produced an incredible fashion show featuring some of the most successful weight-loss stories in the country, a colorful parade complete with floats and images that are pure New Orleans. “Now we have to start working on next year!” said the VP.


“Direct Selling is my favorite industry, period. It’s pure capitalism at its finest, and it provides a very real opportunity for ordinary people to achieve truly extraordinary things. These companies provide the opportunity, we help communicate the experience, and the individuals who win at the highest levels make it happen in their lives. CMS produces events where people get engaged and get results.” Diana S. Zimmerman

CEO, CMS Communications International

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The enthusiastic a u d i e n c e at Sunrider International were treated to an amazing 3D adventure that connected them with the message. They took pictures, they video taped, they took notes, and they took action. The crowd at this year’s convention was engaged like none before. “We brought the messaging to life using our Quadravision™ technology, where the audience actually experiences 3D - without glasses - from anywhere in


the room. This stage was 100 feet wide, and every member of the audience was completely engaged from start to finish,” says Sal Barilla, CMS Executive VP and co-founder. “In addition to the amazing effect that Quadravision helped our client realize,” continued Patrick Grady, CMS SVP and Managing Partner, “we utilized wide screen Liquid Scenery™, staging and elements that appeared as if out of nowhere, and truly interactive general sessions - no easy feat with an audience of thousands.”

CMS Continues to set the standard, then start all over again. We look at each project for each client as a unique opportunity to help rally an audience around a message, to get results through experience, and to win. “Every event is different, and every event requires strategic analysis, targeted creative ideas, and flawless execution. That’s why we call it ‘Outrageous Excellence.” We trademarked not just the name long after we trademarked the concept,” said Zimmerman.


Outrageous Excellence™ We love what we do so well. “There are a lot of production companies that can do a great job loading staging, hanging lights and sound, and making people look good. That’s the minimum. Connecting strategy with experience and tying it to results, that’s CMS. That’s Outrageous Excellence™. Diana Zimmerman CEO and Co-Founder, CMS

“Every one of the people who contribute to the experiences that CMS creates are in this industry on purpose. None of them were clicking through career sites and said… ‘hmm… maybe I’ll try MarCom.’ We come from Fortune 500, the entertainment industry, pharmaceutical, direct selling, and retail. Together, we have created events and experiences for literally hundreds of thousands of people.” Patrick Grady SVP & Managing Partner, CMS

“We don’t just produce events. We create experiences that produce results.”


Sal Barilla EVP & Co-Founder, CMS

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