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Here at last, the latest edition of your trusty and timely guide to what’s happening in the streets, shops and beyond in Cambodia’s always happening and vibrant capital

Welcome to

Phnom Penh

As we go to press in late May the hot weather has arrived, with the temperature approaching 37°C during the daytime, though the mango rains occasionally bring some respite from the heat. Whatever the weather, why not take refuge in one of Phnom Penh’s many air-conditioned cafés and use our guides to bring yourself up to date with what the capital has to offer. Here you will find the most detailed listings of shops, markets, galleries, spas, activities, clinics, hotels, guesthouses and travel information, together with articles on a wide range of topics. We give you an overview of your shopping options, whether markets, boutiques or malls, look at what’s available by way of leisure activities, give you some tips for staying healthy plus a brief summary of the city’s accommodation options. Please refer to our sister publication, Drinking  & Dining, for up-to-the-minute information about the city’s cafés, restaurants, bars and related activities.

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How to use this Guide Phnom Penh Out&About is divided into several sections, each covering a separate topic such as Shopping, Leisure, Travel, Health & Fitness and so forth. In each section we aim to provide a general overview of what the city has to offer to English-speaking visitors and residents by way of shops, leisure activities, travel options, spas, accommodation and more. You will also find maps of the main markets and of the city itself, on pages 44-53. In each section we also include directory listings of relevant businesses, further divided into subcategories where appropriate. Paid listings are indicated in red text. Please check the legend at the start of each listing section for a list of symbols indicating opening times and so on. The listings also show a map reference relating to the main city maps. Be sure also to check our various feature pages for information about using your mobile phone, connecting to the internet, bus travel, border crossings, flight schedules and more. Enjoy your stay in Cambodia and please feel free to give us feedback – email us at or leave a comment on our page at



Orientation  Abigail Gilbert

Out & About

You’re in a new city, and unsure of your bearings, but never fear, everything you need is in one of our guides. Here are a few tips to get you started. ORIENTATION: As capital cities go, Phnom Penh is relatively compact, and most businesses catering to tourists can be found in the area bounded by the riverfront and Monivong Boulevard, and from Wat Phnom south to Mao Tse Toung Boulevard (with the exception of the Russian market). See our Tourist MAP for more details. WHERE TO STAY: Phnom Penh has literally thousands of hotel rooms from $2 to $2,000. Budget travellers might seek out Streets 172 and 258, though there are also a wealth of “boutique” hotels around the $50 mark offering good value for money especially compared to regional cities. GETTING AROUND: The easiest ways to get around are by foot, moto or tuk-tuk. Motos can be found all over town and cost from 2,000R (US$0.50) for a short journey, with a premium at night. Tuk-tuks are a little more expensive, with short trips costing about $1.50 (about 6,000R), but they hold more people and offer better protection against the sun, wind and rain. There are also two metered taxi firms with prices comparable to tuk-tuks - see our Travel section for details or ask your hotel or guesthouse to help. FOOD AND DRINK: Phnom Penh has a plethora of bars and restaurants catering to most tastes and budgets, and with a surprising number of cuisines available. A meal for two can cost anywhere from $5 to $100 or more, while a glass of beer ranges from 50c at a local beer garden or backpacker pub to upwards of $5 in the more expensive hotels. See our Drinking  & Dining guide for more details. 10 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!



Shopping  Abigail Gilbert

Splurge Out

Whether you fancy bagging yourself a bargain at the market, trawling through the city’s boutiques or just browsing the Cambodian capital’s other specialist outlets, shopaholics will have a ball in this city. Phnom Penh offers a wealth of shopping options for a retail therapy fix, with plentiful bargains to be had. The city’s markets are good places to start, with Central Market, the Russian Market and the Night Market, open Friday to Sunday evenings, being the most popular. Kampot pepper, bamboo place settings, silk purses and silver boxes are popular choices but here you’ll find pretty much everything your heart could desire. And no shopping spree would be complete without a krama or 10 - the traditional Cambodian check scarves. A hunt around the markets will uncover branded clothes, often copies or factory seconds, at budget prices. Look out for Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M and Calvin Klein at prices as low as one-tenth of the recommended retail price back home. For a calmer, cooler and much less chaotic retail experience, the city’s malls are excellent places to browse. Sorya Shopping Centre (St 63), Sovanna Shopping Centre (St 271), Paragon Mall (St 214) and the City Mall at the Olympic Stadium offer a variety of shops and boutiques spread across several floors. Each level is themed with beauty and fashion, shoes and handbags, electronics and toys. From frilly party dresses and diamante tops to phones and sportswear, you’re sure to find something you can’t live without. As we went to press in late May, the new Aeon Mall was due to open in June, and is expected to raise the bar as the country’s first international standard mall. Located on Sothearos Boulevard to the north of the Sofitel Hotel, it will be home to myriad shops, cafés, leisure facilities and more.

A hunt around will uncover branded clothes

14 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!



If you’ve shopped until you drop, then why not take a break and review your purchases in one of the many fast food outlets, ice cream parlours and coffee shops that can be found inside the malls. Starbucks may not yet be here but there are plenty of worthy options. Branded sports shoes of dubious origin are available for $12-$20 in the malls and markets, while ladies’ heels featuring plenty of bling can be snapped up for about $4. The city’s cobblers can make footwear to measure that will be ready in 5-10 days. Beautiful Shoes on St 143 has a good following. Phnom Penh also boasts an array of independent boutiques with beautiful clothes in western sizes and made in Cambodia. Look for formal outfits in silk – perfect for weddings or parties – or classy cotton and linen separates for chic, everyday wear. Many places offer a fitting service to ensure your new look is perfect. Start on St 240 (the stretch immediately to the east of Norodom Blvd), which has several independent outlets clustered together. Also check out the many brand name boutiques along Sihanouk Blvd. Here you’ll find a series of well-known international brands such as Axara, Mango and Pedro, as well as WExport, which sells discounted branded goods made locally in Cambodia. Silver and gold jewellery, gemstones and impossibly cheap watches bearing famous brand names can be found in the markets and shopping centres. Be appropriately suspect about their origin, but if you’re happy with the price they make lovely gifts. Jewellery shops and boutiques offer original and stylishly designed accessories alongside gems and commissioned pieces. Once you’ve adorned yourself, how about some interior decoration? St 178 is an excellent place to find something to hang on your wall, with a row of art shops selling typical Cambodian scenes and contemporary Asian paintings. Cross over Norodom and you’ll find Starling Farm’s shop were you can buy a range of the famous Kampot pepper. Depending on your baggage allowance, a small stone Buddha, Angkorian artefact copies or carved wooden elephants might make it back home with you. Custom orders can be placed at many of the soft furnishings shops. There are several places around town run for the benefit of under-privileged Cambodians. Products such as recycled crafts, handmade paper and greetings cards, bags and silk products are made by disabled or disadvantaged people who learn a skill to help them make a living. Prices may be slightly higher, but at least you know that you are giving something back. A great example is Craft PEACE Café, offering high quality Cambodian handicrafts and textile souvenirs. KTOP located in Sorya Mall is also a good place to stop by for some electronics shopping; with a vast selection of mobile phones, laptops and related accessories.

Formal outfits in silk - perfect for wedding and parties

16 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Shopping Abigail Gilbert



You can always fake it, but with so many authentic retailers, why not invest in some top quality products? Phnom Penh's reputation as a place to shop is developing quickly. As well as homegrown retailers, big brands from countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, France and America are landing in the city by the bucketload. So check out our guide to international shopping and reap the benefits of the exchange rate. Head straight for Sihanouk Boulevard - tipped to become the city's answer to Oxford Street in London or Singapore's Orchid Road. Much loved Spanish brand Mango is a must for lovers of fashion (44 Sihanouk Boulevard). Prices are a little more reasonable than its other Asian stores, but you may still need to bring the plastic. The selection of clothes and accessories is the same as you'd find in any of their outlets, although larger sizes are sometimes difficult to find. Next door, Axara of Paris, housed in a renovated colonial-style villa, transports you into a world of club music, mirrors and bright lighting. The store is stocked with small and medium standard European, UK and US sizes, with international price tags to match. You'll find a range to suit most climates from winter to beach wear, as well as a range of shoes and accessories. The motto of VNC (31C Sihanouk Boulevard) is that little things make a big difference. Bringing current season bags, purses and shoes imported from Malaysia at affordable prices, the emphasis here is on combining fun and fashion and the classy white dĂŠcor and sofas make trying on a treat. Pedro (13 Sihanouk Boulevard) is another well-known Singaporean retailer, selling smart classical shoes, handbags, belts, wallets and ties with fashionable twists. And last but by no means least, don't miss out on the authentic

big brands from Malaysia, Singapore, France and America

18 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

trendy Parisian brands at Le Marais on St 222 just west of Norodom Boulevard (moving shortly to the new Aeon Mall) If you forgot to pack enough shoes, you'll find a range of comfortable footwear for men, women and kids at Bata Shoes (also at 84 St 143) and internationally-renowned shoe brand Skechers (46 Sihanouk Boulevard) close to Independence Monument. The authorised Adidas outlet store (201 Mao Tse Tung Boulevard) offers a very wide variety of products, ranging from the casual running shoe to the performance soccer shoes. You can find many lifestyle products that are of high branded quality and always authentic. City Mart, on the fourth floor of Sorya Shopping Centre, on St 63 north of St 154, syocks a range of genuine namebrand clothing and accessories including Caterpillar footwear, as well as assorted sportswear from major international brands such as Nike. True Brands (164, Norodom Boulevard) stocks high-quality international sports & lifestyle brands, all guaranteed originals, and have a wide range of premium products at the best possible price. Puma is a well known German multinational company with three major product categories - athletic footwear, clothing, and accessories. The brand is finally here in Cambodia with a store opening soon on Sihanouk Boulevard! Also, watch out for the opening of AEON Mall this June. Offering a new lifestyle to the people of the region, the opening of the large-scale shopping mall is the first of its kind in Cambodia.If it's electronics you're after, the Canon shop on Sihanouk Boulevard is a multi-storied multimedia delight. Nokia has a retail outlet just down the road close to authorised Apple resellers iOne, who can also be found in Canadia Tower (St 110) and at Sovanna Mall. Fake watches are available in every market in the city, but if you want something that might last more than a few days, better to pay more for the real deal. Genuine watches can be snapped up at the Swatch store (37 Russian Federation Boulevard), while Rado, Omega and Seiko products are waiting for you at boutiques at the Cambodiana Hotel (Sisowath Quay) and the official Longines store is at 171, St 130. Nagaworld (Samdech Hun Sen) stocks the super exclusive Rolex, JaegerLeCoultre, Mont Blanc and Piaget watches through an official distributor at Nagaworld, where a Cartier outlet has also recently opened. To make sure you’ll be looking good in your holiday photos, authenticated Revlon products are available at the Revlon Shop in Sorya Shopping Centre and Sydney Shopping Centre. So shop around and you will be sure to find the real deal out there somewhere!

lifestyle products that are of high branded quality



where you see this logo, these outlets accept visa cards for payment

Shopping If you're after some retail therapy then you should find a suitable outlet somewhere within our listings. Don't neglect the local markets, especially Central and Russian markets (see pp 40-45 for details) and check out the Night Market, located at the river end of Street 108 (open Fri-Sun only).

 

Arts, Crafts & Silk Clothes & Accessories Wine & Specialty Foods books, cds, toys & dvds Miscellaneous Art & Photographic Galleries listed for free!

 9am-8pm 

 I9

33, St.178. 

 023 222 551

Artisans Association of Cambodia  7:30am-6pm 

Colourful silk clothing and accessories made by skilled Cambodian craftsmen.

 L8

11B, St.240. 

 023 213 904

Artisans d’Angkor

Renowned handicraft company providing training and work for young Cambodians.The boutique showcases a selection of fine quality arts and crafts produced by highly skilled Siem Reap craftsmen.

Air Conditioning Credit Cards Opening Times Map Reference


Angkor Beauty

Outlet near the riverfront selling silk, silverwork, jewellery and handicrafts.

   9am-6pm||


Arts Crafts & Silk

12, St.13 at St.100.  E8 (opp Post Office)  023 992  409 / 407 (

 Ad pg 17)

Aw’-kun Shop+Help  9am-9:30pm 20 29 37 40 38 42

( 023 210 407

Non-profit shop; Fair Trade souvenirs, tuk-tuk service, restaurant, bus/boat tickets. 19D, St.172. 

 H8

 023 990 250

Cambodian Craft Cooperation 

 8am-7pm|

Various locally handcrafted souvenirs. 40, St.240. 

20 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 J9 011 984 879

Cambodian Creations  9am-5.30pm


Social entreprise selling colourful purses, knitted elephants, bracelets...

Hand forged blades, hand-made knives and swords. Made in Cambodia. Realised according to ancestral methods.

116, St.113. 

 N6

 023 631 7914

CHA - Cambodian Handicraft Association  8am-5:30pm Non-profit workshop selling a range of colourful silk handicrafts. 1, St.350. (near Toul Sleng)

Cando Craft

 F6 012 913 861  8am-5:30pm

Cando works towards sustainability in livelihood, culture and environment. 500B, St.271. 

 U5

 023 6302 237

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

10, St.110. (

 9am-10pm|

 Ad pg 27)

 F8 092 313 961

Colours of Cambodia  9am-7:30pm

Choose a great souvenir from a range of colourful silks and other handicrafts. 373, Sisowath Quay. 

Couleurs d’Asie

 I9

 023 217 974 (

 Ad pg 26)

 9am-7pm||

Home decoration / gifts shop. Wide range of custom made home textiles in silk, organza… also accessories, wellness products, prêt-à-porter, jewelries, bags... for everyone. 33, St.240.

 K9

 023 221 075 



Craft PEACE Café  9am-6pm

(closed Monday)|@||

Craft PEACE Café is an inspiring place where you can find high-quality Cambodian handicrafts (especially textile souvenirs and Christian woodcarvings) made by disabled artisans in Banteay Prieb (“center of the dove”) 14, St.392 (opp. Boeung (  Ad pg 28) G8 Keng Kang High School). 012 436 806

Daisy Boutique

 9am-7pm| We design tailor made and ready to wear cotton clothes for women. 75, St.240. 

 K9 017 522 254

Dary Jewellery & Souvenirs

  9am-6pm|| Selling all kinds of souvenir products, gem stones, diamonds & fine jewelry. 175, St.155. 

 T6

 023 630 0607


 7am-5pm Silk, handicrafts and jewellery produced by disabled individuals and widows.

106, St.51. 

 K7 012 950 521

Garden of Desire 9am-6pm|| Choose from a wide range of handmade jewellery in sterling and fine silver. 33, St.178. 

Hagar Design

 H9 012 406 916  8am-4:30pm

NGO-based outlet selling Cambodian silk, silk products and other handicrafts. 9, St.163. 

 O4

 023 220 127

Hanuman Traditional Arts

  8:30am-6pm|| Antique bronzes, silver, wood and more. One of the best collections in Cambodia. 13B, St.334. 

 O9

 023 211 916

Hidden Treasures 11am-7pm| Asian antiques, ceramics, paintings, Buddha figures and other curiosities. 9, St.148. 

 F6 012 717 212


 8am-6:30pm

Souvenir and arts shop: Buddha & Apsara statues, lamp, antique tables and more.

 H9 012 422 475

33Eo, St.178. 

Jayana - Arts of Living 8am-8pm A range of colourful Cambodian silks and handicrafts made by local craftsmen.

 O7

4A, St.57. 


 023 997 679

 10am-7pm|


Original silk creations, using traditional techniques, with a touch of French style. 55, St.240. 

 K9

 023 992 714

Khmer Royal Handicrafts  8am-9pm|

Even more colourful silk products and handicrafts produced by local craftsmen. 6A, St.57. 

Kravan House

 O7 012 511 694  8:30am-8:30pm

Varied silks, silk handicrafts and more in a range of beautiful natural colours. 13, St.178. 


 F6

 023 990 195

 8am-8pm|

High quality, authentic handmade silk products which received the UNESCOAPHADA Awards “seal of excellence for handicraftt products in SE Asia” Proceeds help to fund a local NGO. 37, St.113. (

 Ad pg 9) 

 F9

 023 640 1892

listed for free!  023 210 407

22 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Le Lézard Bleu

Lotus Silk

 8am-7pm|

61, St.240. (also Sisowath Quay)

 L8

 023 986 978

 9:30am-noon, 2:30-6pm|

A wide selection of gifts and products in warm colours with a personal touch. 17B, St.178. 

Le Rit’s

 H8 013 660 002  7.30am-5pm|


NGO-based retail outlet selling varied silk handicrafts and soft furnishings. 41, St.504. 

Lotus Pond

 NA

 023 213 160

 9am-5pm||

Antiques, furniture, carvings, fine silk and handicrafts including spirit houses. 245, St.51. 

 L7 017 556 226

57, St.240. 

Lucky Heritage

Le Passage 

 9am-7pm|

Varied handicrafts and home accessories.

Art, decor, furniture and sculptures.

 I8

 023 726 806

 8:30am-6:30pm||

Choose from fine Cambodian silks and accessories in a range of natural colours. St.51 (next to Mekong Bank).  G8  012 310 249

Mekong Arts

 8am-7pm||

Choose from a selection of colourful art, decor, furniture and sculptures. 33, St.178 

 L8 012 406 294

Mekong Blue  8am-6pm|| “Social Business” selling fine, handmade silk products from Stung Treng province. 9, St.130. 

24 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 F8 012 609 730

Mekong Quilts

 9am-7pm |

Hand crafted bed covers, home accessories, gifts, decorations and more 47-49, St.240. 


 K9

 023 219 607 

 8am-9pm |

Choose from a range of colourful Asian handicrafts and other artefacts. 10, St.278. 

Nature Wild

 Sth-M8 012 669 525  8am-5.30pm

Perfect to buy gifts made from natural and wild materials from the forest. 10, St.420. (closed Sun/Mon)

Neang Mliss

 S6

 023 727 407

 8am-7pm

Varied colourful silk and silk products, locally made by handicapped people. 4DE0, St.230. (Toul Kork)

 E1

 023 880 087

Orange River 

 9am-9:30pm||

Riverfront boutique selling curios, silks, fabrics, housewares and accessories.

 I9

376, Sisowath Quay (FCC Building)

 023 214 594

Pavillon d’Asie

|  9:30am-6:30pm (closed Sun)

High quality traditional and contemporary Cambodian handicrafts, furniture. 24-26, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 L9 012 497 217

Peace Handicraft Shop  7:30am-6pm|

Handicrafts and colourful silk products from various Cambodian provinces. 39C, St.155. 

 X4  023 993 331

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530



Phnom Penh Souvenir  8am-7pm

Roth Souvenir Shop

Khmer souvenirs including a range of colourful handicrafts from the provinces.

71, St.240.  

 L8 012 902 128

 8am-9pm|

Silks, carvings, clothing, jewellery, kitchen ware and other handicrafts.

 H9 012 603 484

Rajana Association

18, St.178. 

Sasha’s II Modern Art Design

 7am-6pm|

Silk products, paintings, jewellery, bamboo products and other beautiful Khmer handicrafts. 170, St.450. (

 Ad Tourist MAP)

 S6

 023 993 642 

Rehab Craft Cambodia  9am-9pm|

Varied colourful handicrafts and more made by disadvantaged Cambodians. 1, St.278. 

 R8

 023 726 801

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

 11am-6pm, closed Sunday|

A selection of beautiful replicas of famous contemporary art pieces. 32, St.240. 

 K9 010 363 520

Sayon Silkworks

 9am-7pm|

Handmade silk cushions, scarves, lamps, home elements, carvings and more. 213, St.19. 

 K8

 023 990 219

GET your business listed for free!  023 210 407

26 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Senteurs d’Angkor

Sopor Khmer  8am-7pm||

Traditional silk products and clothing, silver sculptures and Khmer handicrafts.

 8am-8pm||

Great range of handmade Cambodian products designed and produced by Senteurs d’Angkor. The perfect place to discover the variety of Cambodian flavours and scents in a lovely packaging. Don’t miss it!

183, Norodom Blvd. 


 8am-6pm|| A wide variety of Cambodian ornaments including quilted silk bed covers, decorative cushions, silk scarves, jewellery and much more. Proceeds go towards helping with community development.

33, St.178. (  Ad pg 25)  H9 (opp. National Museum) 023 992 512 


 8am-6:30pm||

Colourful silk products including clothing, pillows and varied other soft furnishings. 33, Sothearos Blvd. 


 I9

 023 222 974

 9am-5pm||

Stylish outlet selling arts, crafts and a range of colourful silks & silk products. 67A, St.178. 

 I8 092 211 331

 S8

 023 223 911

239, St.51 & 360. (

 Ad pg 21)

 P8

 023 721 038

Ta Prohm Souvenirs Shop

 8am-7pm

Choose from a wide range of colourful Cambodian silk products. 49B, St.178. 

 I9

 023 224 729



Tendance Khmere  11am-9pm| High quality, colourful silk products for home decoration and accessories. 4A, St.278. 


 M8 012 584 661  10am-7pm|

Quirky cool Cambodian concept shop. Homewares, fashion and more. 17, St.294 (cnr Sothearos).  N10  012 812 2476

Tooit Tooit

 8am-5pm

A range of fun handicrafts and recycled accessories available at great prices. Russian market. (Stall 312)


 T8  8am-5pm

Varied, colourful Khmer silk products from various Cambodian villages. 118, St.113 at St.330.  R5 (nr Tuol Sleng Museum)  023 215 732

Water Lily 

 9am-7pm (5pm Sat) (Sun by appt)

Necklaces, bags, tablecloths and more. designed by expat Christine Gauthier. 37, St.240. 

 K9 012 812 469

Weaves of Cambodia  6am-9pm Beautiful scarves, shawls, sarongs and more, all locally produced in Cambodia. 24, St.29. 

Yangon Space

 P8

 023 218 963

 8am-10pm

Boutique offering a range of colourful handicrafts from Burma (Myanmar). 19D, St.282. 

 O7 099 629 713

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

28 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Clothes & Accessories

adidas Outlet Store

 9am-9pm||

Axara Paris  8am-8:30pm|| Upscale French clothing store located in a very elegant French colonial house. 143, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 N7

 023 628 2828

Full range of adidas sports products such as footwear, apparel, accessories.

Baboun Paris  9:30am-8:30pm| 

201 AB, Mao Tse Tung Blvd.  N4   023  726 906 

Cute selection of Parisian children’s clothes, from 1 month to 12 years old.


 10am-6pm (closed Sun)||

High-end men’s and ladies’ clothing created by local designer Romyda Keth. 37, St.178. 

AND Shop

 I7 012 688 608  8am-8pm|

Pure cotton clothes and accessories made of recycled materials by the disabled. 52C, St.240. 

 K9

 023 224 713

14, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 M10 012 652 401

Bambou Indochine (

 Ad pg 32)

 9am-9:30pm||

Truly original designs inspired by Indochina. 100% cotton and bambou fibre Polo’s, T-shirts & resortwear. All sizes available for men, women and children. Absolute quality & value for money. 7, St.178.  H10 (also at PP Int’l airport)  023 214 720  listed for free!  023 210 407




 9am-8pm|

Two outlets selling a decent selection of branded shoes imported from Singapore.

 M9

46, Sihanouk Blvd. (also at 84, St.154).

 023 221 612

Beautiful Shoes

 7am-6.30pm

Custom-made shoes for men and women from $20 a pair. Popular with expats.

 R4

138B, St.143. 

 012 848 438

Bella Rose

 11am-7pm|

Choose from a varied selection of stylish, original secondhand clothes. 52, St.240. (inside KeoK’jay)

 K9 0978 887 442

Brands Expert

 8am-9pm

Choose from a selection of authentic, international brands of clothing.

 G8  8:30am-8:30pm||

54, Norodom Blvd.


Affordable luxury and fashion styles for ladies including casual and formal wear. 50B, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 L9

 023 213 668

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!   listed for free!  023 210 407


 8am-8pm||

Recently-opened clothes shop with many famous brands imported from Europe.

 H6

151B/C, St.154. 

 023 991 559

Chilli Kids

 9am-7pm||

Come discover a great choice of colourful and original children’s clothes.

 L8

43, St.240. (in Subtyl shop)

 023 992 710

The Closeout Shop  8am-9pm||

Choose from a large range of casual clothes and shoes including large sizes. 31, St.315.  C3 (also at Sihanouk Blvd.) 023 883 3592

Color Vintage

 10am-9pm|

Boutique outlet offering a range of “timeless” styles for women and men.

 G9 095 787 768

168, St.13. 

DAH Department Store  9am-8:30pm|| Quality men’s, women’s and children’s clothes, shoes, luggage, bags and more. 87, Sihanouk Blvd.

 M7

 023 997 653

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

30 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Daughters of Cambodia

 9am-6pm (closed Sun)||

Boutique and visitor exhibition. Daughters NGO empowers trafficked girls to escape the sex industry. Original designs, eco-friendly cottons; including clothing, accessories, jewellery and gifts. 65, St.178. (

 Ad pg 33)

 H9 077 657 678

Dara Shoes

 7:30am-5:30pm

Custom-made shoes for men, women and children, with prices from $20/pair. 10, St.166. 


 H6 012 855 173  8:30am-8:30pm|

Choose from a range of colourful ladies’ clothing, footwear, lingerie & more.

 M8

170, St.63. 

 023 993 033


 10am-8pm|

Good value women’s clothing from dresses to shoes, handbags to accessories. 56, St.63. 

 T6 011 510 736

Friends @ 240 

 1-5pm Mon, 8am-5pm Tue-Sat

Hip clothing, ready-to-wear and custom-made, by former street youth. 32, St.240. 

 L8 089 744 560


 9am-9pm|

Casual, imported clothes at reasonable prices for men, women & kids. 84BD, St.154.  M9 (also 68, Sihanouk Blvd.)  023 986 706 GET your business listed for free!  023 210 407 facebook/pocketguidecambodia



 8am-7pm||

Beautiful clothes and accessories hand crafted from the best Cambodia silk.

 N6

73, St.240. 


 023 223 103

 8am-6pm||

Designer clothing. An expressive blend of Western chic and Asian mystique. 165, St.110. 

La Clef du Sol

 F7

 023 986 209

 9am-7pm|

Concept store with home décor, original clothes, smooth bed linen, curiosities... 10, St.208. (closed Sunday)

 U8

092 194 468

Le Marais  9am-6pm (not Sun)| Chic, Parisian branded clothes with a trendy style for modern women. 33, St.222. (moving to Aeon Mall)

 J7

 023 996 266


 9am-9pm||

Choose from a wide selection of authentic Levi’s products for men and women. Monireth Blvd. (Lucky Dep’t Store)

 M3 067 666 811

Lili Perles

 10am-10pm

Choose from a selection of unique jewellery made with handmade beads. 143, Sisowath Quay. 

 F8 012 634 214

Limkeo  8:30am-12:30pm, 2-6:30pm (not Sun) Haute couture by Sylvain Lim, the grandmaster of Cambodian fashion. 9, St.222. 

 L7 012 941 643

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

32 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Lost ‘N’ Found Vintage Shop

Magnet Field

Travel and outdoor items, clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, glasses, etc...

 8am-9pm

 10am-9pm

Discover our fascinating 2nd hand clothes & accessories arrivals from Italy, France, Hong Kong... Something for everyone and a constantly changing selection. Hand-picked. You’ll love it, so will your wallet!

Spanish-based int’ ladies’ brand selling colourful clothes and accessories.

321,St 63, close to St.322.  O8 (  Ad pg 11)  023 640 5047

31C, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 8am-9pm||

Original design dresses and accessories, custom made for men and women. Also a range of women’s shoes. 8E1, St.278. (  Ad pg 31)


 8am-8:30pm||


Luna Boutique 

 H8 017 942 696

180, St.13.

 M8

 023 220 176

advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

 L8

 023 215 123

 8am-9pm|

Tailor-made silk clothing for women and a range of attractive accessories too. 9, St.51. 

 O9 017 558 239

New Collection  9am-9pm|| Decent quality, brand-name copies of clothes, belts, bags and accessories. 92, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 L8

 023 990 020




 10am-6pm|

Blingy and quirky fashion accessories, aspiring designers’ clothing and more.

 K9 016 620 908

8, St.240½. 


 8am-9pm| |

Stylish shoes, belts and bags for men and women. Made in Spain.

 L8

90, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 023 995 999

Phnom Boutique

 9am-8pm|

We stock eco friendly clothing for children, Wild at Heart women’s collection, Blue Velvet Vintage clothing and accessories as well as men’s clothing, and unique handmade items from around the globe.

 N9 077 960 855

14A, St. 294. 


 8am-8.30pm||

Fancy and casual imported woman’s shoes. Prices from $30 a pair upwards. 31, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 L8 017 470 090

Promesses & Kaprices 

 9am-7pm||

Luxurious, elegant boutique offering a selection of exclusive designs 20B, St.282. 


 O8

 023 993 527

 9am-9pm||

Puma sports products such as footwear, apparel, accessories, bags and more. 91, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 M7

 023 211 892

Romdeng Shop

 11am-9:30pm

Paintings, mugs, clothes, bags, handicrafts made by the NGO Friends International.

 I8 092 219 565

74, St.174. 


 9am-7pm||

Delightful accessories, jewellery and footwear at reasonable prices.

 M9 012 962 911

2, St.294. 


 9am-8pm||

Boutique with a range of Californiadesigned shoes for men, women & kids. 46, Sihanouk Blvd. 


 O9 012 403 058  8am-9pm

Smateria is not just about recycling. Our products are developed based on the idea of using common materials with style and giving them new life. 8, St.57 (also 7, St.278)   M8 / H10 012 647 061  023 211 701  (  Ad pg 24)


 9am-7pm|

Original and stylish line of contemporay women’s clothing and fashion accessories with interesting designs including bags, shoes, belts and gifts designed and made in Cambodia. 43E0, St.240.  L9  023 992 710 012 800 110 (  Ad pg 33)

Tom & Alice

 8am-8pm

Phnom Penh’s custom tailor of choice for men and women; we can design anything you want. Fast and friendly service. English-speaking staff. Free pick up in BKK district. 153, St.278. (  Ad pg 30)  F8 (also 84, St. 118) 097 633 3120

34 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Jus' Da’Facts

Here’s some general information about the capital city of the Kingdom of Wonder to help you get your bearings. Always prepare yourself for the local conditions and culture. Be prepared!

tion Popula ately approxim n ++ 2.2 millio

Climate June to October is the main part of the rainy season though it usually rains only in the afternoons. Temperatures typically range from 22°C at night to upwards of 33°C during the daytime.

rt rt Airpo ational Airpois h Interne city. There n e P m re f th Phno departu west o is 7 km ger a separate ational or no lon r either intern hts tax fo domestic flig

Restaurants > 250++ (catering mainly to foreigners)

Bars > 120++ (catering main ly to foreigners)

n seven tatio Orienis divided intokats ng ty Sa ci 6 h 7 n e the d P n Phnomns (districts) atourists stay in the ost Kha m in th, o M n . h s) P e t u a un (comm ordered by WBlvd to the sothe area b ao Tse Tung e west and ur th o M e , to h Se d rt . no e east ong Blv Moniv Sap river to th r details Tonle urist MAP fo To

Ar ea 37 square ki 6 lometres

Riel (US$Curr ency – US dolla1 = 4000R app transactio rs are used for rox.) carrying ns though it’s most change to a few thousan worth d Rie use tips, motofor small purch l in ases, s and so forth.

& Hotels es ous h t s e u G (catering > 120+ai+nly to m s) foreigner Try to a Safet cially o void travellin y First n unlit g stree alone at nig safe Where but it’s worthts. The city is ht, espeg possible taking precau enerally use mo you kn tion ow to at your and trust - s or tuk-tuks s. if th h in our Touotel or guesth doubt ask at o rist MA P for d use. See etails

Transport Motos 2000R+ short trip, $12+ per full day Tuk tuks $1+ short trip, $18+ per full day. Meter taxis available from $1 for a short trip. Taxis - $30-40 per full day (negotiating is expected)

Indust Garment, to ry hospitality, urism / finan commerce ce,

facebook: cambodia pocket guide



 9am-7pm Environmentally friendly clothing and accessories with fresh designs made by fair trade social enterprise, Tonlé.

Corner St.110 and Sisowath Quay. (  Ad pg 28)  F9 012 904 154

Ubur  8am-9pm|| Premium retail outlet specializing in quality leather shoes, bags and accessories. 45B, St.240. 

 xx  070 22 55 40

U.R.S. & Inc.  8am-9pm|| Unique, sophisticated Singaporean shoes. for discerning female customers. 31, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 L8

 023 999 699

Viva Ricci

 8:30am-8pm|

Modern boutique selling imported ladies’ shoes and bags at decent prices. 79, Sihanouk Blvd. 


 L8 017 376 566

 8am-8:30pm||

Fashionable ladies’ shoes imported from Malysia. Popular with young Khmers. 31C, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 N7

 023 221 229

Yes Outlet Store 

 9am-10pm||

Selection of luxury brands for men, women and children. Korean cosmetics. St.360, corner Monivong Blvd.  Q7  060 984 777

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

36 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Wine & Specialty Food


Celliers d’Asie  8am-6pm||

The city’s leading wine specialist supplying to restaurants and supermarkets. 62B, St.432. 

 Z4

 023 986 350

The Chocolate Shop 

 8am-7pm|

By The Shop: The first real chocolate shop in Cambodia centrally located in street 240! All products produced in-house with Belgian chocolate: truffles, pralines, season specials, ice cream and cakes. 35, St.240. (  Ad pg 36)  L9 also 317, St.63  023 998 638 

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

 8am-8pm

100% organic and wild Cambodian products. Palm wine, Kampot pepper, palm sugar... Visit our shop for some free tasting. A collection of local gifts also available. 57, St.178. 012

 H9 981 724


 8am-6pm (closed Sunday)

Full-service butchery selling beef, hams, sausages, bacon, chops, chicken & more. 51A, St.214. 

 K7 012 906 072 

Ga.Do Italian Wine Shop 

 9.30am-11pm|

The first and only Italian wine shop in PP! La vita e dolce come un vino italiano. 110, St.136.

 F8 095 968 747



Kurata Pepper

 8am-7pm

Red Apron

 9am-10pm||

Organic Koh Kong pepper and other associated products like pepper soap...

PP’s first professional wine boutique offers a wide selection to suit all tastes.

206, St.63, corner St.322.  P7   023 726 480

15-17, St.240. (closed Sunday)

La Pâtisserie

Smokey Dah Boar

  Tue-Sat: 7am-7pm (closed Sun)

The finest quality pastry & bread made by a professional French pastry chef.

 I8

9A, St.178. 

017 781 349

Le Duo

 9am-9pm|

Well-stocked Italian delicatessen store popular with Western expatriates. 17, St.228. 

 L8

 023 991 906

Le Terroir 69 7am-2pm, not Sun| An interesting variety of meat products produced by professional French butcher. 69, St.240. 

 N6 097 861 9367

Le Vôtre

 Tue-Sat: 7am-7pm (closed Sun)

Frozen vacuum packed takeaway food prepared by a skilled chef. 9A, St.178. 

 I8 092 528 085

1080, St.21A (Takhmao). 017 555 281

Starling Farm

3, St.178.  I8 also at 79, St.70.   023 724 274 017 900 977

TWG Tea Shop  8am-7pm|| Choose from a wide range of delicious teas, served either loose or ready-bagged. Sisowath Quay at St.154.  H7 (Amanjaya Hotel) 017 200 600


Frozen vacuum packed takeaway food prepared by a skilled chef. 213B, St.63. 

 H7

 023 6666 929

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

 8am-7pm

Imported meats, fruits, cheese, veggies and other good quality food products.

Vintage Wine Cellars

Natural Garden  7:30am-7:30pm

 Ad pg 37)

Producer of the world famous Kampot Pepper. Our certified organic pepper is a must have for chefs and the perfect souvenir to bring back from Cambodia.

Producing homemade jams, syrups and biscuits. All natural products.

092 906 097


 8am-5pm (St.70 shop closed Sun)|

23, St.240. 

 S6

 please call

Old country style smoked meat products and small goods. Wholesale orders too.

L’Irresistible 7.30am-6.30pm (closed Mon)| 174, St.454. 

 H7

 023 990 951

 L8

 023 211 534

 8am-9pm (closed Sun)||

Specialist “Old World” wine shop with knowledgeable staff and excellent service. 404D, Monivong Blvd.  P8   023 987 998

The Warehouse 9am-9pm|| Spacious outlet with a smart selection of wines from the old and the new world. 32, St.240. 

38 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 K9

 023 986 641



Wine Hall


 9am-8:30pm|

Cash & Carry concept wine store where quality becomes affordable. 142, Norodom Blvd. 

 08 017 848 786

Books, CDs, Toys

9 CD Center


 8am-11pm

 O7

 H9 097 750 667

Carnets d’Asie

 8am-8pm|

16C, St.374. 

 O4 015 935 789

Bodia Nature

French language bookshop with a section on Cambodia and Asia.

 9am-10pm

Producing all natural beauty products, everything we make, from our facial scrubs to essential oils, is handcrafted using the finest ingredients found in Cambodia’s rich virgin landscapes.

218, Sr.184  V7 (at French Cultural Center).012 799 959

D’s Books

 9am-9pm Cambodia’s best choice for books! A huge selection of great titles, many different genres to choose from. A real book shop for all book lovers!

10, St.178. (  Ad pg 4)  H10 / S3 (also at Russian Market)097 7446 367


12, St.178 / 79, St.240.  L9 (  Ad pg 41) 012 726 355

 please call

Neoprene can and bottle coolers designed and manufactured to order.

092 888 967

Crash Test Dummies

Monument Books & Toys  7am-8pm||

Varied English (and other) language books, newspapers & mags. Good toys too.

 L8

 023 217 617

 9am-9pm

Good quality CDs and DVDs with most of the latest international releases. 3, St.178. 

 8am-5pm

Feeling dirty, sticky and smelly? Use our handmade soaps and natural spa products.

5, Sothearos Blvd. (also on St.278)

Real World CD

 O7 012 802 725

Angkor Soap

 8am-8pm

111, Norodom Blvd. 

 8am-10pm||

54, St.306. 

Secondhand books to buy, sell or trade, in English, French and other languages.

 K10  K9

100% natural aromatherapy & spa products - all made in Cambodia.

 023 993 776

Bohr’s Books

St.258. (@ Lazy Gecko 2 Café) St.240 (@ Rubies Wine Bar)


Small DVD shop with a good selection of titles and a very helpful owner. 1, St.51. 

 9am-9pm

iPod uploads & mp3/DVD discs, with all the latest music, movies & TV shows.

 H9 016 988 699

 8.30am-6.30pm (closed Mon)

Quirky store offering a mix of men’s and women’s clothes and accessories. St.240 1/2. 

 L9 016 620 908

Decosy 9am-6pm, Sun 9am-5pm| Stylish selection of furniture, home decoration items, lighting, ceramic utensils... 219, St.19. 

40 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 K3

 023 219 253


 10am-8pm

Eclectic range of home decoration items and gifts. Mugs, pillows, stools... 178, St.63. 

 N7 095 810 250


 10m-7pm

Vintage posters, maps, photos, old newspapers. Originals & reproductions. 72C, St.174. 

 S7 012 826 186

Feel Good Emporium10am-5pm| Natural, health and wellness products to help you feel good and thrive!

 F8

79, St.136. 

078 888 773

Kangen Water

 8:30am-6pm

Kangen Water is the living water that restores your alkaline balance. 16B, St.302.

 O8

089 778 168


 9am-9pm|| Best personal gadgets and accessories store in town. Most innovative products. Most seamless customer experience. Professionally-trained staff for best sales and customer satisfaction

St.63, 4th floor of Sorya Shopping Center M3 (  Ad pg 15)  023 666 6763 La Casa del Habano 10am-10pm|| Cuban cigars, rums, music and more. Occasional live cigar rolling displays. 313, Sisowath Quay. (at Himawari Hotel)

 K10 077 283 330  11am-6pm

The Skate Shop International standard skateboards, shoes and clothing. Providing repairs too. 9, St.7. 

Yves Rocher

 L9 077 472 550  8am-8pm|

Finally, the botanical secret has come! 25F, St.240

012 763 408




Java Gallery  7am-10pm||

240 Gallery  6:30am-10pm|| Paintings, photography works and more from local & international artists.

 K9

83, St.240. 

 023 218 450

Apsara Art Gallery

 7am-6pm

Contemporary SE Asian art and photos. Also offers a picture framing service.

 W4

170A, St.450. 

012 867 390

Asia Art Gallery

 10am-6pm

Changing exhibitions by international and local artists in a comfo atmosphere. 56, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 L9

 023 987 420

Meta House 

 10am-10pm, closed Mon|

SE Asian and international fine arts, multi-media and light installations. 37, Sothearos Blvd. 

 M9 010 312 333

New Art Gallery  7am-6pm (closed Sun)

SE Asian art including paintings, photographs and postcards. (Open weekends)

Contemporary SE Asian art, paintings and photographs. Framing services too.

corner St.278 and St.51  O7  012 231 891

20, St.9. (closed Sunday)

Asasax Gallery  9am-8pm||

Romeet Gallery

Interesting contemporary artwork by a famous Cambodian artist, Asasax. 192, St.178 (opp Nat. Museum). Nth-H8   023 217 795

 O9 012 824 570 (closed Mon)

 10am-noon, 2-6pm (Sun 2-6pm)| Opened by Phare Ponleu Selapak association and supporting fine arts students.

 J8 092 953 567

DoriThy Gallery

34, St.178. (above Blue Chilli)

Teo & Namfah Gallery  by app’t

Call for appointment|

Gallery featuring a selection of black & white photographs by Doris Böttcher. 12A, St.256. 

 K9

012 661 552 

Happy Painting Gallery 

 8am-10pm||

Gallery featuring works from a selection of emerging artists from across Asia. 21, St.214. 

XEM Design

 J8 011 457 711  8am-6pm|

Must see! Established in 1995 and dedicated to Stef, a very positive artist.

Contemporary gallery showcasing locally produced art and design products

363, Sisowath Quay (FCC)  F6   023 221 732

13, St.178. 

Institut Francais du Cambodge

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

 8am-6pm|

Changing exhibitions on the ground floor as well as special talks and other events. 218, St.184. 

 J7

 023 213 124

 H8

 023 722 25

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

42 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Arts/Culture Abigail Gilbert

Visual Expeditions

Cambodia boasts a rich culture and thriving arts scene that has been rapidly revived during the last decade thanks to the efforts of both artists and NGOs. A tour of the Royal Palace is a good introduction to the intricacies of ancient Khmer arts and culture. Fountains and statuary, offerings to and celebrations of Buddhism in a graceful manicured setting encourage most sightseers to learn more. And there’s nowhere better than the National Museum, which has a large and impressive collection of artefacts tracing Cambodia’s rich history in vaulted splendour. Whereas Siem Reap might lay claim to being the “cultural capital” of Cambodia, Phnom Penh still has plenty to offer those wanting to enjoy the arts scene during their stay. There are a seemingly ever-increasing number of galleries across town, show-casing the work of local artists as well as expatriate and other international painters, sculptors and photographers. Exhibitions are held regularly at venues such as Java Café and Gallery on Sihanouk Blvd, Meta House on Sothearos Blvd and the FCC on the riverfront at the corner of St 178, a street which has been dubbed artists’ alley in recognition of the number of shops selling local art - located between Streets 13 and 19, these stock plentiful paintings of Angkor Wat and other Cambodian scenes that would make good souvenirs. The FCC building also houses the Happy Painting Gallery, owned and managed by long term French expat Stef. A few blocks from the river on St 178 you will find another gallery, this one belonging to local Khmer artist Asasax. While the artists exhibit markedly different styles, both are well worth seeking out if you’re looking for an interesting gift or souvenir.

artefacts tracing Cambodia’s rich history



Markets 

Perri Graham

Bargain Haven

The buzz and mayhem of the city's covered markets are what makes Phnom Penh a mecca for shopaholics. Phnom Penh has been for many years a shopper’s paradise where bargains have to be fought over and, in the majority of cases, locally made means put together round the corner, but beware of imitations. The most dominant of the capital’s marketplaces is Psar Thmei, the Central Market. Prior to 1935 the area was a swamp called Beng Decho, which was prone to flooding during the rainy season. The lake was drained and construction of what is now a market designed by Jean Desbois and engineered by Louis Chauchon began in 1935. As a landmark in the Kingdom of Wonder it gradually became more and more scruffy over the years and the capital’s city fathers welcomed an offer by the French Development Agency to return the site to its former, pristine glory. The work was pretty well finished in 2011 and the stallholders returned to continue flogging their fare - although the rental of their sites has gone up and their prices have risen accordingly. Not that many people complain as they haggle over handi and not so handicrafts on display. After all, what would a trip to Cambodia be without a scarf or three in different colours and either lovingly made with pure silk or cotton? Souvenir T-shirts, too, are a must-buy from simple designs with the Khmer alphabet and flag to Tin-Tin and imagery of Angkor Wat. On the so-called craft stalls it’s still possible to buy handcrafted pagodas, Buddhas and other souvenirs, but be sure to check their undersides for Made in Vietnam stickers.

haggle, haggle, haggle

44 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

The central area is a wonder of design and engineering with a domed core and four wings radiating outwards. Under the cupola, watches, precious and semiprecious stones, gold and silver jewellery dominate accompanied by lines of stallholders selling clothing for Khmer tots, teens and twentysomethings to barangs looking for presents for themselves or loved ones. Its outside stalls have been transformed from a rag-tag collection of haphazard areas specialising in everything from clothing to cooking utensils, electrical goods to fresh from the sea fish and crustaceans to a more ordered assemblage of product areas. Rumours have been circulating for some time that the road around the market and several of the feeder streets to its core will in the future be pedestrianised. Earlier interviews suggested that many stallholders were going to move to other markets where the rent was less steep, though the market is still busy and recent enquiries have painted a very different and more encouraging picture. A relatively recent addition to the capital’s markets is a stone’s throw from the Sorya Shopping Center and called, inevitably, the Golden Sorya Mall. Originally focused on shoes and clothing for the ever fashion-conscious Khmer youth, it has undergone a transformation over the last year or so, and the majority of the space is now given over to bars and restaurants, many of which are open until very late at night. There have been few changes at the Russian Market since the movement of the many and scruffy outside stalls, except for the several merchants who have adorned their premises with fancy signage. Famous for its Aladdin’s cave of bootleg software, CDs and DVDs, plus just about everything a budding yuppie would want to be seen with, it’s a steamy, clammy rabbit warren of colours and noise reminiscent of an Arabian souk. Its popularity, though, has enlivened the streets radiating off its four sides where bars, bistros and restaurants, ice cream shops and snackeries have reached out to the mostly heat-exhausted shoppers. Orussey is another reliable standby with a vast selection of dry bulk foods, fruit, vegetables, fish and cut flowers in addition to kramas, T-shirts, sneakers, underwear and household electrical goods. If you fancy getting sweaty while bagging yourself a bargain, then head straight for there. Alternative markets include Psar Chas, which offers a wide range of fruit, and Olympic, a predominantly wholesale market which has among other items wholesale fabrics of all hues and designs by the mile. Boeung Keng Kang market, at the southern end of Street 57 where it intersects with Street 380, has a wide range of second hand clothes at cheap prices, with T shirts available for just a dollar or less.

shoes and clothing for the ever fashion-concious



46 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

facebook/pocketguidecambodia 47

Money Exchange

Russian Market

Toul Tompoung District 1

Telecom Shop


St. 440 watches/jewellery



<< Traffic c direction d >>

general house’ merch’




khmer handicrafts


silk fabrics/products




St. 450

fesh produce

20 meters approx’

48 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!


[phsar toultompoung] clothing/shoes

<< Traffic direction >>


North Parking







St. 155

St. 446>> Entrance





East << Traffic direction >>


Cellcard Center


motorcycle parts

beauty salon/products

<< Traffic direction >>


Map not to scale, indication only facebook/pocketguidecambodia 49

Post Office 

Weekend Night



t Ph

Tep sokha express




Parking Parking


 Royal Palace

Old market ma


Concert Stage

National Museum



r nt


Parking t ke ar Independence Monument


y cy Pharmacy


 St. 13 




caminco insurance



a 20 meters approxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Watches and jewellery store Antiques artwork store Silk fabrics products store Clothing and shoes store

Khmer handicrafts store Portraits Flower store Book and postcard store

50 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Food store Drink Fruit shake store Ice cream store

 St. 106 Parking



Giant Ibis

Beware Pickpockets



St. 108 



Main Entrance




Tonle Sap River



Virak buntham

Sisowath Quay

Blue Pumpkin

Maoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Club

Japanese Bridge 

Market [phsar reaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;trey]

Neak Krohorm

Mate Shop M

Fish Restaurant

Map not t to scale, scale indication onl only ly Dry beef, pork store Sweet Phone store Empty store

Toys store Belts, bags and perfume store Khmer beer product Coffee

Phone refill card & number selling store DVD store

facebook/pocketguidecambodia 51





orussey market



182 190 198





184 200 208

172 174 178


Ton Citadel


Daughters of Cambodia


Senteurs d’Angkor


Splash Inn


Bodia Nature Scuba Nation


Bambou Indochine Smateria

+ + + + + + + + royal palace silver pagoda



U-Care / Bodia Spa


148 154


Dara’s Bike Shop

Tom & Alice 2

136 144

Starling Farm

sorya 154 shopping 158 center

53 25










100 Tonle Sap Artisans 102 4 Guest House d’Angkor 10 Giant Ibis






106 108



+ + + + + + + + central market 142

+ + + + + + + + wat phnom

Tonle Sap River

+ + + + + + + + 15





114 61




19 5


1 14 + + + + + + + + 137 93

Railway Station


92 96







Phnom Penh Map




+ + + + + + + + Tonle Sap River

84 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Mekong River

+ + + + + + + +




105 107 111 113 115 125 141 143


+ + + + + + + +





440 russian 444 market 444 450 454

Bodia Nature




438 442




410 420 428






392 398 400







Aura Spa

Craft Peace Cafe


24 R 4






408 418 426


PhalyCraft / KSPA 368


310 830

308 312



Yoga Phnom Penh

Pencil Super Center Riverside


Dream Land

Himawari FitnessOne Cambodiana Physique Club AG Medical Insurance

+ + + + + + + + Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra Phokeethra Sport Club So Spa

Monument Hotel

Champei Spa II

Cha’nails 352



360 368 376

119 129 360

Lost‘N’Found Vintage Store


294 302 Nata Spa 306 Champei Spa Samata Avis Cambodia 310 322 Chocolate Shop


The Bike Shop

Luna Boutique

Java Gallery



Koh Pich (Diamond Island)




330 348 350

+ + + + + + + + 105

300 304 310 320 330 tuol sleng 348 genocide 350 museum 360

288 292

282 288



34 8 35 6 36 4 4 P





+ + + + + + + + 155 153 151


3 O 28

117 127




59 + + + + + + + + Amret Spa Tips & Toes Smateria 278








Couleurs d’Asie





105 107 111 113 115 125 141 143

232 236 242 250 260

+ + + + + + + + Subtyl

The Chocolate Shop


International 222 256 Chiropractic Clinic 228 Naga Clinic 264 240 254 238 2 24 independence 250 U-Care 262


+ + + + + + + + 9



+ + + + + + + +


olympic stadium 7




+ + + + + + + +



95 99 101



Talking Tariffs

Whether you are living here in Phnom Penh or just passing through, there are numerous telephone services available to you from several different operators. Here are some brief details of what's on offer:


If you need a fixed line at your home or office (an 023 number), contact Camintel (023 986 789) or Telecom Cambodia (023 426 510). Installation costs around US$20 and, depending on the tariff and time of day, calls to other landlines and local mobiles cost around 7-10¢ a minute. You may need to pay a deposit, especially if you plan to make overseas calls.

Mobile Services

There are currently six companies offering mobile phone services in Cambodia, all of whom cover Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and most provincial areas. Prices are typically around 6-8c a minute for local calls to mobiles and landlines.

VOIP Services

You can now make international calls from all the mobile networks, with prices varying between service providers, often as low as 5c a minute. Call quality has inproved dramatically in the past few years with echoes thankfully now a thing of the past. Skype is also available so if your SIM has a data plan or if you have access to Wi-Fi, this can be a practical alternative. Just be careful of roaming charges if you are using an international SIM.

Tourist Facilities

If you’re a visitor to Cambodia, you can a Tourist SIM card from several mobile operators, which you can use for in-country calls as well as for calls abroad - in fact calls to other countries can be cheaper than local calls, with rates from as low as 5c a minute. Cellcard also offers an interactive “City Guide” for Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville, through which you can find information about many of the country’s main tourist spots including several of the temples within the Angkor Wat complex. If you prefer to use your own international SIM card, several operators offer roaming facilities though these are very expensive compared with using a local SIM, especially for calls back home or to other countries. 54 54 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Leisure Marissa Carruthers

Make the most of your Day

Phnom Penh is a hive of activity with plenty going on in and around town to fill your days and nights with fun. So you’ve ticked top tourist attractions The Killing Fields, S21 and a tour of The Royal Palace off your list and you’re left wondering what there is to do in Phnom Penh. Thankfully, the capital is packed with activities catering to every taste, from the fond foodie to the keen photographer, adrenaline junkie and cultural fiend. Cambodia is home to some top-class cuisine and if you fancy learning how to rustle up some classic dishes for friends back home, then popular frizz restaurant offers half-day and fullday cooking classes ($15 to $23). Starting with a tour of nearby Kandal Market, the class is introduced to a range of popular Cambodian fruit and vegetables before buying the ingredients needed for the day. Back in the rooftop classroom, students explore traditional methods of preparing food and learn about the different herbs and spices common in Cambodian cuisine. They go on to prepare a series of delicious dishes including fish amok and chicken and banana flower salad. Those seeking an adrenaline rush can jump onboard an automatic ATV quad bike and take a Blazing Trails tour ($25 to $165) - a unique way to explore the paddy fields, forests and villages that sit outside the city. A day spent racing round Phnom Penh’s only premier go-karting track will definitely get the adrenaline pumping through the veins. Kambol Kart Raceway’s 980-metre circuit is located on the outskirts of the city and takes in lush countryside. The centre’s 6.5hp go-karts hit speeds of up to 65 to 70kph and are often used for team-building exercises, corporate activities and family fun days.

activities catering to every taste

56 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

To get a taste for the traditional, apsara dance performances presented by Cambodian Living Arts take place Monday to Saturday at the National Museum. The production, Plae Pakaa which means fruitful in Khmer - showcases Cambodia’s rich and vibrant culture using traditional arts. This season, the performances are Children of Bassac - a snapshot of Cambodia through dance, Mak Therng - the quest for love and justice, and Passage of Life - living the Cambodian life. Get into the swing (pardon the pun) of Phnom Penh life while having heaps of fun with Swing Penh. The recently rebranded group, which has put the cool back into swing, has taken the city by storm with its range of fun-filled dance classes. Led by energetic dance teacher Janice Wilson, the classes come complete with witty cheek and there’s never a dull moment on the dancefloor. Swing Penh takes place at Doors (St 84 and 47, near Wat Phnom) every Tuesday, with beginners classes ($3) starting at 7pm followed by the city’s most swingin’ dance party at 8pm. You can’t leave Phnom Penh without having explored its waterways and there are plenty of operators offering various cruises, from sunrise to sunset and beyond. These vary in price, quality, duration and location so be sure to do some research before settling on your chosen vessel. Another fun way to explore the Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers, the lifeblood for the majority of Cambodians, is onboard a fishing boat. The Mekong Fishing Day Trip takes budding fishermen and women to the Silk Island area, a popular spot for landing catfish. The boat trip takes in the traditional floating villages and stunning views of the Cambodian countryside. Alternaitively, enjoy a sunset or dinner cruise aboard the Kanika catamaran, with departures every day at 5pm and 7pm from the Himawari Hotel. Budding photographers can brush up on their artistic skills by signing up to one of Nathan Horton’s Photography Tours. The one to 10-day trips range in ability and are designed to enable students to develop their camera skills while exploring off the beaten track Cambodia. The aim is to encourage photographers to dig deeper into the country’s culture than the usual tourist while taking some great shots home to prove it. . There are several independent art galleries and centres helping to promote the local art scene that are well worth a visit. Java Arts Café (Sihanouk Blvd) serves up great coffee and has a gallery upstairs, which regularly showcases local talent. Meta House (Sothearos Blvd) is another venue that supports the city’s art scene, with constantly changing exhibitions hanging on its walls. It also screens free documentaries on both Cambodian and international issues in the afternoons and evenings. Food and drinks are also available from the bar.

snapshot of Cambodia through dance



where you see this logo, these outlets accept visa cards for payment


Betelnut Jeep Tours  6am-11pm Daytrips to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre with exclusive access.


1, St.258. (at Lazy Gecko Café) Here you'll find a range of leisure options. Many of Phnom Penh's bars and restaurants also hold regular events such as quiz nights, pool competitions, art exhibitions and so on - see the Calendar of Events in our After Dark guide for details, and check the What's On section of our website for more information.

Legend   


Blazing Trails

 7am-4pm Guided tours on automatic quad bikes. Discover the charms of rural Cambodia. 200m before the Killing Fields.012 676 381

Cambodian Country Club  7 days Varied sports and leisure facilities (pony club, swimming, tennis, badminton...) St.2004.

012 231 755

Cambodian Eagles (AFL Club) Training Thursdays 6pm till 7pm at 3G Mini Football Pitch opposite the Australian Embassy & Saturdays 2pm till 4pm at the Phnom Penh Navy Base over the Japanese Bridge.

Air Conditioning Credit Cards Opening Times Map Reference

Activities Education & Courses General Entertainment

 K10 012 619 924

 Ad pg 59)


Cambodia Golf & Country Club 

 6am-6pm

Cambodia’s premier golf course near PP and popular with the Cambodian elite.

58 60 60

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

Route 4, 35km SW of PP. 023 363 666

Cambodia Golf Academy   7am-9pm Cambodia’s first golf school with lessons for adults and juniors. Repair centre too. 42-44, St.606. 

58 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 F1 012 984 811

Central School of Ballet

Kambol Kart Raceway 9am-6pm

  Mon-Thur 4-9pm, Sat 9.30am-2pm Providing quality ballet courses for adults and children. Apply now!

Cambodia’s first and only go-kart track. A little out of twon but worth the trip.

10, St.183, entrance St.406.  R4  078 780 233

City Golf Driving range and 9-hole pitch & putt, but you should bring your own clubs. 1, St.273 (Tuol Kork). 088 888 6161

Highway 4 (Kambol Village) (8km west of PP airport) 012 232 332

Kids City Asia

 8am-9pm| 

Indoor “edutainment” venue with sports centre, recreation centre and more. 162A, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 M7 012 523 218

Dancing Roads Tours please call

Mean Chey Sports Club  8am-8pm

Varied dirt bike tours for all abilities from beginner to expert. Call for details.

Popular golf driving range also featuring table tennis and pool tables.

012 822 803

66C, St.368.

off National Road 2.

017 585 881

EcoSea Dive

Monkey Business  9am-8pm| 

PADI authorised dive center featuring packages for all levels of experience.

Indoor children’s party venue. Fun for kids and the young at heart. Wi-Fi too.

012 606 646


Elite Golf

 7am-10pm

16, St.370. 

 P8 016 818 283

Large driving range, golf simulator and putting area. Swimming pool, VIP lounge. Diamond Island 

 N10

 023 631 9822

Fencing Federation of Cambodia  5-8pm,weekends 8-10am Enjoy the western, elite and Olympic sport here in the Cambodian capital. 35B, St.298. (4th floor)

 M5 015 916 646

Grand Phnom Penh Golf Club  6am-late

18 hole private golf course also featuring sauna, spa and banqueting facilities. St.598.

 023 6900 777

Hash House Harriers  Sundays The drinking club with a running problem runs every Sunday afternoon at 2:15pm. (meet at railway station) facebook/pocketguidecambodia


Nathan Horton Photography Photographic day trips from Phnom Penh. Morning practical class followed by afternoon guided tour of Kompong Chnnang and Udong. please call for details

The Vicious Cycle


092 526 706

PP’s only track - open only at weekends and very muddy in the rainy season. Preak Leap. (6km from Japanese Bridge)

Phnom Penh Pswings Thursdays Learn how to lindy hop & attend swing dance events with this fun dance group.

077 959 258

Red Raid Cambodia  please call Motorcycle tour specialist in Cambodia with itineraries to suit all levels of skill.

 N8

31, St.302. 

012 851 776

Royal Cambodia Phnom Penh Golf Club  6am-7pm Golf club popular with locals and expatriates alike, situated on the outskirts of PP. 

National Road 4.

Salsa & Bachata Classes  please call 

We give salsa lessons for beginners and for intermediate dancers every week.

 N/A

Scuba Nation Dive Center Cambodia’s only 5-Star PADI IDC Centre offering dive packages with courses, day trips and liveaboards to the islands. All with food, equipment and custom-made dive boats.

 G8 016 337 363

29, St.130.

Phnom Penh Motocross Track

 please call

Bicycle tours around various parts of Cambodia from half a day to 25 days.



Cambodia Cooking Class

 starts 9am

Learn to prepare delicious traditional Cambodian dishes. Full day for $23. 67, St.240. 

 L8 012 524 801

La Table Khmère Cooking School  please call

Morning classes ($20) and afternoon classes ($19). Includes a market trip. 11E, St.278. 

 M8 012 238 068

One Stroke Decorative Painting Classes Certified Elite2 Instructor. One StrokeFolkart - Tole painting technique. 174, St.454.  

 Sth-X4 092 619 948

General Entertainment

Apsara Arts Association

 8am-noon, 2-6pm (Sat 2-6pm, not Sun) Traditional dance, music and theatre with performances Saturday at 6:30pm. 71, St.598 (Toul Kork).

 023 990 621

Bophana   8am-noon, 2-5:30pm (Mon-Fri only)

18, Sothearos Blvd. (also at  H9 Morachai Guesthouse, Sihanoukville)

Audiovisual resource centre with documentary material from France and Cambodia.

012 715 785(PP) 012 604 680(SV)

64, St.200.

60 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 J7

 023 992 174

Legend Cinema

Cambodian Living Arts  H9  017 998 570

St. 178. 

 9:45am-11:45pm| 

Traditional arts performances at the National Museum, at 7 pm Fri/Sat.

Chaktomuk Theatre

 4-11pm, weekends 1:30-11pm

Local theatre with traditional Cambodian entertainment including shadow puppets. Sisowath Quay N of St.240.  K10   023 725 119

Phnom Penh’s largest int’l standard cinema showing the latest movies. City Mall (Monireth Blvd)  J4 also at TK Avenue 093 300 400

Librairie Paris  9am-7:30pm (Tue-Sat)| 

An extensive library of French-language books and other audio-visual media.

Feel Good Studio

218, St.184. (Institut Francais  J7 du Cambodge)  023 213 124

Drop in, beginner yoga, dance, pilates, meditation and art therapy classes.

Mekong Flower Tour Boat

 F8 078 888 773

79, St.136. 

The Flicks Movie House

Blockbusters and classics on big screen in comfy AC rooms for $3.50 per day.

 S6  Q8

Flicks 1: 39B, St.95. Flicks 2: 90, St.136

Group Magic Circus Solo  8am-4pm

Theatre and circus performance artists available for hire for private functions.

 N9 012 855 072

87BE, St.16BT. 

Institut Francais du Cambodge  7am-8:30pm|

Cinema, library, French and Khmer language school & an AC restaurant. 218, St.184. 

Kanika Catamaran

 J7

 023 213 124

 4-11pm

Lunch and dinner Mekong river cruises with a full bar and decent food too. Sisowath Quay.  K10 (at the Himawari Hotel) 012 848 802


advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

Enjoy sightseeing with floating village, silk village, plantation fields and more. Sisowath Quay.

012 432 268

PP Cultural Center call for details| Theatre facilities. Also available for wedding receptions, exhibitions, shows etc. cnr Mao Tse Tung & Monireth  O1   023 883 050

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center  8:30am-4:30pm

Take a interactive behind the scenes tour with Wildlife Alliance staff! Takeo Province (40km from PP)  095 970 175

Platinum Cineplex check programme Cinema showing many of the latest Hollywood and Asian releases. St.63, inside Sorya Shopping Center  017 666 210

Sovanna Phum Arts Association  7:30-8:30pm, Fri/Sat only

Khmer classical dance, drums, shadow puppets, live music orchestra and more. 166, St.99. 

 S6

 023 987 564

listed for free!  023 210 407 facebook/pocketguidecambodia


Family Activities Marissa Carruthers

Kid Friendly

While Phnom Penh is predominantly an adults’ playground, there are plenty of attractions that are fun for the whole family. As tourism continues to shape its landscape an increasing number of parents are enjoying the emerging market aimed at them and their kids. From a lazy day by one of the many hotel swimming pools and taking a stroll along the riverside for ice-cream, to catching the latest film at the flicks and stepping back in time at the arcades, Phnom Penh has it all. Dream Land on Sisowath Quay is the capital’s first modern amusement park and while it pales in comparison to those in more developed countries, it’s a great place for adults to bring out the child inside. Home to funfair-type rides, such as Bumper Cars, Viking Ship, Twin Twister, Giant Wheel and Jumper Boat, Dream Land also houses an arcade, maze, inline skate park and even dinosaurs. Food is available onsite and entry varies depending on group size and the number of rides. Kids City is one of the latest facilities to open its doors in the city, setting the pace for the wave that will inevitably follow. The indoor entertainment centre on Sihanouk Blvd is a hive of activity and excitement spread over 11 levels of fun. Inside the colourful centre, youngsters can take part in a series of sports, including ice-skating and a climbing wall, play laser tag, enjoy the playground and discover the world in the Science Zone. While the kids are enjoying themselves, parents can keep busy browsing the designer stores inside or take a break in the onsite Gloria Jeans or The Blue Pumpkin cafes.

Home to funfair-type rides

62 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

There are several family-friendly restaurants across Phnom Penh that cater for kids. Gasolina on Street 57 is home to a spacious and secure garden where kids can play safely, as well as a menu geared specifically for children. Le Jardin is another spot popular with families throughout the day. The Street 360 venue serves as a restaurant, cafe and ice cream shop, boasting a large shaded garden where kids can play. There is also a sandpit and dedicated children’s menu. Take a step back in time and relive those forgotten roller disco days at the capital’s roller-skating rink, which sits on the top floor of Sorya Shopping Centre (corner of Street 63 and 142). Also offering staggering views of the capital, the open-air rink has ramps and jumps for kids to test their skills on. The games arcade next door also provides endless hours of entertainment, and there is a whole floor dedicated to Cambodian food and drinks where you can replenish your energy after a session on the rink. Make the most of the dry season and take a leisurely stroll along Sisowath Quay, also known as the riverside. The lawns outside The Royal Palace are always full of Khmer families feeding the flocks of pigeons there so why not buy a bag of seeds from one of the many sellers and join in with the fun. A little further up the riverside is The Blue Pumpkin, which is famous across Cambodia for its delicious ice cream so why not stop off and try some? A sunset cruise is the perfect way for a family to end a day and there are plenty of boats offering trips and tours throughout the day and night, with most guesthouses and hotels able to arrange tickets. As well as offering sunset, dinner and apsara dance cruises, Kanika Restaurant-Bar - a uniquely designed catamaran - runs a lunchtime cruise with an 11 course, eat as much as you like, Asian-style buffet. Leaving from the Himawari Hotel, the cruise passes the Royal Palace and continues on to the capital’s largest bridge, The Japanese Bridge. Call 012 848 802 for details. Family film time is also an option, with Phnom Penh now being home to three multiplex cinemas. Platinum Cineplex, on the fifth floor of Sorya Shopping Centre, screens the latest movies in 2D and some in 3D format. Legend Cinema opened in 2011 on the third floor of City Mall Shopping Centre, near Olympic Stadium, and now boasts a new screen at TK Avenue, a recently opened boutique mall in Toul Kork. TK Avenue also boasts several boutique stores and restaurants and is becoming a popular recreational venue especially among the younger Khmer crowd. Last but not least, the eagerly awaited Aeon Mall was due to open in June and promises to bring a range of leisure activities for all the family.

popular recreational venue



Sporting Activities Steve Noble

Sporting Buffs

You may have arrived in Cambodia at the end of the hot season and moving towards the rainy season. However, sports in Cambodia seems to only be growing and diversifying so this time of the year shouldnt dampen your sporting enthusiasm! The biggest sporting event this year is the football world cup in June/July in Brazil, and its time to put national pride to the fore. Football is the nation’s most popular sport and one intrepid event organiser has got on board with World Cup fever and organised a local competition titled the Phnom Penh 5’s World Cup 2014. With 6 artificial pitches booked, an area for the kids to play, first aid, physios, trophies, food & beers, the June 1st event takes place at the 3G Field from 9am-3pm with 16 teams participating. (Rumours are a World Cup themed Gold challenge is also in the works). If you would like to catch some local Cambodian football, the Metfone C-League matches are all played at the Olympic Stadium on weekends, but best to find out from someone local about the schedule! Martial arts are in popular in Cambodia and available in class and spectating form at various venues. In Cambodia three martial arts are practiced. The most popular is Bradal Serey, which is kickboxing, with nearly the same rules and style as Thai Boxing (Muay Thai). Bradal Serey is the national sport, and the television networks broadcast professional fights weekly. Bokator (the Thai variation is called Muay Thai Boran) is an all encompassing ancient fighting art that includes punches, kicks, knees, elbows, grappling, ground fighting, and weapons. Selapak is also worth a visit in the capital for a glimpse of local culture with traditional dance or

Learn about martial arts and Apsara dancing

64 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Yuthakun Khom group lesson or private session for adults and kids. If you prefer endurance, the 4th Phnom Penh half marathon takes place on June 15th in front of Royal palace- the date will mark celebrations for the Queen Mother Norodom Monineath’s June 18 birthday. The event has already attracted registration from 200 athletes, including around 50 foreigners & also promotes environmental awareness under the slogan “The Love for Green Sport”. Funds raised from the race will be donated to the families of mine victims and Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital. Cambodian Triathlon Federation (CTF) will host its third Duathlon running and cycling race on June 1 at Diamond Island and best to get in touch with them for a wider schedule. If you prefer something more refined the third Junior National Tennis Tournament is planned for late July but social tennis games are available throughout the city and at most hotels who have courts for hire. Tennis is increasingly gaining popularity and the first national wheelchair tennis clinic will take place later in year in Cambodia. For more risky and adrenaline paced sports action, the local Mountain biking series has a series of events and the next round will be held at Prek Leap race track on the outskirts of the capital on June 8. Rugby Union is also gaining popularity. The national team, The Koupreys are due to hold training games in June as they prepare for their trip to Brunei where they will face the hosts and Mongolia. In addition Kampuchea Balopp who use rugby as a youth development tool will hold their 2nd grassroots rugby day on the 29th at Old Stadium which is rumoured to guest star a current French international player. For other popular ball sports the 2nd national basketball season is due to kick off and games take place at the Beeline area. If your prefered oval ball sport is AFL, support the Cambodian Eagles AFL who continue compete against other SEA opposition with games held at Navy Field but the only current scheduled game is the Indochina Cup on August 16th being held in Bangkok. If you want to try something different to cap off your Cambodian visit, try one of the public aerobics classes which take place at most public parks to blaring loud music and easily identified by an onlooking army of spectators and it will only set you back a few thousand Riel. Alternatively try your hand at Ouk Chatrang, which is the Cambodian chess variant seen played all over the country and attempt mastering one of the locals on their home turf...not an easy feat- you have been warned! There are quite literally dozens of other sports to get involved in or spectate with social groups of Table Tennis, basketball, volleyball, hockey, ultimate frisbee or even regular yoga, zumba and belly dance classes!

good fun and open to players of all abilities



Get Yourself Connected Whether you are living here in Phnom Penh or justpassing through, staying in touch with friends, family and business associates means getting online. Here is a brief overview of your options:

Fixed & Mobile Connections

There are many internet service providers in Phnom Penh. While there are several options that allow unlimited downloads, many set a download limit (500MB or 1GB are common) beyond which you will need to pay a surcharge for any extra bandwidth you use. Prices have continued to fall over the past year or so, though fixed connections are still fairly expensive compared to neighbouring countries. Monthly charges vary from about $30 for a 1GB limit running at 512KB/s, with unlimited services now available from less than $80. Some ISPs like Emaxx Telecom offer inexpensive connections via USB dongles that you simply plug into your computer. Emaxx has bundled internet packages starting from $49/mth with unlimited use, with a free USB dongle for mobile internet use.

Internet Cafés

There are still a few internet cafés across the city, with hourly charges typically running between 2,000R (50¢) and $1. You generally get what you pay for, so if you are looking for reasonable speed and air-conditioned comfort expect to pay around the upper end of the scale. If you use a flash-drive or other portable memory system make sure you check it regularly for viruses – many internet cafés do not run adequate anti-virus software and the results can be devastating if you are not careful – instances of complete loss of data have been reported, so it’s wise to take a few precautions. It’s also a little risky to access your online bank accounts as there is an (admittedly limited) risk of your password details being hacked if your connection is not secure.

Wi-fi Services

An increasing number of hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and bars in Phnom Penh now offer Wi-Fi internet access, very often free of charge, though you may need to buy a card with a PIN number (usually about $1/hour). So if you have a laptop you can surf the web and e-mail your friends and associates in the comfort of your hotel room or while enjoying a drink at the bar. Look for the @ symbol in our directory listings. 66 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Welcome to Phnom Penh. Now that you are here you may want to know your options if you’re planning to leave by air. One of the airlines on this page will hopefully take you to your prefered destination. Phnom Penh International Airport has internet access, duty free products, a bookshop, cafés and more for your convenience. Please check with the airline or a travel agent for up-to-date schedules and pricing as these are subject to change at short notice. From most areas of Phnom Penh you can get a taxi to the airport for around $10. Alternatively if you’re travelling light a moto taxi costs around $3. Be ready to negotiate and note that the fare may go up for multiple passengers. Note: you no longer need to pay a $25 airport departure tax when leaving the country as the charge is included in the price of your ticket. Please check if you need visas ahead of time before heading to your destination.

departures AIRLINE



TIME 17:05

Kuala Lumpur Daily


Kuala Lumpur Daily



Seoul Daily 23:50


Bangkok Daily


Bangkok Daily


Bangkok Daily


Bangkok Daily


Bangkok Daily





Hanoi |M|W|F|SAT| 17:45

68 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Destinations by Air departures




HCMC (Saigon) Daily HCMC (Saigon) Daily

20:05 21:10

CHINA AIRLINES Taipei Daily 10:50 CHINA EASTERN Nanning |TH|SUN| 12:55

00:15 08:00 14:30

Shanghai Daily Daily Guangzhou Daily


Hong Kong

|M|T|TH|SAT|SUN| 11:30

Hong Kong



Hong Kong




EVA AIR Taipei Daily 12:45 JETSTAR ASIA Singapore Daily 15:15 KOREAN AIR Seoul Daily 23:20 LAO AIRLINES Vientiane Daily 17:50 MALAYSIAN AIRLINES Kuala Lumpur Daily 11:10

Kuala Lumpur Daily


MYANMAR AIRWAYS Yangon |W|SAT| 20:15 SILK AIR Singapore |M|W|F|SAT|SUN| 09:35


Singapore Daily Bangkok Daily Bangkok Daily

18:10 10:00 20:25

TIGERAIR Singapore |T|TH|F| 09:10 |SUN| 13:20 Singapore Singapore |SAT| 14:50 Singapore |M|W| 17:00 VIETNAM AIRLINES HCMC (Saigon) Daily 14:15

Hanoi Daily 17:45

Please note this schedule may change during the lifetime of the publication so please check with the airline or travel agency Source: 5 Oceans Travel, 147 Street 51, Phnom Penh

Overland Crossings Border Crossings



Anlong Veng



Visa waiver available* open 7am-8pm, 2-3 hours from Siem Reap by bus or taxi

Siem Reap




(ban laem)

Visa waiver available* open 7am-8pm 8-10 hours from Phnom Penh by bus or taxi


(ban pakard)

Ko Kong

Visa waiver available* open 7am-8pm 8-10 hours from Phnom Penh by bus or taxi

Phnom Penh

Please Note: Road conditions and border opening times are subject to change. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a good idea to check with a travel agent before you depart. Several bus companies depart from Phnom Penh regularly, either from the SW corner of Central Market, or from Sisowath Quay near Street 104 or near Orussey market SE corner - you will need to book your ticket in advance. Taxis also available around markets - ask your hotel/ guesthouse to arrange for you.

Ko Kong (had lek)

Visa waiver available* open 7am-8pm 6-8 hours from Phnom Penh by bus or taxi

70 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Prek Chak

Gulf of Thailand


O’smach (chong jom)

Visa waiver available* open 7am-8pm 8-10 hours from Phnom Penh by taxi

Anlong Veng


(chong sa ngam)

Visa waiver available* 8-10 hours from Phnom Penh by taxi

Dom Kralor (voeung kham)

Dom Kralor

Lao visa not available open 8am-5pm, 8-10 hours from Phnom Penh by taxi


O’Yadao (le thanh)

Vietnamese visa not available open 8am-5pm, 12 hours from Phnom Penh by taxi

Trapeang Phlong (xa mat)

Vietnamese visa not available 6-8 hours from Phnom Penh by taxi

Bavet (moc bai)

Trapeang Phlong



Vietnamese visa not available open 9am-5pm, 3 hours from Phnom Penh by bus or taxi

Kaam Samnor (ving xuong)

Kaam Samnon

Prek Chak (ha tien)

Vietnamese visa not available open 7am-6pm, 3 hours from Phnom Penh by taxi

Vietnamese visa not available open 9am-5pm 3-4 hours from Phnom Penh by bus or taxi AND boat

Phnom Den (tinh bien)

Vietnamese visa not available open 7am-8pm, 3-4 hours from Phnom Penh by taxi



Travel 

Marissa Carruthers

On the Road Boasting an abundance of beaches, jungles, mountains, lakes and temples galore, Cambodia is a country just waiting to be explored. Whether it’s the remote islands or the depths of the jungle, improved roads and transport links make discovering Cambodia easier than ever before. Travel is cheap and all major destinations are accessible by bus from Phnom Penh, with private and shared taxis also favourable options. The temple town of Siem Reap is top on everyone’s list. Buses leave Phnom Penh hourly between 6.30am and 2.30pm, with some afternoon services. Giant Ibis and Mekong Express are popular choices, offering wifi, and A/C. The journey takes between 5 and 8 hours and tickets start at about $8. A taxi takes five hours and costs upward of $60. Night buses to Siem Reap depart at 11.30pm and 12.30am and take about 6 hours. Beach lovers should head south to Sihanoukville, especially the popular Otres beach and the smattering of idyllic islands off the coast. Buses, with faster minivans available, depart hourly and take between 3 and 6 hours. Tickets start at $5. Taxis cost about $50. Nearby Kep and Kampot are sleepy neighbouring towns offering a slice of tranquility. Kampot boasts a relaxing riverside setting while the even smaller town of Kep, which is 30 minutes away by bus, is a quiet seaside resort. Both are accessible by bus from Phnom Penh, which depart regularly between 7am and 2.45pm and take between 3 and 5 hours. tickets start at $5. Taxis cost about $40. The city of Battambang in the North West is also worth visiting. Buses depart hourly from Phnom Penh throughout the morning and take between 5 and 7 hours. Tickets cost upward of $10 and taxis cost about $70. The jungle and mountains of Mondulkiri in the North East are starting to feature on tourists’ radars and, thanks to new roads, are accessible within a 6 to 7 hour bus journey or 5 hour taxi ride. Minibuses depart from Phnom Penh in the morning and cost $10. A taxi will cost about $80. Most guesthouses can arrange transport, which includes shared taxis. This can mean a hair-raising journey with up to 4 people crammed in the back seat and 2 in the front. Taxi prices increase and availability decreases during public holidays. 72 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Bus Travel

Cambodia’s road network has improved dramatically in the last few years and the main tourist cities and many provincial capitals are easily accessible by bus. Here’s an overview of your options.

All of the companies listed here use air-con buses of generally good quality. Some also offer TV, snacks, water and an onboard toilet. The route from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap is now also covered by some companies using Ford Transit minibuses which offer a quicker service though they lack the onboard amenities of the larger buses.

Giant Ibis

Paramount Angkor

Phnom Penh q Siem Reap/ Kampot/Sihanoukville/HCMC Includes: Free wifi, Snack, Drink, Guide, Cold Towel, TV, Toilet

Phnom Penh q All the provinces (except Moundol kiri and Ratanak Kiri) and Bangkok Includes: TV

Phnom Penh q Siem Reap/ Battambang/Bongteay MeanChey/ Poy Pet/Kampot/Sihanoukville/ Kompong Cham/HCMC/Bangkok Includes: TV, (++ for HCMC)

Phnom Penh q Siem Reap Includes: Drink, Toilet

Capitol Tour

GST Express

Phnom Penh q Siem Reap/ Battambang/Preas Vihea/ SihanoukVille/Bateay Mean Chey/ Poi Pet/Bangkok/Ho Chi Minh Includes: TV

Mekong Express

Phnom Penh q Siem Reap/ Sihanoukville/ Battambang/ Poy Pet/Ho Chi Minh/Bangkok Includes: Free wifi, TV, Snack, Drink, Guide, Cold Towel, Toilet Mey Hong Transport


Sorya Transport

Phnom Penh q To all provinces (except Takeo/HCMC/ Bangkok) Includes: TV, Toilet

Virak Buntham Express

Phnom Penh q Siem Reap/ Bonteay Meanchey/Poit Pet/ Koh Kong/Sihanoukville/ Ho Chi Minh/Bangkok Includes: TV, Drink, Toilet

Mini Vans

Seila Angkor Express

Neak Krohorm Travel

Phnom PenhqSiem Reap/ Phnom PenhqSiem Reap Phnom PenhqSiem Reap/ Incl: Drink, Towel BTB/Poi Pet/Svay Sisophon Sihanoukville Includes: TV, Towel Incl: TV, Drink, Towel Tickets can usually be arranged by your hotel or guesthouse, though you can also buy them directly from the bus companies - please see our listings for contact details. 74 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Day Trips Marissa Carruthers

Exploring Around

With plenty of places to explore on the outskirts of Phnom Penh, escaping the hustle and bustle of city life couldn’t be easier.

If you plan on spending a few days in Phnom Penh and fancy venturing outside the heartbeat of the city then fear not because there are plenty of day trips to keep you busy. If it’s fresh air you’re craving, unparalleled 360-degree views of the capital and surrounding countryside, with a bit of history thrown in, then Oudong is the perfect place to start. Situated about an hour west of Phnom Penh, off Route 5, sits the remains of the former capital. Now abandoned, the once royal city of Oudong was the capital from the early 17th century until 1866 when it relocated to Phnom Penh. A scattering of temples, stupas and historic structures stretching back to the 13th century cover Oudong’s three hills. A return journey costs about $30 by private taxi or $20 for a bumpy ride in a tuk tuk. For something on the wild side then take a trip to Phnom Tamao. Located about 45km south of Phnom Penh, the zoological park and wildlife rescue centre is home to more than 96 species of birds, mammals and reptiles, including those confiscated from traffickers or saved from the clutches of poachers. In total, there are more than 1,000 animals including elephants, wolves and the world’s largest captive collection of pileated gibbons and Malayan sun bears. Leave about two-and-a-half hours to travel around the attraction. Hitting the road by bike is a fun way to discover outside Phnom Penh, with a popular ride being to the Mekong Islands. Hiring a bike is easy, with many travel companies and guesthouses renting them for about $2 a day. The 30km route sees cyclists cross the Mekong on the ferry from behind Naga World to Arreiksat and in a loop to the islands. Tonle Bati is another sight worth seeing. The small lake is about 30km south of Phnom Penh and is a popular weekend destination with locals, who flock there to relax, picnic and fish. Phnom Chisor, sits 20 minutes south of the lake at the peak of a mountain with 461 steps to climb. facebook/pocketguidecambodia



Air tickets can usually be purchased or changed at a travel agent or online, but if you need to get in touch with an airline directly you’ll find their contact details here. Please see our “DESTINATIONS BY AIR” feature for current flight schedules


AirAsia Like most good things your time here will eventually come to an end. So if you're heading out of town, here you should find all you need for air,land or water travel.

 


Phnom Penh International Airport.  023 890 441

Bangkok Airways  8am-5:30pm  K7

 023 722 545

Cambodia Angkor Air

Air Conditioning Credit Cards Opening Times Map Reference

Airlines bus companies insurance services taxi, tuk tuk services motorcycle rental/repair car rental travel agents/tour operators

Asiana Airlines  8am-noon, 1-5pm

61A, St.214.

Legend 

 8:30am-5:30pm

Room T6, Phnom Penh Airport.  023 890 035

206A, Norodom Blvd. 

 023 6666786

China Airlines 32, Norodom Blvd.

76 77 77 78 78 80 80

 8am-5:30pm  H7  023 222 056

China Southern Air  53, Monivong Blvd.

 8:30am-4:30pm  O1

 023 430 877

Dragon Air

 8am-noon, 1-5pm 168, Monireth Blvd.  O1

Eva Air Suite 11-14B, St.205.

where you see this logo, these outlets accept visa cards for payment

 8am-5:30pm  P9

 023 424 300

 8am-4:30pm  O2

 023 219 911

JetStar Asia 

 8am-5pm (closed Sun)  G6

333B, Monivong Blvd.

76 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 023 220 909

Korean Air

 8am-12pm, 1-5pm  L8

254, Monivong Blvd.

 023 224 047

Lao Airlines  8-11:30am, 1:30-5pm 111, Sihanouk Blvd.

Malaysia Airlines 35-37, St.214.

 O9

 023 222 956

 8am-5pm  L7  023 218 923

Myanmar Airways Int’l  8am-noon, 1:30-5:30pm  A2

90-94, St. 217.

 023 881 178

Shanghai Airlines

 8am-5pm

53, Monivong Blvd. (Phnom Penh Hotel)   E7  023 723 999

Silk Air

 8am-noon, 1:15-5pm

Thai Airways Mao Tse Tung Blvd.

 023 988 629

 8am-5pm]  P1

 023 214 359

Vietnam Airlines  41, St.214.

 8am-noon, 1:30-4:30pm  K7  023 990 840

Bus companies

Central bus station is near Central Market though many companies depart from Sisowath Quay near the ferry port. See page 70 for more information.

Apsara Khmer Travel  6am-7pm 213, St.289.

Capitol Tours

092 411 611  6am-9pm

14AE0, St.182. (corner St.107.)   023 217 627

GST Bus 13, St.142.

 5:30am-9pm 012 895 550

Giant Ibis

 6:30am-9pm

Travel in brand new 2012 buses around Cambodia. Comfortable reclining seats, spacious leg room, Wifi internet, free snacks, pick-up service. 3, St.106. (

 F8

 Ad pg 73)

 023 999 333 

Mekong Express

 6am-8:30pm

87, Sisowath Quay.

 023 427 518

Neak Krorhorm  5:30am-7:30pm 012 495 249

4, St.108.

Paramount Angkor Express

 6am-8pm

 023 427 567

24E, St.102.

Rith Mony Bus Service

 8am-5pm 012 878 919

137CD, St.118.

Seila Angkor Express

 6:30am-10pm

43, St.154.

 023 6971 888

Sok Sokha Express 121, Sisowath Quay.

Sinh Tourist 106-108, St.230.

Sorya Transport Co. Central bus station.

 6am-8pm  023 991 414

 6am-8pm  023 997 837

 24 hours  023 210 359

Virak Buntham Express

 24 hours

St. 106 at Sisowath Quay. 012 332 302

Insurance services

AG Insurance

 9am-noon, 2-6pm (closed w/ends)| Health insurance specialist with int’l health coverage adapted to your needs. 313, Sisowath Quay. (Hotel Cambodiana)

 K10 017 360 333



Asia Insurance 

Inside Out Cambodia

 8am-noon, 1-5pm (closed Sun)|

General insurance company offering a wide range of insurance services.

 H8

5, St.13. 

 023 427 981

Forte Insurance 

 8am-5:30pm, Sat 8am-noon|

General insurance company offering a wide range of insurance services. 325, Mao Tse Tung Blvd.  I1   023 885 066

Infinity Insurance 

 8am-noon, 1:30-5:30pm||

General insurance company offering a wide range of insurance services. 126, Norodom Blvd. 

 M8 012 800 001

Tuk-tuk, van and other services both within the city and outside the city.

Royal Cambodian Limousine Service Stylish transport solutions for hotels, embassies, luxury tour operators...

 H8

 023 212 841

Taxi/tuk tuk services

You can find shared taxis to the provinces at Central, Orussey and Olympic markets, depending on your destination.

Choice Taxi

 24 hours

Popular metered taxi service offering roughly similar rates to GMT (see below).  023 888 023 090 882 882

Global Meter Taxi

 24 hours

Metered taxis with rates from (4000R) US$1 for the first 2 kilometres.

011 311 888, 092 889 962 


advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

 I7 077 218 808

246, Monivong Blvd.  

Taxi Vantha

 24 hours

Taxis serving Phnom Penh and beyond. Best to agree the fare when you book.

 S6 012 855 000

172-174, St.143.  

Motor cycle rental/repair

(closed Sun)   8am-noon, 1:30-5pm (Sat 8am-noon)|

59i, St.13.  

092 732 154

28B, St.446.

Poe-ma Insurance

Our specialists provide solutions and services concerning a variety of insurances.

 7:30am-5pm

Angkor Motorcycles

 7am-6pm||

Motorcycles for rent and sale at reasonable prices. Visa services available too. 92, St.51. 

The Bike Shop

 I7 012 722 098  8am-5:30pm

The most professional place for dirt bike and mountain bike rental & tours, repairs and spare parts. Quality service. Western management. 31, St.302.  (

 Ad pg 79)

 N7 012 851 776

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

78 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Dara Motorbike

 8am-6pm

Service, spare parts and accessories, with the main focus on off-road bikes. Specialist in CRM250 Honda 2-strokes. Dirt bike tours can also be arranged by appointment.

 G9 012 335 499

43, St.136.

Flying Bikes

 8:30am-5pm]

Off-road motorcycle sales and service.

 F7 012 868 380

8, St.114. 

Grease Monkeys

 9am-6pm]

Centrally located bike shop offering sales, rental and servicing of most models.

 G8

62, St.51. 

012 555 496

Little Bikes

 9am-6pm]

Motorcycle sales and rentals with the emphasis on smaller capacity machines.

 I8 017 329 338

178, St.13. 

Riverside Moto

 8am-6pm

Motorcycles for rent and sale at reasonable prices. Visa services available too. 30, St.118. 

Sok Heng

 F8

 023 223 588

 7am-5pm

Khmer-operated service and repair shop favoured by many Western expatriates. 16R, St.252. 

 N6 012 947 716

TWO - Two Wheels Only   8:30am-6pm, Sat 9am-6pm, closed Sun Western owned and managed shop offering bike sales, service and rentals. 34L, St.368.  Q6 (near Tuol Sleng Museum) 012 200 513


 6am-6pm, closed Sun

Motorcycle sales and service. Visas too. 177, St.110. 

 F7

 023 720 288

Lucky! Lucky!  7:30am-6:30pm||

Motorcycles for rent and sale at reasonable prices. Visa services available too. 413, Monivong Blvd.  J6 also at St.130 nr Central Market.   023 212 788

Motos 69

 8am-6pm]

Road and dirt bikes of various sizes for sales and rental. Service facilities too. 299, St.182. 

New! New!

 J3 016 557 725  7am-7pm|

Motorcycles for rent and sale at reasonable prices. Visa services available too. 417, Monivong Blvd. 

 K6 012 855 488

listed for free!  023 210 407 facebook/pocketguidecambodia


Car rental

Charming Cambodia  7:30-5:30pm] Full service travel agent tour operator offering a wide range of travel services.

Self-drive car rental is rare in Cambodia. If you do rent a car make sure you’re clear on what your insurance policy covers.

362, Sihanouk Blvd. 

Avis Cambodia  8am-5.30pm]

Destination Asia

Avis is now operating in Cambodia, offering high quality self-drive or chauffeured car rental with brand new vehicles. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rentals available. 46, St.322. (

 Ad pg 7)

 O8 078 666 577   

Boat operators

 O6

 023 801 018

 8am-noon, 1:30-5:30pm|

Tour operator offering “destination management for travel connoisseurs”.

 L8  023 215 761

3, St.228. 

Diethelm Travel

|  8am-noon,1:30-5:30pm

Experienced, multilingual travel experts providing a tailor-made travel service.

 M6

Seven companies operate boats to Siem Reap, sharing the schedule between them. Tickets can be purchased from travel agents or through the operators’ own agent (012 932 328 ) and cost around US$30.

65, St.240.  

Compagnie Fluviale du Mekong

Established company offering tailor-made journeys through Indochina and beyond.

 8am-noon, 1:30-5:30pm

Full day discovery trips between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Call for details.  023 216 070

Full-service travel agent providing international ticketing, visa services and more.

 L8

 023 221 537 

Asian Trails 

 8am-noon, 2-6pm| |

Long-established, French-owned tour operator covering many Asian countries. 22, St.294. 

 8am-noon, 1:30-5:30pm||

66, Norodom Blvd.  

 H7

 023 218 948

Intra Co.  8am-5:30pm (not Sun)||  G6

 023 428 596

PTM Travel

 8am-noon, 2-5:30pm| |

2-3, St.118. 

5 Oceans

147, St.51.


Long-established, full service travel agent. Flights, visas, hotel bookings and more.

Travel agents/ tour operators

 023 219 151

 P7

 023 216 555

 8am-5:30pm (not Sun)||

Full service agency - ticketing, reservations etc. “Your reliable travel partner”. 333B, Monivong Blvd. 

 G6

 023 219 161

Want a listing?

If you know of a business that should be included in any of our directory listings please call us on

 023 210 407 

80 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Siem Reap Travelling to...

If you’re planning a trip to Siem Reap, here you will find the inside track on your available transport options: BUS National Route 6 is being upgraded though the first 150km is

riddled with potholes in places making for a somewhat uncomfortable journey, especially with damage caused by the recent rains. Several bus companies ply the route, with prices ranging from $5 to $13. The journey takes around 6 hours, usually stopping for a break in Kompong Thom, after which the road improves. Morning buses leave between 6:30-9am and lunchtime buses around 12:30-2pm.

BOAT Once the most popular choice of transport, there are now better options, given major improvements to the roads in recent years. At $30+ it’s relatively expensive and the view can quickly become monotonous. If you do choose the boat, wear plenty of sunscreen if you sit on the roof, and take a pair of earplugs to drown out the noise of the engine. Boats leave from the Phnom Penh ferry port around 7am and journey time jetty-to-jetty is around 6 hours. TAXI Although fuel prices have continued to rise steadily over the last couple of years, a taxi can still be a good choice, taking around 5 hours, especially if you’re in a group of 3-4 people. You should be able to get a car to yourself for between $60 and $80 depending on what time of day you want to leave (mornings are generally cheaper as the driver has the chance to find a return fare back to Phnom Penh). You also have the option to stop en route as and when you choose. Ask your hotel or guesthouse to arrange this for you. PLANE The quickest but by far the most expensive option, the flight to Siem Reap takes around an hour. At the time of writing there is just one airline flying the route (Cambodia Angkor Air) with prices around $90 inclusive of taxes. And remember you’ll need a taxi into Siem Reap town from the airport, costing $5. TRAIN Contrary to some beliefs, there is no passenger railway service to Siem Reap, or anywhere else in the country at the moment. So if anyone tries to sell you a train ticket don’t buy it. A new railway is currently being developed though it will initially operate a freight service only, and won’t be going anywhere near Siem Reap. Take a bus.

facebook: cambodia pocket guide


Endless Summer Now that the dry season is here you may want to head south - upbeat Sihanoukville and sleepy kep are popular coastal destinations, with kampotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s relaxing riverside setting also proving popular with expats and tourists

Getting there: National Route 4 is the straightest road to Sihanoukville and is smooth tarmac all the way. There are numerous bus services, with prices ranging from $4 to $7. The journey takes around 4 hours, usually stopping for a quick break along the way. Alternatively, you can take a taxi for around $50. National Route 3 takes travellers to the sleepy riverside resort of Kampot, with buses taking about 3 hours and prices starting at $5. The quiet seaside resort of Kep is about 30 minutes away from Kampot though the road is in poor condition.

Where to Stay: Sihanoukville has a variety of accommodation ranging from a basic fan room at $5 to a luxurious suite for $250 a night, with several boutique hotels in the $30-60 range. Most are located either downtown, near Ochheuteal Beach or at Weather Station Hill, though Otres Beach is a popular option for budget travellers seeking peace and quiet. There are numerous places to stay in Kampot, with the town centre hosting various accommodations. For a room with a view, there are several guesthouses that sit on the river just out of town. Although much smaller, Kep also offers a good choide of hotels and guesthouses, many with pools. Activities: SCUBA diving is popular in Siahnoukville. Fishing trips can be

arranged, as can kayaking, water-skiing, jet-skiing, countryside tours and daytrips to the nearby islands. Kampot is home to historic Bokor Mountain, which makes a great day trip by motorbike. Kayaking and other water activities are also available. Enjoy the beach in Kep as well as the famous crab market. Rabbit Island also sits of the coast of Kep and is a 20 minute boat trip away.

Food & Drink: Sihanoukville, Kampot and Kep donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the culinary range of Phnom Penh but most tastes are catered to, espcially in Sihanoukville where French, Italian, German, Swiss, Swedish, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and of course Khmer cuisine are served. Fresh seafood is widely available, with crab, prawns, squid and many types of ocean fish caught fresh daily. Nightlife: In Sihanoukville, most nightlife happens in Victory Hill, Downtown and Ochheuteal Beach, though Otres Beach is becoming increasingly popular. Victory Hill is home to numerous bars though seems to be on the decline. Downtown has the usual blend of bars and pubs, plus a few nightclubs, while Ochheuteal Beach is the epicentre of the nightlife scene. Kampot is home to several bars in the town centre and the quantity and variety is quickly growing in Kep. 82 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!



Staying Healthy

There CAN BE few things as frustrating as waiting months to go on your holiday and then have it ruined by getting sick once you are there.

Cambodia, like any Asian country, has itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fair share of things to make you ill, and many dangers come and go with the seasons. During the rainy season (MayDecember), it rains pretty much every day in the afternoon and evening for a few hours. Many of the city streets flood and the rivers and lake levels rise. Along with the rain, comes an increase in health hazards. Standing water serves as mosquito breeding sites. Flooded sewer systems can spread bacteria and parasites. Just because it is raining, doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mean the temperature falls. It is still just as easy to get dehydrated or suffer heat exhaustion in the rainy season! Take care of yourself this season by following a few simple tips:

1. Never leave

home without a poncho or umbrella.

You don't want to be caught out in a downpour!


Don't walk into FLooded areas. Bits of glass or debris can be hidden in the water and easily cut your feet. Clean any cuts thoroughly with soap and water, apply antibiotic cream, and cover until healed.

3. Protect yourself from mosquitos

Carrying dengue and other viruses with insect repellant containing DEET or picaridin. You can also spray permethrin on your clothes and bed linens if yoU'll be out all day (just be sure to let it dry thoroughly before wearing). Use screens or mosquito nets.


Always carry clean water with you.

If you are exercising or sweat a lot, consider drinking an electrolyte solution once a day. (Don't go overboard though, too much ORS becomes a laxative!)

5. Be wary of

heat exhaustion.

If you are feeling dizzy, have a headache, or get stomach cramps after being out in the sun, get yourself to a cool place and relax. Drink extra fluids.


Don't forget the rules about food.

Don't eat undercooked meat. Don't eat raw vegetables unless they can be peeled or washed with clean water. Wash your own hands frequently and carry hand sanitizer with you.

84 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!



Spas & Massage Michelle Manning

Float Away

Too much fun in the city can leave you with tired feet and in desperate need for relaxation. Why not use our guide to pampering in Phnom Penh and take some time for self-indulgence? Exploring Phnom Penh can leave you feeling in need of some TLC. Not to worry, as the city has plenty of places designed to ease your tension and make you feel revitalised. Around the city you’ll find a host of global treatment and massage options, from Swedish, Thai, Balinese, Japanese and Chinese to Hawaiian and Khmer. Ranging from cheap massages to spas where you can splurge, you’re sure to find somewhere to make you feel on top of the world. To sooth the soul, head to Amatak (101, Sisowath Quay), a spa that has been carefully designed to ooze peace and tranquillity where you can relax, reflect, rejuvenate and rejoice. Specialising in a range of treatments from massage therapy and body wraps and scrubs to facials and waxing, there is something on the menu to suit everyone. Amret Spa (3, St 57) is a small sanctuary that offers a variety of services, ranging from traditional to modern. Thai herbal massages are popular, along with the deep tissue and aromatherapy massages, and the home-made body scrubs. The back and shoulder massage ($10 for 60 minutes) offers a heavenly escape from the stresses and strains of city life, while the deep tissue massage offers a more serious solution to tension. Aziadée (42, St 322) has air-con massage rooms arranged cloister style around a small garden with a fountain. Choose from facial, foot or full-body massage in Egyptian, Thai or Indian styles and manicures and pedicures from $8 to $30. For a full pampering, choose a special package, including the Tropical Dream made up of a floral bath, ginger scrub, aromatherapy or deep tissue massage.

ease your tension and make you feel revitalised

86 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

For a choice of spa therapies, physiotherapy, acupuncture and therapeutic yoga, Qi Qong and pilates, Samata Health & Wellness Studio (54, St 306) is the place to go. If that isn’t enough to tempt you then the fact that owner Jean-Claude sells his own self-made aromatherapy products, made using natural ingredients should help. Peace and serenity are the key ingredients at Champei Spa (38, St 57 and 7, St 334). The Champei signature massage ($27 for 90 minutes) sees skilled therapists blend traditional Khmer massage with deep tissue massage to stimulate blood circulation and release tension, while the mini day package ($39) offers a herbal steam and Jacuzzi, oil massage and head and foot massage. O'Spa (4B, St 75) is tucked down a peaceful back street, boasting a relaxing environment with fish ponds, fountains and aquariums. Specialising in aromatherapy treatments covering scrubs, wraps, facials, four hand massages and foot treatments, they also provide hot stones massage, herbal steam baths and hot compress or hot candle massages. Bodia Spa (St 178) describes itself as a ‘Cambodian Cocoon’, and you may well feel like you’ve been turned into a butterfly as you float away after your treatments. Beautifully designed natural décor complements the 100% natural treatments, which are made in house. Couples can indulge with the ‘In The Mood For Love’ package ($125 per person) which includes body massage, body treatment and facial and steam in the Harmony Room filled with 100 scented candles. Aura Spa (21 Mao Tse Toung Blvd) offers a series of treatments that will leave you feeling rejuvinated. Since opening its doors earlier this year, Aura Spa has been impressing those after a pamper session with its signature massage therapy using well-trained therapists to enhance a traditional blend of ancient health and beauty practices. It also offers manicures, facials and waxing treatments. Islands Massage (see listings for locations) is one of the city’s longest running spas and has been offering treatments since opening its doors in 1998. Combining traditional techniques with alternative remedies, the air-conditioned salon offers a reasonably priced range of relaxing therapies. Combining tranquil with elegance, Nata Spa (29, St 302) offers a relaxing haven in the heart of BKK1. With lush gardens, a wall of cascading water and an outdoor cottage for foot massages, treatments on offer include body mud masks, salt scrubs, steam baths and a selection of massages. Wash away any worries and indulge in a relaxing session at NagaWorld (Hun Sen Park), the capital’s exclusive hotel and casino. Boasting 22 dedicated suites with personalised steam, sauna and jacuzzi, the spa offers a range of pampering treats that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Treatments include the ancient Cambodian spa therapy and traditional lulur or Angkor coffee scrub.

using well-trained therapists



where you see this logo, these outlets accept visa cards for payment


Directory FITNESS A�Z

Keeping fit and healthy in Phnom Penh has never been easier - there are plenty of gyms and health clubs and an ever-increasing number of spas and beauty salons. There are also various regular informal sporting events (touch rugby, football, softball etc). See our website for more details and check out the listings on the back page of the Friday edition of The Cambodia Daily

Legend   TC

Air Conditioning Credit Cards Opening Times Swimming Pool Tennis Courts Map Reference


Health Sports Clubs 88 Spa & Beauty 92 Hospitals & Clinics 98 Pharmacies 101 Dental Clinics & Misc 103

Health & Sport Clubs


 6am-9pm||

Modern gym offering professional service and quality equipment. Rooftop pool. St.315 at St.608. (Tuol Kork)

 NA 012 810 432

Cambodian Country Club  7am-11pm|

Horse back riding, salted pool, skate-park, fitness, tennis, badminton, soccer fields... St.2004, Toeuk Thla. 

 NA  023 885 591


 6am-10pm||



Work out and shape up in our fully equipped gym. Enjoy a game of tennis overlooking the beautiful Mekong Delta. Best swimming pool in town! 313, Sisowath Quay. (Himawari Hotel) (

 L10

 023 214 555

 Ad pg 15)

InterContinental Fitness Center


 6am-10pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-8pm|| |

Gym, dance studio, sauna & swimming pool. Check for occasional special offers. 296, Mao Tse Tung Blvd.  O1 (InterContinental Hotel)  023 424 888

Juliana Club 

 8am-9pm||


Spacious swimming pool, fully-equipped fitness centre & large sauna too. 16, St.152. (Juliana Hotel)

88 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 H4

 023 880 530

K1 Fitness & Fight Factory

The Club at Northbridge

 7am-9pm||

 8-9pm||

Popular, fully equipped gym with professionally certified fitness instructors. 131, St.199. (near Sovanna Mall)

 O4 067 519 698

Muscle & Fitness Centre 

 6am-9pm (weekends 6am-8pm)

Fitness, weight loss, sport performance. Also available for gym toning sessions. 65, St.95.  

 T6 012 796 374

Narmada Sports Center 

 6am-10pm||



Gym, swimming pool, sauna and more. 315, Sisowath Quay. (Imperial Garden Villa)

 L10

 023 219 991

GET your business listed for free!  023 210 407



Pool, tennis, fitness centre and more. Quite far from town but worth the journey. off National Rd.4.

017 799 086

Paddy’s Gym  4-9pm (Sat 9am-noon) Inexpensive, well-equipped gym, boxing, kick-boxing, aerobics and more.

 N8 012 217 877 

63, St.294. 

Parkway  5:30am-9:30pm|| Gym, indoor pool, steam room, more... 113, Mao Tse Tung Blvd.  U4 (Parkway Square)  023 985 999

Phnom Penh Health Club 

 6am-10pm||


Well-equipped gym, swimming pool, sauna, steam room and a Jacuzzi. 53, Monivong Blvd.  (Phnom Penh Hotel)

90 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 D6

 023 991 868

Phokeethra Sport Club 

12 to 12 Spa  noon-midn’t||

 6am-10pm||

| Enjoy the swimming pool, squash or tennis court. The Sports Club offers classes from yoga to dance as well as gym machines and personal coaches.

Reflexology, sauna, steam and a range of professional massage treatments. 1, St.92. (Sunway Hotel)

 E7

 023 430 333

26, Sothearos Blvd.  O10 (Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra)   023 999 200 (ext 6523) 

VIP Club  5:30am-9pm||

Physique Club

Norodom Blvd. Physique Club

 6am-10pm||

| Keep in-shape, handily located by the poolside on the riverfront. Physique Club is one of Phnom Penh’s largest indoor fully air-con gyms with extensive state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

313, Sisowath Quay. (Cambodiana Hotel)

 L10 012 931 518

The Place II  6am-10pm|| Fitness centre with modern equipment. 11, St.51. 

 M8

 023 999 799


Gym, tennis, sauna and a swimming pool. Daily and monthly rates available.

 Z8

 023 993535

Yoga Phnom Penh 

 6am-8pm| Drop-in Yoga classes for all abilities, with highly qualified international teachers. Classes include Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and YogAbs/YogButt. Regular workshops and retreats also offered.

 P9 012 739 419012 739 284

39, St.21.  (between 310 & 830).



Spa & Beauty

Amatak Beauty Spa 

Amrita Spa  6am-10pm||

 9am-9pm|

An environment for you to relax, reflect, rejuvenate and rejoice. 101, Sisowath Quay.

St.92.  D6 (Raffles Hotel Le Royal)  023 981 888

Angkor Spa  P8

 023 722 029

Amret Spa


Skincare treatments, pools, gym, classes & more in a comfortable environment.

 9am-9pm||

From now you can enjoy the spa lifestyle in a soothing and relaxing environment. Our spa offers body and facial treatments, aromatherapy massages and much more. 3, St.57.  M8 (opposite Anise Hotel)  023 997 994  (  Ad pg 90) 012 414 038

 9am-11pm|

Enjoy various massage treatments in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

 N9

16, St.310. 

Aura Spa

 023 5556 168

 9am-11pm||

Signature massage therapy with a well-trained therapist to enhance a traditional blend of ancient health and beauty practices passed down from generation to generation. 21, Mao Tse Tung Blvd.  Q8 (  Ad pg 93)  023 5553 209

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

92 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Ayurveda Massage  8am-11pm|

Champei Spa

313, Sisowath Quay. (at Himawari Hotel)


 L10 092 197 701

 9am-9pm||

Be under the spell of the quality of our treatments and massages: aroma therapy, indian, Ayurvedic, egyptian and thai massages, face and body treatments, and more. 42, St.322. (

 Ad pg 94)

Bodia Spa

 O8

 023 996 921

 10am-midnight|

A haven of time, space and comfort where the professional therapists’ aim is to rebalance your body - mind emotion harmony. The spa uses only 100% natural products. (  Ad pg 5) St.178 at Sothearos Blvd.  H9  023 226 199 

 9am-11pm|

A spacious sanctuary of serenity and rejuvenation, thoughtfully designed to give everyone the utmost relaxation, attention and care. Massage, physical therapy and beauty care by experts.

Traditional Indian-style oil massage by experienced Indian yogic therapist.

(  Ad pg 52) 38, St.57.  O8 also at 7, St.334.  023 222 846 



 9am-8.30pm|

For all your modern, high-tech, top of the line nail-care and waxing needs. We offer acrylic/gel nails, clean+easy waxing for your sensitive facial areas and your ultra-sensitive bikini/brazilian waxing areas. Find us on Facebook! 46, St.352 cnr St.57 above Deco.  O9  023 987 789 081 890 818 (  Ad pg 95)

listed for free!  023 210 407



Davos Spa

 10am-10pm|

Khmer traditional herb foot, body and oil massage in Khmer & Thai Style. A03, St.436 (BTK Plaza).  T7  012 463 886

The Dollhouse

Closed Mon||   Tues-Sat:9am-7pm | Sun:11am-7pm| Fabulous western hair salon - one of a kind with a quirky, unique atmosphere.

 O8 016 620 907

46A, St.322. 

Eden Spa

 9am-9pm||

Indulge your senses with our range of therapeutic massage therapies, foot reflexology and waxing treatments. Cool off from the heat of the city with our special relaxation package. 49, St.214.  J7 (Queen Boutique Hotel)  023 211 683 (  Ad pg 96)

Essence of Health

Sat 9am-noon

 Mon-Fri 9am-noon, 2-5pm|

Medical practice: acupuncture, massage, qi qong, tai chi, yoga, meditation. 8A, St.112. 

 F3

088 9235 306

Four Seasons  9am-midnight| Popular, spacious massage centre offering body and foot massages with free sauna. 11-13, St.172. 

 K7

 023 992 906

listed for free!  023 210 407

The French Element 

 10am-7pm (closed Sun)|

French stylist creating innovative new looks pushing the boundaries of hair design.

 K10 077 283 332

313, Sisowath Quay. (Himawari Hotel)

Hamam Treatment  6am-10pm||

The first in Cambodia adopted from Romance and the Byzantines. National Road 5 (close to  B7 the Japanese Bridge).  023 988 777

Islands Massage 

 10am-midnight|| Phnom Penh’s original and premier traditional Khmer massage service. Professional foot and body massage available at our salon, at home or at your hotel. Ladies welcome. Established since 1997.

St.94 at Wat Phnom.  023 992 282  43, St.86. (Boeung Kak Lake)  023 991 950  189 & 329, Sisowath Quay.  023 991 273 

July Spa

 9am-7pm|

Plush spa specialising in hair, nails make up & spa treatments. 67, Sothearos Blvd. 

 N9 077 661 318

Khemara Massage  8am-10pm| Pamper yourself with various treatments. 142A, St.172. 

94 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 G9 012 767 502

La Cigale Bleue

 24 hours|

Popular traditional Khmer massage with professional and friendly staff. 22, St.94 (Wat Phnom) 33, St.294.

Nails Holic

 D7

016 789 618  8am-6pm

Professional manicure and pedicure services. Relax in our comfortable chairs.

 N/A 012 357 887


 Nata Spa

 9am-9pm||

We operate as a center for relaxation and treatments, offering an unforgettable experience aiming to increase the delightful pleasures in your life.

  SÂMATA Health & | Wellness Studio  9am-10pm Highly skilled massage and spa therapy - 100% natural aromatherapy products to help you relax and rejuvenate. Owned and managed by French Certified Massage Therapist & Physiotherapist. 54, St.306. (between St.63 &  o7 Monivong Blvd)  023 726 267  (  Ad pg 91)

Seeing Hands

 8am-9pm|

Relaxing Anma and Shiatsu massage or a new offering in foot refloxology.

 E7 016 856 188

12, St.13. 

Shiatsu-Ya  call for appointm’t|

29, St.302 (at St.57.) (  Ad pg 89)

 N8  023 223 938 

Professional shiatsu massage by a qualified Japanese practitioner. $20/hr.


 9am-9pm|

97B, Monireth Blvd. 

Spa and beauty salon - with all profits going to benefit disadvantaged women. 54, St.454. (near Russian Market)


 U5

012 563 130

 11:30am-9pm||

Aromatherapy oil and cream massage, therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, Thai and Balinese massage, foot massage, facial and body full treatments, Jacuzzi, herbal steam bath. 4B, St.75 (next to UNICEF).  D6  012 852 308  023 992 405  (  Ad pg 92)

Phnom Penh Massage by Blind  9am-9pm]

Traditional massage near the riverfront, by professionally trained blind masseurs. 6, St.178.  

 H9

012 234 519

listed for free!  023 210 407

 So Spa

 M4

 023 994 777

 10am-10pm||

Awake your senses and feel re-energised with the selection of health and beauty treatments of So Spa. Experience exclusive treatments in our ten spa suites. 26, Sothearos Blvd.  O10 (Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra)   023 999 200 (ext 6522) 

Soben Spa

 9am-10pm||

Varied treatments: “A place you can relax far away from the outside world”.

 M9

36, St.294. 

 023 217 999

Spa Bliss

 9am-8pm|

Facials, body treatments, massage, waxing, pedicure, manicure and more. 29, St.240. 

 L8

 023 215 754

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

96 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

The Spa at Nagaworld

Cardiological Center Phnom Penh

Relax and rejuvenate in style at Nagaworld. Private sauna, jacuzzi and steam bath in every room. Please call us for reservations.

 M11  023 228 822 

Hun Sen Park.  (

 7:30-11:30am, 2:30-5:30pm||Mon-Female only

 10am-3am||

 Ad pg 97)

Tips & Toes

 9:30am-8:30pm|   ||

Are you after a relaxing manicure or pedicure? We have detail-oriented qualified technicians using the besthygiene practices in a zen-environment. Call us for a booking! Find us on FB.

 M8081 890 818 17Beo, St.278. (

 Ad pg 95)

The Villa Paradiso Spa  9am-9pm|

Relax with a massage or enjoy the outdoor Jacuzzi and a great sauna.

ZEN Massage

 023 213 720

 10am-10pm|

Judo therapy by a Japanese therapist, acupuncture, foot & body massage.

 G8

94, St.148. 

 023 223 393

Hospitals & Clinics


 8am-5pm||

Local representative office for a private Bangkok hospital. Popular with expats. 113, Mao Tse Tung Blvd.  H6   023 221 103

Calmette Hospital

 24 hours

Local hospital providing varied services. MRI scanner. SAMU ambulance too. 3, Monivong Blvd. 

 C6

3, Monivong Blvd. 

 023 427 765

Chenda Polyclinic

 24 hours]

Clinic with Khmer and international doctors offering varied medical services.

 C7

8, St.39. (near Wat Phnom)

 023 355 535

Embassy Medical  8am-5pm| Clinic offering a broad range of medical services including paediatric care.

 L7

18, St.228. 


 023 6373 991

 8am-noon, 2-7pm||

Long established clinic providing varied medical services to good standards.

 K8

27, St.222. 

International consultation, heart surgery and other related services. French-run.

 C6

 023 426 948

 K7 016 553 366

193, St.208. 

International Care Clinic  8am-noon, 1:30-5pm, (Sat not pm, not Sun] Pediatrics, gynaecology, cardiology....

 P8

36, St.352. 

 023 221 400

International Chiropractic Clinic 

 please call|| Licensed chiropractic clinic with a 1993 US graduated chiropractor. Providing Chiropractic care, physiotherapy modalities, custom made corrective orthotics.

67 Bis, St.240. (

 Ad pg 102)

 L7

 023 223 101 

Ly Srey Vyna Clinic  7am-7pm| Popular local clinic, whose chief doctor is Western-trained and mentored. 339A, St.163.

 023 982 003

98 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 Y3

Taking A Splash

AT this time of year the city can be stifling SO if you’re finding it hard to keep your cool, why not spend the afternoon chilling by the pool?

Several of the city’s upscale hotels have swimming pools and many welcome outside guests to use their facilities, for a small charge… here’s a quick selection of venues where you can relax, cool off in the pool, enjoy a drink or a snack and just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The 252 24 hours

Splash Inn 6am-8pm

Kingdom Resort 6:30am-9pm

The Kabiki 9am-5pm

Hotel Cambodiana 7am-9pm

Raffles Hotel Le Royal

15 x 5m chlorine mix pool Private beds with covered roof, towels provided Charge: $5 adults (no children)

Kids and Large pools - variety of slides, lounge chairs with tables & umbrellas, towels provided Charge: $3 for all ($4 weekends)

12 x 7m chlorine pool Lounge chairs with tables & umbrellas, towels provided Charge: $7/8 adults - $4 children

Himawari 6am-10pm

25 x 15m salt water pool - Lounge chairs with tables & umbrellas, towels provided - Charge: $7/8 adults - $3/4 children (day/weekend)

9 x 4m saltwater pool Lounge chairs, towels provided, jacuzzi also available Charge: $5 for all (free if $10 spent on food and drink)

20 x 5m chlorine mix pool Lounge chairs with tables & umbrellas, towels provided Charge: $5 adults - $3 children

6am-10pm. 23 x 12m chlorine pool Lounge chairs, tables & umbrellas, towels - Charge: $21/30 adults $10/20 children (day/weekend)

Villa Langka 8am-10pm

15 x 8m salt water pool Lounge chairs with tables & umbrellas, towels provided Charge: $8 adults - $3 children (Mon - Fri only)

Prices quoted (weekday/weekend) were correct at time of print but please contact the venue for full details. Please keep in mind that these hotels have limited space and will give priority to their own guests, so it’s a good idea to call in advance to check availability. You can find contact details and telephone numbers in our accommodation listings on the adjacent pages. facebook/pocketguidecambodia


Physiotherapy Phnom Penh

Mercy Clinic

 7am-7pm, w/ends 7am-1pm

 1-8pm Mon-Fri,7am-5pm Sat|| Quality, compassionate, comprehensive primary & urgent medical care for all ages. 17B&C, St.296. 

 L4

 023 677 1919

International physiotherapy practice, run by certified Dutch therapists.

 T6

45C, St.456. 

 023 996 344

MW Medical Centre

Polyclinique Aurore

We are a Singapore based medical centre now operational in Phnom Penh.

Well regarded clinic providing varied treatments including X-Ray and ECG.

313 Sisowath Quay.  K10 (inside Himawari Hotel) 077 522 577

58-60, St.113. 

Naga Clinic

Polyclinique Mekong  24 hours

 7am-8pm, w/end 8am-5pm|

 8am-noon, 2-6pm||

General and tropical medicine including 24 hour emergency service. Foreign and local, internationally trained medical team. Ministry of Health approved. Medical Assistance Evacuation. 11, St.254. (  Ad pg 100)  L8 emergency  023 211 300   011 811 175

Phnom Penh Healthcare International  24 hours|| Evacuation, insurance, ambulance. Doctors from US, Singapore, Japan, Cambodia. 30, St.360. 

 S7

 023 991 166

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

 7:30-11:30am, 2-6:30pm

 N6

 023 360 152

Modern clinic offering various services. Doctors from Cambodia and Vietnam.

 Q7 012 553 348

198, St.63. 

Royal Rattanak Hospital  24 hours||

Modern hospital with various facilities. Owned by Bangkok Hospital group. 11, St.592 (Tuol Kork). 

 E1

 023 991 000

SÂMATA Health & Wellness Studio 

 8:30-noon, 2-6pm||

International physiotherapy practice run by certified French physiotherapist. 54, St.306. 

 o7 012 802 725

listed for free!  023 210 407

100 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Clinic Sokhapheap Thmey

Sok Teang Cabinet

  7am-8pm, emergency 24 hours| Clinic providing varied medical services. Popular with many western expatriates.

  1:30-7:30pm| Specialises in infertility management, gynecology and obstetrics from France

AA19-AA20, St.99. 

 W6 092 438 780

Sen Sok IU Hospital 24 hours| The only private medical and dental teaching hospital in Cambodia. 91-96, St.1986.

 023 883 712

International SOS Medical Clinic  8am-10pm 

(emergency 24 hrs)||

21D, St.178.  

 H9 012 215 582

Tropical & Travellers Medical Clinic   8:30am-5pm|| Family and tropical medicine, skin diseases, gynaecology, STDs and more. 88, St.108.  English Doctor

 F7 012 898 981


Well equipped clinic staffed with full time expatriate and Khmer doctors and nurses. General Practice and specialties such as emergency medicine, internal medicine, dermatology and sports medicine.

 7am-7:30pm] Local pharmacy stocking a decent range of reputable imported products.

161, St.51.   L8   023 216 911 012 816 911 (  Ad pg 101)

 023 885 132

Arun Reasmey

15B, St,284. 

 O4




IMI Pharmacy


 8am-noon, 2-7pm|

Well-established pharmacy catering to all medical and beauty care products.

 K7

193, St.208. 

 023 212 909

Penh Vong Pharmacy  7:30am-8:30pm|

Another established pharmacy offering a good range of quality imported products. 352, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 O4

 023 213 043

Pharmacie de la Gare


 7:30am-7:30pm, Sun 7:30am-12:30pm Quality medicines from Europe and the USA. French and English spoken. 81, Monivong Blvd. 


 D6

012 805 908

advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

 7:30am-8pm, w/e 9am-8pm|

High quality of pharmaceutical and cosmetic and health care products. also at Naga Clinic (St.254.)  N7 also 43, St.57 & 29, St.310. 023 215 727

Polyclinique Aurore  please call] This well-established clinic also has a pharmacy stocking imported products.

 N6

58-60, St.113.  

 023 360 152

Sangvath Pich Pharmacy 

 7:30am-9pm|

High quality imported medicines stored in a clean and safe environment. 164, Sihanouk Blvd. 

 O6

 023 721 629

Grab the Phnom Penh MaP The best way to find your way around town!

102 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

U-Care Pharmacy (

 Ad front cover)

International SOS Dental Clinic

 8am-9pm||

Medicines and beauty products up to the highest international standards. 26-28, Sothearos Blvd. at St.178.  H9 also at 39, Sihanouk Blvd., 023 224 099  41-43, Norodom Blvd., 254 Monivong Blvd., 844 Kampuchea Krom Blvd, corner St. 306/63 & 207 Sisowath Quay (see map)

Dental Clinics

Apsara Clinic 7:30am-7pm||  F7

 023 220 356

European Dental Clinic 

 8am-noon, 2-7pm||

Clinic offering a full range of products and services by foreign and local staff. 160A, Norodom Blvd.  

Modern dental clinic run by Dr Antonia Moa who specialises in pediatric dentistry.

 S8

 023 211 363

 L7

161, St.51.  

 023 216 911


Indigo Psychological Services 

Clinic offering professional dental services to Khmer and expats since 1996. 11-12, St.114. 

  8am-6pm, energency 24hrs)||

 8am-6pm, Mon-Fri only

Professional counselling service for adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. 28, St.460. 

 T6

 023 222 614

Kundalini Yoga House 

 please call

Yoga, healing and meditation classes for people of all levels of experience. 204ZB, St.322. 

Lydia Butcher

 Q7 092 429 835  9am-7pm

IMI Clinic  8am-noon, 2-6pm||

Qualified Australian practitioner offering professional massage therapy.

Dental care to a high standard provided by qualified technicians.


 K7 016 553 366

193, St.208.  


 8am-5:15pm||

The largest dental clinic in Cambodia. 171, Norodom Blvd. 

 R8

 023 996 888


 8am-noon, 1-5pm||

Quality dental services by a professional team operating to international standards. 4, St.184.  

 R8

 023 211 338

 U5 077 358 997

Nataraj Yoga Cente  please call Public yoga studio offering a variety of yoga and pilates classes daily. 52, St.302. 

 Q7 012 739 419

Open Palm Studio  please call| The city’s first official spinning facility. Classes daily at 6:15pm, and 8am Saturday. 65, St.95.  

 X6 012 633 278

PP Hypnosis  call for appointment Professional hypnosis service suitable to treat a wide range of ailments. 174A, St.370. 

 S8 012 342 743



Accommodation 

Perri Graham

Home Away from Home

To fully appreciate the Cambodian capital, you first have to find a place to stay that suits your budget. Thankfully that won’t be hard as Phnom Penh is a city that truly caters for everyone, and after emerging from its years of deprivation with a bright smile mirroring that of its people, it says ‘welcome’ with a range of hotels and guesthouses to suit virtually every taste and budget. Long gone are the days where Phnom Penh’s accommodation seemed to be made up of almost solely of dark and dingy guesthouses aimed at budget backpackers, and where air-conditioning was an expensive luxury available only to the wealthiest of travellers. And as the capital grows in stature as one of the region’s economic powerhouses, its range of budget to affordable, luxurious to boutique accommodation grows with it. The Khmer Rouge days are a distant memory and Phnom Penh is now geared up to welcome the cream of the travelling public. Even notoriously picky Hollywood stars have found real luxury in the capital’s hotels. Adventurous parents with children and retirees spending their hard-earned money on themselves now their kids have graduated, has meant a welcome increase in tourists keen to explore the Kingdom’s wonders in the face of the world’s receding financial woes. So starting from the top down, what exactly can travellers and holidaymakers expect when they leave Phnom Penh International Airport and head into the city? One of the most recent additions to the cityscape is the Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra, overlooking the confluence of the Sap, Bassac and Mekong rivers. Indeed it’s the first five star hotel to open in many years, with the long-awaited Sokha hotel on the Chroy Changvar peninsula still some way from completion.

bright smile mirroring that of its people

104 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

The Sofitel joins the star-encrusted likes of the Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Cambodiana, NagaWorld and the Hotel InterContinental, where high-end and expense account heads rest on downy pillows. You can expect to pay upwards of $100 a night in any of these properties, but you get what you pay for. A comparatively new phenomenon in the capital is the rise of the business and/or boutique hotel, which is aimed at people who want the internet and flat-screen TVs included as part of their mod con requirements. Most of them are carefully restored colonial piles located in quiet back streets such as Pavilion and Villa Langka, or airy and modern like Le Marais. Villa Paradiso features uniquely designed “theme” rooms like a Japanese suite, the sheikh suite, Balinese Garden suite and more. Closer to the action but still tastefully decorated to a high level of comfort, offering a series of amenities to guests, include FCC, Bougainvillier, The Quay, and River 108 on Sisowath, Lebiz close by the Central Market, the Almond on Sothearos, the 60’s and 90’s Frangipanis on St 252 and 71 respectively and Anise near the Independence Monument. Many of the aforementioned hotels have pools, some have spas and workout areas. And even if you're not staying with them, several hotels make their pools available to outside guests wanting to escape the tropical heat. Moving down the price scale to the $20 to $60 a night level nets a wider choice of resting place from chains such as the Boddhi Tree’s Aram and Umma, respectively on streets 244 and 113, Splash Inn on St 264 near the royal palace, to guesthouses such as Bright Lotus 1, near the National Museum which has excellent rooms, some with a balcony and view of the chaos that is Sothearos during the morning and evening rush hours. Nearby, Nawin Guesthouse offers clean rooms with AC for around $20 a night. Quayside living is a treat if you want spectacular, uninterrupted views of the Sap and Mekong rivers and range in price from $30 to $150 a night. The Amanjaya Pancam on the quay opposite Wat Ounalom is the start of a strip of places offering rooms with a view from the Bougainvillier to the Cara, the Paragon to California 2, with lots in between. One of the many advantages of the capital’s hotels and guesthouses is the warm and friendly welcome they offer and the cornucopia of travel advice that’s on tap. Most places have their own trusted coterie of tuk-tuk and moto drivers and are happy to give you an idea of how much a journey to, say, the Killing Fields or shooting range should cost as well as advice on other trips in and around the capital. Most of them also carry the full range of Pocket Guide editions of Drinking & Dining and Out & About (this one) to help you get to grips with what’s going on in Cambodia’s vibrant capital. They will also stock our extremely popular - and handy - Tourist Map, which will help you navigate your way around Phnom Penh.

the rise of business and botique hotels



where you see this logo, these outlets accept visa cards for payment

The 252


|   |



Stylish boutique hotel with all amenities.

Accommodation Phnom Penh has an enormous range of accommodation options, from a simple $5 guesthouse to a $2000 suite, and virtually everything in between. We can't list every place but here is a selection that covers most price ranges so you should find something to suit your requirements. We also list a couple of serviced apartments in case you plan a long stay

Legend  Air Conditioning Credit Cards Television Hot Water Swimming Pool @ Internet Access Room Rates  = under $10  = $10-20 2 = $20-50 3 = over $50  Map Reference

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

 M8

19, Street 252.  

 023 998 252

Almond Hotel |

|   |


Popular, centrally-located boutique hotel favoured by business travellers.

 R9 012 910 022

128F, Sothearos Blvd. 

Billabong |

|   |



Comfortable, well-appointed rooms in the heart of the city with Western facilities.

 G7

5, St.158.  

Blue Lime |

 023 223 703 |   |



Comfortable boutique hotel on a quiet street with all the usual amenities. 42, St.19Z. 

Blue Tongue Café|

 I8

 023 222 260 |   |


Boutique hotel with all amenities in the centre of town just off “the strip” so. 39, St.174. 

Bougainvillier |

 H8

 023 222 260  |   |


Finely finished riverfront hotel with all amenities including free ADSL internet. 277C, Sisowath Quay.   G9   023 220 528

California 2

|    |


Comfortable rooms with all amenities and a great bar located on the riverfront. 79, Sisowath Quay. 

106 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

 E7 077 503 144


|   |



Elegant & iconic, in the heart of Phnom Penh’s central business & tourist districts.

 L10

313, Sisowath Quay.  

 023 426 288

Cambodian Country Club 


|   |


Comfortable rooms in a real haven conveniently located near the airport. St.2004, Touek Thla. 

 NA  023 885 591

Hotel Cara

|   |



Centrally located hotel popular with business travellers and tourists alike.

 C7

18, St.47 at St.84. 

 023 430 066 

Central Mansions 






Fully-serviced apartments with all amenities in a colonial building. 1A, St.102.

 D7

 023 986 810

Centre Point Inn | 



Just walking distance away from Central Market, Riverside & more. 228Eo St.130. 

Dream Colours

 F8

 023 988 123 

|   |


Popular, clean, comfortable guesthouse with consistently good approval ratings. 69D, St.70.  B8 (nr Tied Gun Monument) 0978 785 762

The Eighty8



Backpacker resort near Wat Phnom offering very good value for money. 96-98, St.88.  

 D7 012 325 411

El Mundo


|   |

Serviced riverfront 2-bed apartments (80m2) for rent with spectacular view. 219, Sisowath Quay.  D7  012 520 775 FCC  |   | |@|3 | Comfortable, styish rooms with all amenities, set in a beautiful old colonial building on the riverfront.

 H10

363, Sisowath Quay. (  Ad pg Tourist Map)

 023 724 014 

Feeling Home

|   | |@|2-3 Enjoy the comforts of home while away from home at this new boutique hotel.  O7

2, St.63 (at St.278). 

 023 221 522

Flamingos Hotel|




Mid-range hotel with comfortable rooms.

 I7

30, St.172. 

 023 221 640

Frangipani 60’s

|    | |@|2 Boutique hotel with the usual amenities including laundry service & free WI-FI.  N6

20R, St.252. 

 023 212 100

Frangipani 90’s

|   | |@|2 Boutique hotel with the usual amenities including laundry service & free WI-FI.  U7

25, St.71. 

 023 727 569

Frangipani Fine Arts Hotel

 |@|2 |   | | Boutique hotel with the usual amenities including free WI-FI. Rooftop bar too.

 H9

25, St.71. 


 023 223 320


|   |



Centrally located in “NGO-land” with all amenities including a swimming pool. 10-12, St.282. 

 O7

 023 219 558



Himawari |

|    |



Five-star establishment perched on the banks of the Chaktomok river.

 K10

313, Sisowath Quay.  

 023 214 555

InterContinental Phnom Penh  |   | | |@|3 | One of the city’s finest hotels with a swimming pool and all amenities. 296, Mao Tsé Toung. (Regency Square)





|   |

 N8

26, St. 302. 

 023 987 091

Me Mate’s Place | 




Bright, airy, modern guesthouse located on a quiet street near the riverfront.

 D7

Mekong Gardens

 N8


|    |


 023 222 290

Lebiz Hotel


Stay in awesome rooms at one of the funkiest guesthouses in Phnom Penh.

5, St.90. 

A family-friendly hotel with individual bungalows set in a large leafy garden. 22, St..264. 

 O1

 023 424 888 |   |

The Mad Monkey


 Ad pg 23)

 023 500 2437


|    |



New condos for sale and rent in a quiet and green area overlooking the Mekong River, with extensive facilities including gym, swimming pool, steam, sauna, 24-hour security and reception.

Popular, contemporary boutique hotel aimed primarily at business travellers.

Road 6, 10 min. from 097 290 0000 city centre.

79F, Kampuchea Krom Blvd.  G6   023 998 608

Monument Hotel

Le Marais Boutique Hotel 


|   |


Elegant hotel offering a warm atmosphere with comfy rooms and spacious suites.

 J7

33, St.222. 

 023 996 266

Raffles Hotel Le Royal 


|   |



A fully restored classic hotel with spa, swimming pool, shops and much more. St.92.  (near Wat Phnom)

 E6

 023 981 888

Le Safran Suites 


|   |



|   |



Located just a three minute walk from the Independence Monument and a ten minute walk from the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda. Perfectly located from all your requriements. 22s, St. 29.   M9 023 634 8008

One More Boarding House 

|   |

| |2

German-owned. 4 quiet rooms with all facilities including WiFi and flat screen TV. 16, St.294. 

 P9 017 327 378


14 charming rooms and impressive suite in a boutique hotel with swimming pool. 4, St.282. 

 M9 012 513 035

i advertising sales call Philippe 092 502 530

108 JUNE-SEPTEMBER 2014 - where to go and what to do!

Pavilion |

|   |



 023 222 280 |@|3

4-6, St.104.  E8023 986 722 

 L9

227, St.19. 

Phnom Penh Hotel 


Tonle Sap Guest House

 Ad pg 109) |   | |@|1-2 15 comfortable rooms with all amenities, including AC, TV, hot water, bath and fridge. 24-hour pub and restaurant, just 50m from the riverfront.

Boutique hotel in a quiet street near the royal palace, with all usual amenities.

|   |



Upscale hotel with all the usual amenities including a large swimming pool.

Velkommen GH/Backpackers  |   | |@|1-2

 D6

Two guesthouses opposite each other, from $5 dorm beds to $45 more luxury rooms.


18, St.144. also 17, St.144

53, Monivong Blvd. 

The Quay

 023 991 868


|   |

Phnom Penh’s first carbon-friendly hotel. Centrally located right on the riverfront. 277, Sisowath Quay.  


15, St.282. 

 023 224 894

Season Residence |

|   |

High quality spacous serviced apartments in a central location. 109-133, St.144. 

Splash Inn |


5, St.244.

 L9


An international four-star hotel located by Wat Phnom in the centre of the city. 1, St.92. (near Wat Phnom)

Villa Paradiso|

 O7

 023 726 771 |   |



25-27, St.222. 

 023 986 174  |   |




Sunway Hotel |

|   |

 R8

Boutique B&B set in two adjoining Khmer vilas close to the Royal Palace. Rooms with all the usual amenities.


Comfortable boutique hotel with all the usual amenities and a good swimming pool.

Themed-room boutique hotel with all amenities right in the heart of the city.

 023 990 628 |   |

Villa Langka

 G8

 F8 077 757 701

 E7

 023 430 333

 L7

 023 213 720

The Willow Boutique Hotel 


|   | |@|2-3

A charming boutique hotel located in a recently redecorated Cambodian Villa. 1, St.21. 

 M9

 023 996 256

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Phnom Penh OUT&ABOUT JUN 2014  

A handy pocket-sized guide on where to go and what to do in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Phnom Penh OUT&ABOUT JUN 2014  

A handy pocket-sized guide on where to go and what to do in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.