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SIP Spanih immersion Program is summer trip to SPAIN is about SUN, FUN, FRIENDSHIP, CULTURE and GOOD TIMES !!!!! SPANISH is an enjoyable Latin language that is increasingly popular and useful. There are nearly 450 million people worldwide who speak Spanish!! Visiting SPAIN is a truly enriching, fun and delightful holiday that everyone should have the opportunity to experience at some point during their schooling.

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that is increasingly popular and useful. There are nearly 450 million people worldwide who speak Spanish!! Visiting SPAIN is a truly enriching, fun and delightful holiday that everyone should have the opportunity to experience at some point during their schooling.

Going abroad changes you in ways that last a lifetime. Summer is the perfect time to experiment with living abroad. Students will have the opportunity to live with a Spanish family and to participate in travel, sports and group activities. They will build selfconfidence and learn more about themselves while getting to know this vibrant culture

Three weeks trip During the first week Visits to : SEVILLE CĂ DIZ BAELO CLAUDIA ( TARIFA ) PUERTO DE SANTA MARĂ?A JEREZ During the second week The students will have the opportunity to learn various water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddel (paddle boarding), kayaking and surfing. They will also attend a Spanish cooking class and a flamenco show.

During the third week During the final week, students will stay with a Spanish family, which will give them the opportunity to practice and improve their speaking while creating new friendships in Southern Spain.

The students will stay at HOTEL PUERTO SHERRY during the two first weeks. This nautical-themed hotel is located in the Puerto Sherry Marina. It is one of the most recommended hotels in El Puerto de Santa María. 60 luxurious rooms, some with private terrace and magnificent views to the bay of Cadiz are awaiting to enjoy the luxury and comfort in one of the most distinguished and exclusive places in El Puerto. A charming four star hotel where you could find all the services and amenities you may need during your stay. ACTIBA MAR Y AVENTURA will be in charge of the nautical activities. This sailing School offers a great program to enjoy water sports on the edge of Bahía de Cádiz. A camp where you will practice water sports such as dinghy sailing, surfing, paddle surf, canoeing, games and sports on the beach.

Visits during the first week: CADIZ Cadiz stands on a peninsula jutting out into a bay, and is almost entirely surrounded by water The “Tacita de Plata” is considered the oldest city in the Western World. It was founded (in 1100 BC) by the Phoenicians, a seafaring people who turned Gadir into an important trading colony where the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Visigoths and the Muslims would all subsequently settle. Its port was chosen by Columbus as the point of departure for his second voyage to the New World. Spain’s first liberal constitution was signed here in 1812. Cádiz holds the distinction of being the only city in continental Europe to survive a siege by Napoleon. The population of the city is 120.000 and it is one of the sunniest city in Europe. During this tour, the students will visit: The City Hall, Barrio del Pópulo, Tavira Tower, Old and New Cathedral, San Sebastian Castle, The Roman Theatre, Plaza de las Flores, The Central Market, La Viña, Caleta´s Beach... and many other interesting places.

SEVILLE It is the capital of Andalusia with a population of about 700.000. Seville is situated on the plain of the river Guadalquivir. After the discovery of the Americas, Seville became one of the economic centres of the Spanish Empire as its port monopolised the trans-oceanic trade. In 1519, Ferdinand Magellan departed from Seville for the first circumnavigation of the Earth. Coinciding with the Baroque period of European history, the 17th century in Seville represented the most brilliant flowering of the city’s culture; then began a gradual economic and demographic decline as silting in the Guadalquivir forced the trade monopoly to relocate to the nearby port of Cádiz. The students will visit: The Cathedral , The Royal Alcazar Gardens, Plaza de España, María Luisa Park, The Santa Cruz Quarters, Gold Tower...and other interesting places.

BAELO CLAUDIA RUINS Baelo Claudia is an ancient Roman town situated on the province of Cádiz, some 15km north of Tarifa, next to the town of Bolonia and the beautiful beach. Its history lies in the trade routes serving Europe and North Africa - the town’s strategic position on the coast near the Straits of Gibraltar made it a crucial stopping-off point between the two continents. The ruins of Baelo Claudia, with its impressive temple of Isis, aqueduts, thermal baths, forum and basilica, and especially the large fish-salting factory, show how important the town was. After the visit the students will go to Bolonia beach, famouse for its big

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