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05 AUGUST 2013

this issue the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance

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WELC LCOME OME FRFROOM TOUR OURN NAMENT BUSIN USINEESS AFFAIRS Welcome to the fifth issue of the Tournament Business Affairs Sales & Marketing Newsletter. For our first time readers, this newsletter is designed to bring you up to date with best practices, sponsorship and brand activation, and a variety of useful information. This edition features numerous informative articles provided to TBA by the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance, FedEx St. Jude Classic, AT&T National and Travelers Championship. This season's trend of diverse first year winners continued with Ken Duke, 44, and Harris English, 24, both raising a trophy for the first time, adding to the season's total of ten. In addition, supporting charity and the military are initiatives that resonate deeply within the PGA TOUR and are exemplified excellently by these events.

This issue also contains an article highlighting the importance of the female fan in the professional sports landscape. Representing a perpetually growing demographic, women signify an indispensable opportunity for substantial incremental revenue. In an effort to continually enhance and enrich this publication, TBA appreciates all comments and suggestions. Improving the quality of this newsletter remains a top priority for our department. The sixth issue will focus on The Greenbrier Classic through RBC Canadian Open. We encourage you to contact your Tournament Business Affairs representative with any questions or requests for additional information concerning the items featured in this newsletter.


SALES UPDATE Upselling and Tiered Pricing Strategies While driving new business is fundamental to revenue growth, significant financial gains can also be realized through the upselling of both general spectators and corporate clients. Before any level of tournament investor can effectively be pitched to increase their spend, it is important to ensure that the tournament products and pricing allow for a reasonable “step-up” in investment. A typical tournament product progression could include the following: (1) General admission ticket  Daily and weekly grounds tickets, clubhouse tickets, and small ticket packages (2) Shared product with F&B not included  Typically classified as upgraded ticket offerings (3) Shared product with F&B included  A more expensive and more corporate purchaser-focused, shared hospitality product (4) Private product  Larger corporate investment A recommended strategy is to ensure that the lowest priced package within each of these tiers is the least economical. For example, a general guideline for grounds ticket pricing is to charge three times the rate of a daily ticket for a weekly ticket. Using this guideline, the purchase of a weekly ticket would provide better value, as it offers the ability for consumers to utilize it for up to seven days at some events, and using it for four days would be more economical than purchasing four daily tickets. Providing consumers incentives to purchase a weekly ticket can also help drive week-long attendance. The same theory holds true for upgraded ticket packages; purchasing a weekly or multi-ticket package should be significantly more economical for consumers than the purchase of a single-day or single-ticket offering. For example, if a single ticket for an upgraded product is priced at $200, a four-pack should not be sold for $800, but more in the $600-700 range so it provides the consumer with more value and incentive to purchase a larger package. From tier to tier, products should be positioned so the “step-up” pricing allows for a reasonable increase in the level of investment. A large gap in pricing from tier to tier will cap the potential to upsell. For example, a corporate sponsor that has purchased a $10,000 shared hospitality package would be much more likely to upgrade to an entry-level private package at $25,000 versus a $50,000 offering. If the $25,000 option does not exist, chances are the client will remain at the $10,000 level. With proper step-up pricing in place, sales staff should collaborate to develop a list of clients to target for additional investment with the event, factoring in elements such as the company’s local footprint, financial performance, entertainment needs, and perceived quality of their tournament experience. From there, sales people can utilize tournament week to provide targeted clients the opportunity to sample the next level of product, and continue this pursuit throughout the post-tournament renewal period. For more information about upselling and pricing strategies, please view the PGA TOUR Tournament Sales Manual, which is available on the best practices website in the “Sales” section under “Sales Support Program.”


LESSONS FROM OTHER SPORTS LEAGUES The Importance of the Female Fan The major professional sports organizations of North America have traditionally been regarded as trailblazers in terms of creating innovative and effective marketing campaigns, yet until recently they have overlooked a massive untapped revenue resource: Women. Current financial figures indicate an unmistakable opportunity to generate additional sales if professional sports leagues are able to take advantage of the recent trend. Throughout the U.S., the spending power of women is increasing and companies would be remiss to not cater to them. According to the Boston Consulting Group, women control 73% of household spending decisions, and in 35% of double income households, females now make more than their male counterparts. In addition to the decreasing wage gap, the percentage ratio of male to female sports fans is also shrinking. As more and more women are following professional sports and counting themselves as fans, sports leagues must capitalize on their increased interest. In the NFL, league officials have estimated that female fans now account for a record high 45% of their total fan base. Supplemented by ratings increasing .2 in the 18 – 34 year-old female demographic, the value of the female fan is finally receiving recognition. Starting in the early 1990s, the NFL began introducing marketing endeavors that focused on women, yet it has unexplainably taken the league decades to find success. The chief complaint lodged by female NFL fans was related to the inequality of authentic merchandise that was offered to women in comparison to men. Women simply wanted the ability to purchase game-day replica jerseys that not only fit them, but also allowed them to support their favorite players. Considering that women spend $1 billion dollars annually on NFL merchandise, this does not seem like an unreasonable request. Recently, the NFL has made significant progress by creating “affinity clubs� that afford female fans not only identity, but also the chance to connect with other women who support the same team.

New York Giants fans wearing game-day replica jerseys


LESSONS FROM OTHER SPORTS LEAGUES continued One of the main challenges of engaging female patrons is breaking down long practiced social constructions pertaining to women and sport. Public perception intrinsically hinders the female fan from “feeling welcome” at male-dominated sporting events. As gender-related sports marketing evolve, the portrayal of women as fans must be reexamined. While the primary demographic of professional sports remains tipped in favor the male fan, sports leagues cannot afford to ignore millions of avid female sports consumers. The question that sports leagues should be seeking an answer to is: how do we develop a lasting connection with women and convey the extent to which their patronage is valued? The PGA TOUR seems to have their response ready. Currently, women account for 36% of its fan base, a number which the organization hopes to increase through the introduction of the Women’s Initiative. Sponsored by Astellas, these events provide the TOUR with a tremendous The MLB has done a great job with the female focused merchandise platform to reach a demographic they wish to expand while simultaneously illustrating to attending businesswomen the value and return on investment that PGA TOUR tournaments can provide a business. A key component of the program is demonstrating to attendees that TOUR events offer more than just golf, but also an unparalleled social experience that cultivates commerce and engenders profitable long-lasting relationships. Similar to the NFL’s affinity clubs, the businesswomen who attend are encouraged to join a Linked-In group that enables different cities to connect and share their experiences even after the tournament’s conclusion. Simply put, demand creation is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company's products and services. Accordingly, the professional sports leagues that continue to discount their female fan base by remaining indifferent to their existence will inevitably forsake millions of dollars of potential incremental revenue. Regardless of the style of the approach, the organizations that choose to adjust their marketing plans will most certainly position themselves to realize the additional sales that inherently accompany attracting a broader audience.

Sources: SportsBusiness Journal Nov 26 – Dec 2, 2012 Newsweek Magazine The New York Times

Participants at Executive Women’s Day presented by Astellas at the 2013 PLAYERS Championship


TITLE SPONSOR INTEGRATION Title sponsors Nationwide Insurance, FedEx, AT&T, and Travelers each had unique objectives and activations at their respective events. Some of their platforms are summarized on the following pages.

FedEx provides employees with a hospitality venue on course At this year’s FedEx St. Jude Classic, title sponsor FedEx had a new objective: to provide FedEx employees with a hospitality venue to enjoy at the event. They felt that by doing so, they would attract additional employees to attend the event and thereby increase attendance. To fulfill this objective, they constructed the FedEx Employee Patio overlooking the 17th green. It was an air conditioned venue with a large outdoor patio and courtyard. FedEx employees were asked to show their company ID at the registration desk of the venue to gain entry. They were allowed to bring up to three guests per day. Once inside, they received complimentary food and beverages (bottled water and soft drinks) along with prime viewing of one of the closing holes at TPC Southwind.

The FedEx Employee Patio

Members of the FedEx sports marketing department staffed the tent. Signage was placed throughout the course directing employees to the venue. An internal email was sent to all FedEx employees inviting them to visit the tent.

In addition to the generous employee benefit, the presence of an additional large, crowded hospitality venue on one of the closing holes made for a nice television presentation.

AT&T continues its support of the armed forces Both AT&T and the Tiger Woods Foundation strive to develop and grow their support for the military year after year. Amongst the many great programs the tournament hosts throughout the week, one offers spectators, volunteers, sponsors, and players the opportunity to leave a personal message for military members and their families. The We Salute Our Heroes Tribute Wall was originally developed in 2011 when the tournament was played in Philadelphia and has quickly become a fixture at the event each year since moving back to Washington D.C. in 2012. The stand-alone structure provides approximately 150 square feet of writable space and is flanked with large, life size images of members of the military, and from the top, flags are hung from each branch of the armed services. Tournament spectators are greeted at the wall by volunteers who don camouflaged caddie bibs, and provide them with a marker to sign. Once each person has had their opportunity to write a message, they are given an “I Signed the Wall” sticker to help raise additional awareness throughout the tournament grounds. On average, the tournament goes through five signed canvasses, with the final signature coming Sunday evening from the tournament champion.

The We Salute Our Heroes Tribute Wall

Following the conclusion of each year’s tournament, pieces of the wall are framed and donated to local military bases and charitable organizations. The initial construction of the wall cost approximately $30,000. For each year following, the wall accounts for an additional annual expense of $11,800 and has an estimated lifespan of five years. For each year the wall exists, AT&T National has received a full donation from SHARPIE to supply markers for the week. Although the We Salute Our Heroes Tribute Wall is not a profit driven element for the tournament, the wall stands as a 5 monument to honor those who have served.

TITLE SPONSOR INTEGRATION Travelers engages worldwide employees One of the most valuable assets a tournament can have is a committed title sponsor. A great example of an event that maximizes their title sponsor relationship to the fullest extent is the Travelers Championship. Widely viewed as one of the most engaged title sponsors, and three time winner of the PGA TOUR Best Title Sponsor Integration award, Travelers has kept its 30,000 plus employees updated on the many different and exciting events surrounding the Travelers Championship throughout the year.

Another great tool used to engage company employees is the annual defending champion interview. Each year during the tournament’s Media Day, Travelers asks its employees to submit questions they would like to ask the past year’s champion. The interview is then recorded and posted on Travelers’ internal website and on its various social media outlets.

Activation surrounding the 2013 Travelers Championship focused on new ways to involve employees with the tournament as well as continued several aspects from previous years, including Travelers Championship Employee Day. This year’s event engaged more than 1,600 employees in Hartford, Connecticut, as well as hundreds of others in thirty field locations across the country. It also generated more than $20,000 in employee ticket sales and helped recruit 1,363 volunteers; a new company record.

Travelers also produced daily tournament wrap up videos to share with employees throughout the country. Introduced this year after strong internal feedback, the tournament recognized that they could also benefit from using these daily recap videos through social media. Fully funded by Travelers, the company’s creative services team produced the daily recap videos which were then posted to various tournament social media outlets. Promoted on both Facebook and Twitter, each video was posted to the PGA TOUR’s YouTube channel the following day.

Click on the following link: v=CUeJ12Qhj9Y

Over 1,300 volunteers worked the 2013 tournament

Travelers is one of the best at title sponsor integration

Posted on the PGA TOUR’s YouTube channel, the videos received over 7,000 views throughout the week. To view this year’s complete video series, please click on the links below. Enjoy!       

Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:


BEST PRACTICES the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance The Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance remains one of the PGA TOUR's most active philanthropic events on the schedule, due in part to their warmhearted Bears for Children's program. Entering into its seventeenth year, the Memorial's Bears for Children's program helps raise funds for the Memorial Tournament Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Nationwide Children's Hospital. This year, in an effort to enhance the relationship between The Kroger Co. and Bears for Children's, the Memorial sought to boost the program's impact by promoting it all throughout stores in Central Ohio. The bears' names typically encompass an aspect of golf and the tournament. This year, Kroger stores offered a $10 plush bear named "Bunker" of which, 100% of proceeds benefitted the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Upon purchasing the limited edition bear, customers were given an option to either take him home or donate the bear back to a child at Nationwide Children's. A new aspect of the program introduced in 2013 was the paper bear that was priced at $1, and then were signed by the purchaser. Participating stores displayed the bears on the walls which also brought additional exposure for both the tournament and the program. In addition, Kroger promoted Bears for Children's by including it in a variety of forums including print, television and social media Bunker the bear advertisements. Since this campaign began in 1996, over $1.1 million has been generated through generous public and corporate giving. Sponsors are drawn to this program as it ultimately strengthens community ties and enhances brand awareness through the campaign’s media endeavors. Similar to other vintage memorabilia, limiting the quantity of the bears provides them with "collectability" and introduces a different type of buyer other than those with philanthropic intentions. Resulting from expanding the program's regional footprint and price offerings, the tournament was able to raise over $200,000 in 2013, an increase of 100% from the previous year's total.

FedEx St. Jude Classic This year at the FedEx St. Jude Classic, longtime partner BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee decided to take their sponsorship activation to a whole new level. Matching up nicely with their company’s philanthropic interests, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee sponsored a program called “Hours for St. Jude,” which encouraged volunteers to solicit peer-to-peer donations in support of their time spent working at the tournament. In addition to the significant branding inside the volunteer tent, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee also provided health-conscious food offerings to the volunteers, exposure to different wellness programs and information involving various health initiatives. The “Walk Y’all” program signage on a cart path


BEST PRACTICES continued One of these initiatives was called “Walk Y’all” with its purpose being to engage volunteers and spectators to walk 10,000 steps while on site with the reward being a free t-shirt. The “Walk Y’All” campaign had signage throughout the golf course talking about the benefits of being active. Spectators were encouraged to visit “The Cool Zone” to pick up a pedometer for the walking program as well as cool off in an air conditioned tent. There were also interactive spectator activities in The Cool Zone such as a green screen where spectators could have their picture taken in a Brooks Brothers seersucker jacket with the tournament trophy. The partnership formed between the FedEx St. Jude Classic and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee exhibits the mutual benefits of involving a health conscious organization. Not only did this sponsorship increase charity contributions, it also provided much-deserved recognition for the thousands of volunteers that are so vital to the success of a PGA TOUR event.

AT&T National In an effort to drive more traffic to the tournament’s website and capture spectator information leading into this year’s tournament, AT&T National developed a fan sweepstakes to meet the 2013 AT&T National champion. Working with their website developer, a custom landing page was created on that included sweepstakes language, prize information, and data fields for fans to enter the contest. By completing the sweepstakes form, fans were given the chance to win one Grand Prize or five pairs of complimentary Gallery Passes to attend AT&T National on the day of their choice. The Grand Prize offered the winner and one guest a VIP tournament experience that included a photo opportunity with the 2013 The sweepstakes winners with Bill Haas AT&T National Champion, two Honorary Observer spots during Sunday’s round, a view of the Trophy Ceremony from the 18th green, and two tickets to the Macallan Club, an upgraded hospitality venue on the eleventh green that included complimentary food and beverage Thursday through Sunday. Additionally, each fan that entered their information was rewarded with an exclusive promotional code which provided them a 10% discount on their 2013 AT&T National ticket order. Launched on June 5th, the contest was available for two weeks and was promoted through a variety of tournament media outlets and partners. In addition to the contest landing page on the tournament website, the sweepstakes was the lead story in the June edition of the tournament’s e-newsletter, was promoted on the tournament’s and Tiger Woods Foundation’s social media outlets, and was also solicited by local radio and print media partners. The tournament also teamed up with Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic, who offered to promote the Meet the Champion contest in an exclusive email blast to their entire subscriber database and on their website. The Macallan Club

As a result of the contest, more than 1,000 entries were collected and added to the tournaments e-marketing database. The Grand Prize winners were informed a week prior to the tournament and raved about their experience, promising to return to next year’s tournament. 8

BEST PRACTICES continued Travelers Championship Corporate hospitality is not for everyone. When the Northstar Wealth Partners approached the Travelers Championship about sponsorship opportunities at this year’s tournament, they wanted to put their name on an event that would generate media buzz, rather than host top clients. The team at Travelers answered their call by developing a celebrity mini golf tournament. The playing field, which consisted of seventeen teams, was made up of tournament media partners and national celebrities including actor Alec Baldwin, World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) Superstars Sargent Slaughter and Bob Backlund, and USA Gymnastics Golf Medalist Tim Daggett. The event Celebrity Mini Golf Tournament set up was emceed by local radio personality, Renee Dinino, host of The River 105.9 and Tournament Director Nathan Grube. Also stopping by to show their support were PGA TOUR professionals Jason Bohn, Brian Gay and John Merrick. Each player was stationed at one of the nine holes and took the tee putt for each team. The tournament was scored in a stroke-play format with each threesome using the sum of their strokes for every hole, and the low-gross team from each shotgun was awarded with both trophies and a $2,500 donation to the charity of their choice. Cheering them all on were local sports team mascots including the Yale University Bulldog, the Hartford University Hawk, the University of Connecticut Husky, and the local Minor League Baseball favorite, Rocky of the New Britain Rock Cats. As the official sponsor of the Celebrity Mini Golf Tournament, Northstar Wealth Partners received maximum exposure for their investment. Leading up to the tournament, the charity mini golf tournament was promoted in tournament print and radio advertisement, as well as on the tournament website. During the week, Northstar Wealth Partners received signage on the golf course, on the 18th green and on Fan Zone video boards. What made the biggest impact was the media coverage the sponsor received as the host of such a great program. With the support of local media and the presence of national celebrities, the exposure Northstar Wealth Partners received exceeded all expectations. As a result of the tournament, $5,000 was donated between two local charities. Northstar Wealth Partners could not have been more pleased with their investment and plans to return in 2014. The tournament looks forward to bringing the event back next year and is already exploring new ways to build on this year’s success.

Other Best Practices from events in this issue Be sure to check the new Best Practices website for details on these other Best Practices that took place at the events covered within this issue:      

AT&T National - Lockheed Martin Military Tent FedEx St. Jude Classic – Ashley Furniture FedEx St. Jude Classic – Campbell Clinic the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance – Junior Programs the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance – Legends Luncheon Travelers Championship - 15 ½ Hole


SOCIALLY SPEAKING Each week, tournaments take to Twitter looking for new ways to incorporate the platform into their social strategy. Ideally, the function of the tournament’s Twitter account should be to share compelling content that is complementary to what is happening on the course. While some tournaments use Twitter to showcase special events and fan activations on-site, others have found a way to bring the competition back to the fans. Over the past two years, the Travelers Championship has pioneered @CallTheShots, a Twitter-based prediction game that runs throughout the four competition days of the tournament. ( & The account tweets questions about what’s happening on the course and invites users to follow the account to “join the field.” The account then tweets out questions based on real-time events on the golf course (sample is below). In order to respond to the question, participants tweet their prediction using the hashtag #CallTheShots. Their first response to any question is their only accepted submission for that particular round. With each accurate prediction, users climb higher on the game’s leaderboard. Each day is a new round and a new opportunity to play along and improve your score. All questions, predictions and answers for @CallTheShots are monitored in real-time by the account moderators. The PGA TOUR’s Twitter account, which focuses primarily on live updates during competition, was able to coordinate with the tournament by retweeting posts and expanding the account’s reach. In addition, @CallTheShots was complimented with a Twitter Ads campaign in which certain keywords were promoted in Twitter’s search and timeline areas. In total, the campaign produced just over 1.2 million impressions and gained over 800 followers, all in the four days it was active. @CallTheShots is a great display of using a well-known platform in an innovative way, giving fans a new outlet and motivation to follow the tournament in real-time. To enlist the PGA TOUR’s help with your own unique campaign during tournament week, contact Jenny Cannon (



TOURNAMENT STANDARDS ITEMS Tournament Standards held our third quarterly operations call on July 15. Thank you to everyone that participated. We hope you found it helpful. In lieu of showcasing best practices from the past few events, we wanted to give you all a brief synopsis of the call. Steve Evans gave a communications update on cellular service, Wi-Fi, and Internet in the Media Center. The Distributed Antenna System (DAS) has been tested at both the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial and AT&T National. It worked very well at both events. If we choose to implement the DAS solution across all TOUR events, AT&T would be willing to make the DAS available for multi-carriers as well. Time Warner has implemented a nationwide initiative to provide Wi-Fi access in key cities around the United States. If this is occurring in your area, reach out to see if you can partner with them and use this capability to more efficiently run Wi-Fi at your event. Lastly, the TOUR has republished the Media Center requirements and will get specifications out in the next few weeks. Jamie Fowler reminded everyone to register for the December tournament meetings being held in Ponte Vedra Beach at the Sawgrass Marriott Resort & Spa December 2 – 6. You can register online at This website also contains a schedule of events and information about room reservations and rates. Jamie recommended that you register ASAP as the preferred room rate is only good through August 30th. Tom Strong and Ericson Balcita touched on a number of other important topics such as: updates to the golf cart and TV compound surveys, 2013-2014 credentials, best practices, and observations. Best practices will be highlighted on the best practice website each week, so please use it as a reference. Remember to stay on top of your vendors to pick up trash and stay on the cart paths. Also remember to update Links with your correct tournament week contact information. Additionally, we discussed the vendor database as well as updating the Tournament Guide and housing it online. In the days following the call, you should have received the presentation, notes, and Vendor Database Excel file. Please send any contact information that you are willing to share to Lauren at The database will only be as good as you help make it, so please send as much information as possible. Once again, we would like to extend a big thank you to our guest speakers and everyone else who participated in the call. Thank you for your support and we look forward to talking with you again at our next meeting on September 23 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm ET.

PGA TOUR DIGITAL: DID YOU KNOW….  Less than 10% of golf shots are captured on live TV, where as 100% are captured on digital  PGA TOUR Digital platforms deliver tournament coverage to all 50 states and over 200 countries  has 37 million page views per tournament week  There are 20 million leader board page views per week on  PGA TOUR Mobile Apps have nearly 400 million downloads across iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows 8 devices


TOGETHER ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE PGA TOUR players bring their game to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital At 6’4’’, Dustin Johnson spends a lot of time looking down. On Tuesday afternoon, however, the defending FedEx St. Jude Classic champion got exceptionally low to the ground. He was bending, kneeling, sitting even. Johnson, along with fellow PGA TOUR players D.A. Points, Casey Wittenberg, Branden Grace and Robert Streb, took time out from practicing at TPC Southwind to bring their game, and a bit of sunshine, to the young patients of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. They’re called St. Jude Moments. They might last seconds, maybe hours. The collective goal of a St. Jude Moment, however, is to bring about a lifetime. They are the irreplaceable moments when a child’s smile cannot be contained, when the head momentarily lets go of the problems at hand, and the heart looks towards a well-deserved, long future. Johnson spent a lot of time bending down Tuesday, only to rise up to the spirit of his surroundings. “We’re here to support the children of this hospital,” said Johnson. “To help ease the rough spots of their day by just sitting here and laughing with them. It’s so nice to come out and see them smiling and having a good time. They’ve really been through a lot, so I know it means a lot to them.”

Casey Wittenberg and a patient of St. Jude’s

The kids and families of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have been through a lot, a battle that continues for most. Theirs is a reality where there really are no easy fixes or magic words to make the physical and emotional pain disappear. A visit from a PGA TOUR player doesn’t kill cancer, but it does lend support to the notion that love still lightens the dark side of a day. “These kids are dealing with some of the most difficult diseases anyone can imagine,” said St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital CEO Richard Shadyac, Jr. “Today is an opportunity for them to just play and have fun and get their mind off what they’re going through for a little while. It’s an opportunity for the kids to interact with some of their heroes. It’s an opportunity for kids to be kids.” “It’s phenomenal for us to be able come down and give them a glimpse of excitement during their stay here,” said Memphis native and PGA TOUR member Casey Wittenberg. “Any kind of visit puts smiles on these kids’ faces. Smiles are contagious. It really gives perspective. We’re blessed to be able to do what we do. To be able to come down here and spend some time with these kids is an extension of that blessing.” In arenas as these, it becomes easy to see the world as a level playing field. There is no looking down, only looking eye to eye. Dustin Johnson giving a putting lesson


TOGETHER ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE continued “It gives a great perspective to what matters,” Johnson said. “There’s so much more to life. A lot of these kids are struggling. It really makes you humble.” When two people can see eye to eye, relationships are everlasting. Another relationship tantamount to the mission of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has been its relationship with FedEx and the event for which it’s named. “We’ve raised over 26 million as a result of this tournament, which is spectacular,” said Shadyac. “But the dollars and cents only tell part of the story. It’s the awareness that’s been created. This gives us a global platform to speak of the hospital’s mission. We are the leader in finding cures and saving lives of kids with catastrophic diseases like cancer. Our relationship with FedEx and this tournament has proved priceless to that mission.” At the end of the afternoon, it was noted that some of the children were too sick be allowed off their upstairs floor. As he did last year, Johnson was among those who went up to visit. In a surreal moment hard to describe, Johnson sat on the floor, legs crossed. There was no looking down. He was eye to eye with one in a world where every life matters the same. Sometimes, a St. Jude Moment cannot be described. Dustin posing for picture with a patient

“I think this is a sacred place,” said Shadyac. “It’s a place where families of the sickest kids come to find hope. We don’t give up on kids. We’re going to do what it takes to get kids better. “ Whether they returned to the reality of their condition or the reality of their jobs, it is all the same when hope can be seen for what it is. Hope is anything but naïve, and always willing to meet a man, woman or child head on. Hope looks down on no one. “All you have to do is look around this room at all these smiling faces,” noted Shadyac. “It just doesn’t get any better than that.”


BIRDIES FOR THE BRAVE In June, the Travelers Championship teamed up with Operation Shower, Travelers, Birdies for the Brave®, event sponsors and the nationally-syndicated entertainment news magazine show “Extra” to prove that “Together, Anything’s Possible.” Together, the team hosted one of the most successful and highly visible Operation Shower group baby showers honoring 40 military moms-to-be whose spouses are deployed members of the U.S. Navy assigned to Naval Submarine Base New London commands and the Connecticut Army National Guard. Through a developing partnership with Extra, who had originally reached out to Birdies for the Brave and Operation Shower to get involved with the program, the shower was hosted by Extra correspondent and expectant mom Hilaria Thomas Baldwin, wife of Alec Baldwin, and resulted in an outstanding feature segment on “Extra” two days later that was broadcast to hundreds of networks in major markets across the U.S. The event was also featured in a headline story with a broadcast link on “Extra’s” website, which gets more than 12 million hits around the world every month. Media coverage also included every major network affiliate, local cable stations, newspapers, parenting and celebrity blogs, and a story in US Weekly magazine, all of which included significant branding for Travelers Championship, Travelers, sponsors and the PGA TOUR/ Birdies for the Brave. Sponsored by baby bedding company Carousel Designs, the “Red, White and Coo”-themed event took place in The First Tee building at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, CT, with supporting sponsorship provided by Petunia Pickle Bottom and 4moms. Special guests included Randy Fishman, wife of Travelers Chairman & CEO Jay Fishman; Travelers Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Andy Bessette; Travelers Championship Tournament Director Nathan Grube; and Rear Admiral Kenneth Perry, Commander of Submarine Group Two, and his wife, Alicia. During the event, the moms enjoyed lunch provided by Applebee’s, won prizes, and had an opportunity to share stories and gain comfort from other military moms-to-be in the same situation. The highlight of the event was the Expectant mothers at Operation Shower presentation of Operation Shower’s signature “Shower in a Box.” Each mom received an array of unique, high-quality products and gift items for mothers and babies that were donated by numerous companies, including Travelers, Petunia Pickle Bottom, “Extra” and Carousel Designs. From onesies and baby bottles to clothing, crib bedding, diaper bags and toys, the gifts will go a long way toward raising the spirits of the moms-to-be, many of whom would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience a baby shower. More than 22 Operation Shower events have been hosted for military moms-to-be from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and National Guard since 2007 – 15 of which have been hosted in partnership with Birdies for the Brave. For more information, visit or Operation Shower offers tournaments an outstanding vehicle for showing appreciation and support for military families, while attracting a broad spectrum of new media types – ranging from sports, news, metro and lifestyle to military, family and entertainment – especially in cases where a celebrity host is engaged. Celebrities are secured by Birdies for the Brave and Operation Shower on a pro bono basis, where available. In the event your tournament is interested in incorporating an Operation Shower group baby shower as part of your military outreach programs, please contact Lexi Lahiff at 14

THE FIRST TEE SPOTLIGHT Travelers Championship Positively impacting the lives of young people through golf is The First Tee’s top priority. The First Tee is far more than just a sports program for young people, but can also serve as an important community connection for PGA TOUR tournaments. A great example is Travelers Championship’s relationship with The First Tee of Connecticut. To learn more, we sat down with tournament director Nathan Grube to gain an in-depth review of their success. The First Tee of Connecticut remains unique in terms of its location in proximity to TPC River Highlands; what kind of advantage does having The First Tee of Connecticut on-site provide the Travelers Championship? NG: Having them on-site really allows us to use the facility quite a bit during tournament week. We use it for various events and can always tie back our messaging to The First Tee. For example, we might have an event for a company that wants to host a handful of their clients and want to have a dinner. Using the facility, it is obviously branded very heavily with The First Tee, and we have a chance to make a connection. It also opens the door to the chapter for additional fundraising opportunities. What type of involvement does The First Tee of Connecticut have tournament week? NG: Tuesday is our Fan & Family Day where we hold a clinic for kids and have a junior pro-am. Thirty-six participants play with PGA TOUR players, and they gain eligibility through fundraising for the Birdies for Charity program. We also have a fundraising breakfast on Saturday morning, featuring a PGA TOUR player, with a couple hundred donors. Along with donating tickets and parking, we also have “meet and greets” where three juniors from The First Tee of Connecticut are taken around the practice facilities and are introduced to players who sign autographs. How involved is the tournament with The First Tee of Connecticut throughout the year? NG: We involve the chapter in our charity press conference, which is hosted at The First Tee of Connecticut building, and invite chapter representatives to Media Day. We make sure to incorporate The First Tee into media opportunities. We also have a tournament in June called the Premier Limo First Tee Classic, where we raised about $100,000 through sponsorships. Do you have any advice for other tournaments to improve and cultivate their relationship with their own chapters of The First Tee? NG: First and foremost, I encourage them to go meet with them. Get involved with the Chip-In for Charity and the Birdies for Charity programs if they are not already. When I was working in Birmingham at a Champions Tour event, we had a small chapter of The First Tee, but we still got the young people involved. We had some clinics and introduced them to the players, which are very easy to implement. It essentially makes the connection that leads to positives such as other financial support, a more extensive relationship with the PGA of America, and increased player involvement. THE FIRST TEE: DID YOU KNOW…. Elementary Schools  The First Tee National School Program is offered at more than 5,300 schools in 800 school districts during physical education classes.  The First Tee National School Program introduces elementary students to the game of golf, The First Tee Nine Core Values and The First Tee Nine Healthy Habits during physical education classes.  The Nine Core Values include: Honesty, Integrity, Sportsmanship, Respect, Confidence, Responsibility, Perseverance, Courtesy and Judgment.  The Nine Healthy Habits include: Energy, Safety, Play, Vision, Mind, Family, Friends, School and Community. 15

IN CLOSING Tournament Awards Reminder Submissions for the 2013 Tournament Awards are due on or before Friday, November 1st. Materials eligible for consideration must represent 2013 initiatives. It is important that we note that for the 2013 calendar year, the former “Fall Series” events are eligible for the 2013 awards. Starting in 2014, the awards will run the breadth of the regular season. All presentations must be in PowerPoint format. There is a 20 page limit to the size of all presentations except for Tournament of the Year, which is a 40 page limit. Please be mindful of the criteria listed for each award category. All categories are open for submission. There is no limit to the number of categories a tournament may submit entries for; however, a tournament may only submit one entry per category. For a full list of categories and criteria please visit the PGA TOUR Best Practices Website. TIMELINE NOV 1 NOV 8 NOV 13 NOV 15 DEC 5

ALL Entries Due First Eliminations (Cut to top 3 and ties) Finalists Sent to Panel of Judges (TAC and PGA TOUR TBA) Final Voting Winners Announced During Evening Ceremony at Sawgrass Marriott

Entries can be emailed to with the subject line reading “Tournament Award Submission” or to via Dropbox, YouSendIt, or another web-based data storage service. Submissions may also be mailed to: PGA TOUR c/o Stacey Fogg 112 PGA TOUR Blvd. Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 Phone: 904.273.3226 Materials that are mailed in will not be returned and must arrive on or before November 1, 2013.


Tournament Business Affairs Sales & Marketing Newsletter  

Issue 5, August 2013

Tournament Business Affairs Sales & Marketing Newsletter  

Issue 5, August 2013