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Charles Campion

Charles Campion Food writer and restaurant critic

I ate my first oyster in the spirit of curiosity and I don’t remember having to summon up reserves of courage. Oysters may not be photogenic, indeed they look rather grey and quivery, but when you suck your first mollusc off the half shell you are rewarded with an elusive, minerally taste and an astonishing texture – softer than a politician’s hand. I have always described oysters as tasting like a harbour at low tide and they certainly transport you to the seaside even when you’re eating them in the heart of the big City.

‘You are rewarded with an elusive, minerally taste and an astonishing texture’. In the late 1990s when writing for the London Evening Standard I set my personal best for oysters. The idea was that I would go around town with a photographer in tow and have half-a-dozen oysters in as many different places as possible. We started at Billingsgate at 6.30 in the morning where we tried Duchy Natives with a pint of Guinness and that set the tone for the day. Oysters and pints were downed dutifully all morning, then through lunch and then afternoon tea, by the time we got to dinner we had slowed somewhat. At 8.30 pm the 4

London Oyster Guide  
London Oyster Guide  

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