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Oyster Guide ‘This is a book written for oyster lovers by an oyster lover and will prove to be a handy memory-jogger when that craving for a dozen number twos sweeps over you.’ Charles Campion

Colin Pressdee writes the definitive oyster guide to London’s seafood bars, restaurants, retailers and markets. Packed with reviews of where to eat oysters in London and the best places further afield, it also contains information on how to select, prepare and eat oysters, making this a truly complete handbook. Written in conjunction with the Shellfish Association of Great Britain it also has the SAGB’s celebrated UK oyster tasting guide; an essential tool to assist you in navigating the variety of tastes and flavours of UK oysters. The London Oyster Guide is the perfect guide for seafood lovers everywhere.

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London Oyster Guide  
London Oyster Guide  

Colin Pressdee reviews over 150 restaurants, bars, markets, merchants, retailers and producers. Foreword by Charles Campion. To purchase a c...