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London Oyster Guide O Y S T E R


Rock oysters Colonsay 7 Flavour 4 Saltiness 7 Sweetness 5 Umami

Nose Very slight sea breeze and geranium. Body Woody and nutty; avocado and pecan.

Finish Strong white sugar finish. Texture Meaty.

Cumbrae 7 Flavour 6 Saltiness 6 Sweetness 8 Umami

Nose An established salty nose. Body A deep flavour of wood and nuts.

Finish Slow coming but a durable copper hit. Texture Firm and meaty.

Duchy Special (Helford) 8 Flavour 5 Saltiness 7 Sweetness 7 Umami

Nose A light neutral nose. Body Succulent cashew nutty taste with a noticeable sweetness.

Finish An intense quick finish of brown sugar and copper. Texture Firm, meaty and plump.

Fal 7 Flavour 3 Saltiness 4 Sweetness 7 Umami

Nose Very delicate saltwater. Body A manifest nutty taste.


Finish A neat and tidy burst of sweetness that quickly recedes. Texture Plump, meaty and creamy.

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