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Your best/worst day at school Year 9 students (Jablonna)

My worst day at school

hopeless. Next lesson was Polish language with Mrs. Jędryczka.

by Stachowicz Natalia

I forgot the test we had, I got 1, and the teacher started talking about Tuesday when I skipped chemistry. That day was real bad because she phoned my parents... it was awful !

Monday started very awfully .I always get up at 6 a.m. ,but this day I woke-up at 9 a.m., because I forgot to set my alarm clock . I arrived late for school and my form tutor was very angry with me. It was a Polish lesson and my teacher gave our tests back. I was depressed, when I got my exam. I got a bad mark-2. I thought that I wrote it very well. The next subject was biology. When we walked into the class we noticed that teacher was nervous. At first she didn’t say anything. She checked the attendance and she told us that we had a small test .We were shocked. I hadn’t studied the last and I wrote nothing on the test. I was very angry with myself because I hadn’t revised before the test. I went out of the classroom, because I had a break. I went to the changing room. I got my tracksuit. During our PE lesson we practiced very hard. Our teacher admonished us all the time. We were very tired after this lesson. We still had math. The teacher gave us a difficult exercise which we had to do. I was tired and I couldn’t concentrate on the exercise. When I went back home I was depressed. I noticed that I had a lot of homework. I was doing my homework till late. I was tired, depressed, and sad and I went to sleep. It was the worst day of my life.

The worst day at school by Mikulski Mateusz It was Thursday, when Mrs. Grzyb at first lesson told us to write about the worst day in school. I had no idea which day to write about, all days at school are

WE ARE HERE TO TAKE YOU! - My worst day at school ever. by Doleżych Maria – That day seemed to be just a normal, typical Friday. Birds were singing, flowers smelled nicely, somewhere else a cat was meowing fearfully. I went to school with great humour – it was last day of that school week, I had interesting plans for the weekend and everything seemed to be beautiful. In German lesson, which was my second one, everybody was having a great time. There was a lot of laughter and fooling around – even our teacher was telling jokes. Suddenly, after our last ‘laugh-explosion’, the building started to shake and there were some heavy voices coming from outside. Some students started to laugh louder, but I started to feel frightenedl. The teacher told us to stay in the classroom and she went to check what was happening. After ten minutes she hadn’t come back. Nobody seemed to be worried, but I was – shivers gained on power-. I told Gabi, my friend, “I’m going to the toilet. When I went outside the classroom the hall was empty. I took the fire extinguisher with me and I went to check all classrooms. All different classes were empty too. I stood close to the opened window and I couldn’t believe my eyes – there was a big flying saucer on our playground! Some aliens were talking and deliberating, others were putting my school mates into the big saucer. I heard some of their talk:

Your best/worst day at school Year 9 students (Jablonna) ‘’ Ok, boss. All classes are here, there’s only one left – 3rd A.’’ ‘’So, you’d better go and bring them here or I’ll beat you and you don’t want to discover what I mean!’’ I felt like I was an actress in some B-class movie from the 80’s. But I was also really scared! I decided to wait and hit the invader with my weapon. I knew I didn’t have got much time. I ran upstairs, straight to my classroom. I told them what was happening. They didn’t want to believe me, but they had to believe the UFO landed on the playground. We ran fast to the gym where there was a back exit. We got quickly to the closest forest and started to wait. After four hours we were found by the police. They told us that European Cosmic Guards flew to the Cosmos to find our friends. After three weeks our mates were found. It happened that the aliens wanted to celebrate a big party, so they kidnapped some creatures from all planets in the galaxy.

got a bad mark and that my grade at the end of the year would be lower. But I got a 5! The best mark I could ever get! I was very happy then. But it was only a start of the day... At Physics and Biology I got good marks for the homework, that led to my good grades at the end of the year. At the end of the day I had Polish language class. I expected that my class master would ask me to write a grammar test. But I really hated it and I was very scared of that lesson. So, when the lesson started and my teacher opened the class register and started asking I stopped breathing. I was thinking about how great this day had been until then. Then my teacher read my end of year grade. It was 5! Without asking me anything! I was very very happy! That day I got my bests grades!

I’m happy that everything had a happy end, but it was still my worst day at school ever!

My worst school My best day at school by Dudzińska Aleksandra I would like to tell you about my best day at school. It was in June last year. The end of the school year was coming up and I (probably like all of you) was trying to get as good marks as I could. When I arrived at school my friend told me about the chemistry test. I panicked! I hadn’t studied this subject, because I was sure that the test was the next week. I started to study. I'm not very bad at chemistry and with some help from my friends I passed the test. I thought that I had



by Napiórkowski Adam It was my worst day in my school life. Like everyday morning I came to the bus stop, but the bus had already left. I had to go on foot, and then it started raining. When I arrived at school, all my clothes were wet. My first lesson was Physics, we were supposed to have a test, I forgot all about it. I didn't write anything. Later I found an open juice in my school bag, and all my books were destroyed. It couldn't be worse. I was about to leave school, when my jacket disappeared and I couldn't find it. I knew I lost it. I went back home and I was in bad mood till the end of the day.

Your best/worst day at school Year 9 students (Jablonna)

My worst day at school

Friday 13 was the best day of my life.

by Koniecka Agata It was rainy Monday. I was twelve. I hate getting up early in the morning! That day I woke up at 9 o’clock. I ran all the way to the bus stop, when suddenly I fell down at the bus stop! It was really embarrassing. People looked at me, like at an idiot. When I arrived at school (at last), I couldn’t find my classroom. A janitor shouted at me: "what are you doing here in the middle of the hall?!". I was terrified because at that moment my classmates were doing a very difficult exam. So what would I do? When I got to my class I started the test: It was disaster. In P.E lesson we were playing volleyball. It was a nice game provided that you don’t break your finger, something I did. It was worse than ever. My mother arrived at school and together we went to the hospital. I’ll never forget that day.

The best day at school by Czekirda Gabriela It was in my 1st class at this school. We had a School Day. We didn't have lessons! Older students prepared some nice thingsfilms, plays, talent competition and a photography gallery. I liked it! My older friends played a volleyball match against the teachers. We had so much fun and the students won!

My best day at school

Next I with my friends went to the talent competition. Some students danced and sang. They are so gifted! After that I went with my friends to the photography gallery. When I saw the photos I decided to take up photography. When I was coming back home from school with my friends we were singing on the bus! That was so funny.

by Wasilewska Ewa

That day was the best in our school for me.

This is a short story about my best day at school. smile It was Friday, November the 13th. That day I had a test, but I hadn’t studied for it. I was very tired. At the school I had two different tests. It was the end of my life. After four lessons I had a chemistry test, and that was the hardest. We went to the class and waited for the teacher. It happened that our teacher was sick, and she didn't go to school. I was very happy because I didn't have to write a test then. Because of my happiness I ran out of class. Accidentally I ran into a boy who was there, and I felt on the floor. He helped me to get up, and told me his name. He was very handsome. He had beautiful blue eyes, … After this we started to date. Now we are going out together.

My worst-best day at school