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2009 2010 ‘So Far So Near’ Cookbook


Tasty Polish Dumplings


POTATO OMELETTE *Prep. Time: 15 minutes *Cook Time: 15 minutes


7 eggs 5 potatoes Half an onion Olive oil

PREPARATION 1st. First peel all the potatoes and cut them in small pieces, after thath put the potatoes into a bowl. 2nd.When you have done it, take another bowl, break the eggs in it and beat them very well. 3rd. Now heat the oil in the fire until it starts to boil. 4th. In this moment, mix the potatoes and the beat eggs together in a bowl. 5th. Afterwards, pour the mixture into the frying pan and heat it. 6th. Finally flip the omelette and heat it on the other side. 7th. Now it’s ready to be eaten!

Iván Gironés Arturo Sánchez Mikel Segura.



RECIPE: CANNELLONI OF TUNA AND TOMATO WITH BÉCHAMEL Prep. Time: 40 minutes. Cook. Time: 25 minutes. Ingredients: • A box of 20 cannelloni. • Two liters of water. • Salt. • 8 spoons of oil. • Three cans of tuna. • A box of fried tomato. • One bag of grated cheese for grill. • Two tablespoons of flour. • Two glasses of warm milk. • Two garlic cloves. • A pinch of nutmeg. • A bit of butter. Utensils: • • • • • • • •

One casserole. One wooden spoon. Two dishtowels. One plate. One fork. One cooking pan. One baking tray. One spoonbill.

Preparation: 1. First, fill the casserole with the water and put it to heat on the glass ceramic. When it starts to boil, put oil drops and a bit of salt. 2. Then, put the cannelloni (one by one) on the casserole, helping yourself with the spoonbill, and let it boil for 1012 minutes. During this time, move the cannelloni with the spoonbill to prevent their sticking to each other and they break. 3. After this time, take them out, one by one, with the spoonbill. 4. Now, put all the cannelloni on the dishtowels to rinse them. 5. Then, in a plate, prepare the tuna and the fried tomato, -2-

IBAIALDE COOKBOOK (2009-10) mixing all together with a fork until it becomes a dough. 6. Now, with the spoon, put a little of the filler in each cannelloni. 7. When you have done it, roll up all the cannelloni, making rolls, so that the fill doesn’t slip out. 8. After that, spread the baking tray with butter and then put the cannelloni in it. 9. To prepare the béchamel: In one cooking pan, heat the 8 spoons of oil and fry the two garlic cloves. Put two tablespoons of flour into the pan and beat it a little. Then, put the warm milk bit by bit and stirring all the time. After that put a bit of salt and a bit of nutmeg. Stir until it becomes fine and without lumps. 10. Cover the cannelloni with the béchamel. 11. Then, put the grated cheese over them. If you want, you can add now fried tomato over the cannelloni. 12. Afterwards, put the tray in the oven and let it grill for 10 or 12 minutes at 180ºC. 13. Finally, take them out of the oven when they are ready and serve them hot. Let’s eat it!

Arantza Rodríguez Leyre Salvador



ROSQUILLAS Prep.time -1h 30minutes Cook time-30 minutes Ingredients (For one egg) • • • • • •

1/2 cup of anis 1/2 cup of oil 1 cup of milk 2 cups of sugar 1/4 of flour (a little bit of bicarbonate)

Preparation: 1. First put an egg in the stew and whisk it with a wood spoon. 2. Then pour in another stew 1l of oil and while we prepare the other ingredients, heat the oil until it starts to boil. 3. After that we pour the cup of anis, the cup of milk and the cup of sugar. 4. Then, mix every thing until you get the dough. 5. Next, we put slowly the flour into the stew and mix with a wood spoon. 6. When the dough is prepared, we spread it on a clean table. 7. And then we knead the dough. 8. Now, we take a scrap of the dough and give it a circular shape or another funny shape we may want it to have. 9. Later on, we introduce it in the hot oil. 10. They have to be there 5 minutes more or less. 11. And then we take it out and we put them in a small bowl. 12. And finally, we can eat them, mmm...!!

Noelia Pérez Edurne Garde Marianela Mariñoso



ALMOND CAKE Prep. Time: 30min. Cook time: 30min Ingredients: • 250g of almonds • 250g of black sugar • 4eggs • A bit of butter

Steps: 1. First spread the butter on a baking pan and crush the almonds 2. Put on a bowl the crushed almonds, the 4 eggs and the black sugar 3. Whip all with a mixer 4. When you finish put the mix in the baking pan 5. Then put the baking pan inside the oven at 180 degrees 6. Wait 30 minutes and… it’s ready!

Xabier Olagüe Julen Pino Borja Gómez



FILLED AUBERGINES Prep. Time: 20 minutes Cook time: 20 minutes Ingredients • • • • • • • • • •

2 aubergines 2 little tomatoes 1 green pepper 2 pieces of garlic ½ onion 2 carrots 500g of mince 2 spoonful of olive oil Salt Parmesan cheese

Utensils • • • • • • •

Knives Spoons Frying pan Bowls Cut board Oven Scissors

Preparation 1. First, peel the onion, carrots and two pieces of garlic. 2. Second, cut all the ingredients except mince and aubergines. 3. Then, cut in two parts each aubergine and empty them. 4. After that, fry the ingredients in this order: first the onion and garlic, two minutes later put the pepper and carrots in the pan. Then put the mince and finally, the aubergine and tomatoes. 5. When you have done it, stuff the aubergine whit the thing you have cooked before. 6. Now, spread the parmesan cheese on the aubergine. -6-

IBAIALDE COOKBOOK (2009-10) 7. Finally, bake in a preheated 200ツコ oven for fifteen minutes. 8. Then we can take them out, put them on a plate, and they are ready to be served. Laura Valencia Cristina Marテュn テ]gela Lamberto




CHEESE CAKE PREP TIME: 10 minutes COOK TIME: 1 hour and 30 minutes

INGREDIENTS: • • • • • •

4 eggs A small tin of condensed milk A tube of philadelfia cheese Two natural yogurts A tube of cream Milk

PREPARATION: 1. First we take all the ingredients needed to make this dessert. 2. Then mix all the ingredients in a container. 3. Now we beat the ingredients until we get them into uniformed dough. 4. After that, we spread the butter in a container and add the dough. 5. Then we putt he container in the oven for 1 hour and 30 minutes. We introduce it into a bigger container with water, so it gets hot through this bigger one, but not in a direct way (this is called “baño María”). 6. Finally we take the cake from the oven and on top of the dessert we spread the jam. 7. We leave it some time to cool and it is ready to be served.

Laura Ezkurra



TORTITAS ●PREP TIME: 30 minutes ●COOK TIME: 20 minutes ●INGREDIENTS: • • • • •

2 eggs 2 cups of milk 3 cups of flour 3 tablespoonful of sugar 3 tablespoonful of condensed milk

●PREPARATION: 1- First whisk the eggs in a bowl 2- Then pour the milk 3- Now throw the flour 4- After that we add the sugar 5- Then pour the condensed milk. 6- When you have done it, whisk all the things with the mixer. 7- Now heat the pan 8- Then put in the pan one part of the mixture 9- After that, flip the tortita 10- Repeat this the times that you need until it get golden 11- Finally you can eat the tortitas with chocolate, condensed milk, jam... or alone. * Ah!! Don’t forget to clean up all the mess you have created before you leave the kitchen or you may find yourself in a big trouble, a very big trouble with your mum!!

Mirian Calleja Miren Ballesta María Flórez



APPLE CAKE By Víctor Larramendi and Javier Galar Ingredients: • • • • • • • •

Four apples Two eggs Six spoonful of sugar Six spoonful of flour One envelope of Royal A Little bit of liquor of Apple A little bit of butter 250ml of cream

Kitchen utensils: • • • • •

A small saucepan A mixer with rods A dish A normal whisk A soupspoon

PREPARATION 1. Peel 2 apples and chopped them, then put them into a pan to cook. 2. We also add there a little bit of apple liqueur and a bit of butter (as the measure of a walnut). 3. When the apples are softened, remove from the fire so it doesn’t stick. 4. Beat the egg whites until stiff. In a bowl put the egg yolks, sugar, cream and flour. Beat all of them with a mixer. 5. In a bowl mix everything together, beat with apples, add the yeast with the rods and finally we add the egg whites until stiff. (All are beaten with rods) 6. The whole mixture is placed in a furnace previously dish. Spread butter all over it and some bread crumbs to prevent sticking and we put it into the oven and heat it to 160 º for one hour. 7. We remove it from the oven and it is ready to be served. Mmmmmm! It’s great! - 10 -



Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Difficulty level: mediun

INGREDIENTS: • • • • • • • •

7 nuts 500 mL milk 3 eggs olive oil bread 5 table spoons honey sugar cinnamon

UTENSILS: • plates • bowl • forks • big frying pan PREPARATION: 1. First cut the bread in slices of 2-3 cm. 2. Then, crack the nuts and put them in the bread slices. 3. Mix milk and honey in a bowl and add a cinnamon branch. 4. After that, coat the slices in milk and then lay them on a plate. 5. Beat the eggs and put oil in a frying pan. 6. Three minutes later, dip the toasts into the beat eggs and deep-fry them until they are roasted. 7. Finally, drain them and sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon.

Naiara Irigoyen Leyre García Ana Arnaiz

- 11 -


PROFITEROLES Ingredients: • • • • • •

½ l. of water 190grs. of butter 250grs. of flour sugar Milk 8 eggs

Preparation: • • •

First we have to put a pressure cooker in the fire with hot water, then we have to add butter, then the flour, the sugar and finally the salt and after that we have to turn off the fire, then we have to mix them until it becomes dough. Now we start to introduce the eggs yolk and to mix them with the dough. We have to make small piles with the dough and we have to put it in the oven for 20 minutes with a temperature of 180 grades. To end we have to take out the profiteroles and we have to refill them with chocolate. And if you want you can put a little of chocolate with milk over the profiteroles. Amaia Garacochea Marina Tiscar

- 12 -


CHICKEN PAELLA The paella is a typical Spanish dish made with rice. It is original from Valencia and you can cook it with meat or fish and shellfish. The paella has a characteristic yellow colour that you can get with saffron or colouring. Ingredients for 4 persons: * 4 glass rice * ½ chicken ( or ¾ ) * ½ onion * 1 red pepper * 1 green pepper * 3 garlic * A spoon of colouring * A glass of oil * 8 glass water * 1 lemon * 1stew egg * Salt Preparation: 1. First cut the onion, pepper, garlic in little pieces in hot oil, until everything gets brown. 2. Then, add the cut chicken and fry it while mixing with the other things. 3. Now, add four glasses of rice and eight glasses of water, the salt and a little bit of colouring. 4. Mix the water and the rice with a wood spoon and leave it settle 5. When the rice absorbs the water, you must taste if and if the rice is hard, you must leave it absorbing a little bit more. 6. Now, move the rice on the fire and add the lemon and the stew egg as decoration in the way you want. 7. Now you have paella! That’s tasty! Marina Pascual

- 13 -

Dumplings with cabbage and sauerkraut Stuffing: 3 kg sauerkraut, 30 grams of dried mushrooms, half cubes of lard (or oil), 3-4 large onions, salt, pepper dough: 1.5 kg of flour, 1-2 eggs, boiled water Preparation: Rinse sauerkraut. Pour boiled, hot water over mushrooms. Cook the cabbage and when it is soft, drain mushrooms. Grind and mix both components together. Add the onion , salt and pepper and mix everything. Roll out dough to a thickness 3-4mm. Punch out small pieces of dough with the cup. Put a teaspoon of stuffing so that the dumplings will be well filled. Stick the edges. Throw dumplings into the boiling water. After they go up to the surface cook for about 3 minutes.

Marta Goźlińska, Ewelina Fonder, Mateusz Pilarski

BEETROOT SOUP Ingredients: * 1 kilos of beetroots * 2 liters of water * 2 dried mushrooms * 1 onion * 2 carrots * 1 parsley root * salt * sugar * pepper 1. Peel and chop vegetables. 2. Cook the vegetables in a pot. 3. After 1 hour add dried mushrooms and onion. 4. In the end add salt, pepper and sugar. 5. Cook them for half an hour on medium heat, stirring occasionally.

serve with ravioli Good appetite!

Marta Goźlińska, Ewelina Fonder, Mateusz Pilarski


Ingredients:      

4 center-cut pork chops, 1 cm thick salt and pepper to taste 1 egg 3 tablespoons of milk 1/2 cup of flour 1/4 cup of vegetable oil Preparation: First sprinkle pork chops with salt and pepper. Than heat oil in a heavy skillet. Whisk an egg and milk together in a shallow bowl. After that dip each pork chop in the egg mixture then coat in flour. Next fry in the hot oil for about 4 to 6 minutes on each side.

Milena Osiak, Kamil Gołębiewski


Ingredients: 21/2 glass of flour 1 glass of milk 2 glasses of sugar 5 eggs 1 cube of butter (200 gram) preparation : First melt butter in a pan. Than mix 2 glasses of sugar with 5 eggs. After that mix 2 glasses of flour, 1 glass of milk and 1 teaspoon of baking powder Next put mixture into a baking oven. Bon appetit

Paweł Broma, Łukasz Dąbrowski

Recipe for carp in jelly. INGREDIENTS: 1. 1kg carp. 2. Two onions. 3. Five teaspoons gelatin. 4. Glass of white wine. 5. Four grains allspice. 6. Bunch of fresh dill. 7. Half a lemon. 8. Some vegetables (carrot, leek, greenpeas). 9. 1l. water. 10. salt, sugar, pepper. PREPARATION: First of all wash and peel some vegetables. Peel onions and pocketed toast on a fork over an open fire. Put vegetables add salt and allspice in the water. Boil for about one hour. Purify carp slices and add to broth with vegetables. Simmer for twenty minutes. Drain and remove bones of carp. A form expound a large piece of foil.

Put fish on it, slices of cooked carrot and fresh dill. Two glasses of broth sieved, than mix with gelatin and wine. Add salt, pepper, sugar and lemon juice. Cool in the refrigerator. Finally garnish with slices of lemon and dill. ENJOY YOUR MEAL !!! IZA MIROSZ. PAWEŁ WODZYŃSKI. ŁUKASZ ŚWIERZEWSKI. MATEUSZ DĄBROWSKI.

Recipe for kutia. INGREDIENTS: 1. 1/2kg poppy. 2. 1/2kg wheat. 3. 500ml honey. 4. Bunch of almonds. 5. Bunch of raisins. 6. Orange peel. 7. Milk. PREPARATION: Poppy seed pour with milk and boil. Allow to stand for about 12 hours, then pour on the sieve and pass through a machine twice. Boil wheat in water until it is soft. After cooking put it on the sieve and pour cold water. Dissolve honey with water, add poppy seed, raisins, almonds and orange peel. At the end add the wheat and mix everything together. ENJOY YOUR MEAL !!!




         

2 kg sauerkraut 0,5 kg bacon 25 dkg pork2 2,5 kg sausage 30 dkg dried muschrooms 4 Dried plum Salt and pepper Bay leaves and allspice 2 onions 1 jar of tomato paste

Recipe: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Put into big pot sauerkraut and pour water. Chop bacon, pork and fry it. Add to pot: bay leaves, allspice, meat. Chop, fry sausage with onion and add it to pot. Add champignons or dried mushrooms and plums to sauerkraut. Mix all and boil long (the best is after 7 days ;-) ) on small fire. At the end of cooking add tomato paste and if you want, salt and pepper. Enjoy! 

Kamil Pendyk

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